Link Dump: Granderson, 2008 Draft, Eiland

Chavez leaves game with small fracture in left foot
Yankees tried to trade Kevin Russo

The Yankees are done playing and the workday isn’t quite over, so here’s some links to help you pass the time…

Man of the people. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Granderson Steps Up

New York City banned the use of aluminum bats in high school leagues about four years ago, making the game safer but much more expensive to play. Curtis Granderson stepped in to help out last week, donating 300 Louisville Slugger bats to baseball and softball programs in the Public Schools Athletic League according to Mitch Abramson of The Daily News. The contribution is valued $50,000 or so, which means those are some seriously expensive bats. Good job by the Grandyman, we need to hear more about this stuff.

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Reviewing The 2008 Draft

It’s already been three years since the Yankees drafted and failed to sign not only Gerrit Cole, but second rounder Scott Bittle as well. Cole is in the mix for the first overall pick this season, but concerns about Bittle’s shoulder proved prophetic as the right-hander missed all of last season after blowing out his shoulder. The Yankees turned the compensation picks for the failed signings into Slade Heathcott and J.R. Murphy the next year, which is better than nothing.

But what about the rest of the draft? Marc Hulet at FanGraphs reviews the 2008 AL East draft haul, noting that the Yankees added depth to their farm system with David Adams, Corban Joseph, David Phelps, Brett Marshall, and D.J. Mitchell among others. Mikey O’Brien is starting to make a name for himself at the lower levels, though Jeremy Bleich (the team’s highest signed pick) blew out his shoulder and over-slot signing Garrison Lassiter has fizzled. The jury is still out on Matt Richardson, another over-slot guy. Failing to sign two of your top three picks is a recipe for a disaster draft, though Phelps, Adams, etc. could still salvage the class if they prove useful in some way, even as trade bait.

What’s Dave Eiland Up To?

It’s not quite a case of Where Are They Now?, because we already know that former Yankees pitching coach hooked on with the Rays over the winter in some front office capacity. This is more like: What’s He Doing Exactly? Buster Olney has an update on Eiland today (Insider req’d), reporting that he is cross-checking amateur pitchers for the Rays in advance of their should-be ridiculous draft. The Next Joe DiMaggio Rocco Baldelli is cross-checking position players. A cross-checker is essentially one level up from an area scout, they go in a little later in the spring just to verify previous reports and get a second set of eyes on a player, stuff like that. Tampa holds 12 of the first 89 picks in this June’s draft, so I’m sure those two have been keeping busy.

Yankees Daily Briefing

Just a heads up, friend of RAB Rebecca Glass is doing some work with ESPN New York this summer, posting a daily recap of news and notes from around the Yankees. Here’s today’s entry. There’s no dedicated RSS feed as far as can tell, so you’ll have to schlep though the blog each day, but it’s worth it.

Chavez leaves game with small fracture in left foot
Yankees tried to trade Kevin Russo
  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

    I’m so happy Curtis Granderson is a Yankee. Every additional piece of information about him (both on and off the field) makes me like him more.

  • fire levine

    $166 for a bat?!

    • RL

      A google search shows:

      MLB quality wood to non-professional players

      Priced at about $90. Those must be special bats. Or something.

      • Mister Delaware

        You’re both kind of right but the article is missing a key detail. The bats were about $83 each (slight bulk discount on the $90 bats) at a total original cost to Granderson of $25K. But then Clay Buchholz stole the entire shipment from the high school, causing Granderson to have to buy another batch at $83 each and doubling the total expense to $50K. Sad story, really.

        • RL

          But shows that Granderson is even a better guy for buying them a 2nd time.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      From the linked article:

      Standing next to newly installed schools chancellor Dennis Walcott at South Bronx HS Thursday, Granderson announced that he had donated 300 Louisville Slugger bats to the baseball and softball programs in the PSAL.

      The contribution is worth approximately $50,000, according to a PSAL official, Tyrone Parker, who listed metal bats at a retail cost of $300 apiece and wooden bats at $60.

      Perhaps it’s Tyrone Parker who is either miscounting or being misquoted somehow.

  • FIPster Doofus

    Granderson is one of the best people in sports. Fact.

  • squishy jello person

    Thanks for the plug, Mike =)

  • Will F.

    That piece on Granderson makes me forget about today’s loss. And that’s a good thing!