Yanks can’t answer Orioles in 4-3 loss

Montero goes deep on season's final day
For Burnett, a longer leash

The Yankees played catch-up for most of Monday afternoon, but they couldn’t quite surpass the Baltimore Orioles. A.J. Burnett was neither good nor bad, but he gave the team a chance to win. The offense had its chances, but went 1 for 7 with runners in scoring position. That led to just three runs, which just wasn’t enough.

Biggest Hit: A-Rod ties it

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Derek Jeter doubled to lead off the game, but he was the only one who could hit Brian Matusz early. He retired the next 11 straight and looked generally in control of the game. With two outs in the third he missed low with two curveballs to A-Rod. He got him to swing through a high fastball and then came inside with one. It wasn’t quite as inside as the one A-Rod popped to left his first time, and that gave him the opportunity to get out in front of it. Into the visitor’s bullpen it went. A-Rod had tied the game.

The Orioles answered with one in each of the fifth and the sixth, but the Yankees started a rally in the sixth. Swisher walked and Teixeira singled, putting runners on first and second with none out. A wild pitch made it second and third. A-Rod got home the first run with a sac fly, and Cano followed with a game-tying RBI single, still with just one out. Cano had reached second with two outs, and although Jorge Posada worked a quality seven-pitch at-bat he ended with a slow grounder up the middle. The Yanks had tied it, but missed an opportunity to extend the rally.

The two RBI, as you might have read, give him an MLB record 14 seasons, and an all-time-tying 13th consecutive season, with 100 RBI. If he does it next year he’ll surpass Lou Gehrig and Jimmie Foxx.

Roberts kills Yanks

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The two biggest hits of the day for the Orioles came off the bat of Brian Roberts. In the fifth he came up with Cesar Izturis on second and two outs. Burnett threw a 2-0 fastball on the outside edge and Roberts lined it the other way for a go-ahead RBI. Then again in the seventh he came to bat with a runner on second with two out. This time Burnett threw him a 2-1 curveball on the inside corner. Roberts pulled this one on a line, again breaking the tie.

While Roberts broke two of three ties in the game, he also hurt his team with some poor base running. After fielding Roberts’s liner in the fifth, Marcus Thames fired towards home. A-Rod cut it off and caught Roberts trying to take second. Then in the seventh Roberts really got caught in a bind. I guess he thought Francisco Cervelli would be preoccupied with a play at the plate. Instead the throw was slightly up the line and Patterson was about to score anyway. Roberts got hung up between first and second, eventually being tagged by Derek Jeter. Both miscues ended the inning.

The plan backfires

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When they’re on, the Yankees can run up their opponent’s pitch count. This comes in especially handy against young pitchers, who might not go as deep into games as veterans. The Yankees made Matusz throw 106 pitches through six innings, so they got to the AL’s second-worst bullpen for the final three. Considering they got three off Matusz, another two off the bullpen didn’t seem unreasonable. But the birds closed the door.

Matt Albers, Jim Johnson, and Koji Uehara held the Yankees hitless during their comeback attempt. Among them they struck out four and left both baserunners stranded. That was the big difference for Baltimore. The offense did an adequate job, and their starter gave them the minimum. Good bullpens can work through situations like this — the Yanks have put together three-plus-inning bullpen strings lately. Bullpens like the Orioles are normally prone, but this time they came through.

That said, play the last three innings 50 times and I bet the Yanks win more than 30 of them. Sometimes things just work out this way.


After recording two outs Boone Logan has lowered his ERA to 2.38. He has allowed just three of 22 inherited runners to score (14%).

In the past month Derek Jeter has hit .205/.273/.295. Get better, Derek.

I just noticed this, but before yesterday’s game Mark Teixeira‘s OPS+ was 141. It might have dropped a point yesterday, but that’s still 140 or so. Last year his OPS+ was 149.

Jorge Posada worked his third hat trick of the season. He hasn’t been horrible as a DH, .248/.328/.416, but he’s a much bigger threat when behind the plate, .276/.384/.529. A lot of that is probably him DHing when he’s a little banged up.

