Open Thread: A loss and more cuts

Predicting the Next Round of Cuts
Report: Yanks scouting Carlos Silva
Pretty swing. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

The race for the Yanks’ rotation grew more interesting after the club lost an ugly game to the Twins this afternoon. The final was 9-2, and it was never really close. Freddy Garcia needed 28 pitches to escape the first inning, and he lasted just 2.2 innings, giving up four earned runs on six hits and two walks. It was by far the worst outing of the Grapefruit League for a Yankee starter, but Joe Girardi still spoke during the game as though Garcia will be around come Opening Day.

Meanwhile, after Freddy’s short outing, the wheels fell off. Derek Jeter lost a pop-up in the bright Florida sun, and the Twins plated four unearned runs in the fourth. A-Rod hit a towering home run to center field for the lone Yankee offensive highlight, and he’s now at .440 on the spring with two round-trippers. Also of note was Mariano Rivera‘s spring debut. He said he wanted to throw 12 pitches, and he did. Nine of them were strikes, and he K’d the side in his one frame of work.

After the game, the Yanks announced another round of cuts. Daniel Brewer, Bradley Suttle and Austin Krum were all sent back to the Minor League camp while Rule 5 Daniel Turpen has been returned to the Red Sox. Fellow Rule 5er Robert Fish landed in Kansas City earlier in the day. Turpen had made five appearances and was awful. In 3.2 innings, he had allowed 3 earned runs on six hits and four walks. That ain’t gonna cut in a big league pen.

Anyway, here’s your open thread for the evening. The NCAA brackets are out, and we’ll probably set up a RAB group soon enough. The Knicks and Pacers started play an hour ago.

Predicting the Next Round of Cuts
Report: Yanks scouting Carlos Silva
  • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

    My not so impressive fantasy baseball team full O’ sleepers; I picked 12th in a 12 team league today:

    Joe Mauer, Derrek Lee, Martin Prado, Ryan Zimmerman, Starlin Castro, Corey Hart, Colby Rasmus, Nick Swisher

    Utility and Bench:
    Ian Stewart, Dexter Fowler, Ryan Raburn, Luke Scott, Carlos Ruiz, Ty Wigginton

    Starters and Relievers:
    Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Brett Anderson, Ricky Romero, Brian Matusz, Carlos Zambrano, Clayton Richard, Mike Adams, Andrew Bailey

    – – – –
    1) I wanted to get ‘the four aces’, some a-hole (just kidding lol) took Roy Oswalt, so my plan was foiled and I let Hamels get away. But I feel for the most part, the rotation is solid.

    2) My offense looks a little week, but if the bench guys have big years, as well as Castro, Hart, Prado and Rasmus, it won’t look as bad.

    3) I hate picking last =(

    • mbonzo

      Your starting pitching is deeeeeep. I like your outfielders.

      For some reason I drafted pretty poorly in that draft too. Almost all my outfield targets were gone almost immediately… thanks to you!

      Starting Lineup
      Brian McCann, Prince Fielder, Dan Uggla, Casey McGehee, Troy Tulowitzki, Chris Young, Vernon Wells, Carlos Lee

      Utility and Bench
      Matt Wieters, Logan Morrison, Domonic Brown, Ike Davis, Cameron Maybin, Mike Moustakas

      CC Sabathia, Matt Cain, Brian Wilson, Joe Nathan, Madison Bumgarner, Daniel Hudson, Edinson Volquez, Hong-Chih Kuo, Anibal Sanchez

      I could probably use some more pitching, but after Jake took all my targets in like the 6th round I went for a bunch high upside guys. The waivers are starting pitching deep, and I’ll probably try to pick up another closer on waivers once some more are announced.

      • Jerome S.

        You took Sabathia, Uggla, and Wells in the pick literally right before mine.

        • mbonzo

          I was surprised that CC and Wells were still up there when I picked them.

      • NJ_Andy

        You guys both kicked my butt. I got stuck in traffic and so missed most of the draft. The autodraft left with this:

        Starting Line up: Miguel Montero, Kendry Morales, Ian Kinsley, Bautista, Aviles, CarGo, Carl Crawford, and Delmon Young

        Utility and Bench: Billy Butler, Torii Hunter, Jose Tabata, Rajai Davis, Gaby Sanchez, and Tsuyoshi Nishioka

        Pitching: Ricky Nolasco, Jorge De la Rosa, Neftali Feliz, Joakim Soria, Papelbon, Rafael Soriano, Matt Thornton, Evan Meek, and Javiar Vazquez

        I guess I’ll be pretty ok with saves, but def. light on the starters there.

        I like my outfield, but I don’t believe fully in CarGo–especially away from Coors. Bautista’s another high round pick I expect to regress, though I have a lot of faith in Morales. The team looks weak up the middle though: Aviles and Montero aren’t exactly ideal solutions. We’ll see how it goes though, will be fun playing with RABbis.

    • Jerome S.

      Eerrrr, that a-hole was me, haha.

