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The Yankees connection to Mike Trout
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Lots of stuff to round up this afternoon…

  • Derek Jeter will not play in the All-Star Game next week. He wants to rest and play it safe after coming back from the calf injury.
  • Alex Rodriguez is being sent for a precautionary MRI on his right knee. The knee’s been bothering him for a while, and Alex has already withdrawn from the All-Star Game.
  • Nick Swisher is out of the lineup tonight with a sore left quad. Thank goodness the break is coming up, sounds like everyone could use a few days off.
  • So long, Brian Gordon. The right-hander is heading to Korea after a team over there purchased his contract. The Yankees reportedly received $25,000 for their troubles. Thanks for the two starts, man.
The Yankees connection to Mike Trout
New design added to the RAB Shop
  • jsbrendog

    gordon, we hardly knew ye. i cant help but think he shouldve stayed around because he wouldve gotten at least a copuple more starts

  • AC

    Amazing desperate for pitching the Yanks just let Brian Gordon go. I guess if he doesn’t throw 95+ he doesn’t fit in his plans. But Mitre and Pendleton are better options for then pen than him? I don’t see it.

  • AC

    Amazing desperate for pitching the Yanks just let Brian Gordon go. I guess if he doesn’t throw 95+ he doesn’t fit in his plans. But Mitre and Pendleton are better options for then pen than him?

  • AC

    Amazing desperate for pitching the Yanks just let Brian Gordon go. I guess if he doesn’t throw 95+ he doesn’t fit in there plans I guess

    • Ted Nelson

      I think the desperation for pitching is mostly a media narrative.

      I’m a bit surprised by the move, but it could mean good things about their confidence in their AAA pitchers and maybe a promotion for Dellin as much as anything else.

      If nothing else it puts the notion that the Yankees love Brian Gordon sexually and hate all their pitching prospects to rest.

      • CMP

        I wouldn’t say they’re “desperate for pitching” but they do need a number 2/3 starter behind CC in case Colon flames out and a LOOGY.

        • Ted Nelson

          A LOOGY would be nice and they might find one cheap… but if they got a good righty reliever without a pronounced split and no LOOGY I’d be fine with that. And that righty reliever could be Soriano if he’s healthy.

          I don’t think they “need” a 2/3 guy. I think it would be great, but if Colon is done I think they have solid depth to make a strong run at the playoffs. I don’t think they “need” one to the point of mortgaging their future basically. If one comes along at a decent price, sure.

          • CMP

            I wouldn’t mortgage the future in any event but if Colon is done, no way do they have enough pitching to make a run. They really would have nothing much besides CC.

  • AC

    Amazing desperate for pitching the Yanks just let Brian Gordon go.

    • Johnny Nitro


      • Mister Delaware

        Does Gordon throw 95?

  • Mike Myers

    looks like no game tonight….lots of rain expected.

    • Yank The Frank

      They could use a break.

      • Mike Myers

        they have one next week….selfish bastards.

        • dr. evil

          I wish there was a “like” button here. haha

  • CMP

    I agree it’s pretty surprising they let Gordon go to Korea. I thought he could at least be a useful long man.

  • Hall and Nokes

    Was AC and his post sucked into a vortex?

  • Pat D

    I’m in eastern PA and it’s been raining pretty much all afternoon. Not sure what it’s like in the Bronx.

    Korea, really? Did Gordon have a say in that? Also surprised the Yankees let him go.

    This is interesting now how the three old men of the ASG (Mo, ARod, Jeter) all won’t participate.

  • Jorge

    The Yankees simply did not work on their pitching depth in the off-season and now lag behind both the Boston Red Sox and some team in Korea. Phil Hughes is a little girl who will never amount to anything. The team should have never traded away Tyler Clippard and Mike Dunn, who showed signs of greatness in Pinstripes.


    • jsbrendog


      • Tom Zig

        I think he’s kidding. or I hope he is.

        • Ted Nelson

          Yeah, I’m 99% sure that’s a joke.

          • Jorge

            If I ever actually feel that way, shoot me.

