Mazzone expresses interest in New York job

What Went Wrong: Aceves & Marte
Berkman, Wood, Vazquez qualify as Type-B free agents

Leo Mazzone would get back in the game if the right offer came around, and the former Braves and Orioles pitching coach said New York could be the place for him. In a SIRIUS XM radio appearance this morning, Mazzone spoke with Gary Williams and Steve Phillips about his future in the game of baseball. Williams asked Mazzone if any jobs were of particular interest to him, and Mazzone responded, “Yeah, there certainly is, and it has New York in front of it, too. I mean, it can be in the American League or the National League.”

Of course, Mazzone wants back in, and of course, he would eye the two most prominent openings in the game. I wouldn’t, however, expect the Yankees to take him up on his offer. Despite his successes in Atlanta, Mazzone has been out of a job since the end of 2007 when the Orioles dismissed him. He seemed to have lost his magic touch in Baltimore, and the Yanks’ coaching M.O. lately has focused around younger, more progressive types who have some ties to the organization. I believe Mazzone will get his chance somewhere; it just won’t be in the Bronx.

What Went Wrong: Aceves & Marte
Berkman, Wood, Vazquez qualify as Type-B free agents
  • Tom Zig

    He has Mets written all over him.

  • Johnny O

    Ca$hman upon reading this in his RAB Twitter feed: “Pass”

    From what I’ve read about him Alderson is too savvy to take a dip, but maybe the Wilpons aren’t done meddling.

    • Slugger27

      are you implying alderson is too savvy to be interested in mazzone as a pitching coach? if so, explain.

  • Avi

    Mazzone? Bring him in.
    Shaking back and forth here..

  • Tom Zig

    Mazzone would have been a good pitching coach for us…10 years ago

    • vinny-b

      yeah. Becuz anyone over 45 can’t be a good pitching coach.

      will take Mazzone or Don Cooper. It is time for a proven pitching coach

  • Danny T

    I think it would be a good investment. He did have Jared Wright pitching pretty dam well. He May be a cure for AJ & Joba.

  • Ben

    He was great for ATL with wider strike zones and pitchers with phenomenal control, but he’s a bad fit for today’s Yankees. I don’t want a pitching coach who doesn’t preach controlling the inner half of the plate.

  • BC-203

    I still would prefer Curt Young. Not only would he improve our pitching, but it would steal him from the Sox, putting them in a bind.

    • Danny T


  • mustang


    The RAB age discrimination still running at full strength I see. Hey guys a little secret old doesn’t equal useless.

  • Eric Young

    Soetimes a few years away allows a man to reflect on what he did well and what he could have improved. Certainly worth talking to.

    • mustang

      Well said.

  • mustang

    “He seemed to have lost his magic touch in Baltimore,”

    Yeah, ok Houdini couldn’t make that pitching staff be good.

    • vinny-b

      no kidding! :)

  • king of fruitless hypotheticals

    Nardi doesn’t rate a mention?

    • Craig

      I think the Yankees will keep him on the farm so he can work with the kids. He’s an important coach in our organization and regarded as a “guru”, but his strength is in his ability to help the Minor League pitchers develop a foundation that they will build on as they move up the ladder.

  • Tank Foster

    How many of us are really qualified to know who is a good pitching coach?

    Bobby Cox is a pretty smart guy, and he wanted Leo there for years, so I think that’s good evidence that Mazzone is a good pitching coach. And even if you give most of the credit to the HOF pitchers in Atlanta – which we should – doesn’t that experience make him a better coach? Plus, there were other pitchers in Atlanta who pitched well with Mazzone, and not so well elsewhere. Jaret Wright. Chris Hammond.

    I don’t know if it makes sense, but I hold out hope that a good pitching coach might help the team alot. It’s always seemed like the Yankee pitchers seem to underachieve relative to their ability level, compared to what I see with other teams. Seems that way, anyway.

  • phughesisgod

    I’ll take the guy from AAA. Knows the organization, the staff, knows the minor leaguers and some of the guys in the majors. His staff’s from 07-09 have led the league in ERA as well. Guy’s doing something right…

  • DA DA

    I think Mazzone is very good pitching coach. I know he rock like he is putting a baby sleep, but he good.