Nova to have MRI on tight forearm

That's all she wrote: Tigers bounce Yanks from ALDS
Season Over: Tigers knock Yanks out of ALDS

Ivan Nova left Game Five with tightness in his right forearm tonight, and the team announced after the game that he will undergo an MRI tomorrow. I dunno if it’s something that popped up during the game, but I sure hope it wasn’t bothering him beforehand and he tried to pitch through it anyway. Forearm tightness is a common precursor to Tommy John surgery, but there’s no point in worrying about that now. Let’s see what the MRI says before freaking out.

If you want to talk about the game or how awful the Yankees are, do it here. This thread is about Nova and his forearm. Thanks.

That's all she wrote: Tigers bounce Yanks from ALDS
Season Over: Tigers knock Yanks out of ALDS
  • Asha Greyjoy

    Oh dear g-d, I really hope it’s not anything serious. Nova was so awesome this season I have high hopes for him next season =(

  • Thomas Cassidy

    If Nova is hurt, we can kiss next year good bye, too.

    • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

      Just like we kissed this year good bye when we didn’t get Lee and Pettitte retired?

      • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

        that was not very well worded…

        • Stan the Man

          Forearm strain isn’t a good sign at all and with it being October already if it is Tommy John than Nova will miss all of next year as well. Not good considering CC could opt out and the best option is CJ Wilson on the free agent market.

    • CUYanks

      Haha. Arod missed half the season and we finished with the best record in the A.L. One player does not a season make.

      • Thomas Cassidy

        Nova had more value to the Yankees then A-Rod.


        They’re done. 85 wins MAX.

        • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

          Could you wait and see what the MRI says before jumping off the cliff?

        • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

          Also they won 99 games this year with basically that rotation.

          • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

            wasn’t finished typing – seeing as Noesi would probably put up more or less Nova numbers.

            • Gonzo

              I’ll be the first to say it. Noesi pitched 81 innings this year. After what happened with Hughes, you ok with doubling his innings pitched year over year?

        • Mike Axisa


        • Frigidevil

          Because that’s gonna be our rotation next year

        • Stan the Man

          Since the Yanks won 95+ games with Kevin Brown, John Lieber, and Javy Vasquez they can win 95+ with the line up you suggest…also they will make moves to sure the rotation and we probably won’t see Colon and Garcia back next year, one maybe, but I don’t see them going w/the 2 of them again next year.

    • SMK

      No, it just means we get to see more of his doppelganger, Hector Noesi.

      But, hopefully like Rich in NJ says below, he’s fine.

  • SMK

    “Let’s see what the MRI says before freaking out.”

    Too late.

  • Rich in NJ

    He’s probably fine.

  • Cuso

    MRI on forearm?

    BFD. Is anyone really worried about him being ready in March?

    It’s a forearm, not an elbow, not a shoulder. He’s fine.

    • The Devil is in the Details

      “Forearm tightness is a common precursor to Tommy John surgery”

    • Mike Axisa

      Forearm tightness is a symptom, not a cause. It’s like saying he has a runny nose without knowing if it’s just a cold or pneumonia.

  • CUYanks

    If he’s really injured maybe we can trade him to the Indians for their best prospects.

    • Kibbitty

      I LOL’d

  • Jack Bauer is dead

    That’s unfortunate if he has to have Tommy John. Didn’t know it happened that quickly.

    In any case, I feel like this was a “Phil Hughes 2010” year for him anyway. It was spectacular, and it was great, but I can’t see 16-4 (or whatever it was) happening again. If he does the same next year, then he truly will be something special.

  • SevenAces

    Hope things are okay with Nova.

  • Jesus Freak

    Doncha think this was a made up excuse for pulling him after 2 because they didn’t have confidence in him.

    It’s like Girardi denying he had any words with AJ in the locker room during the Minnesota game, saying he went in to club house to look at the video.

    • http://RAB Nuke LaDoosh

      I thought it was at the time (during the game), but sending him for an MRI kind of changes that.

  • Kevin

    I don’t think you would make up an excuse like that.

  • Timmy Hands

    Nova’s forearm is a concern ONLY if the MRI comes up bad. If not, it’s not. Since we really don’t know anything at this point, speculating is just going to be self-serving.

    I’d like to think that he was telling the truth about it not popping up until the 2nd. I know the kid has guts, but this was just too big a game. It’s not May.

    If Nova is indeed ok, and if, IF CC stays, I’d really be surprised if CJ Wilson, provided he doesn’t melt down anymore this PS, doesn’t garner some serious interest from New York. While I don’t love the idea of 2 lefties back to back in the rotation, another lefty, a pretty good one, would be nice.


    Not bad.

  • Jonathan

    I distinctly remember Mo and Pettitte (his second tour of duty) dealing with this exact issue and having no lingering effects. Mike is definitely right and it’s a precursor to TMJ but we don’t know anything yet. That would definitely explain the performance tonight. He was AWFUL. All the breaking stuff was just spinning or backing up. The fastball was like 91 and all over the place. It’s hard to believe to miserable pitches that ended up as HRs were the only non lucky runs the Tigers would get all game. Jackson’s shattered dink for a double and VMart’s single later would obviously be the other. Just wasn’t our night. Robbie lined out twice and Jackson’s broken bat is a double. Martin shattered his bat on a “line” toward third too but it was just an out. Just BABIP bad luck.

