Olney: Cliff Lee talks are a good fit to pick up this week


Via Buster Olney, negotiations between free agent southpaw Cliff Lee and the various clubs try to sign him are expected to pick up this coming week, and there’s a decent chance he’ll pick his new home during the Winter Meetings in two weeks. “We’ve got a fair number of teams trying to work through the process,” said agent Darek Braunecker. “It’s probably fair to say we’ve got a half-dozen teams in the mix.” We’ve heard that the Yankees are prepared to offer him five years and $120M, though rumors of a Sabathian deal have been floating around. Get ready, the hot stove is ready to take off.

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  1. Mr Moss says:

    Cliff Lee will be Pavano 2.0

  2. mike c says:

    6 years for 150MM sounds about right for derek jeter cliff lee

  3. Gonzo says:

    The hot stove is pretty good this year. I really don’t want Lee for over 5 years. I’ll hope for a 5/115mm deal.

  4. Total Dominication says:

    Finally, it feels like absolutely nothing has happened around baseball since the Uggla trade.

  5. bonestock94 says:


  6. solamon says:

    cliff lee will go to the yankees because his friend sabathia is there and he is a great pitcher so he is getting paid what he is doing

  7. nsalem says:

    I think the market for Lee (in terms of years) is his highest non Yankee offer plus the one extra year the Yankees will offer to top it(up to 7).
    With AJ falling off the cliff as a number 2 starter in 2010 Lee has
    become more of necessity rather than the luxury (for the Yankees)he would have been
    if AJ had performed as we hoped he would have. I think the Yankees believe no one will go over 5 years at the 23 million plus Lee will want and they would easily go six. If someone (which I believe will happen) goes 6 the Yankees will go to 7. If Lee is offered a 7th year by a non Yankee entity, the Yankees (or anybody else)
    will not increase the years to 8 and at that point Lee gets to pitch where he prefers. Hopefully that is with the Yankees.

  8. T-Dubs says:

    Mr. Moss is my new favorite poster. Is he still here?

  9. Yo Quiero Montero (formerly LarryF) says:

    Let’s not all pick on Mr Moss. Opinions can be disagreed with without the mob mentality piling on thing…

    Give Lee one more year than anyone else will. Who knows/cares what $23-25M will mean in a 2nd Palin administration?

    /Scary thought

    • RabidYankee says:

      Thank You Quiero Montero! You just made my day. Cliff Lee in pinstripes and Sarah Palin as a two term president! Things are looking up!

      And if you hate Palin so much, then why are you a Yankees fan?? The Yankees are one of the only capitalists left in this country!

      If they played according to Obama’s rules, they wouldn’t go after Lee, never would’ve signed CC or Tex because it’s not fair for the rich to get richer. You need to redistribute the wealth to give everyone a fair chance!

      Why don’t you go root for the Pirates??

  10. TONY says:

    hey hal and hank steinbrenner, go after cliff lee hard dont bring back jeter if u can help it. find a way cheaper short stop and bring back wood and mo and let robertson and jobba go. posoda is a big ? for dh. I would rather put manny there or dunn, berkman, thames, damon.starting pitching is more important than bringing back jeter.if u have 2 only give him a one year deal but thats bein too nice,put the fork in him he is done like ruth,berrnie,joe d.if andy doesnt come back start nova.

  11. YankeeMark says:

    Jeter is far more important as a part of the whole. Now forthis upcoming season; A worthy #2 Starter, A worthy 8th ing reliever & last but not least a healthy functional RBI producer… Crawford … Hellooo ? Anyone thinking, talking, declaring or begging for another bat that was so evidently in need last year. I’m thinking my fellow Yankee fans are also batting .270. But no worries, I know… Your only having a off year. Happy Holidays & Go Yankees!

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