Non-Injury & Injury Updates: A-Rod & Chavez

2011 Draft: Williams Jerez
Game 43: Meet The Mets

Via Jack Curry and Dom Amore, Alex Rodriguez did not have his surgically repaired him examined today as scheduled. “We’ve had a lot of late nights,” said Joe Girardi, who indicated that Alex will have the joint looked at another time. A-Rod feels fine and the exam is just a routine check-up, so there’s no urgency. He wouldn’t be playing if it was something to worry about.

In other news, Marc Carig reports that Eric Chavez is making progress on his way back from a deep bone bruise in his foot, and hasn’t walked with a limp in days. That’s good news, but he’s still a ways off from returning. With all due respect Chris Dickerson, get well soon, Chavy.

2011 Draft: Williams Jerez
Game 43: Meet The Mets
  • mbonzo

    Does anyone know what the deal is with David Adams right now? I’ve been trying to find an injury update, since he did comeback for a few at bats this season. Don’t remember seeing anything on RAB about it.

  • Rookie

    For whatever it might be worth, my eyes tell me that something is very wrong with ARod. He’s obviously not hitting the ball with authority like he was in the spring and earlier in the season.

    I don’t know if it’s his hip, his oblique, his back, or something else. But I definitely believe that something is wrong enough to dramatically impact his bat speed and his power.

    Unless whatever is ailing him heals, the best I think he’ll be able to deliver is high average with no power. And I’m not at all convinced that he’ll even be able to deliver the high average part.