Time to pull the DL trigger


Captain down.

A few hours before the Yankees lost Derek Jeter to a Grade I calf strain last night, they had to scratch Russell Martin from the starting lineup due to continued stiffness in his back. He originally suffered the injury weightlifting early last week and missed four straight games. After coming back on Sunday and looking extremely sluggish (particularly at the plate), he again had to sit on Monday due to the back. Clearly, something is not right.

As the starting catcher, it goes without saying that Martin is an important part of the team. Even though his offense has tailed off as the season has progressed, he’s still done a fine job behind the plate and offers defensive value. So why did the Yankees risk further injury by sending him out there on Sunday if he wasn’t 100%? I suppose Frankie Cervelli needed a day off after catching four straight (including a day game after a night game), and we know they don’t want Jorge Posada behind the plate for reasons that go beyond his bad defense. If Martin’s back was fine Sunday before acting up again on Monday, well then that’s an even bigger problem than just lingering soreness.

As for Jeter, a Grade I calf strain is the lowest possible grade, but that doesn’t mean he won’t miss time. Based on the five minutes I spent googling “grade i calf strain” last night, it could take anywhere from seven days to three weeks for this thing to heal. Of course Jeter is a world class athlete and those guys tend to recover quickly thanks to good genes, but he will also be 37 in less than two weeks and plays a position where his legs and explosiveness are pretty important. It’s not like he’s hiding at first base or DH or something. Remember, Alex Rodriguez had a stiff calf late last year and eventually hit the disabled list after sitting out three games and coming back for one (he didn’t even make the full game, really). That wasn’t even classified as a strain either, and for all intents and purposes A-Rod is a similar age and plays a similar position to Jeter. It’s not a perfect comparison, but it’s certainly not outrageous.

If Jeter and Martin continue to sit out with his minor ailments, the Yankees are forcing themselves to play with a two man bench consisting of two outfielders: Chris Dickerson and Andruw Jones. Jones throws right-handed, so maybe they plan on having him fake an infield spot in an emergency. Furthermore, the NL leg of interleague play is coming up, and playing six straight games (three at the Cubs, three at the Reds) with a three man bench consisting of Dickerson, Jones, and Posada (who won’t be in the lineup as the DH, obviously) is straight up silly. Roster spots are like outs in a game, they’re precious because there are a finite amount of them, and using even one poorly puts you at a disadvantage. Using two to carry injured players that may not get healthy in a timely fashion is just poor roster construction.

As much as I want to see the Yankees call up Jesus Montero, I honestly don’t care who comes up as long as they do what’s best and stick Martin and/or Jeter on the disabled list if needed. Had they put Martin on the disabled list when he first hurt his back, he’d be a week away from returning now. Instead Sunday’s game restarted his clock. I have no interest in watching this team play with a short bench just to nurse along some injuries that could possibly take fewer than 15 days. to heal Call up Gus Molina, call up Ramiro Pena, call up Brandon Laird, call up whoever, just get these two important players healthy. I’d much rather see them miss two weeks now than two months later, and I’m sure the Yankees would as well.

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  1. X-62 says:

    The Yanks always seem to wait to long to DL players it’s almost like if a player will be healthy in 12 days they would rather keep him active just so he doesn’ miss a few games and hurt the team in the meantime.

    BTW-Andruw Jones throws with his right arm.

  2. MannyGeee says:

    Not for nothing, but NOW is the time to do this. you have a slumping Texas team and interleague play against the Cubs and Reds. Not a ‘weak point’ in the schedule by any means, but if you are looking for a better point in the season to get some pieces together, this is it.

    and I say Pena & Montero should be brought up, arbitration clock be damned. you honestly have ZERO better options in SWB right now, might as well give Montero a taste. worse case scenario he goes back down to Scranton in a few weeks. best case scenario, Posada becomes a part time DH.

    • X-62 says:

      I agree with Montero and Pena. Also most calculations say that the super 2 deadline is passed so there are no real arb concerns with Jesus they just don’t seem to want to bring him up or DL Martin so he can get back to 100%.

      It is really frustrating when the Yankees handle players that are hurt or young, that’s why I believe their so slow with this they don’t like to DL players unless they are really messed up and they don’t like to rush young players. So this situation is a double whammy.

