Yankees willing to give Pettitte $13M or so


Via Jon Heyman, the Yankees are willing to give Andy Pettitte a raise to perhaps as much as $13M for the season. Andy made $11.75M last season, so this really isn’t that big or a pay increase. Unless he signs for that much out of the kindness of his heart, Pettitte will command a much higher salary if he decides to come back. He’s the one with the leverage given the pitching market, so if he asks for $15M or $16M in 2011, are the Yankees really going to say no? Doubt it.

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  1. bexarama says:

    I have like $200, an iTunes gift card for $30, and a bunch of spare chapstick and shampoo. I AM WILLING TO CONTRIBUTE THIS!!!!

  2. Chris A says:

    While I completely agree that Pettitte would have all the leverage if he choses to play in 2011, I have to wonder how great that leverage may be. I kind of feel that his decision to retire or not will be made with full conviction and if he is even willing to negotiate then I think he would have fully chosen to return to baseball and with the Yankees as his only real option, is his leverage that great? Not that any of this really matters, if he wants to return I fully support the Yankees overpaying him.

    • Ed says:

      Don’t picture the discussion as Pettitte and the Yankees trading back numbers.

      Picture his agent telling the Yankees he’s leaning towards retirement, but he might change his mind if the team made a really good offer.

    • Mike HC says:

      I’m of this thinking as well. I think the negotiating will start once Pettitte decides if he wants to return or not. If 13 million plus a couple of extra in negotiating leeway is not enough money for him to come back and pitch and the Yanks refuse to meet his “number,” then it was time to retire anyway to be quite honest.

  3. ultimate913 says:

    Give 20 mil if that’s what he asks for. As long as it’s one year, the amount is irrelevant.

    • CS Yankee says:


      Pay him 20M$ for the entire year with a circle-of-five family phone plan and a farwell tour of each city (ala Kareem) whereas they each give him a parting gift.

      or, pay him 15M$ to pich from July thru November.

      Or, pay him 2M$ per “W”

      or,…whatever he wants.

    • The Real JobaWockeeZ says:

      Especially when they have money to blow. Just get him back for one year.

    • Sal says:

      They gave Clemons that ridiculous pro rated contract to return. I say do it for Andy too. At least 1 million dollars more than what AJ Burnett is going to make this year.They were willing to give that redneck Lee $24 million. He deserves it.He has been all time favorite player and we need him desperately too pitch one more year.

  4. Granderslam says:

    Give him whatever he wants!

  5. theyankeewarrior says:

    Maybe they meant a $13M raise…

    The Yankees better be “willing” to do what it takes.

    There is one pitcher available. He has the leverage. Not you, Yankee people.

  6. MikeD says:

    Am I the only one here who thinks this is an odd story? Why are dollar amounts being discused at all, although I have to keep in mind it’s coming from Heyman, so who knows where he’s getting it from.

    What do the Yankees have to gain from this?

  7. Avi says:

    “He’s the one with the leverage given the pitching market, so if he asks for $15M or $16M in 2011, are the Yankees really going to say no? Doubt it.”

    EXACTLY. If he says $20MM or I’m not pitching they give it to him.

  8. mustang says:

    Cashman: ” Andy we are willing to give you 13 million”

    Andy: ” Brian telling me jokes is not going to make me make up my mind any faster”

  9. Craig says:

    I’ll let him have the $56 I got on eBay selling my old books and movies

  10. Jorge says:

    He can have Mark Prior as his personal butler for what…..oh, he just got hurt. Never mind.

  11. mike c says:

    getting tired of this shtick

    • Steve H says:

      What shtick? Someone announces what the Yankees are willing to give Pettitte, that’s not Pettitte’s fault.

      • mike c says:

        I was referring to the lame yankee contract leaks to the media. what good does that possibly do to the yankees? just pay the man whatever it takes…. the ‘lowball’ media negotiating strategy isn’t going to work here

  12. OldYanksFan says:

    Jeez…. I know you young kids are used to having the Yankees throw money at every problem, but Andy’s decision is not based on money. Does a bit extra make you feel a little better? Sure. Gonna change Andy’s life? Nah.

    Andy has made $125m in his career.
    He is an iconic Yankee, and my guess is his place in history, chances for the HOF and popularity with the fans is what’s important to him.

