Sabathia plans to opt out of contract; Yankees have made offer


Via Jon Heyman and David Waldstein, CC Sabathia plans to opt out of the final four years and $92M of his contract before Monday’s midnight deadline. The Yankees have made their ace left-hander a new contract offer, but he plans on at least looking around to see what the market has to offer. We heard last week that the team was okay with a five- or six-year deal, but not anything more than that. All we do now is wait.

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  • http://twitter.com/#!/AngeloInNY Angelo

    And the Hot Stove season begins.

  • mbonzo

    He said he wouldn’t, LIAR!

    Not the worst news for the Yankees. Now it looks more realistic for them to target guys like Wilson, Darvish, Buehrle and raise the prices for other teams. Also, if the Yankees end up signing a #2 on the market, they can bluff Sabathia’s contract down. Assuming he was telling the truth about wanting to stay in New York, he would have less leverage if they already have the bid out for Darvish.

    • Avi

      If the Yanks had five Roy Halladay’s it wouldn’t lower CC’s price by a dollar. Assuming he resigns with the Yanks his new contract will be dictated by what he can get from any other single team.

    • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

      Yanks won’t be able to sign ANYONE until CC is resolved.

  • cc lied

    cc lied..

  • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

    Offer him a 5 year deal. 6 may be too much.

    • BK2ATL

      Bad idea.

      Can’t do that now. Already offered a less accomplished pitcher (Lee) more years and money. CC delivered a WS title to us as our ace, plus 3 straight Cy Young-candidate years in a row. We got everything that we paid for out of him.

      If the Yanks were to offer that only, I wouldn’t blame CC for walking away. He could step right into Texas’ or Toronto’s rotation and be a nightmare for opposing teams and on younger teams. Then, we’d regress to 2008 status, with no true ace.

      Either way, I don’t think we’d let him go without a fight, as there’s no starter in the 2012 FA class that could step in and fill his staff stewardship. I don’t think he’s leaving NYC, as his commitment to his family was for more than 3 years. There’d be hell in that household, but….they’d get their 6 guaranteed years and $150 million and a shot at another WS or two.

      Lesson to be learned: No more player options.

      • Brian S.

        Funny that you mention 2008 because our pitching rotation was top notch that year, it was the offense that sucked. Mussina-Pettitte-Wang-Joba was top notch, it’s really too bad that we couldn’t stay healthy.

        • 7commerce

          Wang down after June 15 & Andy & Joba slowed w/ arm woes–but hitting
          down a u write.

      • 7commerce

        Oddly, CC’s bride said Cashman brought the option to the table–brilliant, if true.

      • 7commerce

        Oddly, CC’s bride said opt out option was Cashman’s idea–hmmm…

  • Brian D

    Wnen Scott Boras is your agent, it’s hard not to opt-out and look for a better deal. CC wants to stay in New York and I certainly think he will. May just take a couple weeks before it is official again.

    I say he gets a 5 year deal with an option for a 6th.

    • Billion$Bullpen

      Wait Scott Boras is CC’s agent? Huh?

    • S

      Boras isn’t his agent

  • Billion$Bullpen

    I would let him walk and use the resources elsewhere. That is too much money and too many years to tie up in one pitcher with that many innings on his arm. And as much as people tend to overdo the weight issue, it is an issue.

    Save the $ for Yu this year and Hamels next year.

    • Tom Swift

      At some point, this has to be the smarter play. I would draw the line at 6 yrs.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    I know CC has earned the rite to opt. out. To see if there is any offer that maybe more appealing than NY and the Yankee offer. I don’t know who are for what amount would be the key to go somewhere else. I hope the Yankees have made a thoughtful offer based on their need and his value but stay away from the Arod type contract.

    This is our society but how much should any person be paid to pitch in the major league’s. If 5 or 6 years at roughly 24/25 million is not enough. Adios CC is was fun while it lasted. How much time do the Yanks give him to sign when it may become insulting to the Yankees?