  3. Andrew says:

    Cervelli can’t be the starting catcher, I thought we lived through that nightmare last year and were past it. One of the perks of signing Martin and stashing Montero at AAA was to be prepared for a situation like this, and be able to avoid having to live through the horror of Frankie Cervelli playing nearly every day. With backs and calves, caution is the way to go, because they can be aggravated or linger and just become ugly all around. So to me it’s almost a no-brainer to get these 2 guys 100% healthy by giving them 2 weeks off.

    It’s frustrating they wasted the opportunity to retroactively DL Martin by playing him on Sunday, but catcher is a position the Yankees at least have cover at thanks to Montero, so if he goes on the DL today and can’t return until late June, so be it.

    I will be interested to see Nunez play every day at short, both to see how his defense holds up given consistent playing time, and whether or not he can hit consistently enough to be a starting shortstop. His trade value would certainly skyrocket if he has a nice spell filling in for Jeter, given the huge lack of quality shortstops across the league.

    • X-62 says:

      I agree, I thought that my days of watching Cervelli do the primary catching were over with Martin and Montero. I don’t know what the Yanks see in him.

      • In fairness to the Yankees, Cervelli has been doing the “primary catching” for not even a week now. It’s not like he’s been the starter this whole time.

        • X-62 says:

          I just assumed coming into the season thet if something happend to Martin that Montero would be the starter during that time period. Now im getting concerned if Martin does need to be DL’ed that they will leave Cervelli as the starter even if they call up Montero.

          • Andrew says:

            I don’t think they would call up Montero to sit him regularly, if he comes up he will play most likely. They could have done that when Cervelli was out for the first month of the season, but since Martin was there to start nearly every game, Gus Molina was the choice. If however, Martin does hit the DL and they call up Gus Molina and hand the reins to Frankie….yuck.

        • Ted Nelson says:

          And during that week Montero has barely played, whether that’s about the eye infection or some other conspiracy theory reason people are coming up with.

          Facts and reality are stupid, though: Yankees suck at everything! Not promoting a .325 wOBA AAA player who very few people think can catch is obviously the dumbest thing ever.

  4. Matt says:

    What makes sense is bring up Montero. The safe thing (what the yankees always do) will bring up Molina

    • Ted Nelson says:

      The Yankees get roundly criticized for not being “safe” with IPK, Joba, and Hughes… yet they always do the “safe” thing?

      This is why I say that people will bitch about anything that goes poorly, regardless of what the team actually does. They will.

      • YanksFanInBeantown says:

        Really? I always thought that the Joba and Phil Rules ruined their rhythm and put them at a greater risk of injury as starters because of the inconsistent workload.

        • Ted Nelson says:

          The theory is basically “anything that goes wrong is the Yankees fault.”

          Fans will bitch about everything. They will bitch in both directions about the same thing. The Yankees rushed Joba and Hughes and didn’t give them time to develop, but they also coddled them too much and didn’t let them pitch enough. Unless there’s some hard evidence to back something up, how can anyone tell which speculative bitching is right?

          In terms of your actual point… I don’t think it’s the Joba Rules so much as the two being used in the MLB pen that people are upset about (which does have to do with workload as well as developing pitches). I think teams might as well be careful with their young pitchers’ work loads. The Joba Rules are mostly unique because he was pushed to the MLB level so quickly. He would have had similar rules in MiLB, but no one would have really noticed it.

          If you’re interested, there’s a long history of young starters breaking into the MLB pen before becoming successful MLB starters. Whether for a few games in September or one or more full seasons. Curt Schilling, David Wells, Kenny Rogers, Pedro Martinez, Brandon Morrow, Adam Wainwright are some notable recent examples. People will bitch to you about how the Yankees did it “the wrong way” and whatever else they feel like speculating about. Certainly that list of guys does not prove the Yankees did anything right, but it just proves the issue is not nearly as black and white as a lot of people would have you believe. (Especially when combined with there being a lot of different development paths and plenty of pitchers getting injured no matter their development path.)

