Ticketmaster now allows fans to pick their own seats

JoVa & Maxwell power SWB to win
Once again, Yanks are tops at working the count

On a tip via Twitter from Ross at NYY Stadium Insider comes some intriguing news about purchasing Yankee tickets online. As seats have become plentiful this spring and the secondary market already allowing fans to select their seats down to the row, Ticketmaster has unveiled an interactive seat map on Yankees.com that allows fans to pick out specific seats for games they want to attend. The screenshot above features a glimpse at seats in Sec. 417 available for tonight’s game against the Royals.

While this technology is new for fans turning to the team’s official site to pick out tickets, Ticketmaster has long been able to use it to sell seats for a variety of other events including concerts and other sporting events. It is, in my opinion, a change to the baseball ticket buying landscape that is long overdue. For years now, we’ve been able to choose our rows on StubHub, and allowing fans the opportunity to select seats makes the process more personal.

“This is a really important step in drawing people back in from the secondary market,” Ross said via Twitter this evening. “Having full control of seat choice is important.”

It’s interesting to take a scan around the ballpark with the new technology as well. As we can see from the overview below, numerous sections — those shaded in darker blue — have plenty of seats available.

Meanwhile, as the shine of the new park wears off, the Yanks are finding that thousands of seats — including some very expensive ones — remain open as game time approaches. Take a look at this screenshot from the Mohegan Sun seats and the batter’s eye tickets, both of which run upwards of $100 a pop.

Pricing aside, I’d say this is a very welcome addition to the way we can buy Yankee tickets online.

JoVa & Maxwell power SWB to win
Once again, Yanks are tops at working the count
  • http://twitter.com/stophamm3rtime dela g

    thats badass. now if only ticketmaster wasn’t so expensive

  • chad_curtis_jackson

    it’s about time!

    Ticketmaster’s interface has been horrible for fans. “Best Available”? No thanks. Great to see that some competition has forced them to make a better website.

  • Neil

    Have been able to do this all season for UConn Huskies games at the XL Center in Hartford. Fees are not that bad for these games but I notice fees go up as the price of the tickets go up. For Yankee games you’re still better off with Ebay or StubHub.

    • pat

      Too many scams on Ebay and Craigslist. For big games people just print their ticket at home and sell photocopies. No regulation, no record of the sale. You’re pretty much screwed if something goes wrong.

  • mbonzo

    So now the convenience charge can be $20? While its nice to be able to choose your seat, I’ll never buy tickets from Ticketmaster. They are very close to monopolizing the entertainment ticket market, and charge outrageous fees and get away with it. If they think allowing me to pick my seat at a venue is gonna win me back, they should take a look at all the small-market ticket companies or off-market places like Stubhub. These websites have had them for years, and Ticketmaster’s grip over the market has let them get away with having crappy customer services. Which brings me to their website. If they weren’t making millions of dollars based on their position in the marketplace, they would have fixed the countless loopholes that allow people to take advantage of their website. Concerts and games with high demand are constantly getting hacked so people can buy more tickets than they’re allowed or block other people from buying the tickets immediately when they go on sale.

    Summary: Their services suck, their fees are outrageous, and they get away with doing this because they own the ticket market. Way to add a feature resale websites like Stubhub had for over a decade.

  • A.D.

    Kinda sad it took this long

  • Carlos

    I believe that this is a addition to the way someone can buy tickets for a Yankees’ game. I remember last season I went on Ticket Master to buy tickets to a Yankees game and the section that I had selected said “possible obstructed view.” Due to this I didn’t go on and purchase the seats. Once I got to the stadium I realized that the seats I was going to buy were actually not blocked by anything, if I would’ve bought those seats I would’ve saved a lot of money. So this new technology that allows fans to select a specific seat instead of just a section is great for Fans.

  • Slu

    You know, stubhub and the like have pretty high fees as well. I hate ticketmaster as much as the next guy, but let’s not white night stubhub here. They aren’t really much better in the fee department.

    • Slu

      Or even white knight them.

  • Rob Thomsen’s Chili Farts

    The best seat in the house is your couch.