    • Billion$Bullpen

      I think this opt out is insulting. The opt out was put in for the purpose that if he did not living / playing in NY and for the NYY he could go elsewhere, so if he opts out I think that is fine but we should tell him peace out. One player does not make our break a MLB team even if it is an ace. 4 years is enough, if they offered him 5 before the opt out and he wants more let him get more from somebody else even if it is the Red Sox.

      • Tom O

        You sure you wouldn’t feel different when the Yankees are 1-8 against the Sox next year and CC has 4 wins against them while the Yankees keep losing due to their weak 5th starter Tim Wakefield’s?

        • cc lied

          and cc chokes in playoffs? no i wouldnt care.

        • Billion$Bullpen

          If the Red Sox win the next two World Series with CC on their staff I would not feel differently. CC and the people he has hired to do his business misrepresented why they needed an opt out if they are going to trigger it now.

          But lets forget about all that. From a biz standpoint it is not good biz to give guys deals that go over 4 or 5 years. We just got great value on a 4 year deal. Let somebody else over pay in dollars and years for 6 or 7 years of the end of his career which will be most likely filled with injury and mediocre pitching towards the later years.

          I would rather take a gamble on Yu and whatever this up coming seasons risk / reward types are and save the extra money for Cole H. when he leaves Philly after next year. I actually talked to him for a bit at Sesame Place two days after the Phils flamed out and he did not seem against the idea when I brought it up. I also found it odd that almost nobody had any idea who he was when he was standing in a line for over a half hour 20 mins from where the Phils play.

      • vinny-b

        exactly. I like how EVERYONE forgets this.

        it violates the spirit of the contract. And he knows it.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/KChinmaster KenC

    He lied!!!Oh wells, give him a 5 year contract. Don’t go over that. If he truly says he enjoys NY and does not want to go anywhere else, then he will agree to that. If not, spend some of the money you were suppose to use to resign him and spend it on Darvish and next year for either Cain/Hamels and Matt Kemp

  • UYF1950

    I just hope that whatever the outcome the Yankees don’t sit on their thumbs and wait and wait and wait some more for an answer like they did with Lee. Make him an offer make him your best offer and if it’s not good enough or their isn’t a response is a very reasonable move on. If he truly wants to play and stay in NY then the Yankees best offer should be good enough for him. If not offer him arbitration take the draft choice from whichever team signs him and go “balls to the wall” to sign someone else or trade for someone else. That’s just my opinion.

  • Avi

    Anyone have the link to the video where he said he wouldn’t opt out? I’m pretty sure it was at a Knicks game last winter.

    • http://www.twitter.com/steveh_mandaura Steve H.

      Yet nobody believed it at the time. There was a pretty much zero chance he wasn’t going to opt-out.

      • Avi

        I agree. Still pissed he said it. Why say you’re not going to opt out and then opt out?

        • Zack D

          Because he didn’t want to be asked the same question for 6the months

          • http://www.twitter.com/steveh_mandaura Steve H.


          • cc lied

            fuck him i wish he gets hurt and signs 1 year+vesting option. fking scumbag.

            • The Big City of Dreams

              That’s taking it far

              • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

                Don’t feed the trolls.

                • The Big City of Dreams

                  It’s hard not too.

            • JobaTheHeat62


  • http://www.twitter.com/steveh_mandaura Steve H.

    Not only does it make sense for CC to opt-out, but it makes a ton of sense for the players union that he ops out. It was, and is, a no-brainer regardless of how much he does or does not want to stay.

    • vinny-b

      the union has helped destroy this game. Don’t know why you can’t see that fact.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

        The union has done more to improve baseball than anything else over the last hundred years. That’s the fact, not your delusions.

  • DI

    Let him walk and reinvest our resources. No reason to be a slave to one man.

    • http://www.twitter.com/steveh_mandaura Steve H.

      Yes, the Yankees and their $200 million payroll being held up by one man. Which one though? Jeter, A-Rod, Tex?

      • DI

        I meant in the context of this offseason. I do not want to see Sabathia back if it means hurting our flexibility this offseason, which it will.

        That said, I expect him to re-sign, after much drama.

        • Pat D

          Flexibility for what, might I ask you?

