2012 Draft: Astros will select first overall

Game 156: Rest
Rays blow out Yanks in game no one cares about

With some help from the Twins, the Astros have clinched the worst record in baseball this year. That means they’ll pick first overall in next June’s amateur draft, and unfortunately for the Houston faithful, there’s no clear cut top talent in this class. Stanford’s Mark Appel is the early favorite to go first overall, but he’s hardly Stephen Strasburg.

The Yankees, meanwhile, can still pick anywhere from 26th to 31st. In all likelihood, they’ll pick 30th overall for the second time in six years (there’s a compensation pick earlier in the round that pushes everything back one). They took Andrew Brackman with the 30th pick back in 2007. Of course that pick could be surrendered as compensation for signing a Type-A free agent, say C.J. Wilson. The Yankees are also guaranteed to have the 89th overall pick after failing to sign second rounder Sam Stafford this summer.

Game 156: Rest
Rays blow out Yanks in game no one cares about
  • Peter

    Does CC count as a Type- A if (when) he opts out?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa


      • JAG

        But he’s not really going anywhere anyway, so it’s kind of not relevant, wouldn’t you say?

        • Rookie

          How much of a drop off would it be for the Yankees, if any, if they lost CC and added Wilson and/or Darvish?

          How do you think CC’s WAR and WAR/year will compare to that of Wilson and Darvish? And how do you think his compensation will compare?

          (In the case of Darvish, of course, you have to factor in the payment to his team, the opportunity cost of money, the length of his contract, and the fact that the Yankees wouldn’t pay a 40% luxury tax, at least under the current bargaining agreement, on the payment to his team.)

  • MP

    How bout an extremely premature guess at who we take, Mike? Just so that if you happen to get it right you can brag…

  • MannyB ace2be

    Can you imagine if CC up and leaves. Devastating

  • MikeD

    When was the last time the A.L. has the #1 pick?

    Since it’s impossible to compare the records in the leagues, I still think it makes more sense to alternate teh #1 pick between leagues each year. The Washington Nats never should have been given the opportunity to snag both Strasburg and Harper, although granted both are unusual-level first rounders.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      2008, Rays took Tim Beckham. AL had the first pick 2006-2008