Almost a different look for the Yanks on the road


Thanks to the tireless uniform report Michael Kay used to give out on the radio, we all could describe the Yanks’ road uniform in our collective sleep — gray background, New York in blue across the chest outlined in white, yadda yadda yadda. But once upon a time, the Yankees almost changed that design. In a Uniwatch column published last week, uniform guru Paul Lukas with former Yanks’ PR director Marty Appel to discuss the near-change to the Yanks’ road digs.

As Appel described in his 2001 memoirs, he walked into then-GM Gabe Paul’s office to find the sample. “They were the opposite of the home pinstripes — they were navy blue with white pinstripes. The NY logo was in white. Gabe liked them. I nearly fainted,” he writes. “I think my dramatic disdain helped save the day and saved the Yankees from wearing those awful pajamas on the field.”

In his interview with Lukas, Appel rehashes this tale — which happened to take place in Robert Moses’ old office at the World’s Fair grounds — and talks about how his reaction ensured that George Steinbrenner never even saw this abominable uniforms. Interestingly, Lukas notes that the Yanks were the first team to commemorate anything with a sleeve patch, and the mock-up of Jeter and A-Rod in the alternate uniforms is a classic.

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  1. Tom Zig says:

    ew. I’ll take the road grays any day.

  2. Steve H says:

    In 2010 they can’t do a better job of mocking that up? I actually don’t think they are that bad. I think the Yankees should wear those a few times a year so they can further fatten up the pockets of the Marlins and Pirates.

  3. Dream of Electric Sheep/ still haven't register /too lazy says:

    NY road gray is one the classiest uniform that’s out there. For that matter, Boston’s road gray is nice too.

    • first time lawng time says:

      For that matter, Boston’s road gray is nice too.

      Fact: nothing Kevin Youkillis wears is nice. Ever

      • Dream of Electric Sheep/ still haven't register /too lazy says:

        Good point ! I think he wears nothing in his Boston harem, the ladies digs Cro Magnon and loong ABs.

  4. Vermilion says:

    Yeah I actually think they look kinda cool :P

  5. That alternate looks like what the concessioniers wear

  6. maurice says:

    “The Yankees win the World Series in Cincinnati and it looks like they’ve decided to celebrate with a pajama party out in left-centre field”

  7. Betty Lizard says:

    I laughed out loud when I saw the alternate uniform mock-up. Thanks for the laugh, which I sorely needed.

    They look like they should be made out of flannel and they would make GREAT pajamas.

    Really, I think those uniforms would totally sap any player’s powers.

  8. All Star Carl says:

    Should use those in spring training

  9. saucY says:

    they’re not bad, but i’m glad they didn’t replace the road greys…

    wouldn’t mind seeing them as batting practice jerseys or something though…

  10. first time lawng time says:

    LOL at Jeter’s face in the picture.

  11. Steve H says:

    Where those jerseys cotton or polyester?

  12. Kit says:

    I was expecting something really terrible so I was afraid to click the link, but not that bad. Still odd to look at.

  13. bexarama says:

    I feel like those alternate road uniforms might not be that bad but my lord those mock-ups are terrible D:

  14. first time lawng time says:

    If they sold them as pajamas, they’d make a hefty bundle.

  15. vin says:

    They should be forced to wear them after a loss. No way those 24 bums make Jeter wear that silliness. He’ll pull rank on them and make them win the game.

    Side note…
    Remember the turn the clock ahead game the Mariners played a bunch of years ago. Alex and Griffey were allowed to wear their hats backward and everything. I think they should’ve worn Back to the Future 2 hats.


    Forgot a lot of the teams participated.

  16. Jon in CUO says:

    I miss Big Stein.

    When he was asked why his Yankee team wouldn’t wear the “uniforms of the future,” Steinbrenner said “We already are.”


  17. JerseyDutch says:

    People would’ve called us the Bronx Blueberries…

  18. Stratman9652 says:

    Has anyone seen the “fashion” uniforms in the Yankees shop in red with blue logo? I think they would look pretty cool as an alternate.


  19. Kiersten says:

    Oh yeah I read about this in some book I read. Thank Mo they didn’t change them.

  20. Simon says:

    This would be perfectly fine as an alternate uniform.


  21. icebird753 says:

    Those are really good looking… wow I actually like the design

  22. seimiya says:

    The Rockies sleeveless jerseys are the coolest uniforms in the majors. That being said, away greys are simple, classy and rhyme. what else do you need?

  23. Mister D says:

    I actually like the alternate jerseys, assuming they kept the pants gray. If the bottoms matched the tops, then no.

    Not that its a big deal. I like the Yanks’ road grays just fine. Its not like we’re stuck with some horrible uni.

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