Yankees unlikely to trade for Mike Adams


Via Buster Olney, there’s a “big gap” between what the Padres are asking for Mike Adams and what the Yankees are willing to give up for him. A deal is unlikely to be made between the two clubs. We first heard about the Yankees’ interest in Adams at the end of last month, but San Diego appears to be asking for a top prospect in return for the game’s best setup man. Another reliever would be nice, but Rafael Soriano should be coming back soon enough*. The Yankees have bigger fish to fry.

* Soriano will make another rehab appearance tomorrow, this time with Triple-A Scranton.

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  1. Rich in NJ says:

    With Robertson and possibly Soriano, I think that would be a suboptimal allocation of resources.

  2. FIPster Doofus says:

    Enough already with the goddamn relievers, unless it’s an effective LOOGY who comes cheap (Choate).

    • Thomas Cassidy says:

      Hell no to LOOGYs. Feliciano, Marte, and Logan. I’ll pass on that. I’m sick of these “LOOGYs.” It’s just another way of saying that they fucking suck. Teams need to start going after relievers who can get right handed and left handed hitters out, and not some half-ass relievers.

      • FIPster Doofus says:

        I agree with your last sentence, but as long as teams are hellbent on having lefty-only relievers, they might as well have good ones. And Boone Logan sure as hell isn’t good.

        • Thomas Cassidy says:

          If Marte comes back healthy, that’d be great. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t throw a pitch at all this season.

  3. stunna4885 says:

    this team is floundering. cashman doesn’t want to add relief. ok he doesn’t think thers a starter to get. ok and he doesn’t think we need a bat. ok so what the hell is cashman getting paid for. this team ability to reach the world series will be decided in the next week depending on if they add to this team.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      Relax. Cashman still has eight days to make moves. Don’t believe a word out of his mouth until the dust has settled on the deadline.

      • Mike Axisa says:

        You mean that wasn’t Bubba Crosby playing CF all those years?

      • stunna4885 says:

        i just find this team to be really frustrating this year. especially the offense which is having its worst month offensively in 10 years. the staff is good by the numbers but i cant bring myself to trust any of our starters but cc and maybe colon if he remains healthy.

        • Greg says:

          I trust Freddy Garcia to an extent because he’s done all this before.

          • stunna4885 says:

            against the sox and rangers i dont. he relies on teams over aggressiveness to get outs and in the regular season against bad to average lineups that works. against patience teams like the sox they just wait him out and pounce

      • MikeD says:

        December 2008 — The Yankees are done shopping and can not add another free agent.

  4. Rich in NJ says:

    The best move would be to call up Montero, but I think it’s more likely that he will be dealt in a short-sighted trade in order to satisfy the serial one year plans that animate the suits (Hank, Randy, Hal).

  5. Greg says:

    He’s should look for a starter and a bat.

  6. Rahsaan says:

    Everyone says “Get a starter”. But what sure fire starter is out there that is automatically going to make that rotation WS ready? Jimenez is coming off ONE good year. He’s no lock to come here and be that dominant guy behind CC. And who are we going to give up? Are these kids, that were considered “untouchable” all of a sudden going to be dangled for someone who hasn’t proven they have what it takes on the big stage? And is it worth the risk to empty out the farm to chase a ring THIS YEAR all while possibly sacrificing success in years to come? I say stand pat and go with what we have. If they can get someone on the cheap, OK. Don’t mortgage the future. Let’s see what the kids can do next year before we are ready to get rid of them for a guy we’ll probably end up hating anyway.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Trading prospects for Jimenez isn’t mortgaging the future. He’s 27.

      • Jimmy McNulty says:

        I disagree, only slightly. Trading the entire upper crust of the farm system for Ubaldo is mortgaging the future. There’s probably five players or so in all of baseball that I’d deal Montero, Banuelos, Betances, and Nova for. Way too steep of a package for Ubaldo.