    The following conversation will NOT happen:

    Cashman: Andy, we really need you. Come back for $14m.
    Andy:::::: Sorry Brian but my elbow hurts, and my knee is fucked.
    Cashman: OK Andy, we love you. Come back for $17m.
    Andy:::::: Really Brian, I’m tired. It’s too much work. My back has hurt lately.
    Cashman: OK Andy, this is as high as I can go. Come back for $20m.

    Andy has a strong sense of duty.
    The best bet is for Cashman to offer a 4 month contract for $11m.
    Andy WILL come back, if he’s physically up for it.

    • CS Yankee says:

      Didn’t realize that Pettitte only made 125M$, which i know is alot of coin until I think about Barry Zito.

      I’m sure your closer to right, but Pettitte has been treated with little respect (2003 & 2008 offseasons) at times and with great respect (2007 contract with player favored option). The truth is likely somewhere in the middle. An extra five (or so) will help with the love and storybook ending.

      • OldYanksFan says:

        Last year, Andy had a great ERA+ of 130.
        However, over the previous 4 years, his ERA+ averaged a bit under 106. And there have always been concerns about his elbow.

        Rarely are players treated with ‘disrespect’, especially from the Yankees. (See Jeter, Derek:2010). The market determines a player’s value.

        A pitcher of Andy’s resume, had he pitched in the midWest, would not be remembered in 3 years. Players that are Yankees simply are more famous in their afterlives. And Old Timers Games have to be fun… hearing the fans cheering again. I feel sorry for very few Yankees. It is an honor to wear Pinstripes.

        • Ed says:

          However, over the previous 4 years, his ERA+ averaged a bit under 106.

          112, 98, 111, 130 over the last 4 years. The 98 came when he pitched half a season with a sore shoulder because the team couldn’t afford to put him on the DL. He threw almost exclusively fastballs during that time due to the pain. While it happened, it’s an extremely unusual circumstance, and not really a fair one for judging what you can expect out of him going forward.

          Even if you do count it, he has a 110 ERA+ over the past 4 years.

          And there have always been concerns about his elbow.

          The concerns are based off an MRI in I believe 2001. Some Yankee doctors felt he would need Tommy John surgery shortly. Other doctors felt it just showed normal wear and tear. Considering he’s held up for about 9 years, it’s pretty clear which side was right on that.

          • Mike Axisa says:

            The concerns are based off an MRI in I believe 2001.

            You do realize that he missed two starts in 2010 with elbow trouble, right? Back in May, when Mitre filled in.

            • OldYanksFan says:

              I wasn’t putting Andy down… just saying he ain’t Cliff Lee. If he comes back, I expect him to be a #2/#3, a bit better then league average. And I meant the previous 4 years BEFORE his 130 in 2010.

        • MikeD says:

          Well, if we’re going to throw out his 130 ERA+, then I guess we should throw out his 98 ERA+ from 2008, the only time in his career he came in under 100. He should have been sat for a couple starts down the stretch, but he shoulded the load when the staff collapsed.

          Not necessarily you, but I am a bit surprised by many Yankee fans who don’t seem to be able to value Pettitte properly. A lefty who had five straight years of 32-35 starts, and career ERA+ of 117, and coming off a 130 ERA+ do not get $12 million when all they’re seeking is a one-year contract. That player would get a bare minimum of $15 million, and could demand $17 million and get it.

      • Shaun says:

        He wasn’t lowballed in 2003 or screwed over, he signed with the astros so he’d be closer to his wife and kids. They did strong-arm him in 2008.

        • MikeD says:

          No. He wasnted to come back to the Yankees, but they George always had some issue with Andy, and they dragged their feet with him, never making an offer, so he took an offer from the Astros. The Yankees then stepped forward, but he already verbally agreed to the Astros. He never wanted to leave.

        • Ed says:

          The Yankees began the 2003 offseason by offering him a 2 year deal at less money than he made in ’03, while the Red Sox and Angels both offered him 4 years and a huge raise. The 4 year deals would have made him one of the highest paid pitchers ever.

          The Yankees didn’t raise their offer until about an hour after Pettitte accepted the Houston offer. That final offer was for 3 years, was heavily backloaded, and the third year could be voided if he spent time on the DL.

          He only listened to Houston’s offer because he felt the Yankees were disrespecting him, and I have to say I’d feel the same way in those circumstances.

  13. Ken M says:

    One more year. Cmon!