I wouldn’t expect to see Austin Kearns for the next couple of days. If his finger were feeling fine I’m certain he’d have pinch hit instead of Curtis in the ninth.

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So close. So close.

More at FanGraphs. Here’s the box.

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Montero goes deep on season's final day
For Burnett, a longer leash
  • http://twitter.com/iiKeane JobaWockeeZ

    A .205/.273/.295 line certainly seems worthy of a 20 million per year extension. Sigh.

    • http://twitter.com/dpatrickg Dirty Pena

      Isn’t it starting to get to the point where it’s actually unrealistic to think Jeter could get 20 mill per?

      • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

        Yes, but all of the reporters keep insisting that the Yankees “won’t play hardball” with Jeter. They’re not going to take a hard line in these negotiations, and I’d guess that $18 million wouldn’t be a surprise. I’m hoping $15 million for three years is a good enough compromise for both sides.

        • http://twitter.com/Brad_Toughy Brad Toughy

          $15 million per? Or 3-years/$15 million?

          • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak


            Jeter’s not signing a contract that is 3 years for a total of $15 million. That he could easily top on the open market.

        • http://twitter.com/dpatrickg Dirty Pena

          I agree he’ll get way overpaid but the Yankees do have to draw a line in the sand somewhere. $15 million per sounds about right but I could also see the compromise being a year or two extra for say $12-13 million per. If he has a huge postseason this goes out the door, but one would have to believe the “balance” of leverage has swung to the Yankees. Even Michael Kay is starting to get on him for his relatively crappy year.

        • kosmo

          You´re probably right but it might be in NYs best interest to have an incentive laden contact.Base salary of around 10 million per plus performance.I would have a mutual option on the 3rd year.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUvg7Empjfg Captain Jack

    A-Rod, The Illuminati, The Masonic Lodge, or The Rotshchilds.

    You choose who is to blame.

    • FIPster Doofus

      It is clear that Javier Vazquez is the puppeteer controlling all of the above from behind the scenes; therefore, he is the one to blame.

      • It’sATarp

        i blame cliff lee..all part of his plan to get paid this off season.

        • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com/ bexarama

          AJ Burnett’s tattoo ink seeped into everyone’s brain

    • Betty Lizard

      Ah, yes. Choosing is difficult. But, I choose the Bilderberg Group, of course.

  • jim p

    when tex was in his half-May, early-June slump, I figured he had to hit .333 to be near his career average. He’s been hitting .324 since the slump ended, not counting the last 2 games.

  • 42yankee

    I just can’t believe all these bloggers that think Jeter is still a main clog in this team. He is on a fast downhill slide. They really think he is worth $10 mil +++. FOR WHAT!!! He is no longer a leadoff batter. He should be in the #7,8,or 9 hole, not 1 or 2. I would off him $5 mil plus incentives, that’s all folks. No one else would sign a worn out 37 year old SS, as much as the Jeter fans don’t want to hear it, Jet is not even in the top 15 SS’s in the Majors. He’s had a good run and it’s almost over. Now the hate mail for me starts, but all I’m doing is speaking the truth.

    • http://twitter.com/cephster Ross in Jersey

      I agree that he isn’t worth the money anymore. But you can’t claim to “speak the truth” and then say stuff that just is blatantly false.

      First of all, Jeter is 9th in the league (4th in the AL) in fWAR. He still has value playing a premium position.

      Second, you omitted the fact that his manager admitted he’s playing through a leg injury.

      As for “no one would sign” him, that’s just not true. If the Yankees don’t sign him, someone else surely will – just because of the lack of good SS talent in the league.