      My biggest worries? A bounceback from Jeter and Granderson, Guerrero’s got to not age, and Beltran must be healthy, besides that, it’s practically perfect ;)

    • Zack

      Starters Soto, LaRoche, Cano, Rolen, A. Ramirez, McCutchen, Stanton, Jones
      Utility & Bench Beckham, Cuddyer, Crisp, Hardy, Willingham, J. Buck
      Pitchers Felix, Verlander, Latos, Scherzer, Myers, Chacin, Ed. Jackson, Kimbrel, Chapman

      I picked 8th and don’t even know how I feel about my team. Might be screwed in the saves department.

    •!/iiKeane JobaWockeeZ

      C- Buster Posey
      1B- Adrián González
      2B- Kelly Johnson
      3B- Álex Rodríguez
      SS- Stephen Drew
      OF-Shin-Soo Choo
      OF-Carlos Quentin
      OF-Adam Lind
      UTL-Justin Morneau
      UTL-Aubrey Huff
      BN-Freddie Freeman

      SP-Cole Hamels
      SP-Jered Weaver
      RP-Leo Núñez
      RP-José Valverde
      P- Shaun Marcum
      P- Jeremy Hellickson
      P- Phil Hughes
      P- Gavin Floyd
      BN-James Shields
      BN-Mike Minor
      BN-Michael Pineda

  • Professor Longnose

    I hate March Madness. I hate March. I don’t like basketball, and in March it obscures the baseball news.

    How about alive chat over a Yankee spring training game?

    • mbonzo

      Fangraphs did that over a world series game last year, that was fun. I wouldn’t be against it but I wonder when Mike and Joe are getting back.

  • NJ_Andy

    Hey, I was at the game today and–even though it was ugly overall–I thought there were some bright spots. Nothing is more inspiring than seeing Mo k the side.

    I’ve a question for all you’ve TV eyes though…could you tell where Brackman was locating? It looked to me like he was having trouble keeping the ball down, but I didn’t have the best angle.

  • mbonzo

    So am I the only one that thinks this could be Joba in 10 years? (SFW)

  • squishy jello person

    You missed the most important part of Mo’s debut

    HI SOCKS! (Mo in high sox

    Also, holy three seed Syracuse!!!

    • Cuso

      go Cuse!

      Florida getting a 2-seed is the real travesty.

      • Pat D


        One of them.

    • Monteroisdinero

      it was mentioned in the game thread.

    • Jonathan

      the high socks are sweet. Who else rocks the high socks? Arod/Gardner/Granderson/Montero/Robertson/Joba sometimes/Cervelli/Swish occasionally /Jones..did i miss anyone?

      By the way while looking to see if Logan ever wore high socks i ran across this disgusting thing on his chin.

      • MannyGeee

        but yeah, the gf/wife is ridiculously hot though, beard thing or no beard thing….

    • DCBX

      Good news: LIU is in the big dance. The b-ball program has come a long way since I attended school there in the late 90’s.

      Bad news: first round opponent is UNC. D’oh!

  • Cuso

    12-team league. weak-ass pitching.

    C: Wieters, Carlos Santana
    1B: Teixera
    2B: Brandon Phillpips
    3B: A-Rod
    SS: Tulowitski
    CI: Prince Fielder
    MI: Jeter
    OF: Delmon Young, Josh Hamilton, Granderson, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier
    Utility/Bench:Youkilis, David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Carlos Pena
    SP: Zambrano, Volquez, Garza, Westbrook, Buerhle, Bedard, Chacin
    RP: Nathan, Cordero, Franklin, Perez, Nunez

  • RightFieldWarrior

    Second and last post on this, but I was wondering if any RAB followers wanted to join a custom fantasy league with some other reads I know.


    • bonestock94

      I want in

      • RightFieldWarrior

        Check the rules on the link, let me know if you have any questions.

        The rest of you:
        How can you guys possibly draft line-ups that are so stacked…how many bench spots are there??

        • bonestock94

          Links broken. I’ll check it out tomorrow

          • RightFieldWarrior

            Try this again.


        • Cuso

          if you’re referring to me. 6 bench spots. but as you can see, my pitching is god-awful.

    •!/iiKeane JobaWockeeZ

      Link is broken.

  • Accent Shallow

    Five years ago, Rivera didn’t throw all offseason because he was living in the cold New York winter, and he found that the long layoff worked for him and his arm. He’s employed that plan ever since.

    Really, Mo? Yikes.

    Seems like we (and he) got very lucky.

    • squishy jello person

      If Mariano said that eating anteaters helped him pitch, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

      • Accent Shallow

        Sure, but it’s kinda scary that one winter he just didn’t throw, without knowing how it would affect him.

        Of course, it worked out for the best, so . . .

      • Stuckey

        If Mariano said that eating anteaters helped him pitch, I’d be eating antlers.

        • NJYankeeFan


      • MannyGeee

        Well, ever since Mo took the entire winter off, I have become a giant lazy fat-ass every winter since…

        Thank you Mo!

