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Don't overlook these under-the-radar Twins
Open Thread: Comment registration and editing

For the last several weeks, every team in contention has been scouting potential matchups in advance of the postseason. “If you’re advance scouting us here in September, I think we’re holding back all our big plays,” joked Brian Cashman over the weekend. “We’re saving hopefully our best for October, and we’re playing possum in September.” I’m not sure how much a baseball team can hold back, but given how poorly the Yankees played in September, I sure hope they have some tricks up their sleeve.

Anyway, both Keith Law (Yanks, Twins) (Insider req’d) and Frankie Piliere (Yanks, Twins) posted scouting reports of every club that qualified for the postseason today. They both note the same positives for the Yanks; a powerhouse offense that will work pitchers to the bone and a bullpen that excels at missing bats. Of course the rotation question marks behind CC Sabathia are very real, but it’s comforting to be reminded that on any given day Andy Pettitte, Phil Hughes, and even A.J. Burnett is capable of spinning a gem.

As for the Twins, both KLaw and Piliere consider this year’s team to be stronger than last year’s, but they still have the potential to get burned by a pitching staff that relies on pitching to contact. That approach can work with good glovework, but Minnesota is atrocious defensively in the outfield corners and they’ve been known to shoot themselves in the foot at key times despite being a fundamentally sound club. Make sure you give all the reports a read, they’re great overviews of what we’re in store for later this week.

Don't overlook these under-the-radar Twins
Open Thread: Comment registration and editing
  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

    Yeah, I love Cash, but I don’t buy that quote at all.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      “We meant to go 9-17 with a team ERA of 5.10 while losing control of the AL East over our last 26 games. It’s all part of my nefarious plan.” – Brian Cashman

    • poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag

      Meh, it’s a joke.

    • Pete

      oh i’m sure he didn’t mean it. Just no point in not looking at it humorously.

  • kaeron

    all other teams can go f themselves. yanks will win it all for sure! other fans are enjoying it so much and prob having an orgy right now whos nex tto be raped after the twins? come get some.gogo yanks but posada sucks lol whatevs

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      (raises eyebrows, backs away slowly)

    • first time long time

      Defensively? Yes, Posada sucks.
      Offensively? Posada is one of the best offensive catchers in history, however he is in a slump right now. Just because you’re in a slump, doesn’t mean you suck. Looking at only this past week, yes he does suck, but as a whole, as a player in general, he does not suck.

      • kaeron

        i like montero better more :D get well soon jesus

    • bexarama

      O…kay… then…

      Please don’t use “rape” as a joking term. And Posada does not suck. At all.

      • Tom Zig

        I suggest we don’t respond to his comment. I don’t see anything good coming out of this.

      • kaeron

        i dont mean to,, but whatev i wont say nemore for u guys :D

        • Tom Zig

          It’s not that we don’t want you commenting. We don’t discourage commenting. It’s that rape is a sensitive subject, and people don’t take too kindly to people joking about it. Even though we know what sense you were using it in. I guess you’re new here?

          • Poopy Pants

            But for a lot of other people it’s not a sensitive subject. Everything is a sensitive subject to someone.

            • Pete

              In all likelihood, whether they know it or not, every single person here knows somebody who has been raped. It is absolutely and unequivocally a sensitive subject.

            •!/YanktheMike yankthemike

              dearest pants. this was your least finest hour. in a year of moronic statements you have now reached a new low.

              @RAB guys- i know personal attacks are not welcome here and I fully support that, but him defending his use of rape is intolerable

    • cano is the bro

      hide your kids, hide your wife…

      • Gonzo

        Run and tell that, home…boy!

      • jsbrendog


      • seimiya

        best comment.

    • dr mrs the yankee

      posada sucks lol whatevs

      I hate you. So much.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      “lol whatevs” could join that list of great RAB memes.

      • seimiya

        Let’s make it happen.

        • Ross in Jersey

          I think it has to follow the “Hey, I hope [good thing] happens but [insult] lol whatevs”

          Like so:

          Hey, I hope Youkilis recovers well but he’s an ugly motherfucker lol whatevs

          • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder


          • seimiya


            Okay, I’ll agree to this. Shit, if I had been logged in, I could delete my comment later on in the post. Damn me!

            Also meme aside, I do not approve of wishing well on Kevin Youkilis.

