Yankees watched Millwood throw today

ST Open Thread: The A-Team
Yanks send down Brackman, five others

Via Joel Sherman, the Yankees were the only team to watch Kevin Millwood work out at UC-Irvine today. They clocked his fastball at just 85 mph, though Millwood says he still wants a guaranteed big league contract. The Yankees continue to maintain interest in nothing but a minor league pact. Given the way Ivan Nova threw tonight (six no-hit innings) and how Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon have been throwing in camp (not great but good enough), the Yankees have zero reason to cave into Millwood’s demands. The name value does nothing for me.

ST Open Thread: The A-Team
Yanks send down Brackman, five others
  • mbonzo

    Its good that they’re stating involved with the starting pitching market, but its hard to expect Milwood to ever be good again.

  • Mike Myers

    Im sure they watched Ivan today also…No more need for milwood (I hope).

    Freddy/Ivan as a 4/5 really isnt THAT bad. peeps need to chillax.

  • Urban

    Millwood may want to touch base with Jermaine Dye and other aging players whose skills were showing decline, but demanded MLB contracts. The end can come quicker than need be.

    Not sure at this point what he can offer the Yankees.

    • Evan3457

      teh inningz munching!!

  • Stuckey

    If you advocated starting Nova in Scranton for “depth” you should be all over Millwood like white and rice, and tonight shouldn’t have changed anything for you.

    • Gonzo


    • Accent Shallow

      Sure, but that’s if Millwood looked like he still has something. Since he doesn’t . . .

    • Andy in NYC


      It’s “…like white on rice”, not “…white and rice”.

      Think about it and it will make sense.


      • Plank

        I’m not part of this and I know it’s “like white on rice” but I think “like white and rice” makes more sense. White Rice is something you can order. Those words go together. You wouldn’t say the color of something is “on” it other than in this expression. Is blue on sky?

        I’ll let myself out.

    • MikeD

      No, not really. He would have to agree to come to camp on a contract with little cost to the Yankees (like Garcia and Colon), and he’s a little late on that since he’s way behind those guys. We’d also have to believe he was capable of pitching well enough in the AL East, and his mid-80s fastball and results last year suggest he’s not. We don’t have to add every arm for depth, just ones at the right price/situation. Millwood refuses to let that happen and he might have cost himself. If he took a Colon-type contract, he might very well be set up for a chance for one of the slots in the Yankees rotation. Instead, he’s a man without a team…or a contract.

    • Ted Nelson

      To me the only reason to start Nova in AAA is if you have a comparable or better option in the rotation… Basically, if Colon bombs ST I don’t think many people will advocate starting Nova in AAA. Same thing if Nova is just clearly way better than Colon. I mean the Yankees could have, say, optioned Hughes to keep Turpen for depth reasons, but no one is advocating that.

      Millwood throws a lot of innings, but he’s had one season in the past four where his ERA was below 5. To be demanding a MLB contract and then show up for a workout late in ST not in game shape… that’s really poor form. Colon may well be better than Millwood right now. Not as reliable or durable, but better. Millwood is just really, really hittable. He gave up 1.42 HR/9 last season and has given up an OPS above .800 3 of the past 4 seasons with SLGs around .450. As a righty in Yankee Stadium who is so incredibly hittable and threw 85 at his workout… we have every reason to think he’ll get rocked. 200 total crap innings isn’t that valuable to me on a team with the bullpen, prospects in the high minors, and ability to trade for starters that the Yankees have.

  • Yankfanwon

    Millwood? Please, God, NOOOOOOO!!!! Might as well see what Pedro’s up to.

    • Tom Zig

      Maybe Jamie Moyer can throw with his right arm while rehabbing his left.

  • Pounder

    Barry Zito? Is he available?