In the words of Brian Cashman…

CC: Not opting out 'an easy decision'
Cashman: Dinner with Crawford was just a bluff
He's climbin' in your window, snatchin' yo' free agents up. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

Now that the baseball world has debated Orlando and everyone is back at home, the Yankees are going to wait. For another day or two or three, Cliff Lee will take center stage as team executives in the Bronx and Arlington wait for the left to make his move. He has a new offer in hand from the Rangers and is now at the point where he must make a decision. Solicit a round of final offers; pick a team.

In an off-season filled with “reality potions” and other zingers, Brian Cashman isn’t disappointing anyone. I don’t envy him his job. If the Yanks win, detractors say it’s because Cashman just signs the checks. If the Yanks lose, it’s his fault they fell two wins short of the World Series. At least he has a sense of humor about himself.

In Orlando this week, Cashman spoke to the gaggle of reporters, and his quotes were blunt and even witty. He started these moments of honesty during the Derek Jeter saga. “Iconic off-the-field value doesn’t translate in my world,” he said.

And what exactly is his world? “I know my title is general manager,” he said this week, “but I consider myself the director of spending of the New York Yankees. I don’t make it. I spend it.”

As for his current situation, he too had a witty remark for it. It is, he said, like “Hannibal Lecter in a straightjacket. Waiting on this Cliff Lee thing, it’s kind of restricting my movements a little bit.”

When pushed for explanation by reporters this morning, he offered up one that rings true. “I wouldn’t say hostage,” he said. “It’s just you have to wait. He’s a premiere free agent and so he’s worth waiting for. So somebody will be happy and somebody will be disappointed. I’d rather be the happy one than the disappointed one. But either way, life will go on so we’ll let the process play out.”

Life will go on, and the process will play out. Many Yankee fans who comment here, who spend their days on Twitter, who call into Michael Kay’s and Mike Francesa’s radio shows, think life will not go on if Cliff Lee re-signs with the Rangers. But it will because the Yankees keep their hand in every pot. They might be hesitant to throw Zack Greinke into the New York mix, but Plan B exists. It’s out there; it’s in the works.

Cashman spoke, in general terms, about that aspect of his job as well. “Sometimes it” — meaning the team’s plans and involvement with other free agents — “could change altogether. Sometimes it could get to the point where it doesn’t make sense. It goes both ways,” Cashman said. “There’s a period of time where certain things make sense, and then sometimes those things become out of reach and don’t make sense, because of the market. There’s an ebb and flow to this stuff every year. We’ve had many a players we’ve had interest in but not at the levels that they were commanding.”

That last line shows you what a general manager should be doing. The Yankees know they could use some help behind the plate; they know they need another southpaw reliever; they know their starting rotation is perilously weak. But they also know that the outfield can be very good without a long-term commitment, and they know what chits they have to trade. It’s frustrating to see the Cliff Lee happenings go down so slowly, but it’s all part of the plan.

CC: Not opting out 'an easy decision'
Cashman: Dinner with Crawford was just a bluff
  • Nick!

    If only that “iconic, off the field moments” quip were actually the truth :(

    • djh

      Yeah, really.

  • Plank

    I like this picture of Cashman repelling better than the last one you used. The other one had his crotch as the focal point of the photo.


    so you better hide your outfielders hide your first-basemen and hide your catchers cause they taking everybody out here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    • Jay

      Excellent use of crazy person quote.

    • Klemy

      Antoine would be proud.

  • cano is the bro

    hahaha nice caption

  • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

    He’s climbin’ in your window,
    He’s snatchin’ yo’ free agents up.
    Tryin’ to buy them,
    so you better….
    extend your veterans, re-sign your stars,
    extend your veterans, re-sign your stars,
    extend your veterans, re-sign your stars,
    and make long-term deals for your prospects…
    Cuz he’s buyin’ every body out there.

