YES Network garners viewers, Emmy nods

The RAB Radio Show: February 18, 2011
Open Thread: February 18th Camp Notes

The YES Network has done wonders for the Yankees’ bottom line, and it’s showing off the field as well. The Yanks’ TV station, the most watched regional sports network in the country last year, has garnered 46 Emmy nominations for its baseball, basketball and sports media programming. The network, a content partner of ours, has already won 49 Emmy’s in its short existence.

“This record number of nominations for YES is a testament to the hard work, tremendous energy and total team effort exhibited by everyone at YES,” John Filippelli, president of production and programming, said in a statement. “We are especially pleased with the breadth of programming and productions recognized by the Academy, along with the fact that the efforts of so many individuals – both on-camera and behind the scenes – have been validated.”

On the Yanks’ side of things, Paul O’Neill and John Flaherty were both nominated in the sports analyst category for on-air talent, and Bob Lorenz too garnered a nod as an anchor. Off the field, the network’s coverage of George Steinbrenner‘s death in July and HOPE Week as well as their Yankeeography episodes earned recognition as well. The YES Network’s new in-game graphics are up for an award, but unfortunately, our commercial is not.

In other YES news, the year-end ratings for 2010 came out, and they show a network still growing. The network is averaging 72,000 viewers per day in the primetime slot — more than MSG and SportsNet NY combined. Their Yankee broadcasts ranked number one in the New York area on 39 of 45 straight nights among the following demos: Men 18+, Men 18-49, Men 25-54, Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54. In lay terms, that’s great for ad rates.

The Yankees have a good thing going on with the YES Network right now, and if — or when — the team is ever put up for sale, YES will be a valuable part of that package.

The RAB Radio Show: February 18, 2011
Open Thread: February 18th Camp Notes
  • Yank the Frank

    Singleton and Leiter are my favorites. Kaye to me is more than tolerable. I loved Paulie as a player, analyist not so much. I miss David Cone.

    • Tank the Frank

      Cone will be back this season.

  • cano is the bro

    hehe awesome commercial

  • Cookie

    Why doesn’t YES capitalize on all the spring training stories that are/will be happening ? Competition for positions/rotation and background information on the new players and hot prospects would be great! NESN does a much more comprehensive report on all things Red Sox during spring training. YES misses out on this market.

    • Mike HC

      I think YES has Francesca on for like 6 hours of the day. He covers a lot of the stuff you write and taping a show that is already on is probably a lot cheaper than creating all new shows and content. But you are right, YES could easily get viewers if they create more talking head shows with guys like Paul, Cone and yankees sports writers and bloggers. I would probably watch and I don’t watch Francesca.

      • Tank the Frank

        All of this… but YES does have a new Spring Training show premiering on Sunday so make sure to check that out.

  • David

    Hi, I’m a regular reader here but very infrequent commenter. What does everyone think of Paulie as a color guy? He was always my favorite, so good that he’s been nominated. I loved the banter Paulie and Cone used to have when they were on together, hopefully they get paired up a bit this year again.

    • Mike HC

      100% agree on everything. Nothing to add.

  • Dave the Ox

    Monotone Flaherty? Really? What, is this like everyone gets a trophy?

    • The Oberamtmann

      Shows how bad the competition is

  • icebird753

    suckups haha

  • Rich

    I’m a frequent reader, but have never replied before.

    I can’t wait for the Emmys on April 3rd. I work in TV myself and was actually nominated for the first time this year for a show I produced. I don’t know what’s more exciting: the chance to win or the chance to meet O’Niell, Flaherty, Lorenz and Kay?