  5. Smallz says:

    I was really just thinking about this last night after the game. Martins missed 5 of the last 6 games with his back and the fact that he didnt play last night after playing yesterday is a complete indication to me that hes needs more rest. The right thing to do is just put him on the disabled list. I had back problems, I had a herniated disc removed when I was 19. Back pain is a bitch. DL him and obviously we’d all really love to see Montero get a taste of the majors.

    Jeter, his bat isnt keeping them afloat right now. Just DL him and bring up Pena. Let him sit out for the 2 weeks and get healthy. Both of these guys arent really tearing the cover off the ball. Jeters been better lately but if he hits the dl we wont have to hear all this “he needs to get his 3,000th hit at home” stuff. Hes 6 away. Hes gunna do it. Do the right thing and DL him so the bench isnt so thin.

  6. Fairweather Freddy says:

    I agree. If Martin is DLed, then bring up Montero and make him eht starter til martin returns. Another move I’d make is to just make Posada the full time DH. He’s been swinging the bat pretty well lately and had 2 hits off a tough lefty in Jon Leser last week. Its time to cut ties with Andrew Jones. He is a waste. Bring up Greg Golson as the backup outfielder. He is more than adequate defensively and has a rifle arm, nad has been swinging the bat well since coming off the DL at Scranton.

    • Its time to cut ties with Andrew Jones. He is a waste. Bring up Greg Golson as the backup outfielder.

      I was with you until you went there.

      Jones >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Golson. In general, but more importantly, to this team as presently constructed.

      Golson offers nothing but defensive value. Jones, meanwhile, offers a little offense and decent defense to boot.

      Gardner, Granderson, and Swisher are all good-to-great defensive outfielders, and Chris Dickerson is a great defender as well. Having Dickerson and Golson together is needless duplication (particularly when we have only one non-elite defensive starter who isn’t bad, merely non-elite).

      A Jones-Dickerson OF bench is much more balanced and useful to this team than a Dickerson-Golson bench. You’re making a move just to make a move.

      DL Martin and Jeter, promote Montero (or Molina) and Peña, but there’s no need to cut Jones for Golson.

      • Fairweather Freddy says:

        I disagree. Jones is nothing but a swing and miss guy. Golson puts the bat on the ball from what I’ve seen and has outstanding speed, a rifle arm, and is not an automatic out. He would be a much better option than Jones against lefties.

        • Mike Axisa says:

          Golson puts the bat on the ball from what I’ve seen…

          Are we talking about the same Greg Golson that once struck out 173 times in a season?

          • Fairweather Freddy says:

            Yes, that was then. I’ve had a chance to see him recentlt and he has improved dramatically as far as making contact. Mike, I notice when you put a label on someone (ala Nunez), it seems its there for good. No chance that the guys can improve.

            • Mike Axisa says:

              Of course they can improve. The problem is that a player with no power and speed was automatically labeled as being able to get the bat on the ball, and that isn’t the case.

              Golson is what he is, a nice fifth outfielder/defensive replacement. Two teams have already given up on him for a reason.

              • Foghorn Leghorn says:


                if a player hasn’t made it after 2-3 tries, it pretty much proves he ain’t got it.

                same is true for the reclamation projects. Former #1 picks who have not produced most likely will not ever produce. see Hermeda, Jeremy. All of Boston was excited when Theo signed him last year b/c he was a former #1 and the Sox batting coach would get him straightened out. They found out what everyone else already knew…he has minimal talent and is not MLB worthy.

            • Ted Nelson says:

              Golson’s k% is about in line with his career rate this season. There’s no evidence that he’s improved.

        • Golson puts the bat on the ball from what I’ve seen.

          Last I checked, Austin Jackson was hitting .300/.400/.500.

        • Thomas says:

          Greg Golson is batting .219/.290/.321 vs lefties in AAA.
          Jones is batting .245/.302/.531 vs lefties in the majors, while being essentially league average defensively.

        • Jones is nothing but a swing and miss guy.

          So is Golson. When they don’t swing and miss, though, Golson hits singles and Jones hits homers.

          • Fairweather Freddy says:

            Jones swings and missed alot more than Golson, and pops up when he isn’t strking out. But hey, if you prefer a 34 year old with a slow bat who strikes out and pops up 99 % of the time and has a smile on his face each time he does, thats your preference

            • Mike Axisa says:

              Exaggeration is the backbone of every good argument.