    I really hope Nova is okay as I genuinely think he has another step or two to take and I don’t see this as his lucky ceiling. Plenty of guys had trouble striking guys out to start their career and learned how. It’s absolutely an art. At times he flashed a mid 90s sinker with a plus curve and plus slider. If he can refine the offspeed pitches he can easily become a #2 for us. It’s crazy to think that I rationalized the two jacks he gave up in the first with the fact that we would surely score well more than 2 runs. How wrong was I..Get better soon SuperNova…Just don’t hurt your foot running the bases in Houston.

  • Mike

    I hope the Yanks don’t exercise Swishers option. What a complete waste in the playoffs.

    • http://RAB Nuke LaDoosh

      If the market doesn’t develop for Pujols (he prices himself out of the market for all but 1 or 2 teams) and he agrees to play RF, maybe the Yanks would jump in.

      • Mike

        besides Albert ( which is far fetched ) do you know of any other viable RF’ers that will be free agents.

        • http://RAB Nuke LaDoosh

          Bobby Abreu LAA *
          Rick Ankiel WAS
          Carlos Beltran NYM
          Milton Bradley SEA
          Pat Burrell SF
          Mike Cameron BOS
          Coco Crisp OAK
          Michael Cuddyer MIN
          Jack Cust SEA
          Johnny Damon TB
          David DeJesus OAK
          J.D. Drew BOS
          Kosuke Fukudome CHC
          Jonny Gomes CIN
          Gabe Gross OAK
          Vladimir Guerrero BAL
          Scott Hairston NYM
          Willie Harris NYM
          Raul Ibanez PHI
          Conor Jackson OAK
          Andruw Jones NYY
          Austin Kearns CLE
          Jason Kubel MIN
          Ryan Ludwick SD
          Hideki Matsui OAK
          Nate McLouth ATL *
          Jason Michaels HOU
          Laynce Nix WAS
          Magglio Ordonez DET
          Juan Pierre CWS
          Juan Rivera TOR
          Cody Ross SF
          Grady Sizemore CLE *
          Matt Stairs WAS
          Nick Swisher NYY *
          Marcus Thames LAD
          Josh Willingham OAK

          * 2012 Option

          • Mike

            Thanks !
            Beltran and Cuddyer are two i wouldn’t mind seeing.

            How3ever i can see the yanks going one more year with Swish.

          • Yank The Frank

            I don’t see anyone on this list that I’d rather have to Swish.

          • jsbrendog

            nick swisher is the only one on this list i want starting in rf for the ny yankees

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    Since this is all about Nova. Lets wait for the MRI. Mo has dealt forearm tightness. Hopefully a little rest after a long season of testing his arm will be the simple cure.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    Let’s hope it’s nothing serious, we’re really going need Nova next year.

  • crawdaddie

    A lot of pitchers have dealt with forearm tightness without having to get TJS.

  • RJ

    It could be a very poorly timed innings max out issue, I dont know the numbers but I would have to think Ivan before last nights start was a good 30IP over his previous max and still young, still learning the snap off on his breaking pitches. or maybe I am just being overly optimistic.

    As for Fred and Bart …. I think at the right price you bring them back, both proved they can handle the season (Bart to a lessor extent). If you buy in to AJ figuring it out, and Hughes being back, and Nova being OK.. wow thats alot to bank on… you still need a 5th starter, and lets be honest a 6th and 7th as well. double headers, skip this guy for this reason. I’d like to have Freddy and Bart back as 5th / 6th&Bullpen …. I’d think a rest Bart could take on an Aceves type roll.

    • CS Yankee

      I was thinking that Nova was about the same workload as last year. The Freddy & Bart show might return, hopefully Phil returns with his heater and a legit third pitch.

      The AAA options look solid with a few that could stick with a Noesi or one of the B’s. Wilson will be over 50M and I’m thinking that’ll be too much, I’m sure Cole Hamels will cost 100-120M by the time he hits the market. If CC opts out to get more coin, that’ll be interesting.

    • Mike K

      Majors plus minors he threw 187IP last year. This year 189.2 (that includes the playoffs). IDK how much more stressful ML innings are the minor league innings, but I don’t think that much more. Most likely just normal soreness a pitcher goes through during a year, at a bad time.

  • Bronx Byte

    Thanks for the memories Jorge. Take some time off and realize that there will always be a place in the Yankee organization in some capacity.

  • China Joe

    Nova’s development will be huge for them in 2012…people like to bitch about his peripherals, but he pitched to a 3.49 FIP in the second half after he tweaked his arsenal. I don’t think anyone would complain about a full season of 3.5 FIP and good groundball rates.

  • Monteroisdinero

    Hoping Nova won’t need surgery for anything. Love the guy. if Hughes can work on an effective changeup and CC comes back I think we will be fine.

    CC will come back.

  • JohnC

    Anytime you hear ‘forearm tightness’ you get a little nervous about ligament damage. lets wait for the MRI. Assuming its nothing serious, Nova will be at least our number 3 starter next year. Hughes needs to get on a strength and conditioning program this offseason. I know alot of people will say he should be in the pen, but his arm would be wasted out there. They need him to be a starter. I expect them to make a huge bid for Darvish, or maybe CC Wilson. I beleive CC will be back. The only one on that list I like more than Swisher is Jason Kubel, but I don’t see the Twins letting him go. He’d be great in YS though.

  • Bob Michaels

    Too bad K-Rod has that long term no trade deal.