    You don’t have to come and make an offer,
    He’s looking for you, he’ll outbid you, he’ll outbid you.
    So you can…
    run and tell that,
    run and tell that,
    run and tell that,
    To your fanbase.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Fun Fact: I went to college with half of the Auto-Tune The News crew.

      • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook


      • Ana

        For real? This is relevant information

        • Benjamin Kabak

          The Gregory Brothers are Swarthmore alums. I thought you knew that!

  • Dolemite

    Access to RAB has been hit or miss lately. What gives?

    • Benjamin Kabak

      We had a DDOS attack tonight that knocked us out for five hours. But this isn’t the time or place to ask about it. Please either email us or use the open thread for off-topic comments.

      • The Three Amigos

        Wikileaks Hackers? You guys are getting pretty big time.

        • I am not the droids you’re looking for

          That was exactly my thought as well last night as I franctically hit refresh to no avail!

          I also thought I may have missed the “We are shutting sit site down until Lee signs with someone” post!!!

      • JerseyDutch

        Probably was because of that thread where I suggested we trade Swisher for Julian Assange.

        • pete s

          swisher is a average fielder at best and is terrible in post season play…he is likable…but likable does noy win rings….carl crawford has a terrible lifetime obp of .337…johnny damon who though he lacks crawford’s speed at his advanced age has a lifetime obp of 355…the red sox overspent terribly on carl crawford….adrian gonzalez was a great trade by the red sox…gonzalez put up huge numbers hitting in a terrible park for hitters…a gone will be their manny for the next 5 seasons…crawford will be slower after 3 more years and at that point will be average at best offensively….he has never hit 20 home runs and he never draws walks…carl crawford merely steals bases and is a v good glove…but he is way overrated offensively…..

  • Adam B

    Do you think the yankees will try and implement a whole new philosophy in scouting and development given the complete mess this contract will be in? Obviously 7 years was never a place the yankees wanted to go, however given the state of their rotation their backs are against the wall and have no favorable alternatives (offering montero, manban, joba, gardner, romine, heathcott, betances, sanchez, brackman, Michael Kay, and the entire Scranton Wilkes Barre org including the stadium (literally the building), roster, and employees to the royals as a conversation starter for Grienke is not a favorable alternative) They have to do it. This whole thing just further proves how incredibly crucial it is to produce their own pitchers and invest in the younger free agents (people like aroldis chapman and yu darvish) so they have options not only to use themselves but also have some pitching to trade for once if they ever needed it.

    • bexarama

      Michael Kay for Greinke? Yes please

      • I am not the droids you’re looking for

        See ya!

  • Dr. O

    Yeah his job is way harder than people think, probably best proven when he presented Steinbrenner and his lackeys an ultimatum about letting him do his job and they didn’t tell him to get lost.

    I have a friend thats a Mets fan and his reaction to the Jeter saga summed up the “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” aspect of Cashman. He would always go on and on about how the Yankees just swallow up every good player in baseball and how Jeter was overpaid. Then during the saga he was ridiculing Cashman for “insulting” the “face of the franchise” (pretty sure Jeter isn’t in monument park yet) and saying it was absurd that they were haggling with Jeter about salary, the same salary he’ll be using as a symbol of Yankee gluttony after The Mets get swept at home the FIRST time in 2011.

    • mike c

      your friend is right. the yankees managed to both overpay for jeter and look like pennypinching assholes while doing it

      • crawdaddy

        Again, most Yankee fans I talked to sided with ownership and are fine with that situation.

        • Hughesus Christo

          So the Yankees

          1 – Guaranteed Jeter will not take an AAV paycut, should he take his buyout in 2014
          2 – And/Or Gave him 4 years if he sucks, and/or 3 plus another over market extension if he doesn’t suck
          3 – Looked like idiots for 3 weeks leaking jabs to the press and having everything they sid thrown in their faces by the result

          People sided with this? Who? They lost on every aspect of the deal.

          • Jimmy McNulty

            But he didn’t get that 6/150 that he wanted!!!!!

