He’s back! Yankees sign Brad Halsey

Is Bartolo Colon throwing too many fastballs?
The RAB Radio Show: May 3, 2011

Via the AP, the Yankees have signed left-hander Brad Halsey to a minor league contract. He’s in Extended Spring Training working out for the time being. You probably remember Brad Halsey for starting this game (he dives into the stands!), but believe it or not he only appeared in eight games (seven starts) for the Yankees. I thought it was more than that.

Anyway, Halsey went to the Diamondbacks in the Randy Johnson trade and he eventually wound up in Oakland. He had a bit of a falling out with the A’s, blasting the organization for calling up Dallas Braden over him when Rich Harden got hurt in 2007. He then suffered a torn labrum later that year, and won a grievance against the team after claiming they misdiagnosed the injury. Halsey has spent the last two years in independent leagues, but obviously this is more minor league filler than anything. But hey, he’s left-handed, who knows.

Is Bartolo Colon throwing too many fastballs?
The RAB Radio Show: May 3, 2011
  • jay destro


  • Joseph cecala

    Nice to see cashman wicking with the 2003 theme.

  • Gonzo

    But what does Tony Pena think?

  • zs190

    Davidoff tweeted that they are going to try to make him a LOOGY

  • Kevin

    Actually Joe it’s 2004

  • Cy Pettitte

    well that’s…unexpected. lol

  • rbizzler

    I was at what I think was his first career start at Dodger Stadium. He actually picked up the victory that day and my seats were right next to the Yankee ‘pen and I got to watch Mo get ready up close and personal. Yeeehaw.

    http://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/LAN/LAN200406190.shtml (safe)

  • It’sATarp

    hey we’re making the other guys work…

  • The Big City of Dreams

    Another starter turned reliever damn those Yankees.

  • Jorge

    What used to pass for a pitching prospect around these parts. I’ll be rooting for him to make something of this.

  • Johnny O

    where’s chase wright? he’s gotta be next

  • Dr. O

    anyone on the espn.com Yankees message board in 2005 is going to be ecstatic over this news. Although to fully please that sect the Yankees will also have to fire Girardi and hire Pinella and Sweet Lou will need to get so mad yelling at Yankees players that he actually strangles a player to death on field during a game.

  • Ra

    He was garbage the first time around whstvwill change this time. Yanks need to stop signing these scrubs

    • FIPster Doofus

      Why complain about a minor league deal? Bartolo Colon signed a minor league deal, you know.


    How was he garbage? He actually won some pretty big games for us in 2004!

  • http://twitter.com/urbainshockcor Urban

    Welcome back, Admiral. I have zero expectations, but he’s a lefty, so it’s certainly no too late to have one last run as a LOOGY.

  • Jonathan

    I saw him start a game vs the Royals in place of Kevin Brown when he broke his hand and it was the worst ass kicking I’ve ever seen the Yankees take in person. The guy was working off just straight junk from the left side and it was just pathetic. I think he ended up giving up 714 to Bonds. And I was looking ahead to see who Barry was facing in upcoming games and called he’d hit it off Halsey WAY in advance. Not even fair. Welcome back Brad.