Rumor du Jour: Girardi’s unlikely replacements

The subway just got a lot more attractive
A Lesson In Trust: Hughes vs. Nova

As the Yanks sit upon the precipice of a playoff spot, it’s highly unlikely that Joe Girardi, despite a rough patch in early September, will be dismissed as the Yankee manager. The Yanks’ Front Office supports him, and the younger generation of Steinbrenners doesn’t seem so prone to rash personnel moves. Still, if Girardi himself chooses to take another job — say the opening in Chicago’s North Side — the Yanks will have to find a new manager. To that end, Jon Heyman, ever the rumormongerer, says that Bobby Valentine “likely would be one candidate to replace him in the Bronx.” Joe Torre’s name too has been bandied about by columnists looking for a narrative.

I say no way, no how on either candidate. Steve S. at TYU dispatches Torre while Rob Iracane at Walkoff walk seems to think that anyone advocating for Valentine’s return to the bench is delusional. The hand-wringing over Girardi’s contract is simply that. With the Yanks holding a secure playoff, the narrative of Girardi is one story to watch after the Word Series, but he’ll be back.

The subway just got a lot more attractive
A Lesson In Trust: Hughes vs. Nova
  • larryf

    And fulfilling a lifelong dream, the new manager of the Yankees:

    Michael Kay!

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      Step 1: Bring back Homer Bush

      • Jorge

        Bench Coach: Don LaGreca

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          All road games in Toronto: forfeited
          The postgame clubhouse spread: nothing but steaks, bacon, and chicken parmesan; absolutely no eggs, soup, or condiments under any circumstances.

          • Zanath

            Kim Jones replaced with his wife?

            • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder


              • AndrewYF

                He will bring signs saying “You’ve got a no-hitter going!” into the dugout on the off-chance any of his pitchers actually has a no-hitter going.

  • Tom Zig

    If in the unlikely event Girardi doesn’t return, who would be an acceptable replacement?

    • Benjamin Kabak

      My guess is that we’d see an internal candidate. Dave Miley seems high up on the Yanks’ list.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

        What about Jeter as a player-manager?


        • j_Yankees

          i can has jorge as player-manager?

          • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

            How long would it take Jorge the manager to break Bobby Cox’s record for ejections?

            Two years? Three?

            • j_Yankees

              Record is 158.

              Odds of Jorge getting tossed in every single game he mananges in his first year have to be fairly high, no?

            • larryf


              /hip hip’d

          • dalelama

            Not bright enough…he can hit don’t get me wrong but he sure isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer…he can barely keep track of the count during his own at bats despite the fact it is light up in neon lights on a monstrous scoreboard.

        • Benjamin Kabak

          Sounds like Jeter’s going to walk away unless he owns a team. That’s what Jack Curry reported earlier this week.

          • Big Stein

            I feel for Jeter.

            All that empty time is gonna kill someone so competitive.

            He doesn’t strike me as a golf guy and he doesn’t have kids to pour himself into.

    • B-Rando

      I’d love to see Tony Pena take the reigns if Girardi skipped town.

      • Benjamin Kabak

        Pena’s bunting would drive us all nuts. He’s far worse than Girardi in that sense.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          In Peña’s defense, bunting was probably the only thing his Kansas City Royals could actually not suck at.

  • Jorge

    Since Torre’s name has been throw out there, and Buck Showalter has another job, it makes perfect sense that the next person in line for the job would be one Stump Merrill……is he alive still?

    My hunch is Joe Girardi will be rocking a #29 next year on the Yankee bench but, if its not the case, I’d say both Tony Pena and Dave Miley would be fine candidates.

  • tom

    1) Girardi will be back.

    2) In my many years of being a Yankee fan, there’ve been managers about whom I wasn’t crazy. But Bobby Valentine would be the first I simply couldn’t stand.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder
    • Yank the Frank

      Hopefully the Cubs lock up Sandberg before the end of the Yankee season so Joe isn’t tempted.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    Girardi should be offered the job at the end of the playoffs even if its a negative performance by the team. He rattles my brain with some of his decisions but I don’t know the day to day about the team as he does.

    He knows the game, played the game and has managed a winner. So, we can’t ask for more plus the handling of player issues seems to be a strength which is important on a team of stars.

  • j_Yankees

    I think there has been a preconceived notion that if the Yankees wanted Girardi back he would be back.

    But it’s never been about him being dismissed or about the Yankees wanting him back,IMO. It’s always been about him leaving on his own.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      Maybe he takes his talents to South Beach.

      • Zanath

        You know, I actually forgot that whole thing even happened.

      • Thomas

        IMO Joe Torre should take his talents to South Beach and coach the heat. He is the only person capable of handling all those egos.

        Best regards,
        Buster Olney

    • Adam

      Absolutely, but…Girardi turned down other opportunities (the Orioles for one) to wait it out for the Yankee job. Despite his Chicago connections, would he really even for a second want to leave a guaranteed competitive club for the crap heap that is the Cubbies?

      As an aside, the Girardi to Cubs narrative was pushed here in Chicago as soon as there were rumblings that Lou was gone, back in like May. It gives me a headache.

      • j_Yankees

        I think the pull of the Cubs for Girardi is and has always been the ability to manage his ‘home town’ team. The chance to be the manager that wins them that title. and also be closer to family and all that stuff. It’s not something that, IMO, can be poo pooed.

