• vinny-b

    am fine with Tim McCarver, and were fine with Joe Morgan.

    however, far as football, Dan Dierdork is officially the most annoying/overbearing announcer of all-time.


  • vinny-b

    edit: next to Ken Hawk Harrelson

  • Plinko Chips

    Cam Newton is not all hype i suppose now?

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

      Week 1: Best Qb evahhhhh
      Week 2: Worst Qb evahhhh

    • SDM

      432 yards….as he continues to gain experience (rookie errors of trying to force passes when there were none)he is gonna be scary; Mike Vick 2010 kind of good

  • Ivan

    Wow back to back games of the Chiefs getting crushed. I mean I knew coming into the season they werent gonna be that good but yikes.

    And oh y the way, I been telling guys that the Lions will win the division this season as my bold prediction. If Stafford’s healthy, the Lions can score with the best of them and their defense is vastly improve.