            Although, seriously…they got it done. He gets what? Two million more each year than what was originally offered? Yeah, I’m okay with the deal.

            • Hughesus Christo

              Forgot to add the signing presser which solely consisted of “I didn’t negotiate with anyone, the Yankees asked me about this a year ago and I said I wasn’t leaving, and they still went to the press.”

              Another +1 for the Yankees!

  • Gonzo

    I am totally ok either way. I made my peace with the whole situation.

  • Brian

    Don’t you guys think this team is in deep trouble if they lose out on Lee? I mean all they will have done is sign a 41 and 36 year old for a combined $80 mill? Then they are going to have to crawl to a 38 year old Andy Pettitte for help and rely on headcase burnett. The dumbest thing a person can do is to do the same thing twice and expect a different result.

    • crawdaddy

      Some fans will think so, but other moves can be made and the games have to be played so anything can happen. Last offseason, nobody expected the Giants to win the WS, but they did.

    • candyforstalin

      The dumbest thing a person can do is to do the same thing twice and expect a different result.

      you mean signing aging players to grotesque contracts?

    • bexarama

      I am frightened to click on the link in your name.

      That said, if they lose out on Lee, I am sure Cashman will do more than “crawl to a 38 year old Andy Pettitte for help and rely on headcase burnett.”

    • JerseyDutch

      Short answer: No. Long answer… No.

  • candyforstalin

    i was hoping for a master plan.

  • jonathan

    fuck it. sign Lee, trade for Greinke anyways. See you in the ALCS Boston. I think having Lee/CC/Pettitte potentially would be huge in a playoff series against the Red Sox. While Crawford is a great player (in the last 2 years anyway) Werth was a much better fit for them. They could have moved Drew to LF and added another righty power hitter. Plus the whole using a top defensive OF in LF at Fenway thing. I’d rather have Crawford for his deal than Werth for his though.Imagine if we get Lee/Greinke though and Burnett has a slight bounceback?

    • Pasqua

      I think you’re missing the crux of the point: Signing the guy you want (Lee, in this case) isn’t always a given. There’s more to it than just having the money to do it.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    My issue here is the “life goes on without Cliff Lee” line of thinking. The goal that the organization sets out each year is to win the World Series. A lofty goal, but historically they’ve been pretty good at it. So I’m pretty sure they can make the playoffs without Lee, I’m not so sure that they’re even a top five team in baseball. Right now, the clear favorites are the Red Sox. It sucks, but it’s true. Yes, they’re counting on rebounds from Kevin Youkilis and Dustin Pedroia, who are both great players somewhat young and are very skilled defensively. They’re also hoping Beckett gets healthy, and as long as Lackey pitches to his peripherals they’ll be fine. Lets not forget, Lackey and Beckett were pretty good last year by FIP and xFIP they just hit a few rough patches. The Yankees on the other hand, experienced Burnett taking one GIANT leap back, and they are now counting on signing the highest sought after free agent since 2008 and rebounds from guys who are pretty old in Jeter and Rodriguez. One of which is on the wrong side of 35, and the other is a former steroid user (I have no idea if this effects anything) with a bad hip. They also both play skill positions. That’s not a great position to be in. Sure they can try and get creative, but that involves trading away top flight young talent, that they ever so desperately need, for a worse pitcher. That’s something I’m not okay with. I think Pettitte’s coming back, while he’s good…he’s old and injury prone as of late. He has a lot of innings logged on that left arm…and he’s not something you can really count on. Not the way you can count on like a Roy Oswalt, Matt Cain, or other pitchers around his caliber that are younger. It just seems that right now they have a several good players, Cliff Lee makes them favorites once the playoffs start. I say go all in, may as well strike while the iron is hot. Teams with Alex Rodriguez signed into his 40s aren’t built for the long haul. Period. Otherwise, they’d likely have to wait around until two of the Killer Bs are ready, if two of them ever become ready for the big show. If seven years is what it takes, he still only has the second worst contract on the team. Besides in those last two years is 20 million or so really going to make or break the team? Since it’s the Yankees, I doubt it.

