Cashman met with Burnett last week

Saturday Night Open Thread
Yanks getting ready to up offer to Jeter

After teasing us last night, Buster Olney tells us this morning exactly why Brian Cashman flew down to Maryland to meet with A.J. Burnett the day before Thanksgiving (Insider req’d). We had some fun trying to guess the reason, but it’s nothing terribly exiting. The GM simply told the enigmatic right-hander that the Yankees still believe in him, and to “reset and refocus” for next season. They kind of have to say that when they owe the guy $49.5M over the next three years.

Saturday Night Open Thread
Yanks getting ready to up offer to Jeter
  • Matt DiBari

    Slow news weekend for ol Buster, eh?

    • Zack

      Just wait for him to report that Cashman called Swisher last week…to wish him a happy birthday.

    • Slugger27

      if you split up “cashman visited burnett to let him know the yankees still have faith in him” into 3 different tweets, it’s triple the views!

    • Nostra-Artist

      Teased on Twitter, no less.

  • Carlosologist

    Aww, I thought Cash went down to give him another black eye.

  • Jerome S

    God, I was really hoping for something interesting. Hot Stove seems a bit cool, doesn’t it? It’s just a mix of Cliff Lee not signing yet and Jeter being a whiny #$%*face.

  • Yo Quiero Montero (formerly LarryF)

    He went to ask AJ if had called Cliff. “Well, AJ, what did he say?”


    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      Don’t forget about Harold Garce’s birthday as well. (easy overlook)

  • Do Not Feed The Trolls!

    So no horse’s head was on AJ’s bed when he woke?

  • SamVa

    “Hey AJ,

    You really messed up last year and now you are making this contract negotiation really tough with Jeter because he doesn’t want to make less than you… So I was wondering if you could split half your contract with him for the next couple years…?”

  • Nostra-Artist

    The GM simply told the enigmatic right-hander that the Yankees still believe in him, and to “reset and refocus” for next season. Then Brian punched him in the left eye, yelling “NOW THAT I’VE DONE BOTH EYES, NEXT TIME I GO DOWNSTAIRS!”.

    Fixed that for ya.

  • Tom Swift

    If the Yankees are about to sign Cliff Lee, it would make sense for Cashman to reassure AJ that the Lee signing does not portend ditching AJ after his disappointing season. That’s the sort of conversation that is better done face to face.

    • Bryan L

      Even if when we do sign Cliff Lee, we can’t afford to ditch AJ. He needs to pitch better in 2011, and he will.

    • Zack

      AJ’s response would be, “Good luck trying to move my contract, lolz”

  • Pounder

    “reset and refocus” how about REMOVE!

    • Crosetti32

      How about DELETE?

      • Tom Zig

        Yeah and pay him to pitch for another team? no thanks

        • Crosetti32

          They’re paying Igawa millions to pitch for triple A, so why not?

  • Nostra-Artist

    Just before the holiday, huh? What a coincidence because as my family sat down for Thanksgiving dinner, we gave thanks for AJ Burnett and all his blessings.

  • SuBDivisions

    Guys get on the AJ train.. This guy has the talent and i think if we believe in him, push him forward, he will have a stellar year.. At his age he probably has only 2 good years left.

    • dan

      I want some of what your drinking, it must be good. AJ and stellar year is an oxymoron!!

    • Carlosologist

      I think AJ might return to his 2008-2009 form of a 4.06 ERA, 9.0 K/9, 3.8 BB/9. He’s definitely not going to be historically bad next year.

      • FIPster Doofus

        I’d sign up for those numbers in a heartbeat.

      • bexarama

        Seriously, for all the angst Burnett was pretty good in 2009.

        • Jerome S

          Admittedly, it’s easier to say that after the 2010 shitstorm.

          • bexarama

            Not really, he pitched 200+ innings for a 114 ERA+. Walked too many, but he struck out a ton too.

  • bruce

    Another 3 years of AJ, *SIGH.* I hope the talk helped.

  • Accent Shallow

    Exiting. . .now there’s an appropriate typo.

  • AJ Must be gone

    Why don’t they just get rid of the damn guy. He sucks and is going to cause even more trouble.

  • AJ Must be gone

    The last thing they need is another some-what bad postseason and he’s the one who caused the Yankees to lose the World Series!! UGH! His bad pitching gives a huge sign.

  • AJ Must be gone

    Sorry! He’s the one who caused them to lose the ALCS.

  • jm44

    Cashman is in Bizzarro world!
    He goes out of his way to talk to Burnett , who has basically been a horrible signing for the Yankees. And he beats down Jeter in the Press.WTF? Between Him & Randy Levine they treat the Yankees Stars like two kids who never got picked to play when they were kids and are trying to get even! They Have NO clue about intangables! And Cashman has no clue as a talent evaluator(Kevin Brown,Jaret Wright,Kei Igawa….)Cashman & Randy Levine want fans to pay top dollar for tickets but god forbid a player want more money they think theyre being greedy! Well how bout they stop selling Derek Jeter Jersys. Or anything with him on it.He’s being greedy but they sell a clump of Stadium grass for $100 !And Why sould Jeter sign right away if he can get more money by waiting, who wouldn’t?Hes not holding out.asa matter of fact he hasnt even spoken yet.Certain players come along and mean so much to a franchise that they deserve a little more respect.The yankee Brass is looking a little classless to me.

  • The Big City of Dreams

    Did he visit Joba too

    • Randy Stewart

      Jobba got in trouble some how

      I wonder what social changes occurred between his first year (WOW) and this last year (Fizzle)?

      Did he start partying or something?

      I really like Jobba-of-old
      He could be a great 4+inning reliever
      AND I still think he could be a starter

  • TONY

    can the yankees put in players contracts that ,If the players dont play up to par can they get some of there money back from the greedy persons they are?

  • Randy Stewart

    Multi Year contracts to pitchers is a huge risk….especially when there is big money involved.

    Burnett’s contract is so big…..he is so overpaid….that we are stuck with him; nobody will be able to buy out his contract.

    So….we’ve got to hook him up with someone that will teach him how to be Greg Maddox.

    Put him in the middle of the rotation. CC and Phil throw hard; put him in between w/ off speed junk that’s always down and on the edges.

    He makes me NUTS!!!!!!!!!!