          It’s not going to add a lot onto what he was going to make already.

  • bonestock94

    I was really hoping they could extend him and avoid the inevitable circus. Oh well.

  • BigBlueAL

    For those people saying save the money by letting CC go and spend it elsewhere, spend it on what??

    Of course CC is going to opt-out, look at the SP free-agent market this winter. Its a no-brainer for him to opt-out and for the Yankees to do whatever it takes to keep him.

    • DI

      Sign up C.J. Wilson and Roy Oswalt. Alternatively, maneuver things around and make a run for Prince Fielder or even Albert Pujols. If the Yankees re-sign Sabathia, they’re probably just re-signing Sabathia (probably for around eight years) and then some scrub to DH platoon (or Posada god forbid might come back).

      • DI

        Forgot about Yu Darvish too. Bringing back CC means absolutely no Darvish.

        • The Big City of Dreams

          How can you be so sure about that?

        • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

          That could not be farther from the truth.

      • BigBlueAL

        So instead of giving a huge contract to CC who fills the Yankees #1 need which is SP you want to give a huge contract to sign another 1B?? Your plan would cost the Yankees a helluva lot more money than just re-signing CC.

        Good plan.

        • Tom O

          And no offense to DI, but I think the OP meant reasonable suggstions. Despite the fact that signing Pujols and letting CC walk just means you’ll have another amazing offense with a medicocre, possibly bad, pitching staff, there’s nowhere to put Pujols. Sure, he’d be a great first baseman, but what do you do with Tex? No matter what anyone says, you can’t trade him, and I seriously doubt he or Pujols is a viable everyday thirdbaseman or outfielder. I have yet to hear a suggestion for signing Pujols or Fielder that is remotely realistic, except maybe to put Fielder at DH, and ignore/trade Montero, which still ignores the pitching need. Even if you trade Montero for a starter, you’d still have one ‘ace’ with 4 question marks behind him, and you can’t even go after free agent pitchers because you gave all your money to Pujols/Fielder.

      • cc lied

        oswalt sucks bro

      • Pat D

        This plan is borderline insanity.

        • Tom O

          That plan is perfect(in MLB2k11)!

          • Pat D

            Of course! I forgot that video games trump all else.

      • Reg

        If they sign cj Wilson then my iPhone is going through my window

        • Victor

          I agree!

  • I

    I said this before, CC is a phony, just like A-rod. When he tweet how much he love NY and play the FAMILY card, I already 100% believe he will opt out.

    Well, it’s cashman’s turn now. Let’s see does he really learn something from A-rod’s contract mistake or he will just use the “market value” “we can’t lose him!!” “this time is different!!” bla bla excuse?

    • mike c

      a phony? give me a break… the yankees committed to giving him an opt-out, so he has the right to use it. save the phony comments unless he decides to sign with another team

      • BK2ATL

        Apparently, some people don’t understand capitalizing on business opportunities when they appear.

        The Yanks AGREED to this opt-out clause after 3 years. CC signed it. After 3 stellar seasons, why shouldn’t he choose to exercise the power that he got from signing that contract 3 years ago??? Only a complete fool wouldn’t.

        I don’t think he’s going anywhere, but sometimes it’s good to know how others value your services. I think he re-signs fairly early and allows us time to explore the Darvish hunt.

        • I

          Of course he has the RIGHT to opt out, that’s why he deserved an A-rod’s treatment as well.

          Also, I said “HE IS A PHONY” is nothing to do with he opt out.

          • BK2ATL

            Yeah, a phony who has provided the Yanks with their first true “ace” in many seasons. 3 Cy Young-candidate years in a a row pitching in the AL East? That’s phony???

            He’s delivered EXACTLY what he was supposed to. Why shouldn’t he exercise his contractual right???

            But to you, he’s a phony. If AJ fucking Burnett, Joba Chamberlain, and Phil Hughes amounted to a hill of beans, the Yanks wouldn’t be bent over a barrel. So now, who’s the phony?

