Cashman (and maybe Levine) met with Cliff Lee’s agent


Brian Cashman confirmed that he met with Darek Braunecker about his client Cliff Lee today, adding that he’s “going to meet with [Braunecker] as much as I can.” Team president Randy Levine is believe to have attended the meeting as well. When Levine gets involved, that means things are about to get serious, though no money was talked about this meeting. The Rangers, meanwhile, were planning to offer Lee just four guaranteed years, a far cry from the six that it will likely take to get him signed. That doesn’t mean they won’t increase their offer, but I take it as a good sign for the Yankees if Texas was only willing to start the bidding that low.

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  1. mikebk says:

    If the Rangers are only going four guaranteed then there is no reason for the Yankees to push to six. Stay at five and give him more money.

    • mustang says:

      Second this.

    • steve (different one) says:

      there will be other teams willing to go to 5.

      • Sayid J. says:

        Right, but if nobody else is willing to go 6, and the Yankees offer the most money at 5 years it’s not like Lee has any other options.

        • You’re assuming all other things are equal, which they might not be. He might actually prefer other places over NY, if the contracts are close. That’s (obviously) for the front office to determine – but it’s important. If they feel like they absolutely must have him, and they’re not convinced he’ll just accept the best offer (but that instead they have to give him a little extra incentive), then just barely beating the other offers might not be enough.

    • Depends… Might want to go to 6 if they know nobody else will go there (but think other teams will go to 5), just to put some distance between themselves and the field and reinforce that their offer will be better than any other offer. The longer you let the competitors hang around, the more chance you give Lee to think those other offers are competitive.

  2. FachoinaNYY says:

    I love hearing any news on this…

  3. pat says:

    Lol, only offering 4 years? Are you serious? Lee has been talking about free agency for a couple years now. He hasn’t been dreaming of that big 4 year deal. What a bunch of n00bs.

  4. nathan says:

    Well, maybe the Rangers are lulling the Yanks to sleep. I donno, 4 years sounds too specious.

    Yanks should not goto 6th yr, but will and reap what they sow.

  5. Monteroisdinero says:

    AJ is hunting with Cliff in Arkansas. He will get it done and when Cliff signs with us, we will cut AJ some slack and not get upset until his era is over 5, his wild pitches over 20, and his losses are 5 more than his wins.

    We can give him until May 1st!

  6. Matt DiBari says:

    You would think if you were trying to sway someone to your cause you’d keep Randy Levine as far away as possible.

  7. mikebk says:

    Rosenthal now saying the Lee contract might get all the way to 7. you have to be kidding me. great pitcher but paying him 20+ million at 39?

    • Matt DiBari says:

      There isn’t exactly a decent plan b out there

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      That’s brutal. I’d almost rather give up assets for Greinke than sign Lee for seven years.

    • Reggie C. says:

      Just saw that blurb on MLBTR.

      Cashman must think that a non-Rangers team has emerged and will match any Yankee 6-year offer. I guess Cashman wants this wrapped up as soon as tomorrow night.

    • Jimmy McNulty says:

      Seven years and what dollars? I can’t imagine that he’d get much more than like 7/150…if you’re willing to offer 6/140 what’s an extra ten million dollars and another year?

  8. mikebk says:

    to follow up both Sherman and Rosenthal have said Yankees refuse to go 7 on Lee. Sherman called it a dealbreaker. Good.

  9. Kiersten says:

    - Seven years is a “dealbreaker” for the Yankees, according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, who suggests the team would offer six years (Twitter link).

    - The Yankees don’t plan to offer Lee a seven-year deal, according to Rosenthal (on Twitter).
    - Lee will receive a seven-year offer, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. At least one club has suggested they’re willing to offer a seven-year deal.

    I know they’re rumors but they make me nervous.

  10. Am I the only long time Yankee fan that would prefer the Yanks stop signing old players to massive deals and develop some young ones! Signing Lee to more than 4 years is near madness for $20 million plus. My plan: Let Ivan Nova pitch, bring Petite back, and the rotation is set, and put Gardner in center. Next year: Trade A(sucks)Rod, move Jeter to 3rd, and put Nunez who can field at SS. I miss Austin Jackson and never got to even see him play, LOL.

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