Jeter on pace to rejoin team on Monday

Colon to start Saturday
Open Thread: CC gets the KKKKKKKKKKKKK's

Via Brian Costello, Derek Jeter ramped up his rehab work in Tampa today and is expected to begin a two game rehab assignment with Double-A Trenton this weekend. He would then rejoin the team on Monday in Cleveland. “I feel good now,” said the Cap’n. “I feel a lot better. I’m ready to get out of here.” Jeter has been running the bases and taking batting practice all week. Trenton is home this weekend, so if you want to head to either or both games, you can get tickets here.

Colon to start Saturday
Open Thread: CC gets the KKKKKKKKKKKKK's
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  • dkidd


  • Jonathan Harker

    Good news only if he accepts a demotion to the 8th or 9th spot in the lineup.

    • MikeD

      Not happening yet. Doesn’t matter. Batter order is overrated.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      Derek Jeter in the lineup and batting 1st or 2nd >>>>>>>>>>>> Eduardo Nuñez in the lineup batting 8th or 9th

      The batting order is a little bit overrated. I’d rather have the better hitter in the worse spot for him than the worse hitter in the better spot for him.

      Jeter: .260/.324/.324 .297 wOBA, -1.2 UZR
      Nuñez: .243/.291/.359 .292 wOBA, -5.5 UZR

  • Bpdelia

    Jose reyes ain’t walking though that door and though I dislike jeter he is still a better player than nunez so this is positive

    •!/AngeloInNY Angelo

      You “dislike” Derek Jeter? I’m not even sure if that makes sense…

      • Bpdelia

        Yah it makes sense. I dont go for self absorbed peopke who make it to 37 without an actual meaningful relationship. With no kids. And I dont like people who build tacky mega mansions as altars to their own egos.

        I dont like a guy who so badly overvalues his woth. And I dont like a single man living in a 10000000 room mansion.

        I consider it an iredeemsble character flaw.

        Dont tell me who to like as humans.

        He is still better than nunez though and thats all I really care about.

        • Bee

          Oh noz.

          A professional athlete stayed single and sowed his oats freely for years instead of getting married young and cheating on his wife on the regular like all the rest of them do.

          How entirely unlikeable!

    • ultimate913

      Jose reyes ain’t walking though that door

      At least not through trade, I hope.

    • Dino Velvet

      is still a better player than nunez so this is positive
      Jeter is a better fielder, but Nunez is a better hitter.

      more importantly, Nunez doesn’t disable the offensive by batting first like the captain.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

        Jeter is a better fielder, but Nunez is a better hitter.

        Jeter: .297 wOBA, 83 wRC+
        Nuñez: .292 wOBA, 79 wRC+

        Not really, no. They’re a wash offensively; Jeter might be a bit better.

        • Guest

          Good point. My one pseudo-counter: we have an incredibly small sample size (two weeks plus a few more starts) of Nunez hitting at this level. We have a very large sample size (1.5 yrs) of Jeter hitting at this level.

          So while Jeter’s season numbers give us a pretty good indication of how Jeter will hit the rest of the season, I’m not sure Nunez’ do.

          He could be better, he could be worse. I would learn towards thinking Nunez will be better than his current numbers over the course of the season…

      • Cris Pengiucci

        Nuñez a better hitter?

        Jeter: .260/.324/.324 .297 wOBA
        Nuñez: .243/.291/.359 .292 wOBA

        Not sure what stats you’re looking at. Slightly higher on base %, but I’d take my chances with Jeter over Nuñez any day of the week!

      • gc

        So the offense was “disabled” before Jeter got hurt. Rrrriiiiiiiight…

  • David, Jr.

    This could get them winning some games.

  • CBean

    so 3000 with Rays?

  • Dino Velvet


    Just when the team is on a roll, the old man comes back to drain the life out of it.

    12-3 without jeter.

    • Carlosologist

      I laughed.

    • MikeD

      I know. They’ve been doing great with Jeter, or for that fact Colon and Hughes and Soriano. I don’t want any of these guys back.

      Kind of reminds me of when the Yankees had a winning record with A-Rod out of the lineup. Means, well, nothing.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

        We should get Scotty Bro back.

        • Guest

          No, no, TSJC. You’ve got it all wrong. *Sighs in exasperation*

          The man we need for 3B is Cody Ransom.

          /Ian O’Connor’d

          BTW, Does anyone know the backstory behind O’Connor absolutely scrubbing that article of the interwebs? Or is it just that we can’t find any of those old newspaper articles through google because they weren’t archived?

          I would love to read that thing again for some giggles, etc.

      • David, Jr.

        If they had a winning record without ARod, that must have been because others stepped up to a huge degree, because ARod always put up major numbers.

        A winning record without the current version of Jeter is much different, because a guy with a .324 on base percentage and the power of Romero Pena wasn’t contributing much of anything in the first place.

  • HulkHeyman


  • Dalelama

    Just curious if the comparative offensive stats factor in dp propensities.

  • that guy

    cant wait to see jeter’s nonexistant range at short. but hey atleast he throws accurately.

  • AaronGuielWithASmile

    Even if you’re one of the irrational Jeter haters, the captain coming off the DL means that Ramiro Pena never has to hit again.

    That’s good news no matter who you think is a “gayboy”

    • David, Jr.

      They have about equivalent power.

      • AaronGuielWithASmile

        Say what you want about Jeter, but he’s not hitting .133

  • Monteroisdinero

    Does Jeter hit another HR this season? Any more trips to Texas?

    • David, Jr.

      But he makes 17M per year, starts in the All Star game, and leads off for the Yankees!

      • derk is mah boo

        u shutup!!!!! derek is the best yankee evar &going 2 b allstar mvp!!!!!!!