            • The Big City of Dreams

              If AJ fucking Burnett, Joba Chamberlain, and Phil Hughes amounted to a hill of beans, the Yanks wouldn’t be bent over a barrel


              That’s true if the rotation was in better shape I don’t think the reaction would be this intense. The Yankees wouldn’t be desperate.

            • I


              I think you are that kind of parents who believe children have great school test DEFINITELY won’t do bad thing…

              Do you?

    • cc lied

      100% agree bro

  • Tom O

    Another thought for those saying let him walk, did you also oppose signing cliff lee to a six year deal last year? Anyone who did because they think so long a contract might well feel the same way about CC, but I imagine a lot of fans would be in favor of signing Sabathia if he had just opted out of his contract with the Blue Jays, but the fact that he is opting out of his deal with the Yankees is leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

    • Tom O

      ….think so long a contract is a bad idea…. that should read.

    • cc lied

      hes a liar and a choker. let him walk.

    • Billion$Bullpen

      I did not oppose the Cliff Lee deal for this reason: We had CC signed and it was about winning it all in 2011. Without that other ace I am good to use this as a rebuilding year if need be, and our rebuilding year could still net us a post season spot. I also did not jump off a bridge when Cliff went to Philly, I also did not think it was a bad idea for Cliff to do so, actually it was pretty smart.

  • This Year

    Guess he really, really loves NY, but not if he can get more than 2m MORE than he is getting now. He is offered 150m over 6 and he still opts out? Eff him. Let’s go another direction. I am so sick of these effing phonies. It is never enough. Never. Screw him. Let’s see Betances, Manban and the rest of the kiddy corps. Sick of this crap.

    • mike c

      yeah, let’s stick it to CC and become a much worse team next year. the only phonies are the fans who are throwing that word around anyway

      • cc lied

        yes they are phonies b.c they have different opinions than you. fuck you

  • Kevin

    I was glad we didn’t get Cliff Lee at six years..and if CC wants more than that..hit the road.

  • cc lied

    cc will sign with w.e his butt buddy prince fielder signs with and for less money. you heard here first.

    • Pat D

      Is that you, special kid?

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

        Of course it is.

        • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

          Ban him.

          • Billion$Bullpen

            No way. Too much unintentional comedy going on here.

  • the Oberamtmann

    Any chance the Yankees do what they didn’t with A-Rod, wait and see what offers CC gets elsewhere and then offer him a still-highest-paying but overall lower value contract than what Cashman already offered?

  • cc lied

    cash will offer the most money and cc will accept lesser money to play with his butt buddy fielder. then for the 2nd year in a row the yankees are left with :O face. like fking dicks. i hope this doesnt happen so im asking cash not to offer him JACKSHIT. FUCK YOU CC!!!!!!!!!!

  • mustang

    Maybe he is tired of NY?

    People bring up his weight, the six men rotation this year, etc. regardless he comes off a bit like a phony by opt. out. It would be great to have him but life goes on.

    C. Carpenter
    J. Garcia
    K. Lohse
    E. Jackson
    R. Halladay
    C. Lee
    C. Hamels
    R. Oswalt

    One rotation won the WS the other didn’t make it out of the first round.

    • BigBlueAL

      W/o CC the Yankees wouldnt have a SP anywhere near as good as Carpenter and Garcia.

      • I


        Do you know how many fans on this site, bitch Carpenter is aged, injured, not an Ace anymore… before this season?

    • I

      I laughed very hard last year when GM and yankees fans want Lee so much as if we get him we will WIN EVERY YEAR, kind of like we got A-rod in 04′ hun?

      They still don’t understand when St. Louis win this year.

      • mustang

        Exactly! How many people predicted what Colon and Garcia did this season.
        I think with the Yankees resources even if they lose CC they can still end up with a good enough rotation to make the playoff next year.

    • mustang

      Sorrt meant for here.
      Maybe they find someone else some other way. If I learn anything from this season it was that predicting baseball ridiculously stupid especially in the playoffs.

