Teixeira leaves Boras

The days of Derek's discontent
Greinke made his case for a Yankees trade

It doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but this morning Bryan Hoch dropped a surprise. Mark Teixeira has dropped Scott Boras as his agent. This isn’t all too surprising, since Boras already got Teixeira the contract of a lifetime. Teixeira had the normal array of boring quotes, saying that it was the best decision for him and his family, and that he’d like to concentrate on being Mark Teixeira the baseball player rather than Mark Teixeira the Scott Boras client. I’m not sure who thought of him as the latter. I suspect that this will in no way affect your enjoyment of the 2011 Yankees.

The days of Derek's discontent
Greinke made his case for a Yankees trade
  • Yank the Frank

    I wonder why?

  • Mark

    How does this effect Tex day-to-day? What does an agent do for a player in between contract? Does Tex still pay him?

  • Karl

    Can somebody explain what it means when a guy like Tex switches agents part way through a contract? Boras would still gets 5% or whatever of all 8 years, or he must at least get the lion’s share even if he’s fired, right? How does the new agent get paid? Does he just get to put Tex on the client list in anticipation of getting paid for negotiating his next deal?

    There must be a few multi-millionaire athlete readers with this experience!

    • CS Yankee

      I think (but honestly don’t know for sure) that Boras will get his 5-10% regardless of that contract, however the other items (endorsements, etc) he won’t get any of that. Those are typically at 20-25% take on those items & the larger the deal, typically the smaller the %-take.

      Seems strange that these guys are changing so much…Cano, Swish, Teix. I believe that when Arod fired Boras before he signed, that Boras still got paid for the base. I don’t know if Arod went back with Boras though.

  • jsbrendog (returns)

    what does boras care he got his commission and after this contract if teix signs another one it won’t be that big

    • MannyGee

      hell, you could rep Teix at this point. all the hard work is done, just a couple of Adidas or PowerAde ads…

      • CS Yankee

        Those are the time consuming deals. when a contract is signed, it is almost like signing a lease…all the terms are clear.

        When an endorsement is inked it has to do with availibility, production costs, appearances, etc. so it has so much more coordination and unknowns to it and typically for far less money on a time ($/hour) basis.

  • Big Apple

    Tex has hired Jerry Effing McGuire!


  • Kyle

    Makes sense. Boras’ best asset is his ability to contract FA. At this stage in his career Texiera would be best served hiring an agent whose primary emphasis is marketing athletes.

  • Big Apple

    I just love it when Red Sox fans start ranting about how Boras is the devil. bunch of sissy whiners.

  • http://nyyu.blogspot.com Mike

    Hey Tex, I’m available to be your agent. I’ll do it for half of the going rate and you get a tax break for hiring a disabled vet!

    (ok…time for me to wake up…nice dream though)

  • Charlee

    And there goes his april slump !

  • fire levine

    Boras doesn’t have a great track record with aging stars like instructing varitek to decline arbitration, overvaluing damon with the yankees last year. Seems like his process of overvaluing a player to extreme proprtions and comparing anybody and everybody to babe ruth works fine with all-stars in their prime but less so with veterans playing out their last few 1-2 year deals. If I’m a 20something all-star, I want hime representing me a little past my mega contract and then I’d switch to someone who I’m more important to and who can negotiate my next deals or contracts without thinking only about the money and would also consider my alliegence to any particular city and my family’s stability.

    • Big Apple

      so, you’re saying you’d tell boras to go to hell after he got you the biggest deal possible? i get your point, but i’m sure the players stick with boras out of loyalty.

  • FachoinaNYY

    There has to be some protection for agents in cases like this, otherwise all players would fire their agents after signing big, long-term contracts.

    It never made sense to me for players to do this. They (presumably) still have to pay their old agent, while (again presumably) paying another agent at least in some capacity.

    If it is true, as mentioned above, that the agent still gets their 5-10%, but loses out on potential revenue from endorsements, etc. that would make sense to some degree if Boras was a great agent in negotiating contracts, but poor in securing endorsements (pure speculation here in trying to make sense of the decision).

  • steve s

    Maybe Boras f’d something up (perhaps Tex’s no trade has an exclusion for being traded to the Cards for Pujols!).

  • Danny

    Hey Danny look to your left

    • http://danielslifka.wordpress.com Jerome S.

      Mike, delete this. My friend was being an ass for not paying attention to him.