    • S

      Have you ever looked at the silver lining or seen the glass as half-full, or do you actually think the team sucks so hard that they will never win another title no matter what moves they do?

      Lighten up, nothing is ever as grim as it appears and nothing is as good as it appears either.

    • Andrew

      This all falls under the Only Other Teams’ Players Can Improve, All Yankees Will Regress corollary. You seem to pin the team’s hopes on Jeter and A-Rod (and signing Lee), but the fact remains that they still have a very high number of productive players at other positions that I guess are inconsequential because they’re not Jeter or A-Rod? And what of the Red Sox’s questions? Or do they just automatically have none heading in to the season, since they’ve already been crowned here in early December, always a safe move to make.

    • I am not the droids you’re looking for

      Drinkin’ again Jimmy?

    • JerseyDutch

      You write really big paragraphs.

      Not getting Lee will makes things tough but it’s too early to write off the season quite yet.

  • Juke Early

    Yankees are caving to yokels & still being played. You’re the NYY. Walk in the room, ask the “player” what he knows about the Yankees. If he wants to play for the Yankees. He answers the way you want your employee to sound. This is a job interview for big money. No wiggle room. No player on Earth can guarantee he’ll reproduce his best season(s)(Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown). Or be injury free(Carl Pavano). Or even free of an unforeseen family obligation. Here’s your best offer to play for sports winningest franchise. If you don’t want to live in the NYC Metro area for ANY reason, say it (Greg Maddux). Take it now or leave it. Take it? Yankee. No. See ya.

    Grow some players. Grow some balls. You are the g*d damn New York Yankees. Playing their game – the real NYY haters win. Play your game, you’re the Yankees. Screw Cliff Lee. Go to Plan B. NO more fairy moneyball. Play f*ckin hardball.

    • Klemy

      Yeah. Free agents love this kind of treatment and respond well to it.


  • Sean C

    In Cashman we trust. I consider myself a reasonable Yankee fan, and in doing so I expect to have a competitive team hit the field each year. Reaching the postseason is awesome. Reaching the World Series is better. Winning the World Series is, obviously, the apex of fandom. I also expect Cashman to do whatever possible to field the team. Right now, we need another starting pitcher. I don’t want to see the farm depth traded for a pitcher right now (I love the B’s, the catchers, and others) but that’s baseball… The Red Sox made some serious moves this winter to fix their glaring issues, just as we did two winters ago. They made moves to catch up with us. It’s all relative. I trust Cashman to do right by us. Cliff Lee will end up where he decides. If it’s for the Yankees, AWESOME. If he doesn’t, Cashman, and the rest of us, will move on.

    • Matt

      Speak for yourself. Cashman is a nightmare, his bad moves to good are about 10-1. I mean we can all go chapter and verse. I will start a name and ever commentor can add one, and we will go on and on and on.

      Ok. I start. The $46 million minor league pitcher Kei Igawa.

      • Esteban

        The Alex Rodriguez-Alfonso Soriano trade (great or fantastic trade?)

      • Esteban

        The CC Sabathia signing

      • Esteban

        The Nick Swisher for Wilson Betemit trade.

      • Esteban

        The Bobby Abreu- CJ Henry trade.

      • Esteban

        The Mark Teixeira signing.

  • djh

    It will be very intresting to see who The Ninja targets if we don’t get Cliff. I guess if Cashman makes good enough offers he can make previously unavailable No.1’s available, but to force a team to make a great pitcher available it probaly means your selling the farm and that’s not a good strategy.

    The one thing I hope the Yanks don’t do if they can’t get both Lee and Pettitte is trade for a mid rotation starter, those guys cost to much in prospects for a player not that great, I mean to even get someone who is not a difference maker like Nolasco you have to give up good pieces, and I just don’t think it’s worth it.