  14. LarryM.,Fl. says:

    Andy I’m sure has invested his money wisely and has a very nice portfolio to exist on his remaining years. Throwing 13 or 15 million at him will not induce him to play. He has to decide if getting in shape for a long season is worth the effort and whats the gain if I play. I’m sure he won’t pitch for anything south of 15 million with the situation the Yanks are in.

    No, 4 month pitchers, develope from within or reach out with a trade before or during the season. tt would be better in the long run for the team.

    Winning the WS every year is a great desire but not realistic.

  15. bobmac says:

    15 million is insane.I love Pettite but you know he is going to break down somewhere along the line.I also don’t like his Favre act.

    • MikeD says:

      Is actually under market rate for what Pettitte has delivered to the Yankees on his return. As for breaking down, prior to last year, he’s started between 32 and 35 games for five straight seasons. A groin pull is no reason to believe he’ll turn into a ball of dust when he steps on the mound.

      • Mike HC says:

        What team would be willing to pay Pettitte 17 million dollars for next year though. I’m sure his agent will be saying exactly what you are saying, but is there another team actually willing to pay that much for one year of him. I doubt it at this point. And even if there is, would Andy be willing to leave the Yanks for that extra 3 million or so.

        For a guy that is not even sure he still wants to pitch, 13 million as a starting offer seems damn good. Although who knows if these reports are even true.

        • What team would be willing to pay Pettitte 17 million dollars for next year though.

          Considering that 29 other teams know Andy Pettitte will either play for the Yankees or retire, that’s a bit of a moot point, no?

          • Mike HC says:

            Yea, it is kind of moot. Just in terms of how negotiations will go between the Yanks and Pettitte though, some semblance of market value and what other teams would hypothetically be willing to pay him would probably have to come into play somewhat when trying to calculate his value. I’m sure Pettitte’s agent and Cashman will have different opinions about that hypothetical value though.

          • Rob (Not the Bad) says:

            I’m not sure he could get $17 million because of that point. He’d need to create the market, and the only way to create the market is to open up his services to other teams. On the other hand, since the Yankees need Pettitte, he can create his own market by acknowledging the only team he’ll pitch for is the Yankees, but it will be for a set price of $17 million. Take it or leave it.

            Also, I could see the Rangers paying Pettitte $17 million for a season of work. That is before they signed Beltre.

  16. Poopy Pants says:

    It’s always a good idea to overpay as many old guys as possible.

    • MikeD says:

      You’re right. How did we lose track of his age. The Yankees will clearly be a better team in 2011 with Sergio Mitre in the rotation, because he is nearly ten-years younger that Pettitte, and is cheap. That’s what’s important here.

  17. OldYanksFan says:

    You guys are missing the point.
    In reality, Andy isn’t worth $18m.
    But if he won’t pitch for $15m, then $18m won’t change his mind.
    He will come back for primarily one reason:
    The Yankees need him.
    And like the send off Paulie got, it would be nice to see Andy get the same.

    Money is nice, but it ain’t the issue.
    Paulie said he was in tears in the OF when they were chanting his name.
    You can’t buy that. You can’t put a price on that.
    I hope Andy returns so he can have his time.

  18. TLVP says:

    $125m sounds a lot, but

    Throw out at least $50m in taxes.

    Pay the agent another big chunk.

    It’s not difficult to spend $1-2m/year if you have 4 children, fly private jets, have nice cars, expensive vacations, a lot of domestic help. and I’m sure Andy gives a fair bit to charity as the good Christian he is.

    We don’t know if he’s invested wisely or not so his returns on his portfolio could be negative.

    Bottom line is whilst he might be worth $100m+ he could easily be worth $40m only, which isn’t really enought to support a $1-2m/p.a. lifestyle. He has 4 children.

    All I’m saying is that another $15m pre tax is not automatically a non issue for someone that has been paid $125m historically.

    This is even before the off chance he has an interest in modern art or yachts.

  19. Yank the Frank says:

    Andy is not the savior. He is a 4th starter at best. Is he better than Mitre or Nova? Absolutely. 15 mil better ? No.
    He should retire on top. I would like to see Andy come back just for a farewell tour but I’m equally worried that he will flame out and end his career on a sour note.

  20. David says:

    New York Post interview this morning: “Here I am! Pay me enough and I will be back!”.

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