Mo will try to convince Pettitte to return

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Mailbag: Marcus Thames

Via Erik Boland, Mariano Rivera indicated that he will soon try to reach out to Andy Pettitte and attempt to convince him to return for another year. “I might try to reach him soon,” said Rivera. “I want to hear what he’s doing, what he wants to do. If he wants to continue playing, then I think we will have a good shot.” Mo stressed that this was Andy’s decision, but he’ll certainly do his part to help bring his long-time teammate back for another year.

Open Thread: Fonsy
Mailbag: Marcus Thames
  • Beantown Bombers Fan

    It’s gonna get a bit dusty when these guys hang it up, because they are straight class.

  • Richard Iurilli

    Fantastic. No one but than the best to try and close out this situation.

    • Richard Iurilli

      but the best*

      I miss post editing.

  • Xstar7

    I hope Mariano can convince Pettite to come back. Because if he doesn’t than we’ll all go into PANIC MODE!!!!!

  • Mark L

    Now Mo even needs to save Cashman’s garbage offseason — is there nothing this many can’t do?

    • Lance

      I wouldn’t call this “Cashman’s garbage offseason.” CLiff Lee’s agent said that there was nothing more the Yankees could have offered to make him come to NY and in the end its Lee’s decision, not Cashman’s. Even Kerry Wood took a serious pay cut because he wanted to play for the Cubs.

      The results of these moves isn’t ideal but I don’t think you could pin it on Cashman. Plus, the offseason isn’t over and Cashman has shown a knack for making quality in season moves.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Let’s all jump off bridges, mkay?

    • Mister Delaware

      Its funny because I was intending to post “Now Cashman needs Mariano to do his job?!?!?!?” to be a dick but someone beat me to it. And was serious.

    • hogsmog

      I mean the only thing it seems like the “cash suxx” camp has a problem with is not getting Crawford… Would things really be that much better if we had him? Sure we could flip Gard/swish and maybe a few prospects for a starter, but they probably wouldn’t be ace caliber, and then we’d be in the same situation that everyone’s rooting against (tying up money for a long time for a quick fix). Plus, if we go for Crawford, we couldn’t have gone hard after Lee, and then everyone would be pissed at Cash for not making a bigger push for the player we really needed.


    I have a gut feeling that Andy will be back.

    Now, how about signing Soriano and trading for a solid #2 or #3 starter. Danks would be great, but it’s unlikely the pale hose would let him go, unless some sort of 3 team trade brings them a Matt Garza or equivalent.

    • Craig

      Signing Soriano would not be a good move.

  • mike

    everyone said the same thing about Lee. “I have a gut feeling” or “Its obvious that Lee will be a Yankee, its only a matter of how many years”, and look how that turned out.

    As it stands now the rotation is: CC, Burnett, Hughes, Mitre, Nova

    • Steve H

      And the season starts in just a week!

    • brockdc


      Imagine being a Pirates fan and having to go into the season with the likes of Ian Snell or Zach Duke anchoring your team’s rotation year in and out. Step back, take a breath, and realize that A. We’re pretty damn fortunate to be fans of a team that inevitably goes out and acquires the players it needs for a playoff run, and B.) It’s not our collective birthright as Yankee fans to have at least two shutdown aces in our rotation at any one time.

      Sorry, but this whole OMG BUT MITRE IS OUR #NUMBER3REE!? thing is already getting tired.

      • Mister Delaware

        We’re starting the season with Bubba Fucking Crosby in CF???

  • Accent Shallow

    I think it’s hilarious that we get stuff like this in the papers. It would be surreal to read an article about how your friend and teammate is going to call you, if you were Andy Pettitte.

    Of course, I’m sure these guys don’t read the papers.

  • Mike R.- Retire 21

    Cashman: Andy’s wavering. I don’t know what’s going to happen. This could go either way. What do you think?

    Girardi: Bring in Mo.

    • LGY


  • Griffey’s Grotesquely Swollen Jaw

    well it’s unlikely the religious Pettitte turning down a request from God himself. Andy will return. :D

  • Pounder

    Gonna be a long year.But perhaps,a year we move some of our prospects into the scheme of things,especially some of those vaunted arms,the killer B’s etc.If Jeter retires before the end of his contract and Posada takes a seat next to Joe in the dugout, Andy hangs em up and Mo rides into the fast coming sunset,we will be seeing a new,younger team in the coming years.The Yanks led the way in Free Agency by spending,spending and more spending.Ironically,now that the Yanks seem intent on being frugal in spots,the Red Sox and others are just now loosening their purse strings.How will we be situated when all the chips fall will be interesting to watch.