    To win a WS next year I feel adding a legit Ace is a must so hopefully Lee takes the Yanks money and we don’t have to over pay in prospects for someone else.

  • Januz

    I am not going to cry over Cliff Lee, I think 7 years is too much, and the probability is he really did not want to be here:Perhaps the playoff beer incident played a role, and (or), he preferred to be closer to home (Arlington being 4.5 hours away by car). Guess what? Guys not choosing the Yankees: It happened before and it will happen again: One of the greatest pitchers in history (Greg Maddox), took less money to go to Atlanta. The result? Maddox’s time in Atlanta…… 1 Title. Yankees……. FOUR. So they were not exactly hurt by that. Gerrit Cole is another case: He decided to go to UCLA. Result? One of the selling points that Cashman used on Hal when it came to going after Mark Teixeira was the fact he would in essence cost them a 3rd Round Pick (Since CC & AJ’s 1st & 2nd Rounders were gone), and they would get a replacement pick, which turned about to be Heathcott. Throw in the fact, that without Tex, no Title in 2010. I will make the trade of a Title, Tex & Heathcott for Cole & a Third Rounder any day.
    What should it mean going forward? More available money than projected, which means an opportunity to really take advantage of the Draft and IFA, before the rules change, and a likely World-Wide Draft comes in starting in 2012. It is important to note that everyone forecasts the Draft and IFA Classes to be outstanding. This also includes having a 1st Round Pick (That no one figured they would have) and a Compensation pick for Vazquez. They now have a chance to stock the Farm System Royals-Style (Something the Organization wants to do, which is why they spent $14.6m BUYING the Scranton Yankees.
    Simply put: Based on the factors I just laid out, I am feeling good about the future.

    • JerseyDutch

      I am not going to cry over Cliff Lee, I think 7 years is too much

      I was in the camp of holding firm on a five or six year deal but given the Werth and Crawford deals, seven years seems inevitable.

      That said, I’m not sure even that will seal the deal.

  • Brian in NH

    Welcome back Ben. Missed you round these parts lately with Mike and Joe dominating everything with Winter Meetings updates.

  • OldYanksFan

    “I don’t envy him his job. If the Yanks win, detractors say it’s because Cashman just signs the checks. If the Yanks lose, it’s his fault…”

    This is sooooooo true.
    What trade is MLB was better then Swisher for Betemit?
    I think Cashman’s job is so much harder then other GMs, that he is really in a separate category. Even with a passionate Red Sox base, there is always next year. They hope Theo can Win this year, but they understand it’s not always possible.

    But there is no next year for Cashman. There is not tomorrow for Cashman. There is even no success for Cashman, simply the ‘inevitable’ winning of the WS, which for us, is more status-quo, rather then great accomplishment.

    After all, we never Win a World Series. We simply buy it.

    Even with this Lee deal, if Cashman goes 7/$160m, it will be the big, bad Yankees checkbook at it again. But if Cashman passes on Lee, he will have let him team down.

    I hope someday, Cashman is recognized for having the most difficult job in Sports.

    • Januz

      I happen to agree that Cashman has a difficult job, but I would rather have his job than say GM of the Cubs. This is an organization that has failure written all over it. When they give out huge contracts it bites them in the a–. Soriano, Zambrano & Bradley come to mind (Not to mention 100+ years of no World Series Titles).
      As far as “Buying” instead of “Winning” Titles, is concerned, that is just jealousy at work, from the Mainstream Media, and that charge has been going on since the time of Babe Ruth. I am sure he does not care one iota what they think.

    • JerseyDutch

      “The only thing I know about strategy is that whatever the manager does, it’s wrong. Unless it works in which case he’s a button pusher.” – Moe Szyslak

      Said about managers but the gist is true of GMs as well. If they win, they’re just a check writer.