      • Rahsaan says:

        In the last 10 years, the Yankees best 2 pitchers that have been brought in from other teams have been 1. CC…2. Mussina. Name another one?? Everyone else has been a bust. GO bacl and look at the names…(Weaver,Vasquez,Brown,Leiber,Pavano,Contreras,Wright, Johnson, Etc…) Know what they all have in commom? Besides the fact that they all suck. None of them was a part of a Yankee Championship. So you have total faith that Jimenez, who had one good year and is now putting up numbers comparable to AJ Burnett (Look them up) will get us #28? You have that much faith, that you are willing to give up some of your best pitching prospects, plus Montero to get it done? And what happens next year when we’re in the same boat and are looking for that starter, but now…those prospects are gone?

      • AC says:

        Mike. He’s too much like AJ. I would only put an A+ pkge together for King Felix. Why not take a flyer on Harden. 3 month rental his stuff is better than Hughes

      • AC says:

        Mike. He’s too much like AJ. I would only put an A+ pkge together for King Felix.

  7. stunna4885 says:

    stand pat? lol are u kidding? im in the business of actually winning championships. not losing in the lst round and hoping banuelos and betances are good some day.

  8. stunna4885 says:

    we stood pat last year and how did that workout for us?

  9. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Well Soriano doesn’t really hive me a huge boost of confidence, but I’m glad they won’t overpay for Mike Adams.

  10. Bronx Byte says:

    Chavez could be back this week. Sit Posada for the rest of the year and give him farewell pinch hit roles when the game is a blowout.
    Time for Montero.

  11. Karl Krawfid says:

    Trading for Jimenez does what for us offensively?

  12. mbonzo says:

    It seems like there are way too many teams dangling players this offseason just to see the return. Teams are also asking way too much. A top prospect for Adams or Beltran? 3 top prospects for Wandy Rodriguez? Teams are delusional right now, I’m sure the asking prices will go down closer to the trade deadline.

    • David, Jr. says:

      You are right on it. For starting pitchers, CJ Wilson is the best free agent coming up, plus it is a market with not much quality for sale and some buyers. Therefore, somebody like the Colorado guy runs it up the flagpole to see if he can gouge an unusually large return. Simple supply and demand.

  13. tabbert says:

    The thing is, this team currently is much stronger than last years team going into the trade deadline. We needed berkman, and wood to carry us to the next level. This year we need to get arod, chavez, soriano all back and healthy to get us to where we need to be. Really there is not much out there for the yankees to explore. Healthy players are honestly our best move. Now, obviously we need to find a top flight starter but we might have to stand pat and try to sign cj wilson in the off season. I personally think we should trade for ubaldo, then go sign CJ Wilson at seasons end.


    unloading the farm to have that rotation seems like a damn good idea to me.

    • Mike Myers says:

      where do you put Igawa then?

      • CC's third leg says:

        he signs with the mets and wins the cy young. Thats what happens cash, you baldheaded fucking shit. cash retires into the sunset with his buttbuddy and matching hairpiece-mate donald trump

    • mbonzo says:

      Player A: 4.00 ERA/3.52 FIP/3.51 xFIP 8.31 K/9

      Player B: 3.97 ERA/3.18 FIP/3.39 xFIP 7.31 K/9

      Considering Player B is the same age, and would cost much less in terms of prospects, I’m taking player B.

      A is Jiminez.

    • MikeD says:

      I’m not part of the “hate AJ” crowd. I have positioned him properly in my mind as first a mid-rotation start, and now a back-end. What they’re paying him doesn’t matter. They just need to know he’s not a #2 and then build accordingly around him.

      That all said, he will be entering year four of his contract in 2012. If the Yankees, as you suggest, trade for Jiminez and then sign Wilson, we don’t have to guarantee AJ a spot in the rotation. They should use him where he is most effective. Maybe that’s out of the pen, and his rotation spot ends up going to Manny, assuming he’s the one piece they get to hold on to. I’d love to have three lefties in the rotation. Beware, though, Wilson will not come cheap. He is a lefty, he has been successful, and the pitching market is thing. He could end up being another AJ contract.

    • Thomas Cassidy says:

      No. Wait a year and replace Wilson with Weaver.

  14. rac says:

    This team needs help at DH and some bench help. I’d like them to give Montero a shot but he never seems to be an option. Chavez will help if he can stay on the field and of course A-Rod when he returns. I’m tired of watching Posada hit ground balls and supply zero power. A DH hitting in the 220′s just doesn’t cut it with me. Got get someone.

