The Yankee Analysts Top 30 Prospects


Just a heads up, E.J. Fagan over at The Yankee Analysts recently posted his list of the top 30 Yankees prospects. His top five matches my top five exactly, but after that everything goes haywire. E.J.’s a little higher on some 2010 draftees than I am, plus … you know … Colin Curtis. But that’s cool, different opinions are a good thing. Check it out.

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  • mbonzo

    Interesting perspective. I like how he includes risks. I’d like to know why he left Larid off the list.

    • Moshe Mandel

      I just spoke to him. He said Laird was a cut and paste error. He didnt say where he had him, but judging by previous rankings he’s in the 13-18 range.

      • mbonzo

        Yea it seemed odd that a guy with so much promise and work done to him 2010 would miss the top 30. I also commented about on the site about the amount of low injury risk pitchers which I think is quite high considering how often pitchers get injured.

  • Accent Shallow

    I dunno, you both have a similar opinion of Nunez. . .

    • mbonzo

      Only people that like Nunez are the Mariners and the Yankees FO lying through their teeth to boost his trade value.

      • http://www.theyankeeu.com/author/steve-s/ Nostra-Artist

        I dunno about that. Cash was quoted (by me and others) referring to him as “trade bait” during the WFAN Breakfast.

        • mbonzo

          Which is why I say they’re lying.
          He’s said numerous times that he sees Nunez as the Yankees shortstop of the future. How many times did we hear that Nunez would be the starting shortstop if Jeter didn’t resign?

          • Don W


            I never remember hearing that. He’s obviously a top candidate if Jeter goes down but his replacement?

      • Ted Nelson

        Or people who realize that there are hardly any good SS in MLB right now. You don’t have to think Nunez is that good to think he can be a starting SS. And if someone can be a starting SS today, they are not the #27 or #28 prospect in the Yankees system.

        You realize that the Mariners didn’t have any of their 3 SS OPS .600 last season, right? That’s why they liked Nunez. Their SS combined to be below replacement level. Their “SS of the future” type prospect is 19 in the low-minors… so if he ever makes it it’s not going to be for a few years.

  • http://www.theyankeeu.com/author/steve-s/ Nostra-Artist

    Thanks for the link, Mike. The idea behind EJs table was to try to take some of the subjectivity out of these rankings, but EJ freely admits in the piece that there’s loads of personal preference and opinion in there, which is hard to avoid when it comes to prospects.

    He also solicited readers for comments to improve the rankings, so feel free to add your two cents if you have any issues.

  • kosmo

    Out of these top 30 who would be considered the top 5 “sleeper picks“.
    I have J.R.Murphy as one maybe Stoneburner.

    • Ted Nelson

      I like Ramon Flores, and of course all the 2010 draftees. Bryan Mitchell and Brett Marshall.

  • Jonathan

    I don’t understand the talent rank of Montero being moderate, unless it means his defensive talent won’t let him being anything but a DH.