  • Lisa

    I truly believe Cliff Lee is using the Yankees to get the Rangers to up their off and he is succeeding. I think this is exactly what Lee wanted all along. He wants to be in Texas, his family liked his time there, it’s close to Arkansas, but he knew he would not get an initial offer from them to his liking. He always knew the Yankees were out there to drive up the bidding so he will ultimately get the deal he wants in the place he wants to be.

    • China Joe

      The Rangers aren’t going to 6 years, and the Yankees are at 7. If he wants to give up 2 years of guaranteed money in his late 30’s, then more power to him.

    • Don

      I agree. I just hope that we can avoid gutting the farm system through trade to get some decent pitchers.

      • Johnny

        WFAN is reporting that the Rangers increased there offer to 7 years at 161 million.

        • Don

          If true, then the Yankees will offer 7 years at $25MM per for $175 million… very scary. Cliff Lee is worth his weight in gold, but within 3 years this contract will become as toxic as the A-Rod contract.

        • djh

          If the Rangers went to 7/161 then I can’t see the Yanks getting him.

  • virginia yankee

    SPEND WISELY — the team is old. I have watched Gardner lomg than Cashman – I preferred him over Melky — they overvalued Melky and the overvalue Gardner now – he will decline rapidly as will Swish — it simply can’t be helped — getting Lee iis likely to become a millstone beyond year 2 – if it is only a draft choice and money no big deal — but it keeps Cashman from doing the hard deals that must be done and from bringing along the best of the minors P prospects — the plan for Joba, Hughes, IPK was good it lacked the protective ACE — they have the cadre in CC, Pettit, Hughes, and AJ — build around it

    • theyankeewarrior

      Basically everything you said here is untrue

      • Pasqua

        …so, so wrong.

        • Pasqua

          Ugh. I mean…so, so untrue.

    • seimiya

      What’s with all the emdashes?

  • theyankeewarrior

    It’s almost like he on the edge… of a Cliff

    • theyankeewarrior

      (In my best Dodson voice)

    • Nebkreb

      *puts on glasses as the Who blast in the background*

    • seimiya


  • Don

    The details are fuzzy, but it seems that the Rangers have indeed offered six years as part of the “menu” of offers delivered yesterday in an attempt to imitate the Yankees offers.

    I really believe Cliff Lee (or his family) strongly prefers Texas to NY. I also believe that NY has made (or will make) the strongest offer. The question is whether Cliff Lee will tweak the players union by accepting a lesser contract, and if he does, I hope NY makes the contract offers very public.

  • Frank

    At this point, I hope Lee goes to Texas. 7 years is just crazy for a 32 year old pitcher with back issues. Since the Rangers are obviously willing to make an offer(s) similar to the Yanks, I think the state income tax issue now becomes very relevant. For example, a 160M deal translates to about 140M in NY after factoring city/state tax. The Yanks probably figured their offer would so far exceed the Rangers it would more than make up for the difference. I don’t think the Yanks expected the Rangers to go as high as 150-160M. But if they are,the Yanks would really have to go to 180M or more to nake up the difference. That would be completely insane. It’s funny how these things work out. Last week the Yanks held the hammer over Jeter, knowing he had no leverage and now Lee is doing the same to the Yanks. I say they should just move on. Lee’s good, but he’s not that good.

    • Don

      I’d be very surprised if the Rangers offer exceeds 6 yrs $140MM. That being said, the Rangers offer may be enough for Cliff Lee since he prefers Texas to NY.

      • Josh S.

        How do you know he prefers Texas over New York? Did he come out and say something to indicate that?

        • Don

          He didn’t, but his wife did. Even if it was a negotiating ploy, Cliff Lee got what he wanted yesterday. He got the Yankees to offer $25M over 6 years, and to offer a separate 7-year deal as another option. It gave him leverage to put the screws to Texas. The actions of the Lee’s agent during the winter meetings – and the delay in accepting offers to negotiate in good faith – make it appear as though this is all about shaking Texas down.