  15. Rahsaan says:

    If you are gonna empty your farm….the name Felix Hernandez or Roy Halladay better be on the other end of that deal. You don’t trade stud prospects for what ifs? You trade them for PROVEN commodities. I bet everything I own the Yankees make that Jimenez trade and by seasons end we will all hate his guts. Then what????

  16. tabbert says:

    Okay, i understand that you guys want josh johnson, king felix, and all the ” proven commodities” but the thing is… all those guys are untouchable. So, if you have to chose between sticking with this rotation come october or trading away unproven prospects to land us a pitcher with the skill set of ubaldo jiminez which route do you go? Everyone gives cashman a hard time… but everyone wants it both ways. You want to win the world series this year by getting all of these big name guys but you don’t want to trade away our top prospects. At some point, management is going to decide either to stay the course and hope for a ws this year and build from within or they are going to trade away the entire farm to get a second tier ace not named halladay, johnson, hernandez. People need to accept that these are the only options. There is no door number 3.

    So, excuse me for being a believer that we should trade away guys with no MLB experience for a guy who already is a legit number 1 starter 3/4 of the mlb teams.

  17. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Jed Hoyer is overrated so therefore Mike Adams is not the best set up man in the league.

  18. Bob Michaels says:

    The Hell with Soriano send him back to the Ray`s , just pay his salary, it`s an expensive writeoff. Lesson learned Levine and Steinbrenner?

  19. Joba4Prez says:

    Someone here has to help me with the fascination of Rafael Soriano. What has this guy done as a Yankee? He was an unmitigated disaster that was giving up nearly 2 baserunners an inning when he was pitching. David Robertson has been the best relief pitcher in the AL and for some reason he is going to lose his job to a guy who had a 5 ERA in his 15 innings. Am I missing something here? Why do people think this is acceptable?

  20. tabbert says:

    This is how backwards peoples thinking is. They don’t want to trade away prospects ( whom have never played in MLB and are unproven) for a MLB pitcher who is apparently ” unproven” but yet they think that a team like the mariners or marlins would for some reason trade away the best player on their team whom are both proven aces for our unproven prospects. Seems a tad silly to me.

  21. Brian S. says:

    Good. If we trade a top prospect for a relief pitcher I’m going to not feel very good about it one bit.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      We’re not out of the woods until it’s a fact Levine won’t overrule Cashman and trades Jesus for Adams or Heath Bell straight up.

  22. Rahsaan says:

    The problem is..Everyone is short sighted and thinking about this year. I want the Yankees to be solid for the next decade. Sustained Excellence. Haven’t we learned our lesson from the previous decade that just because you throw money at guys or trade for these “vets” doesn’t guarantee you anything!!! I don’t understand the obsession with always looking outside the organization for help. We’ve finally have a farm system that is one of the top systems in baseball. Why then should we let all those fruits of labor walk to other teams in exchange for players that we find out later can’t handle the pressures of NY. What is wrong with the Yankees seeing what they have in terms of these young players. This franchise is not “title-starved” so there is some room for patience while the chips grow in the Bronx. Remember, the last dynasty was built from the farm and complimented with guys from outside the organization….

    • David, Jr. says:

      The model should be the Granderson trade. Give prospects that, while they certainly have value, are not what the Yankees view as core players, in return for somebody that fills a real need and is also young enough to contribute for a long time.

      Answering your next question, no, I wouldn’t give both Banuelos and Montero for Ubaldo. He meets part of it, being fairly young and filling a real need, but to me that is too much.

  23. Rahsaan says:

    And as far as the “unproven” status of the young guys….I give you a scenario: Colorado calls us and says…We’ll give you Jimenez. Give us your lefty Banuelos, your catcher Montero, and another arm..say..the Brackman. And lets say Jimemez gives us 5 good years, averages 17-18 wins a year. Between a 3.80-4.10 era, not phenomonal..but pretty good. Do you make the deal??