    • Colombo

      What makes you say Mo’s sunset is “fast coming”?

    • T-Dubs

      The long button on the bottom of your keyboard is called the “Space Bar.”

      • Steve H

        Is that the one with the nougat filling?

        • T-Dubs

          Judging by the post, I’d guess NUTS! BOOM!

  • John Cerra

    I betting that Pettite returns. Further, I think there is more to the AJ story than meets the eye. No need to pry, but I think a new pitching coach and a better grounded AJ go a long way.

    Two other thoughts. Might not a new pitching coach have an effect on Joba? Sure, Cash says “bullpen” only but when when the sunny days of Spring come, there is nothing locking him into that role. For his sake (and frankly ours) I hope he comes to Florida 15-20 lbs lighter and looking like an athlete. He has the stuff the take it up a notch, but he needs to get his head/heart/psyche there. The job is there for the taking.

    The other thought…look for Andrew Brackman to press Nova and Joba for that #5 starter role. He might get pushed to Scranton to begin the season, but he will be key this year. He might surpass Montero as the key rookie contributor this year.

    • JMK


  • king of fruitless hypotheticals

    While nobody wants Joba to get another shot more than me…and presumably Joba, I’m not going to get my hopes up anymore.

    So if Andy comes back how many headlines will have some play on Andy/Mo win/save combinations will we see? I fully expect to see the best one here.

    OK…so its time to start thinking about ST–I’ve got my reservations, and I’d really like to see Andy there, but if he wants to Clemens this season, fine. Either way, I’m not worried about playing this season with the guys that are already in the system. I would like to see Tex start hitting the cage next week, but whatever–Pettitte comes back in any capacity and this is a 98 win team.

  • Granderslam

    If Andy comes back, does Cash still search for a #2 starter (assuming there is one on the market), or do they look towards filling the #5 instead? Personally, I think they still need someone behind CC. CC, ? (Greinke, Carpenter….whoever), Pettitte, Hughes, Burnett makes sense.

    • king of fruitless hypotheticals

      Does Cash Money Ninja Elf ever ‘search’ or does he just know it all? I think he’s always on the lookout to make the team better, and if he can pull off something he will–but who was our #5 last year? If Andy can pitch most of the year (at least as much as he did last year), maybe Brackman really does come up for the second half to eat some innings and gain some experience. I think SOMEBODY does that if we’re 10 games up for the AL East, and winning early games helps make that easier.

      This is going to be a great year :)

    • brockdc

      If a trade is made, it’ll be for an upper-eschelon guy, like Carpenter, Garza, or Nolasco. It wouldn’t make sense at this point to waste resources on a “proven” Kevin Millwood-type when there are so many other options within the organization that would likely put up comparable numbers.

      Even if A.P. signs, I’d expect the #5 starter to be a very fluid situation going forward.

  • Yanko

    Maybe Andy can call his buddy Roger, if he doesnt misremember his number, and see if he wants to come pitch fo the Yankees too…

    • MikeD

      After seeing this recent picture of Rocket, he might be better prepared to be a sumo wrestler.

      • Yanko

        You are not kidding. He looks like he is about to get sick in that pic. So, is he just sitting home, cuddled up with his Cy Young awards and eat all day? Never has a man had the fall from grace quite like the rocket did. Thanks for the link.

    • Mike

      He can’t do any worse than what Burnett did last year.

  • Newbie

    Pettitte’s religious right? Well, wouldn’t he have to come back now that Mo is speaking to him?

  • bexarama

    Good man.

  • bonestock94

    I hate this offseason, it’s fucking ponderous man.

  • Ghost

    What would be really interesting is if Mo can convince Pettitte to pitch five more years like he plans to…

    • First Time Poster

      Mo only plans to play for four more years now. Hard to believe that the 09 WS was over a year ago, though.

  • Cy Pettitte

    if Cash gets CC/AJ/Andy/Phil/Nolasco, signs a good righty, and get the Hairston brothers/someone comparable the offseason could be salvaged