Moseley on his way to San Diego


Via Ken Rosenthal, the Padres are close to signing former Yankee Dustin Moseley to a big league contract of unknown terms. The Yankees recently non-tendered Moseley rather than going to arbitration with him in a move that Brian Cashman said was designed to “control costs,” which came after he pitched to a 5.99 FIP (-0.4 fWAR) in 65.1 IP. I fully expect Dustin to put up an ERA south of 3.50 in 180 or so innings with the Pads next year. Petco Park, the career reviver.

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  • Tom Zig

    He’d fit well in PetCo. He may just wind up being replacement level.

    • Gonzo

      Petco killed Casey Kelly’s value.

  • Ross in Jersey

    How are we supposed to win in 2011 without IPK and Moseley?! Doomed I tell you! When we lose in 2011 I will be here to say I told you so!

    Seriously though, we’ll always have game 1 of the ALCS, Dustin. Godspeed.

    • Bryan L

      And that game against the Sox last summer. Huge.

      • JobaWockeeZ

        Outpitched Beckett. Thats definitely value to me even if the 60 other innings sucked. Oh well good luck.

  • Gonzo

    Chad Ho Moseley…RIP

  • bexarama

    He has a place in the small part of my heart reserved for shitty players who I irrationally like anyway.

    • Rey22

      Agreed. I wanted him resgined for no reason whatsoever. Like him more than Mitre, anyway.

      /irrationally hates Mitre though

  • younguns

    By taking advantage of the process of signing below-average pitchers & using the cavernous dimensions of Petco Park to favorably “adjust” their stats, the Padres can convert these sub-par pitchers into Class A & B draft pick compensation year after year.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    I think his agent is Darek Braunecker too, oddly enough.