  24. Rahsaan says:

    And as far as the “unproven” status of the young guys….I give you a scenario: Colorado calls us and says…We’ll give you Jimenez. Give us your lefty Banuelos, your catcher Montero, and another arm..say..the Brackman. And lets say Jimemez gives us 5 good years, averages 17-18 wins a year. Between a 3.80-4.10 era, not phenomenal..but pretty good. Do you make the deal??

  25. Rahsaan says:

    Then imagine that it was 1995 and Colorado called and said, yeah, we’ll give you Jimenez. Just give us your lefty Pettitte, your catcher, Posada, and another arm…say…the Rivera kid. Would you still make that deal??? I mean, they were “unproven commodities in 1995 as well.

    • David, Jr. says:

      That doesn’t mean anything. Not going to look it up from 1995, but it could also be three Yankees that completely flopped, instead of three future Hall of Famers like you cite.

    • tabbert says:

      Yea and what if we could look back now and realize how bad AJ burnett was going to be. We would have never signed him. hind sight is 20/20. You cant make the basis of your argument with these outlandish scenario’s. Anyone could come up with any array of scenario’s to make their argument justified. The fact is, its a business and you have to take risk. Which way the yankees go is up in the air. But, i cant get mad at management if they decide to trade prospects for a MLB proven pitcher who would be the Ace of just about every MLB team except a handful. I might be wrong… and montero and the killer b’s could be future hall of famers. The thing is, we have no idea of knowing. My personal opinion, is that we take a risk and trade away some top prospects to get ubaldo though. Like i have posted before if we traded for ubaldo and signed CJ wilson after the season… we would have one of the best rotations in baseball.

  26. tabbert says:

    what if he becomes a top tier ace though? he has much more of a track record than anyone in our farm system. What if montero and the killer b’s are all bust and never pan out? its a two way road my friend.

  27. Rahsaan says:

    Jimenez has had ONE big year. ONE. That’s not enough of a “track record” to give up all that young talent. And there is the New York factor that has swallowed up better players than him. You know who else had ONE big year and the Yankees jumped all over him?? Today’s starter….You know what Jimenez numbers eerily resemble this year? Today’s starter. You know who else who they say has such electric stuff like Jimenez does?? Today’s starter. Do you REALLY want to go down that road again?

    • David, Jr. says:

      MAYBE. Depends upon price. He is about a 5 to 6 WAR guy, young with some upside, very friendly contract, better than many teams #1 starter.

  28. Rahsaan says:

    I don’t agree with Mike Francessa on most things but he made a valid point the other day. Why are the Colorado Rockies so willing to shop a guy like Jimenez who, has 2 years left on his deal after this year at a very club friendly price? Wouldn’t he be a guy that they would want under their control until they are at risk of losing him? Why all of a sudden they are willing to part with him and are asking for the moon for a guy that is 6-8 with a 4.00 ERA? Do the Rockies know something that nobody else knows??

  29. tabbert says:

    maybe because they are in the same division as the world champion giants and are worlds behind them in talent. If they could trade one guy to get 3-5 really young talented players why wouldn’t they explore that avenue?

  30. tabbert says:

    another thing your looking fast is the fact that are core is getting older. By the time montero and the killer b’s are all star material Jeter will be gone, arod will be 40, tex will be on the wrong side of 30, cano will be in his mid 30′s, swish will be gone, grandy will be in his mid 30′s, mo will be gone. So… were building this farm but who are they going to play with? Our main core will all either be gone or nearing retirement. If we want The core guys we have now to win another couple of titles were going to have to trade away pieces of the farm.

  31. Gumbs gum says:

    Tabbert, you’re off base. Name the last team to trade a 27 year old ace from a team without money problems with a favorable contract for prospects?

    There are personality issues connected to Jimenez that are not in the light.

    If the Yankees were truthful, Jeter would be hitting 8th, Posada would immediately be released and Montero DH againstt LHP.
    But since we have to honor their achievements for their past years, we are sacrificing 20111 to honor past deeds.

  32. tabbert says:

    I don’t care about his personality my friend. The yankees have signed numerous players with questionable character over the years. Hell, they had a entire roster full of steroid using players. That soriano guy they signed in the off season has major personality problems as well. Not everyone can be as nice and as lovable as swisher. The rockies would be foolish to part ways with their ace because of his personality. Its a business not a popularity contest.

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