Andruw Jones’ secret hitting coach


Even before last night’s third deck shot, Andruw Jones had gone from dud to legitimate force for the Yankees in the second half. I wrote about his improvement earlier this week, and as it turns out, the outfielder had some help with the turn around. “My mom called me and told me look at your old tape,” said Jones to Jack Curry. So he watched some old tape of him from last year (.364 wOBA overall, .402 vs. LHP) and widened his stance, which helped him feel more comfortable at the dish. Andruw’s mom is cool with me.

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  • Carlosologist

    Andruw’s mom for hitting coach!

  • Squishy Jello Person


    • JoshTFL


  • jon

    Larry Craig and Andrew Jones both love the wide stance

    • Johnny Nitro

      The lady sitting next to me thinks I’m crazy for LOL at the Larry Craig reference.

  • Cecala

    Did she talk to Jeter too?

  • Rainbow Connection

    Rice and beans?