  • Richard

    I love the people who bash Posada. Cervill is an ok defender at best but I sware me on a couple of jack on the rocks can out hit him. The guy’s bat is terrible. Posada is still a plus bat and when he takes Liranio or Fuentes into the seats to give us a lead on Weds I want all the Posada haters to be quiet for rest of playoffs. The real problem is Cervilli when he plays with Burnett. The guy can’t hit he is terrible. In the end the Yankees come down to the Starting Pitching, not Posada’s glove as much as people like to blaim him.

  • vin

    wOBA’s of the Twins’ and Yankees’ regulars:
    .437 Thome
    .389 Cano
    .377 Swisher
    .373 Mauer
    .367 Teixeira
    .365 Thames
    .363 Alex
    .358 Gardner
    .357 Posada
    .352 Young
    .351 Valencia
    .346 Granderson
    .329 Cuddyer
    .327 Casilla
    .326 Kubel
    .320 Jeter
    .320 Hudson
    .314 Berkman
    .313 Hardy
    .312 Span

    Advantage Yankees.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      .320 Jeter


      • vin

        Yeah, it was hard for me to type that. He was at .390 last year, which would be ahead of Cano on this list. Holding out hope he can bounce back next year.

        • Big Juan

          That’s really crazy. It’s hard to believe 2009 Jeter was on par with 2010 Cano.

      • bexarama

        Jeter’s having an awful year and he’s gonna get a ton of money next year but lol whatevs.

        (Am I doing this right?)

        • vin

          No. Keep working on it.

          I think the formula should be:

          (positive), but (negative). lol watevs.

          • seimiya

            shouldn’t it be

            (terrible thing) lol whatevs.

            doesn’t the whatevs act as a dismissal for the sheer terribleness of whatever it is you said?

        • Tom Zig

          Crystal meth keeps you awake but also drives you insane lol whatevs

        • OldYanksFan


      • Hughesus Christo

        And he’s still the best SS in this series.

        • Hughesus Christo

          Playoff SSs… (WAR)
          Gonzalez(lol) – 3.4
          Uribe(lol) – 3.1
          Jeter – 2.4
          Hardy – 2.4
          Rollins – 2.2
          Andrus – 1.5
          Cabrera – 1.3
          Bartlett – 0.6

          P.S.: And while I was looking this up, noticed that Melky was the worst player in baseball this season.

  • jsbrendog

    morneau out for postseason.

    source: the internet

    (or the espn ticker during sportscenter)

    • Tom Zig

      You’re late to the party Brendy

  • Ross in Jersey

    It’s honestly going to take Posada retiring and (Mo forbid) Montero sucking for a year for people to appreciate the man, isn’t it?

    You’d think a THIRTY NINE year old catcher doing what Jorge has done this year would get him a little respect. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, as Yankee fans, every day we get out of bed we should go down on one knee and thank the good Lord for blessing us with Jorge Posada.

    EDIT: (Did we have a Jorge Posada Appreciation Thread already? Fuck it, he deserves two)

    • bexarama

      It’s gonna be really fun to see the reactions when Montero struggles at all.

      ETA: (cuz we can do this now!!!!!!) And word. Posada appreciation thread, por favor.

      • Ross in Jersey

        Allow me to foreshadow:

        “all that hype for this?”

        “can we redo the Lee trade for (hot pitcher at the time)”

        “Ajax is better”

        “Bring back Cervelli!”

        • Tom Zig

          “Will Romine be worse?”

          “When will Gary Sanchez be ready?”

          …unwraps burrito

      • chriskeo

        Well in 3 minutes the RABis might take care of that app. thread.


    • Esteban

      lol whatevs

    • Hughesus Christo

      Same goes for Jeter

  • Carlosologist

    The Twins have Young and Kubel at the corner OF spots. If Gardner sneaks one by third or first, hilarity will ensue.

  • ZZ

    they’ve been known to shoot themselves in the foot at key times despite being a fundamentally sound club.

    Why do you say they are a fundamentally sound club (especially since the sentence before you say they make mistakes at key times)?

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      I’m not Mike, but I think what he meant to say was “they’ve been known to shoot themselves in the foot at key times despite being being known as a fundamentally sound club.”

      The attribution was in the wrong spot.

  • Jerome S

    Gardner’s the fastest white guy in the AL but he can’t hit a fastball down the middle for his life lol whatevs.

    • Pete

      there it is.

    • Eric

      You mean there’s a faster white guy in NL?

  • jay destro