  • Bubba

    I am shocked that anyone is surprised by this turn of events. The Yankees gave CC the opt out and the only way it was not going to be utilized is if CC was injured or Lackey’ed. Offer him a 5/125 with a relatively attainable vesting option for sixth year. If six years is what it is going to take offer 6/147. If the market goes to seven years say thank you for your service and walk away. While negotiating with CC, negotiate with all the other targets as well. If the other targets hit first, CC and the Yankees both lose but I feel that this would hurt CC far more than the Yankees.

    • I

      I’m not surprised(he opt out).

      I was surprised how so many Yankees fans didn’t know CC is a phony, even still think he opt out because it’s his “obligation” to do this.


  • mustang

    Maybe they find someone else some other way. If I learn anything from this season it was that predicting baseball ridiculously stupid especially in the playoffs.

  • OMGBagels!

    When Amber Sabathia got CC’s name and number tattoo last week she tweeted, “If he changes his number, I’ll kill him!” It’s like reading tea leaves but I thought that meant he would opt out. The thing is that Amber has to like wherever. Maybe Texas but Toronto? I doubt it.

    I don’t know what CC is going to “look around” about. He knows the other teams that would have him, he knows what those cities are and he knows that the Yankees will match any offer anywhere. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for him to move unless he just wants a change of scenery. I don’t know why he would though. I thought he would only go if he could go home to NorCal, not to pull up roots and move his family again.

  • Tom O


  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    CC will be back in pinstripes next year. The opt out is just business and anyone would do it.

    • mustang

      You mean just greed.

      If he is happy were he is at and received a reasonable raise from the Yankees then what’s the need?

      Oh I forgot it’s his “obligation” I guess to the union funny how Mr. Lee didn’t feel the same “obligation”.

      • Non-CC Hater

        You guys ever think maybe its not just about the money? It’s been said he likes it in New York, well if that’s true maybe he just wants a longer deal because he doesn’t want to leave in 4 years when his deal is done. Isn’t that just like every person? We find a job we like and have the chance to stay there even longer, I think everyone is going to do the same thing that he is now.

        • I

          lol….You are not seriously…do you?

          You are those people who believe the story, A-rod really really want to play for the NY, so he was pissed how Boras didn’t asked him but opt out arbitrarily then fired his agent….right?

        • I

          I really hope CC can get A-rod treatment this off-season, so those A-rod LOVER/fanboys/defender…. what-soever can stop pointing fingers at innocent player (the real good person)

          Why not just accept the true? People dislike phony ….that’s it, plain and simple.

  • I

    Alright, let’s stop arguing.

    How can you arguing with people when they think CC HAS to opt out because it’s his “obligation” to do this?

    obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation, …….

  • hogsmog

    CC said that he didn’t break my priceless and extremely valuable vase standing on a stylized Greek pedestal in the middle of my living room. Little does he know, I caught him on camera throwing a bowling ball into it. That lying scumbag ALL HE DOES IS LIE THESE DAY JEEEZ.

  • Frank

    Let him go for that money. Dude had meniscus tear surgery a few times. He’s done.

  • Frank

    Let him go for that money. Dude had meniscus tear surgery a few times. He’s done.

  • http://none Frank Ooc

    Let him go for that money. Dude had meniscus tear surgery a few times. He’s done. His knee is shot.

  • http://none Frank

    Let him go for that money. Dude had meniscus tear surgery a few times. He’s done. His knee is shot.

  • Pete

    Let him walk

  • Chalker

    I do not like the idea that CC wants to opt out and look around to see what is out there. He has wanted to go to the west coast and I have a feeling if the Giants have the Money they may take him.

    • gargoyle

      I hope he signs elsewhere.

    • Sarah

      The Giants do not need starting pitching, so it seems unlikely he ends up there.

      CC will still be a Yankee in 2012. It’s going to cost a mint, but such is life.

  • Dino Velvet


    • http://none Frank

      Of course

  • Carl LaFong

    CC opting out is imo a blessing in disguise. The odds are he wouldn’t even have finished the remaining four years on his deal w/out a major breakdown. Thanks for the three years he gave us, & I wish him all the best elsewhere. Now, can we develop & deal for some young legit starting pitching?