              • Fairweather Freddy says:

                So is denial

                • Mike Axisa says:

                  You’re the one denying the facts.

                  • Fairweather Freddy says:

                    No I’m not. I’m basing it on what I see. And from Jones, I see nothing but a slow bat who can’t catch up to a good fastball and is dead meat on breaking pitches. I’d take the singles and double hitter with speed who can make things happen over the guys who can occasionally run into one. We have enough home run hitters on this team.

                    • No I’m not. I’m basing it on what I see. And from Jones, I see nothing but a slow bat who can’t catch up to a good fastball and is dead meat on breaking pitches. I’d take the singles and double hitter with speed who can make things happen over the guys who can occasionally run into one.

                      I would too.

                      The problem is, Greg Golson is not a singles and doubles hitter. He’s a strikeout and popout hitter, just like Jones.

                      Except he has no power.

                      They’re virtually the same player now, hacktastic out machines with no OBP ability whatsoever. The difference is, one of them is 34 and can hit homers. The other is 25 and can play amazing defense.

                      Both have value, in the abstract, as 5th outfielders. Jones has more value to THIS TEAM, however, because he provides skills that are more useful to our starting lineup and bench. We have several capable defenders (like Chris Dickerson, who you keep ignoring for some reason). We could use a guy who can hit a pinch-hit homer.

                    • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

                      strikes out and pops up 99 % of the time

                      FACT! I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES!

            • CP says:

              Golson strikes out 23.3% of the time in AAA, and that’s the lowest rate for any season he’s had in the minors. What makes you think that he wouldn’t be significantly worse in the majors?

            • Jones swings and missed alot more than Golson,

              Andruw Jones, career swing rate, contact rate, swinging strike rate, and K rate:
              47.3%, 71.5%, 13.3%, 22.6%

              Greg Golson, career swing rate, contact rate, and K%:
              47.7%, 66.7%, 15.4%, 26.7%

              Dead-ass wrong.

              But hey, if you prefer a 34 year old with a slow bat who strikes out and pops up 99 % of the time and has a smile on his face each time he does, thats your preference

              Whether Andruw Jones smiles or doesn’t is the single most irrelevant piece of bullshit stated in this thread. I don’t care if he smiles. Nobody should care if he smiles. It’s meaningless.

              And yes, I’d rather have a 34 year old slow bat who strikes out and pops up on 99% 35.1% of his plate appearances according to Fangraphs and smiles afterwards than a 25 year old fast bat who ALSO pops up or strikes out on about 40% of his appearances IN THE MINOR LEAGUES but doesn’t smile and also never hits home runs.

              • Fairweather Freddy says:

                Ok then fine. Enjoy as the strikeouts and pop ups continue to pile up. At least Marcus Thames could hit. Why they let him go and decided Jones was a better option puzzles me.

                • CP says:

                  Marcus Thames in 2011: .163/.200/.349/.240

                  That’s why they let him go.

                  • jsbrendog says:

                    you’re only oging to give yourself ajita. he sees it with his own eyes.

                    • Fairweather Freddy says:

                      Thats my opinion. Nobody says you gotta like it or disagree with it. If that gives you ajita, then you have very thin skin

                    • jsbrendog says:

                      sigh. it seems from your ignoring of the statistical evidence and your misreading of my comment that this is a fruitless endeavor. as i stated.

                      fyi, this thread only shows that trying to convince you that what you see with your eyes is wrong (which has been done handily) will only give him ajita because of your staunch refusals to see the light. but you are def welcome to your opinion, even if concrete evidence proves it wrong. this is, in fact, america, where that is prevalent.

                    • jsbrendog says:


                • Mike Axisa says:

                  Because Thames was extremely unlikely to repeat last year’s career best performance, and guess what? He’s hitting .162/.200/.349 this year, and he still can’t play defense.

                • Because Jones offered the flexibility that you could play him in the outfield when necessary and not have it turn into an episode of Keystone Kops.

                  We already have one DH incapable of playing the field (Posada). No need for two.

                  And again, telling me I should enjoy the strikeouts and popups of Jones while advocating for Greg Golson to take his place makes no sense. By every single possible piece of evidence we can accumulate, Greg Golson will strike out and pop up more than Andruw Jones will.