  • NJYankeeFan

    Garcia sure pitched like crap today. If he pitches like that against AL east teams, he’s not going to be long for the rotation.
    Yanks must not be too thrilled with him or Colon if you beleive John Heyman about them scouting Carlos Silva, who’s not even any good in the NL.

    • Monteroisdinero


      at 1/11th the cost!

      Nova and Banuelos come June will be fine with me.

      • Mike HC

        There are probably going to be enough starting innings to go around for all three of them (if the Yanks are so inclined to bring Banuelos up this season).

    • Mike HC

      But Garcia and Girardi said they were emphasizing the off speed pitches today, which accounted for the lack of command and sub par performance. Not saying they didn’t want a better performance, but it was a Spring Training game, where he had a low pitch limit, and was looking to work on some specific stuff. The next couple of starts will be more indicative of where he is really at. Plus, the velocity was up around 90 all day.

      • MannyGeee

        toooooo mucccch stockkkk in March games!!!

        pitchers are supposed to get knocked around in March if their instruction on any given day is to throw a change every other pitch and work on spotting them…

        that said, no excuse for 4 unearned runs…

    • Stuckey

      “Garcia sure pitched like crap today. If he pitches like that against AL east teams, he’s not going to be long for the rotation.”

      If he gives us 4 runs in 2.2 against ANY team, he won’t be long for the rotation.

      “Yanks must not be too thrilled with him or Colon if you beleive John Heyman about them scouting Carlos Silva, who’s not even any good in the NL.”

      Do you believe the Yankees are going to suspend exploring potential options because they were so confident in Colon and Garcia.

      I don’t care if Colon was Hernandez and Garcia was Johnson, I hope the Yankees scouting dept and front office continue to perform what’s essentially their primary function.

      • NJYankeeFan

        “Do you believe the Yankees are going to suspend exploring potential options because they were so confident in Colon and Garcia.”

        The point is if they believe someone like Carlos Silva could actually be better than what they already have, they have a lot more concerns about the backend of the rotation then we’ve been lead to believe.

        “I don’t care if Colon was Hernandez and Garcia was Johnson, I hope the Yankees scouting dept and front office continue to perform what’s essentially their primary function. ”

        Something tells me if the Yankees had Hernandez and Johnson ( I assume you mean Josh) they wouldn’t be looking at a piece of garbage like Carlos Silva, who in case you haven’t noticed SUCKS.

  • mbonzo

    Gerrit Cole talks to MLBTR

    A few questions about the Yankees in there. Something I didn’t know was that he grew up a Yankees fan. Jerk.

    • bonestock94

      Really sucks seeing all this hype around a guy the Yankees could have had. Oh well, the kid made his choice and its certainly gonna pay off.

    • Steve H

      He was such a bulldog on the mound and I try to replicate that mentality, that aggressiveness the best I can.

      Apparently Cole belongs in the bullpen.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    I guess I should post my fantasy rosters too, my 12 team keeper H2H league:

    CA: Brian McCann
    1B: Albert Pujols
    2B: Neil Walker
    3B: Scott Rolen
    SS: Troy Tulowitzki
    OF: Shin Soo Choo
    OF: Nick Swisher
    OF: Vernon Wells
    UT: Jim Thome
    UT: Jesus Montero
    BE: Chone Figgins
    BE: Edwin Encarnacio
    BE: JD Drew
    BE: Marco Scutaro

    SP: Felix Hernandez
    SP: John Danks
    SP: Phil Hughes
    SP: Ricky Romero
    SP: Brandon Morrow
    RP: Mariano Rivera
    RP: Matt Capps
    SP: Brian Matusz
    SP: Carl Pavano
    SP: James Shields

    My Roto Keeper auction league league (12 teams, I think)

    I joined this league two years after it started, so that explains my weak team

    CA: Mike Napoli
    1B: Ike Davis
    2B: Chase Utley
    3B: Martin Prado
    SS: Yunel Escobar
    OF: Grady Sizemore
    OF: Nick Markakis
    OF: Manny Ramirez
    OF: Travis Snider
    OF: Mike Trout
    UT: Adam Lind
    UT: Russell Martin
    UT: Freddie Freeman

    P: CC Sabathia
    P: Chad Billingsley
    P: Ricky Romero
    P: Jake McGee
    P: Fernando Rodney
    P: Ian Kennedy
    P: Chris Sale
    P: Ryan Dempster
    P: Kyle Drabek
    BE: James Shields
    BE: Michael Pineda
    BE: Mike Minor


    My final four teams are: UNC, BYU, Texas, and Kansas.

    • Pat D

      Not a believer in BYU. I could see Texas getting there.

      I don’t know what to think of my beloved Heels right now. Too many close games lately. Either means they’re hardened or lucky. And jeez, even UNC alum Hubert Davis didn’t have him in his Elite Eight. He had Washington beating them in Round 2!

      I would like to see a Syracuse/UNC Sweet 16 matchup. Because Syracuse is one team I can’t stand losing to under any circumstances.

      Also, go Notre Dame and go CAA teams (Mason, ODU, VCU)!!

      • bonestock94