          In the end, Cliff Lee and his agent never doubted that the Yankees offer would be the highest (despite a 40% hidden surcharge, or $10 MM per year, for the luxury tax). They just want the leverage to choke Texas.

        • theyankeewarrior

          No, he didn’t ever say that. He just assumes so because that’s the current theme amongst sports-media.

          Cliff Lee played in Texas for 2 months. That’s his connection with the Rangers. 2 months of playing time.

          Oh, that, and the fact that it’s “only” a 5 hour car ride to his home in Arkansas.

          The home that he will not be living at during the season. And the home that he can fly to in 5 hours from one of NY’s two airports with the 160M that the Yankees pay him.

      • theyankeewarrior

        Right, just like CC preferred Cali to NY.

        And the state taxes don’t work he same for MLB players like they do for you and I. They travel half of the year, so they are taxed based on where they are living at that time.

        The endorsements Cliff Lee would make in NY compared to Texas are not even in the same galaxy. Playing in Texas will not help him save money. It will cost him tens of millions of dollars.

        • Will

          Just to piggyback on this point. The tax thing is a non-issue. I believe enforcement has changed so that players must pay state taxes for % of income earned in the state. Therefore, if Cliff Lee were to play 81 games in New York, that is less than 1/4 of a year (note, I am assuming just 81 games because if we include playoff games, that is additional income which should count in the yankees’ favor). The top tax bracket state taxes in New York are approximately 10%.

          If you multiply .25 (% of time in New York) x .10 (New York state tax) x 160 million (potential 7-year earnings for Lee), you get a whopping $4 million!

          All this talk of state taxes is ridiculous. It’s a rounding error.

          • Matt

            Texas has NO state income tax. He will lose about $2mm per year in taxes in NY.

  • Pasqua

    So many alarmists will blame Cashman if the Yanks fail to land Lee, but the fact is, the more time goes by, it looks more and more possible that Lee has no intention of signing here and (as many have done before) is using the Yanks as leverage. That ain’t Cashman’s fault.

    A big part of why I hope Lee does sign here is so that I / we don’t have to endure countless bridge-jumpers calling for Cashman’s head because he, somehow, “blew it.”

    • Fair Weather Freddy

      Even if he does sign, alot will be calling for Cashman’s head because he ‘overpaid’. Poor Cashman can’t win with these spoiled brats!

    • Zack

      Don’t forget that Cashman has messed up by “putting all his eggs in one basket”

  • Yank the Frank

    Cashman has done all he could to land Lee. Now it’s up to Lee. If he signs with us, great he he doesn’t its his loss and we will move on and win without him. We are the New York Fucking Yankees.

  • Lisa

    I agree. Cashman did the best he could. I don’t think Lee ever intended on coming here. I think he wanted to stay in Texas and just used the Yankees. So what else is new? I would be greatly surprised if he signs here.

    • BklynJT

      Up to now, I believed that Lee always wanted to be a Yankee and was just playing the market to get the most he can.

      But the fact that Lee has not yet accepted the Yankees deal (which is almost guaranteed to be better than the Ranger deal) leads me to believe that Rangers may hold an advantage in Lee’s heart in terms of where he wants to pitch. sigh~

  • djh

    If Lee goes back to TX I hope NY doesn’t trade good prospects for solid/good players and only targets great/elite players. I just don’t see someone like Nolasco helping all that much, I would only consider going for pitchers that are clearly better then Hughes, who is our No.2 and could rival CC for best pitcher on the team.

    If Cshman can’t find a true ace on the market I would just hold pat and use this as a bridge year, and go after Darvish hard next offseason.

    • Mike HC

      I was completely with you until the Darvish thing. I am basically completely ignorant when it comes to him, but spending big money on these Japanese starters has not exactly worked out that well in the past. I’m thinking more along the lines of trading for Liriano, Wainwright, Josh Johnson. I personally like Yovanni Gallardo as well. I have no idea about their availability, or trade cost though.