                  If you were talking about dumping Jones for Carlos Beltran, it would make sense. Greg Golson is not an upgrade, though. He’s the same thing. Everything that frustrates you about Jones (minus the smiling, which is a fucking stupid complaint) will frustrate you about Golson. They have the same flaw (but Golson’s flaw is most assuredly going to be worse).

                  • Fairweather Freddy says:

                    I mention the smiling becuase it seems like he hardly cares when he strike out. Its like, eh, no big deal. Looks like he’s just going thorugh the motions out there. Lacks passion. Don’t need guys like that on the team. Sorry, thats the way I feel.

                    • jsbrendog says:

                      intangibles rear their ugly head again. question: does andrew jones smile when he htis a hr? a double? maybe the fact that he isnt smiling when he ks is because….he…isnt…happy….

                    • The way you feel is empty speculation and probably dead-ass wrong.

                      As was mentioned previously regarding Nick Swisher, who also smiles following a strikeout, what you see as a lack of passion could easily be a self-deprecating coping mechanism. Or a nervous tick. Smiling doesn’t automatically mean happiness or disinterest. Personally, I frequently smile when I’m upset and frustrated. Each person deals with their emotions outwardly in their own way.

                      You’re not Andruw Jones, nor are you any of his teammates. When we hear stories out of the clubhouse from his teammates saying they question his passion, committment, focus, energy, etc., then I’ll take your conjecture seriously.

                      Until then, it’s a non-issue and you’re extrapolating from ignorance.

                    • Rick in Boston says:

                      It’s not football, it’s baseball. Just because someone smiles when making an out doesn’t mean they lack passion.

              • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

                Jorge COMPLETELY disagrees with you.


          • Foghorn Leghorn says:

            those EVIL HOMERS!

      • Cris Pengiuci says:

        DL Martin and Jeter, promote Montero (or Molina) and Peña

        Here’s an idea (that won’t fly since it’s not the safe thing to do): instead of bringing up Peña (we know what he’s capable of to some extent as he’s been in the bigs before), bring up Laird. If Nunez needs a day off, move ARod to short and let him hit that one more HR he needs as a SS. (only half kidding)

      • Drew says:

        Did you just call Swisher a good defensive outfielder?

        Hahaha….sorry I just peed a little bit.

      • Kismetized says:

        Swisher is a good to great defensive outfielder? The guy resembles “Manny being Manny” out there more than a great defensive outfielder. Granderson is average to slightly above average, and Gardner is elite. Haven’t seen enough of Dickerson to make a determination, but his D was highly touted in the Brewers organization.

  7. This is finally the potential opening Montero has been waiting for. DL’ing Martin allows you to have a two-week window to bring up Hey-Zeus and actually give him a large chunk of starts behind the plate (as opposed to riding the pine behind Russell).

    The only thing that would have been better is if it hadn’t happened during an NL interleague stint, so he can’t get any DH starts for 6 days straight. Still, it makes sense.

    Let’s do it.

    • X-62 says:

      Right, this is a great time to call him up because he can start probaly 10+ games behind the plate and the Yanks can see how he handles himself. If they feel like he needs more time in AAA after that you activate Martin and option Montero, if he does a good job you activate Martin and option Cervelli. It’s the perfct storm for Montero to get a shot.

    • David, Jr. says:

      It is the perfect time to call him up. However, I would put a slightly different twist on that, based upon giving the Yankees some credit for knowing what they are doing. If they don’t call him up at this “perfect time”, what does that say about Montero? Nothing bad as far as his future. Just maybe not ready yet.

      • Ted Nelson says:

        His wOBA in AAA in .325.

        • David, Jr. says:

          There is more to look at than that. His entire body of hitting work in the minors is impressive. On the other hand, there may be intangibles that aren’t in his favor, as Wynegar spoke of in an interview.

          • Ted Nelson says:

            Obviously there’s more to look at, I was just agreeing that not bringing him up this minute might not be the worst thing and might actually be the right thing to do. Maybe an MLB trip gives him some good experience and motivation, but with his Ks up, BB down, power down, and overall performance mediocre despite a sky high BABIP… it’s at least as likely that being called up just exacerbates his slump and doesn’t really do anyone much good.