      • 42yankee

        Ross, Please tell us who would you think would sign Jeter, if the Yanks(which they won’t) fail to re-sign him? If he has been playing the entire 2nd half of this season with a leg injury(which I doubt) then Joey is a horrible manager as Pena could have been playing while Jeter’s mystery injury healed. Pena plays a good SS and he couldn’t hit any worse than Jeter, has this half. Which teams have a lack of SS talent? I won’t de-grade you by calling you a liar

        • http://twitter.com/astrophunq Dax J. aka The Bull in the China Shop Effect

          Peña can’t hit any worse than Jeter? What version of the Yankees team are you looking at? While Peña plays good SS, I wouldn’t stick him at SS for the whole 2nd half. And you should know that Girardi is not going to sit Jeter. It has to be an ugly injury if Jeter’s gonna be benched.

          • 42yankee

            Dax J, When is the last time Jeter had a meaningful hit? Aha, I thought so, you can’t remember! P.S. I’m looking at the 2010 version of the Yanks.. Please show me where Pena has hit worse than Jeter this half. About Jeter’s Phantom leg injury,(which by the way nobody around baseball has ever heard of )can you tell me which leg as when he raced to 1st base last nite it sure didn’t show!!!!I’ed like Ross to tell us the time/date when Joe mentioned Jeter’s bad, bad, bad leg injury!!!!

        • http://twitter.com/cephster Ross in Jersey

          If you want to know which teams might theoretically sign Jeter if the Yankees don’t, I suggest you read Steve’s post a few days ago: http://riveraveblues.com/2010/09/if-not-the-yankees-where-could-jeter-end-up-34825/

          As Dax said, if you think Pena is as good a hitter as Jeter you are insane. He’s among the league worst in OPS with >100 PA.

          And yes, believe it or not, there are worse SS’s than Derek Jeter. Again according to fWAR, the following starting shortstops are worth less to their team than Jetes:

          Elvis Andrus
          Marco Scutaro
          Orlando Cabrera
          Erick Aybar
          Alcides Escobar
          Jason Bartlett
          Yuniesky Betancourt
          Cesar Izturis

  • http://twitter.com/cephster Ross in Jersey

    The turning point of this game was, to me, Girardi’s decision to try to play small ball in the 7th inning. After Berkman walked, he had Gardner (who, at any given time, has a 40% chance to get on base) try to bunt. Bunt! Then, when that failed, he had Golsen steal – who ended up getting thrown out on a strong throw from Wieters. I mean honestly, you have the highest scoring team in the majors Joe. Unless you’re down by 1 in the 9th inning with Pena up, stop bunting and stop the smallball nonsense!

    • Frank

      I don’t have a problem with the bunt attempt as much as Gardner’s inability to get it down. With his speed, bunting should be a major part of his arsenal. Those attempts on his part were just brutal.

      More bothersome to me is AJ’s knack for throwing wild pitches. Yesterday’s WP in the 6th with 2 on and no outs was huge and led to the third run which otherwise would not have scored given the way the rest of the half inning played out.

      And finally, there was Cano’s lack of hussle on the gift single he got in the 6th. He easily should have been on 2nd had he busted it out of the box. Hopefully, Girardi got in his ear about that.

      • http://twitter.com/cephster Ross in Jersey

        It’s the 7th inning against the worst bullpen in baseball. Why try to build a run? Like I said before, Gardner has a 40% chance to get on base at any given time. With a speedy runner on 1st distracting the pitcher, the chances that Gardner works a walk probably goes up. There was no reason to just give away outs there. Stealing after it didn’t work is even more retarded. If you want to steal why bother bunting? He basically handed the Os two free outs and decreased the Yankees WPA.

      • goterpsgo

        How long has Robbie been doing that? Jeez for all the smooth moves he’s got I wish he’d be more mindful of playing fundamental ball. You don’t EVER assume a popup will be caught – run down that line to 1st!!!

    • kosmo

      I agree to me there was no point in having Gardner bunt.If and I know it´s a big if Gardner puts one between an OFer Golson is standing on 3rd with Gardner on 2nd.Nobody out.
      Also if Gardner was swinging away Golson could have run on the first pitch even if he gets thrown out it still just 1 out .
      One has the feeling Gardner in that situation was not enamoured with the idea of bunting.
      Girardi once again throws away ABs .I think sometimes Girardi wants to out manage the other manager that he forgets he´s got the games best offense.