      • Dave the Ox

        What’s oaktag?????

    • David, Jr.

      Eat your oatmeal. Get a bigger allowance.

  • Rob

    I know arod has been playing great defense, but why hasn’t Joe been dhing him this past week at all? I know he couldn’t with nl games, but that surprised me

  • Jorge

    In all seriousness, though, I’m surprised to see Gordon go. Unless the money is THAT good, I’d have thought it’d be better to stick around AAA until a bullpen opening comes up, and have a decent shot at playing some meaningful September baseball.

    • YankeesJunkie

      Gordon probably will make fairly good money in Korea in the range of 500 K which is pretty awesome for him. Guys like him are not hard to find and I wish him all the luck.

      • Ed

        It doesn’t make sense to leave for 500k. He had a major league contract, so he was making 414k. I wouldn’t think a small (in the scheme of MLB) raise would be enough to justify moving to Korea and giving up a spot on the Yankees 40 man roster.

        He must have felt he was more likely to get released than called back up. Can’t see why he’d leave otherwise. I’m surprised though, I would’ve expected him to return at some point.

        • Zack D

          No, he was making the pro-rated version of 414k. Whatever he got from Korea was probably 100% guaranteed.

    • Ted Nelson

      I’m a little surprised, but I mostly take it to mean good things about their confidence in the other guys they’ve got in the minors.

      It also frees up a 40 man roster spot.

      • Jorge

        True and, suddenly, putting a guy like Kontos in that 40-man spot makes you miss Gordon even less.

        I’m more surprised the player himself would think Korea was the better option that the Scranton shuttle, with a decent chance at staying with the team come the stretch run.

        • Ted Nelson

          I’m not sure whether or not he had much say in it.

        • Tom Swift

          I suspect it’s all about the money. Gordon is not a kid. He has mouths to feed. I think the Yankee philsophy has been to let guys who get attractive offers from Japan or Korea go, because that’s the decent thing to do.

  • Rob

    Mike, not sure if you’re checking this, but I saw on twitter you said they won’t play tonight. Anything official yet? Don’t want to get on the train if it’s cancelled

  • CMP

    Check out this exchange on Wally Matthews ESPN Yankee Chat the other day:

    “Greg (westchester)
    Do the Yankees try to acquire a LOOGY during the season, and if so, who is that LeftyOneOutGuY?

    Wallace Matthews
    (2:15 PM)
    I think you;ve invented a useful new acronym for all of us….”

    These are the kind of moron’s ESPN recruits as their “experts”.

    • Jericho Spade

      That can’t be legit right!? Believe it or not, Wally Mathews was truly awful reporter. He was on the front lines of the Arod is a disgrace crowd for years, before he went over to ESPN. Since that is the national meme, he changed his schtick and is now merely underwhelming.

    • Phife Dawg

      He also deleted his twitter account for whatever reason. Strange dude.

  • Brandon

    I am very happy that Alex, Mo and Derek are not going to the game. Especially Alex. He needs the rest, desperately. I wouldnt be surprised to see him out for the weekend to give him as much rest as possible. He is obviously not right at all. He probably is the one guy that needs this break the most.

  • Jericho Spade

    Russel Martin looks beat up too… I wish he would sit out, as well. It would be pretty funny if every Yankee dropped out. How pathetic that this game actually counts for something.

  • Karl Krawfid

    Rays don’t want to play a DH.

    The Yankees are all banged up. If I was them I would.

    • jon

      why is this even a choice? they are in an AL park unless im missing something

      • jon

        lol yep just figured out what DH ment

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    Gordon from his interviews looked like a nice guy. He had his day in the sun. The pinstripes look great on everyone. The Yankees release or trade gave him an opportunity to make some money.

    The Yankees should use the AAA pitchers as often as possible to give them the opportunities to gain experience. Nova and Noesi have given good accounts of themselves. The scrape pile has nothing to offer the Yanks at this time. As far as a loggy. I still hold out for Whitey Ford over all available suspects.

    Girardi should have rested Arod upon Jeter’s return but forgot the kid Nunez at the end of the bench.