Snowy Sunday Open Thread

Sabathia plans to opt out of contract; Yankees have made offer
The bigger, badder RAB

Man, the first baseball-less Sunday since like, February. The snowstorm just makes it worse too, it’s like a cold slap in the face reminder that summer is over and baseball is four months away, and that’s just Spring Training. Anyway, the late football game is the Cowboys at the Eagles (8:20pm ET on NBC), and none of the local hockey teams are in action. You can talk about that or anything else your heart desires right here.

Discussion Topic: What do you miss most about the Old Yankee Stadium?

Sabathia plans to opt out of contract; Yankees have made offer
The bigger, badder RAB
  • Matt

    It’s 60 and sunny here in Louisville, KY.
    -Sincerely a Southern Yankees fan

  • Brian S.

    The noise from the old stadium was better. It’s too quiet in the new one.

  • Jesse

    The crowd. It just doesn’t get quite as loud at the New Stadium.

  • Jesse

    Thanks a lot Mike. Now I’m in the mood for a cheeseburger.

  • sevrox

    Wasn’t there bad blood between Prince and his pa at one time?

    • FIPster Doofus

      I think there still is.

  • celerino sanchez

    I miss walking out of the stadium down the ramps after a win. Everybody singing New York, New York and banging on the walls.

    • Dan

      agreed totally. shoulder to shoulder with 55,000 yankee fans and sinatra in the background.
      damn, I miss that place…

    • Monteroisdinero

      I miss Celerino Sanchez.


  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    I miss Bob Sheppard.

    • RevolucionRZ

      I think we all do. :(

    • Monteroisdinero

      But we have Derek’s intro at the plate.

  • JobaTheHeat62

    for sure the crowd…ive been to both no comparison…i remember watching playoff games on tv and be in amazement…now all you is empty seats behind the plate and no sound. blame the yankees not the stadium…the prices are just too high, it really has removed the heart and soul from the stadium other than the bleachers…truly sad

  • JohnnyC

    The highest average seat prices are still in Fenway Park. Been that way for a generation. Gets pretty loud in there, no? Blame Yankees fans not the prices.

    • Brian S.

      I blame the acousitcs of the new stadium.

  • Brian S.

    I miss the right field porch being a couple feet farther back and the walls being higher.

  • Mike P

    I miss the upper tier. That was one of the best places I’ve been in all sorts of stadia. Affordable seats, right on top of the action with thousands of like minded loud fans all around. You don’t need fancy amenities for atmosphere. I mean, what was with reducing capacity? I for one think atmosphere is the largest part of my enjoyment of live sport. And the views were pretty damn good for a 90 year old stadium.

  • Greg Golson

    I miss the noise, I miss the fact that the upper deck would shake after a great play, the voice of Bob Sheppard resonating in the background, etc.

  • Bob Kramer

    The openness of the old Monument Park!

  • mbonzo

    Seems kind of odd that CC, or his agent would leak to Heyman that he was opting out. Maybe he’s hoping the Yank’s up their offer before the deadline.

  • Andrew518

    -I miss the noise
    -I miss the fans who cared, as opposed to tourists who can afford it. (seriously at a game this year the couple in front of me wearing Pirates hats spent a good portion of the game looking at baby pictures on their phone)
    -I miss the feeling in the pit of your stomach that with one bad step you might fall out of the upper deck
    -I miss the courthouse in the background
    -I miss Bob
    -I miss Freddy the fan
    -I miss bleachers with no box seats in front of them
    -I miss how the dank darkness of the interior contrasted with the bright openness of the field.
    -I miss a monument park that was actually kind of like a park
    -I miss seats that were full or at even seats that were empty not seats that are “sold out” with no one sitting in them
    -I miss the history

    Yikes, despite what it seems I don’t hate the new place, I just miss the old one. I DO hate club levels, go to a club or go to a ballgame, don’t do both at the same time. I also hate the wave that seems to happen with increasing frequency…or at least there used to be more people to tell you to take it to Shea, Now I just look like a jerk yelling at everyone around me.

    • Darren

      Yeah, these were all great things about the old Stadium.

      Especially walking up the ramp in the upper deck towards the light of the sky or the light of the field at night and it was such a contrast. Like coming down the birth canal. :)

      And haveing a scoreboard that was easy to read helped. Much less distarcting signage. The clean lines of the different levels.

      The black seats.

      It was a much, much prettier backdrop for baseball than the new Stadium, which I dont like at all.

  • Scully

    Does anyone else think it’s a bit ironic that Prince and Cecil, two rotund people, would be in a Mcdonalds commercial? I don’t think you see that in 2011.

  • the Other Steve S.

    Cecil looks like he’s peeing. Maybe showing Prince how.