  8. Michael Kay's Head says:

    Please bring up Montero or Romine or both. Montero DH and Romine as the catcher. Brandon Laird would be cool too.

  9. Mister Delaware says:

    I like the idea of Laird. Can backfill at some positions plus gives him an audition for a National League audience.

  10. Mattpat11 says:

    This week has already completely exhausted my patience with “Francisco Cervelli, Starting catcher.” DL Martin and call up Montero. We keep playing Cervelli, so we clearly don’t give a hoot about defense any more, so what could the excuse be now?

  11. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    The only reason to not bring up Montero is if one of the pitchers throwing is named “Pontius Pilate”

  12. JohnnyC says:

    Waiting for the inevitable ninja moves from the ninja in the front office.

  13. Jay says:

    I think the greater issue then the short bench is not giving proper recovery time. Soft tissue injuries are the type that can linger and blow up. This doesn’t even take into account they could have backdated Martin’s DL spot. They would be better off benching both, allowing them to take even a couple extra days then maybe needed and then have Jeter and Martin fresh. Just my opinion

  14. infernoscurse says:

    times like these we need someone whos is athletic enough to jump over boxes

    too bad the yanks gave up on cody ransom

  15. Mike c says:

    Id love to see montero, if nothing else it would be fun to see the kid. I have a feeling that cash is still trying to deal him for a young starter though so I doubt we see him until after the trades have been made

  16. cgreen says:

    Is it completely out of the question to have A-Rod play SS and call up Laird to man 3B? We’ve all seen how shaky Nunez has been at SS and Pena is a dead weight with the bat..

  17. Hester Prynne says:

    If Martin cannot catch tonight then Jesus Montero must be called up and placed into the starting lineup. It won’t be an issue tonight with CC on the mound and we need his bat. Cervelli can’t hit and can’t throw runners out. Call up Montero and Pena.

    With those two we can beat Texas 2/3. We got to Ogando last time and CC is on the mound. 2nd game is Holland vs Nova. We always crush Holland and Nova had his best game vs Texas. CJ Wilson vs Noesi in game 3 will be a tough one to win.

  18. Rob says:

    dl granderson, bring up bichette

  19. infernoscurse says:

    stop babying these prospects, call up cito culver

  20. jsbrendog says:

    what happens is eduardo nunez pips jeter?

    ::ducks from inevitable rotten tomatoes coming from axisa::

  21. CS Yankee says:

    I keep thinking on why they haven’t promoted Jesus yet, I have come up with the following possibilities;
    1) They really are on the same page with the scouts with his inability to throw out a runner and fear they will run wild on the kid.
    2) His work ethic as a catcher (in knowing the hitters & calling a good game) is below what is needed by a large sum.
    3) He is a hidden cancer for a team.
    4) He is trade pending.
    5) Don’t want to rush and compromise his development.

    In response to these are;
    1) I honestly doubt that Frankie couldn’t throw out CC stealing 2B so how can Jesus be worse than that?.
    2) Call the games from the dugout.
    3) If its hidden, they better trade him quick before something leaks out & if the character was questionable, it would have likely surfaced by now anyhow.
    4) No trade takes this long to complete, right?
    5) 15 days could only help his development for the short & long term.

    If we don’t see him now with Martin hurt, Jorge not being an option, Frankie-fail, the unrelated or talented Molina, & Austin being on the DL to boot…we will likely never see Jesus play for the Yankees.

    Indeed a sad time for those who like strong, young, power bats that hit for average playing a position with strong, older, average/below power that hit below average.

    Seems like our skipper could fill-in for the Angels and nobody would know the difference (Yes, I haven’t blamed Joe for much, but if he wanted the kid he would be here.)

    • JohnnyC says:

      Just guessing but the Yankees probably do not think he can catch at the major league level (they were disappointed in his ST performance)and realize his only role on the team would be at DH. Unfortunately, we have a logjam of aging players who need to DH either fulltime or part-time now and in the forseeable future. I believe that Montero will be traded within the next 4-5 weeks for a #2 starter (who? I have no idea).

      • CS Yankee says:

        Wouldn’t their trade partner call them for BS?

        Cashman: So you want our #1?…who BTW is a catcher and…

        Other GM: If he could catch in the pros, why isn’t he there with Martin hurt and the waste you currently employ there?

