Torrisi-run Parm to make Great Hall debut

Yankees have not asked Pettitte to come out of retirement
Soriano, Chavez make rehab appearances in Tampa win

When Yankee fans return to the stadium tomorrow after nearly two weeks away, they will be greeted by a new set of sandwiches in the Great Hall. As The Post reported, Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone, the braintrust behind Mulberry St. hot spot Torrisi Italian Specialities will be opening a branch of their new sandwich shop Parm tomorrow in the Great Hall. The branch of the sandwich shop will sell the Torrisi and a new meatball parm offering. No word yet on the prices, but the turkey sandwich goes for $11 at the downtown restaurant.

One of the investment partners, Jeff Zalaznick, spoke about the challenges facing the team as they prepare to expand their business. Usually, they sell 200-300 sandwiches per day, but with over 40,000 fans per game heading to the Bronx, their volume will increase. “For a small restaurant group, we have a lot on our plates,” Zalaznick said to The Post. “We’re probably the first restaurant of our size to do something like this. It’s a totally new market, who we hope will have an equal appreciation for our sandwiches.” Having a Torrisi sandwich outlet in Yankee Stadium greatly improves what I believe are lackluster food options in the new stadium; these sandwiches should be quite good. The bricks-and-mortar version of Parm will open later this summer.

Yankees have not asked Pettitte to come out of retirement
Soriano, Chavez make rehab appearances in Tampa win
  • AnthonyD

    A good, real NY food option at YSIII? Are Randy and Lonny losing power?

  • Tanner

    I’ve been to the downtown restaurant and, to be honest, I’m not excited to see this. At ~$12 for most sandwiches (including the “downtown price bump”), I don’t see it getting much more expensive at the Stadium, but that’s certainly not going to help any… and for an already pricey meal for the quality/quantity of food you get, I don’t think we’re going to see lines similar to those of the Garlic Fries.

  • IRF

    This news makes the loss much more tolerable

  • pat

    Prices are the same.

  • Xstar7

    This article made me even hungrier then I already was.

  • Gumbs gum

    Zalaznick doesn’t sound Italian to me

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      We should get D’Angelo sandwiches, they sound really, really Italian.


  • Evan3457

    The Lobel’s steak sandwich is expensive at $15, but worth it, in my opinion. Just expect a long wait on line. (15-30 minutes)

    • TwainsYankee

      I could not agree more

  • Rainbow Connection

    Good news. It can’t possibly make the food at YS any fucking worse than it is.
    It’s shameful that both Shea and Citi had/have better food than both YS’s.

  • nick

    much of YSIII is “lackluster” to me. Honestly I know it wasn’t ideal for comfort or amenities, but I miss YSII. But I’m simple when going to a game, just gimme a seat and I’ll enjoy the game. Makes me wonder did anyone have the privilege of going to games at the original YS?? What I’d give to view a game there, with Mick patrolling CF.

    The biggest thing I miss is the over-hanging upper decks, especially RF. That was always fun to see a HR go zooming into the porch, especially when youre there, now its pretty much impossible.

  • Brian in NH

    12 to 15 bucks for a sammich? barf. i can go to a local deli and nice sized deli sandwich on a delicious roll w/ chips and a can of soda for a cool $4.99 pre-tax.

    live free or die

    • fubar

      Are you serious? I figure a buck each for soda and chips, so you’re talking $3 for a deli sandwich on a roll? That’s ridiculous. But then I’m sure some of the views of the game are pretty obstructed from NH.