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There’s only a week (and three days) left in the regular season, and the Yankees need to start sorting out their starting pitching situation. Phil Hughes has already been pushed back because of back spasms, and before this afternoon’s game, Joe  Girardi announced the rotation for the upcoming series against the Rays…

Monday: A.J. Burnett (makeup game against the Twins)
Tuesday: Ivan Nova
Wednesday: Hughes and CC Sabathia (doubleheader)
Thursday: Bartolo Colon

It seems likely that the Yankees will have Sabathia start on three days rest next Sunday against the Red Sox, lining him up for Game One of the ALDS. I have to imagine that he’d be on a pitch count in that scenario, five innings or 80 pitches, something like that. Given how far along we are into the season, it sure seems like Colon is going to be the Game Two starter, doesn’t it? They could always flip him and Freddy Garcia, but it would take some work to get Nova lined up for that second game behind Sabathia.

Football Open Thread
Sunday Night Open Thread
  • Countryclub

    If nova pitches this Tuesday and then he pitches the Monday after CC, that lines him up for game 2 on regular rest.

  • Jetrer

    couldn’t Nova pitch Monday the 26th on 5 days rest, lining him up behind Sabathia for game 2 on normal rest?

  • Jose M. Vazquez..

    Things do not look so bright when Garcia and Colon both pitch lousy in their last few games. Unless CC and Nova (especially CC) pitch well the rest of the way we are in deep trouble. Also, Morrow must be auditioning for the Yankees because he is HallaLeeday against us. The problem with him is that he cannot beat anyone else. He never goes more than three or four innings against Boston.

  • john j

    is c.c pitching the first or second game of the double header?

    • Countryclub

      Hasn’t been decided yet according to Chad Jennings of Lohud blog

  • Monteroisdinero

    Today’s game was played to NOT PLAY MO. All great Yankee mile$tone$ of the modern era (other than a world series win) will happen at YS as proclaimed by the marketing department etc. Ca$h is king. As for the rotation-why is everyone so obsessed? CC will start game 1 and AJ won’t start at all. Everything else can be second guessed.

    Actually, I fear Joe will start AJ in the post season.

    • pat

      Today’s game was played to rest the infield because we have 5 games in 4 days starting tomorrow.

      • CS Yankee

        The regulars won’t all play both ends of the DH though.

        We have a AAA team tomorrow & then end in a brutal fashion. CC should be on a limited PC this Wednesday & (perhaps) Sunday.

        All is good, looks like the Tigers will be the #2 seed which if the Yankees play fairly well (the Tigger’s keep winning & Ranger’s lose a few) them Ranger’s would be our first round foes. Their lefties in our stadium should be fun.

        Them Rays will make it close and then the BoSox will become Yankee fans for a week which will be celebrated by the MSM as being smart. When the Yankees lose a few or rest a few, Bud will be told to make a call to the NYY. Hank or Randy will make a public rant and Proctor will be added to the PSR.

        • Mike Axisa

          Their lefties in our stadium should be fun.

          It should be. The Yankees crush lefties. Best OBP, SLG, OPS vs LHP, best record in baseball against lefty starters.

    • Mike Axisa

      They rested half the regulars today, will rest half the regulars tomorrow, and then will go full strength against the Rays.

      • Jerome S.

        Do you know that for sure?

        I’d be pretty fine with it.

        • Jesse

          It logically makes sense.

  • CMP

    The starting pitching is going down the shitter just in time for the playoffs. That’s usually not a recipe for success in the postseason.

    • Kevin

      Nope,we’ll be lucky to make it past the first round.

      • CS Yankee

        Well it is better to be lucky than good.


    • Jerome S.

      I disagree.

    • Kiersten

      Talk to Red Sox fans about starting pitching going “down the shitter”.

  • Yankee fan 4 life

    Have fath the Yankees are for real CC Nova and colon then Garcia well be fine don’t forget we got bats for days 28 time champs

  • Jesse

    I’m going to say this again, and I’ve said it for more than a month:
    My Prediction for the postseason rotation will look like this:

    1.CC Sabathia
    2.Ivan Nova
    3.Phil Hughes/Freddy Garcia
    4.Freddy Garcia/Phil Hughes

    Bullpen: Colon
    Off the roster: Burnett

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Colon does not go to the bullpen. Not at all.

      • Jesse

        Why not?

        • Cuso

          at least you know one person agrees

  • Monteroisdinero

    I guess we’ll see Romine catching 55 foot curveballs tomorrow.

  • Price73

    Cc starts 3 games in a 7 game series and nova 2 let colon and Garcia split the other 2 games

  • D-Rob’s Great Escape

    I posted this in the OT but I guess it makes more sense here.

    One thing I don’t understand in regards to the postseason rotation is why everyone talks about 4 starters in the first round. The last 2 years the Yanks have only planned on using 3 (I know they swept but they were going back to CC in G4 and Andy in G5 if they had to last year it was already planned).

    This year is no different G1 is on the 30th and G4 is on the 4th, G2 is on the 1st and G5 is on the 6th so that would lead me to believe whoever the Yanks think are their best 2 starters will definetly pitch 4 of the 5 and whoever is their 3rd guy will only be used in G3.

  • Now Batting

    I’d like to have CC pitch on 4 days rest at least one start before game 1. It’s been how long since he’s done it? Not sure how “routine” it will feel to him.