Nova will test ankle in simulated game tonight

Trade Rumor Roundup: Ubaldo, Gio, Kuroda
Game 100: Triple digits

Via Joel Sherman, Ivan Nova will test his injured right ankle in a simulated game tonight. If all goes well, he’ll start one of the games in Saturday’s doubleheader against the Orioles. If it doesn’t, then Adam Warren will get the call. Nova was hit by a comebacker in this first start with Triple-A Scranton earlier this month, but he felt some lingering pain in the joint last time out and was placed on the disabled list as a precaution. He’s had six days off since then, so it’s good to see him get back on the bump so soon.

Update: Donnie Collins hears that Nova’s simulated game went well and he is on track for Saturday’s doubleheader. Good news.

Trade Rumor Roundup: Ubaldo, Gio, Kuroda
Game 100: Triple digits
  • Oscar Gamble’s Fro

    It’s great to see Nova back up and at ’em, but I really would love to see what Warren can do on The Big Stage.

  • jon g

    Id almost rather see warren start – just out of prospect curiosity – than a possibly rusty nova.

    • vin

      Yeah, I was hoping to see Warren too. But Nova has earned the job of 6th starter.

      Next year will be interesting with Nova, Noesi and Warren (and maybe Phelps) all in line to possibly get a crack at the rotation. Lots of decent, cheap back-end depth.

  • Mike D.

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    • Sayid J.

      Come on now, don’t let this past weekend and your memory make the decision for you. Matsui is having an awful year (.237/.313/.373), no thanks.

      • Mike D.

        Well he’s batting .253 against lefties, with a .544 SLG. 7 HR versus lefties, ability to get MANY more at Yankee Stadium.

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    Good. Call up Nova and option Hughes.

  • Mike R

    I really hope we don’t make a trade for a mediocre pitcher. I like Kuroda but I don’t think he would transition well from the NL to the AL. As far as Edwin Jackson goes I think he’s a downgrade from Ivan Nova (Who isn’t even in our starting rotation. If you would of told me Freddy Garcia was going to pitch to a 3.21 clip I’d say you’re out of your mind. He’s our fifth starter and is pitching pretty damn good. Edwin Jackson bounced around at the trade deadline and off season because he’s simply mediocre at best. I still think Nova’s going to do well in the big leagues whether it’s with the Yankees or a different team. I really see no reason trading for a pitcher when Ivan Nova’s simply waiting in Triple-A..

  • Brian S.

    Don’t be selfish Nova! I want to see Warren for one measly start! You can have Hughes spot after that!