    • meaty balls

      so whos the ace gunna be?

  • BigLovin

    Let him walk. I understand this is 2011 and the owners are making 10x as much as the players but where is the loyalty anymore? The way Jered Weaver handled his extension just turns me off to the way CC is behaving. The Yankees gave him the largest contract for a pitcher ever….the opt-out was included so CC had a way to get out if he didn’t feel comfortable in NY. I understand this is strictly a business move but are we that far removed from the days of a gentlemen handshake?

    WS titles are great and all but as a fan of baseball I can do without these pampered superstars. I would rather watch some young guns who are hungry for a chance to prove themselves out there and even some old vets willing to take a role position for one last shot at glory.

    That is what the late 90′s team was built on and oh did Yankee stadium used to rock back then.

    • mustang

      ” The way Jered Weaver handled his extension just turns me off to the way CC is behaving.”

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • Jumpin Jack Swisher (Jorge)

    CC is the best starting pitcher the Yanks have had in more than a decade. I understand the frustration, but the team must do everything possible to keep him. I’d go seven years. I’d make him the highest paid pitcher, and then some. He is more than worth it.

    • BigBlueAL

      Id say he is and has been the best Yankees SP since Ron Guidry.

  • mustang

    Has anyone done the math?

    CC sign for 7 years at 161 and has made 63,857,142 of that contract.

    Lets just say the Yankees offer is 5 years 130 so the final bill for CC is 8 years 193,857,142!

    That’s more then they paid for Mark Teixeira!

    That’s just sick $$$$ for someone who plays every 5 days.

    What the hell is Cano going to ask for?

    • mustang

      Jeter- Career to date (may be incomplete) $220,159,364 Does not include future salaries

      Just to put it into perspective.

  • Count Zero

    I have no problem going as high as $160MM over 6 years. He’s a proven horse, and he will only be 37 at the end of that. Guys with size like him often pitch well till about that age. Smooth, easy delivery — left handed.

    But if it’s going to take 7 years and something like $175MM+, I think that’s the point at which I draw the line and say: “Hey — it was great having you here. Good luck in wherever.” I know it’s only one more year and $15MM, but the line has to be drawn somewhere.

    Oh and BTW, I was one of those people who didn’t want that deal for Lee last year on the same grounds. I think they should go after Darvish regardless of what happens with CC.

  • Pete

    I agree. We need Darvish.. Screw CC. Thanks for your 3 years.

  • Mr Moss

    CC opting out to sign with KFC

  • craig

    I have no problem with CC opting out, as it makes business sense. The thing that bothers/concerns me is the “going to see what is out there” statement. If you want to be with the Yankees, you opt out and sign the extension they offered. There is no need to look around. if he is going to look around, then maybe he doesn’t want to be here.

    part of me also feels that the Yankees are using this as their out with him. A 6 year deal would bring this to a 9 year contract and they never wanted that. This way, they got the 3 best/youngest years from CC and move on. I don’t think that some combination of CJ/Darvish/Danks/etc is matching CC directly, but it would be cheaper, since the Yankees will need another starter after CC if he stays.

    I look at the payroll and I have trouble seeing how they add a couple of million to CC, then add another starter and then have to deal with Robbie and right field in the near-future without the payroll going too high (I know, it’s the Yankees, but they aren’t going to have a $240 million payroll).

    I am just not sure where this ends up any more and I thought I did. CC testing the market, to me, is a sign that he is not going to be back. Wanting to stay and looking around are different things and CC is showing that now.

  • craig

    I also forgot, the large number of big ticket FA’s potentially on the market after 2012 (Hamels and Kemp, especially). I don’t see how the Yankees can add a ton of payroll. They have to lose somebody…CC, Robbie???

    And the other side is, of course, it’s Mo’s last year, so they have to go all-out for it.

  • Mike

    Good riddance CC. Let Darvish go to the Red Sucks or Detroit.

  • OMGBagels!

    CC tweeted that his account was back up and what did he miss?

    Oh, I don’t know, lots of people calling you names you probably haven’t heard before. Well, not as applied to you.