Yankees checking out Russell Martin’s medical records


Via Joel Sherman, the Yankees (and Mets) have received, and are presumably reviewing, free agent catcher Russell Martin‘s medical records. The Yanks will also meet with his representatives here during the winter meetings, but a deal is unlikely to get done this week. Clearly the Yankees dig the idea of improving their catching situation, and Martin would be a) an upgrade over Frankie Cervelli, and b) allow the team to be more patient with Jesus Montero. I fully expect Martin to sign with the team that offers the best combination of money and playing time, but the fact that the Yanks are reviewing the medicals tells you they mean business.

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  • tomaconda

    Give him a shot. Better defensively than Cervelli!

  • A.D.

    This would be excellent, and seems like Cash definitely putting himself in a position to offer a starting gig/playing time to Martin with the public “Posada is our DH talk”.

  • Steve H

    I think the interest in Martin is genuine, but I also happen to think if the Yankees stay in on Martin, it leaves Montero as a trade chip should the Yankees either not get Lee, or don’t hear from Lee soon enough and want to move up the timetable. If they sign Martin or get close, they could easily leak Montero rumors to add a front line SP, trying to get Lee to move.

  • Jonathan

    I’ve said this a billion times on here but having him catch while also playing 3B and giving Arod the rest he needs would be huge. Replacing Cervelli’s and Pena’s innings with Martin would be great for the offense and he can obviously throw runners out, has tremendous upside and if you get him for a 1 year deal should still be arbitration eligible in 2012.

    If it isn’t a ridiculous price I would be very interested in Martin to be used instead of Cervelli and plenty at 3B or to give Montero some more time or if Montero needs to be used as a trade chip. It’s not often that you have a chance to acquire a C this young and talented for just money. And if he’s lights out Montero can break into the big leagues in late ’11 or early ’12 without having to be the primary catcher and getting time at DH. Maybe another year working on his defense would really help.

  • slim

    Hate this move if they sign Lee
    would prefer they give Montero a shot and split the catching duties and DH with Posada and Montero, defense be damned.
    If he can;t hack it after a decent opportunity, let Romaine have a shot. Cervelli in a limited backup role only.
    If they can’t sign Lee, they unfortunately Montero may have to go and in that case I would love the Martin signing.

    Hoping the Lee decision will come before the Martin one.

    • Not Tank the Frank

      You hate having more depth and upside at the catcher position?


  • Kiersten

    This would be great. As psyched as I am about Montero, it would be great if we could use him in a trade for an elite pitcher. Have Martin as the primary backstop until one of our other catchers (hopefully) develops. He won’t be Posada part two, but we have to accept that we’re probably not going to find a Posada part two for a long time.

    • Steve H

      You’re right, even if Jesus sticks behind the plate he’s unlikely to be Posada part two.

      • bexarama

        I’ve been told if he has Posada’s career it’s a mega disappointment. (insert dismissive wanking gesture here)

      • TopChuckie

        He’s only unlikely to be Posada part two in the way any prospect is unlikely to reach his ceiling. Montero is the top hitting prospect in the minors and his bat has been compared to Miggy Cabrera, Mike Piazza, and Frank Thomas. Hyperbole or not, NONE of that could ever be said about Posada. There is no reason not to be optimistic that Montero can be Posada part two.

        • Monteroisdinero

          This. At age 20/21 Jorge could not carry Montero’s jock. No comparison. Jorge was an infielder!

    • JobaWockeeZ

      This guy has wOBA’s of .306 and .307 for the past two years. If the Yankees acquire him that doesn’t mean its shop Montero time. He shouldn’t be counted as a starter unelss multiple horrible things happen.

      • Kiersten

        No no, I’m not saying it’s shop Montero around. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear. But if we get Martin and the Royals are willing to take something like Montero/Banuelos/Joba/random prospect, this gives you a greater ability to do that. I would only trade Montero for a guy like Greinke.

        And if getting a guy like Greinke means you have to live with 2 or so years of an average to below average bat at C, you deal with it. Guys like Posada are the exception, not the norm.

        • JobaWockeeZ

          Ah got it. Apologies. And I agree. I’d have no qualms giving him up for Greinke but we have no idea how SAD factors into this at all. I’m not confident about the trade market.

          Hopefully Lee is signed with something reasonable.

        • Jimmy McNulty

          The Blue Jays are rumored to get Greinke with a lesser package. I dob’t think it’d take that much to get Greinke.

          • AndrewYF

            Eh, Montero/Banuelos ~ Snider/Drabek

    • Jimmy McNulty

      Well, I love Montero too…but I worry that he can’t catch. Cervelli sucks pretty furiously, and I’d like to have a better option to fall back on than Cervelli. I don’t want to trade Montero, even if they miss out on Cliff Lee. I’d rather just keep him and use him to resurrect an aging offense in two years.

      • Monteroisdinero

        He can catch. I am no scout but I have seen him several times and talked to Wynegar about him. He will be as good defensively as other slow-footed 6’4″ catchers who are playing in the AL now.

        • adam

          Which is who exactly? Mauer? Weiters? That comparison just doesn’t work.

          • Monteroisdinero

            Cervelli and Posada both sucked defensively this year and we still made it pretty far and bad defense behind the plate did not cause us to lose to Texas. I can compare if I want. Montero is the top hitting prospect in the minors. Period. I think he can, in time, defend as well as those guys who are not perennial gold glovers.

            • Monteroisdinero

              My bad. Not as good as Mauer but as good as Weiters.

              • bexarama

                Wieters is better defensively than Mauer

    • Bulldozer

      I love the move too. Martin might have some upside and even his downside isn’t as bad as we’ve become accustomed to this year. You also have the ability to be patient with Montero or trade him for pitching.

    • pat

      I’m waiting for Jesus to be Montero part 1

    • Xstar7

      Posada part 2? Yeah right. More like Sandy Alomar Jr. part 2 minus the gold glove.

  • Dax J.

    I’d love for the Yankees to sign Russell Martin. Depth at catcher FTW!

  • Philthy65

    Why not keep montero and Martin (if the signing happens) and include romine in a package to get another starter?

    • AndrewYF

      Or trade Martin at the deadline.

      • Philthy65

        very true…but wouldnt it depend on how montero plays out?

    • JobaWockeeZ

      It’s better to let him stay and get his stock back up. Otherwise they’ll probably send him off for cheap.

  • emac2

    Are these different medicals then the ones we reviewed last week when we decided not to trade cervelli for him?

  • slim

    the Dodgers turned down the Yankees trade not the other way around is what I had heard.
    Guy is going to make 4 million plus, you don’t pay him that to be a backup.
    Sure it would be great to have depth, but I would rather give the rookie a chance assuming they sign Lee.
    Signing Martin means Montero is either a.) traded or b.) in the minors to open the year ; that is why I don’t want them to sign him.