        Cashman: He’s young and…

        Other GM: I’ll offer you our 5th SP for the young DH.

        Cashman: hmmm?

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Catcher defense isn’t all about throwing out runners, though that’s certainly a concern.

      I really doubt it has to do with being a cancer. A 21 year old kid is going to infect the HOFers and All-Stars in the Yankees clubhouse.

      Besides the defense, the kid has a wOBA of .325 in AAA this season. Thinking he’s going to do anything but struggle in the big leagues right now is optimistic. Certainly he has the talent to go on a tear even against MLB pitching, but it’s optimistic to think a kid with a .325 wOBA in AAA would be doing much in MLB. His BABIP is shy high… but his Ks are up, his walks are down, his power is MIA… He has been an average hitter in AAA so far this season (100 RC+).

      I can definitely see this as a good opportunity to get him some burn: even if he struggles, he’s probably not a whole lot worse than Cervelli. If he is, just send him back down. People suggesting that it’s obvious he should be up and killing the Yankees for leaving him in AAA are apparently not paying attention to how mediocre he’s been in AAA this season.

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        People suggesting that it’s obvious he should be up and killing the Yankees for leaving him in AAA are apparently not paying attention to how mediocre he’s been in AAA this season.

        Practice what you preach. Stop distorting people’s arguments. No one in this thread even said that.

        • David, Jr. says:

          Yes they have.

          Like this: “If Martin cannot catch tonight then Jesus Montero must be called up and placed into the starting lineup. It won’t be an issue tonight with CC on the mound and we need his bat. Cervelli can’t hit and can’t throw runners out. Call up Montero and Pena.”

          This is a tricky one. The temptation is to say “All he needs to be is better than that pile Cervelli!!! Therefore, a moron can see that he should be called up!”

          It goes far beyond that. If Montero is an elite prospect and the Yankees feel that it would hurt his development to throw him in now, they won’t do it and they shouldn’t do it. The other possibility is that something is going on involving him, but we have no way of knowing that. Just fun to speculate.

        • Ted Nelson says:

          “Practice what you preach. Stop distorting people’s arguments. No one in this thread even said that.”

          Read what is written. There are a whole bunch of commenters basically calling the organization stupid and/or saying this is an obvious sign Montero will be traded.

          • David, Jr. says:

            They aren’t necessarily saying that the Yankees are stupid. They are just frustrated that he isn’t being brought up, given that they perceive that he would be a vast improvement over at least Cervelli.

            As you have correctly pointed out, if he isn’t brought up that may only mean that in the Yankees eyes he isn’t ready and needs more time.

            It is only speculation, but I can also easily visualize the trade scenario through the Yankees possible thought process, like this: Not a Catcher. Would be a great DH, but we will have plenty of those going forward anyway. Opportunity exists to get somebody that we really want, with Montero as a part of that. Away he goes, just like they apparently would have done for a Cliff Lee rental.

    • Rainbow Connection says:


  22. Cuso says:

    Enter Austin Romine

  23. Cy Pettitte says:

    Martin to the DL, option Cervelli to AAA, call up Montero AND Romine. Have a competition for the backup job until Martin is healthy.

  24. DareBear says:

    Get your catcher’s gear, Jorgie.

  25. Yarden says:

    If they put Jeter and Martin on the DL starting today or Wednesday, they would be eligible to return just about in time to host the Brewers. Personally, and obviously a of other Yankees agree, I’d love to see Montero come up and see what he can do, even if he is splitting time with Cervelli behind the dish.

    As for Jeter getting his 3,000th hit at the Stadium, the Yankees would be in the exact same situation schedule-wise if he were to come back in 2 weeks, or play today (3 game series at home, 6 games on the road). One of the only “cool” thing about Jeter getting his 3,000th career hit on the road in 2 weeks would be that he’d have a good chance of doing it against the Mets. This way he’d at least be 100% healthy (we hope), and he’d be doing it in front of a rivals fan-base, but in New York, so Yankee fans would still have a great chance of seeing him do it live.

  26. Yarden says:

    Also, is the 7-day DL only for concussions, or could a back strain and Grade I calf strain qualify for 7-day DL?

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