        Do the Yankees offer Girardi a better chance to win every year? OF COURSE. But there are certainly other factors that will be taken into account by Girardi if offered other managing jobs.

        • vinny-b

          Chicago has better pizza, too.

          it eats like a complete meal. Not a snack

          • dalelama

            I strongly disagree, nothing beats a NYC pie.

          • Brien Jackson

            This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on this site. Ever.

            /hyperbole’d /maybenotreally

          • Mike HC

            More filling does not equal better in my book. Just eat more of the NYC pizza and you will be full with a better quality pizza too.

            • vinny-b


              almost like a flakey pie crust.

  • steve s

    How about a guy with 6 WS rings (2 playing and 4 as a coach) with some real success at the major league managing level and as a good as a Yankee pedigree as there is out there; former Captain Willie Randolph. Willie has just about the same background as Torre had when Torre took over the Yanks (except he has some rings) and, from a karma perspective, it’s a chance for the Yanks to make amends for never giving Elston Howard a shot at managing. Let Willie win a few WS as manager and give him a shot at HOF.

  • Marsha

    How about Yogi Berra? Or Gene Michael Or Lou Piniella? Or Bucky Dent? Or Don Zimmer?

    • larryf

      Yogi would be the first manager unable to leave the dugout without assistance so that may be an unlikely suggestion. Piniella only one on the list who would be viable for me.

    • Nostra-Artist

      If you were trying to name every Yankee manager during the 1980s, you missed Billy Martin and Dick Howser.

  • dc1874

    A true Yankee…Willie Randolph should be next manager…..

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder


    • vinny-b

      don’t want Girardi to leave at all. NO.

      if he did leave, Willie Randolph is the best name that’s been mentioned.

  • MikeD

    Most likley 2011 Yankee manager: Joe Girardi.

    Most likley 2011 replacement: Tony Pena.

    Dark Horse candidate: Trey Hillman.

    No, the last one is not a joke. As many of us know, Cashman is a big fan of Hillman’s and he was even rumored to be in the mix when the Yankees hired Girardi, although I don’t think that was ever true. The Yankees weren’t going to hire him since he had yet to manage in the Bigs and he had no major connection to the Yankee championship teams. He wasn’t beating out Girardi, Pena or Mattingly for the job.

    Yet Cashman will have the most say in this, and he is a fan. Hillman managed in the Yankee farm system for eleven years and had a very good reputation in the minors as a manager. He was known for being well-prepared, critical during the Steinbrenner years. It’s the same system that produced Buck Showalter. He knows and was raised in the Yankee Way(R).

    Blocked during the Torre years from having a shot at making the coaching staff, he then became director of player development for the Rangers, before moving to Japan to manage the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters for five years, including delevering their first ever championship. To this day he remains one of the most popular Americans in Japanese baseball, something the Yankees might find appealing considering the growing internationl aspect of the game, and the Yankee brand. After Japan, he was given his shot at managing in the Majors with the KC Royals. This, unfortunately, is the weakest part of his resume! The Royals suck, although that was hardly Hillmans’s fault, yet unlike Buck Showalter, who always seems to distinguish himself with lesser squads (even if he’s posting a losing record), the buzz out of KC on Hillman was always mixed, good at the start, bad at the end, yet should we expect anything different?

    The Yankees don’t need a name to sell tickets. The Yankees are the star makers because they win. Many years ago they took a losing manager who they thought was very bright and the right guy for the job and made him manager of the most-famous baseball team ever. That was Casey Stengel. It seemed to work out fine. They took another losing manager in Joe Torre and made him manager, becuase they also thought he was the right guy for the job. It seemed to work out fine.

    Cashman will pick someone that he believes can do the job and he can work with on a daily basis. Someone like a Bobby Valentine or a Tony LaRussa (if he became available) are big names, but they are strong personalities that may not fit into the Yankee system, or be the types that Cashman will want to work with now. Hillman is, which means he’s not as much of a long-shot candidate as the media will tell us all.

    Yet it doesn’t matter. Girardi is coming back.

  • Mattchu12

    If Joe goes, it’s gotta be Willie Randolph, but the Yankees aren’t going to not re-ink the guy that won them (hopefully) two titles in three years.

  • Hughesus Christo

    1. Do the Yankees value Girardi enough to give him big money? Torre broke the “streak” adn then had his cult bullshit going on. Girardi will have neither of those.

    2. If you give Girardi a big contract (assume Cubs will force this either way), what the hell do you do for the next contract? We know noone will ever have 100% job security here–Girardi is like 48. Will he be pulling 15 per on contract three?

    3. I can’t imagine Girardi hasn’t pissed anyone important off yet.

  • Big Stein

    Ozzie Guillen

    He would be beloved by the media.

  • sal

    I’d say its 65 35 he goes Chicago Cubs, After living in the Windy city “not so Windy truth be told” for 7 years, Its a Different world and being the mgr of the Chicago Cubs and getting them to the playoffs is better then winning #28 29 30 31 and 32 with the yankees. I hontestly would be shocked if he’s offer the job and turned it down.

    He’s local chicago guy and the fans LOVE HIM. He also is a family guy and I’m sure he feels his family will be better off in Chicago.

    • Big Stein

      in what way is chicago a different world?