Talks between Yanks, Cashman going well


Via Buster Olney, talks between the Yankees and Brian Cashman about a new contract are going smoothly, and the two sides could have a deal done as soon as next week. Both sides have expressed interest in a reunion in recent weeks, so news that talks are going well isn’t all that surprising. I wonder if Cashman will push for a little more control given how bad the ownership-driven Alex Rodriguez and Rafael Soriano contracts look, but I suspect we’ll never know.

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  1. Countryclub says:

    Good question. I’m guessing we’ll have a good idea after we see how the CC drama plays out.

  2. Plank says:

    Bold prediction: Cashman signs for 2/8M and an extra job title that lets the media know he has more autonomy.

  3. Monteroisdinero says:

    Good. I like Cash….not his fault that Martin and ARod couldn’t deliver with the bases loaded and 1 out in 2 situations Thursday.

  4. Avi says:

    Resigning him is our top priority. I think he’s the best fit for the job. Hope he gets more autonomy and decision-making power.

  5. Jake H says:

    I would like to give Cash more authority.

  6. Januz says:

    Assuming Cashman does comeback and CC opts-out, it will be interesting to see if Cashman decides NOT to resign him, and this time the Steinbrenner’s & Levine listen to him. We know he did not want to resign Arod and opposed the Soriano signing, and we also know he did not want to sacrifice the Farm System by making a trade at the deadline, and we also know that CC’s production declined the 2nd half, and he almost looked like he could start on the OL for the Steelers this week. With the impressive Free Agent Pitching Class hitting the Market after 2012, and with quality replacements in the Minors (2 of the “Killer B’s”, Marshall, Bryan Mitchell, Turley and a few others waiting in the wings (Taylor Morton comes to mind)), do they take a step back, get some more money off the books (We know that Posada, Marte & Igawa are now off the books which is a good thing), and perhaps make a trade in July for pitching? The next two months will be very interesting.

    • Tom O says:

      Not sure its safe to count on 2012 though, what if it turns out like Cliff-Lee-gate 2.0? Plus, you can count on both B’s to be slam dunks, and some of the other guys you mention are still 2 or more years away from even getting close to the majors. I can more see him doing whatever it takes to keep CC because it’s only money in that case, as opposed to going after free agents or trades, which would cost draft picks or prospects, and as you pointed out he’s been very good about holding onto those resources.

    • Tom O says:

      Not sure its safe to count on 2012 though, what if it turns out like Cliff-Lee-gate 2.0? Plus, you can’t count on both B’s to be slam dunks, and some of the other guys you mention are still 2 or more years away from even getting close to the majors. I can more see him doing whatever it takes to keep CC because it’s only money in that case, as opposed to going after free agents or trades, which would cost draft picks or prospects, and as you pointed out he’s been very good about holding onto those resources.

    • DM says:

      I don’t think you can compare Cashman’s view of A-Rod’s re-signing with his view of Sabathia’s re-signing. Cashman wanted A-Rod — but with the terms of his pre-opt out deal (where Texas was providing substantial salary relief). A-Rod was a bargain back then. It’s not like Cashman didn’t want A-Rod back; he justed wanted him to stay with is original contract b/c of how favorable it was to the NYY payroll. Texas was the real winner of A-Rod’s opt-out.

      • Cuso says:

        isn’t it ironic that part of the reason that Texas is good now is because fckin ARod opted out & gave the rangers payroll flexibility that helped lead to new ownership?

        And now A-Rod is a rickety shell of his former self that ties up OUR payroll…

  7. While I don’t think it’s a realistic option I would like to see Cashman take Randy Levine’s job and move Mark Newman or Damon Oppenheimer to the GM position.

  8. Rich says:

    We could probably get Wilson and Darvish–not counting his posting fee, for the same price that CC’s contract is going to cost. I think I’d take that option overan overweight and seemingly decling CC. Especially with all those innings on his arm!

    • Januz says:

      From what I have read, they consider Wilson a Number 2, not an ace, and that Wilson is more of a laid back kind of guy (Not exactly NY or Boston material). As far as Darvish is concerned, they got burned twice with Japanese pitchers (Irabu & Igawa), so you have to wonder if they are gun shy when it comes to Darvish? Two other things to watch, is will Soriano opt-out (I hope he hates NY so much he does), and if CC does not, do they offer him arbitration (If they do, and he accepts and they have to pay him $25m but for only one more year, you take that and run).

    • The Big City of Dreams says:

      So you want to make the rotation worse? I’m not saying give CC a blank check but the Yankees can’t let him walk.

      • Januz says:

        I agree you don’t want to make the rotation worse, but you also do not want to give him a contract that is so prohibitive, and cost ineffective that you can’t wait until it is over (See AJ & Arod), not to mention taking away a spot for a pitcher that may be better (This is what happened with Nova when he got sent down mid-season). That kind of scenario is even worse, than not making the playoffs next year

      • gargoyle says:

        You go into a negotiation with that atitude and you are going to end up a loser – big time.

        • The Big City of Dreams says:

          Lol this is the Yankees we’re talking about. How many times have they bent over for free agents. Hell look at the contract they offered Lee. They have lost on contracts before it’s nothing new.

          • gargoyle says:

            I trust Cashman to minimize the damage of having to extend CC beyond the 4 years but all bets are off if Levine is in the room.

            I’d love to tell CC to go find a better deal than 4/$92 if he opts out. I think people are over estimating his market value.

            • The Big City of Dreams says:

              It all depends all it takes is one team desperate enough to make a splash. If he opts out he will be the biggest draw on the market. Look at the deals Crawford and Werth got.

              Yes if Levine is in the room he would do anything to resign him.

    • Jorge (needs a new name) says:

      The idea that you can just throw in guys in slots is a bit too reminiscent to me of Pavano and Wright. Get CC back in there. Kick the tires on Wilson. Let someone else experiment with Darvish.

    • DERP says:

      How is CC declining?

  9. UYF1950 says:

    Glad to see the contract talks are going smoothly. I think over all Cashman has don a great job. Sure and in hindsight both the A-Rod but especially the Soriano deal are mistakes. But let’s also realize the Brian has made some mistakes of his own (Burnett, Igawa and to be fair Tex has not be that clutch in spite of his HR numbers this season). And if the trend for Tex continues for the remaining 5 years of his contract who knows what people will be saying about that contract.
    As for CC, he will probably opt out and I can see the Yankees offering him 1 additional year and bumping up his compensation to $25M per. That would make his new contract 5 years for a total of $125M. I think anymore then that and the negotiations get a little dicey. He could test the market in that case but I think the teams willing to go more then 5 years $25M per would be pretty limited. That plus the fact the Yankees would surly offer him arbitration that would mean that aside from some team bellying up to the bar for the years and dollars they would also lose a draft choice. Who knows how it will turn out but the exclusive window the Yankees would have to work out a deal with him could be very interesting.

  10. Paul Avery says:

    Certainly encouraging. Cashman should stay, he did nothing wrong last year. He put together a ballclub capable of winning it all, the coaches and some of the players just didn’t do their jobs. Once Cashman is signed I expect him to send a thanks for nothing card to Robbie Thompson and send him packing. Cashman will hold firm on CC and put together another great team for next year.

    • Jimmy says:

      They had Arod by a mile on that hit in Game 5 if that’s what you’re talking about. Robbie Thompson did the right thing holding him up.

  11. Tom O says:

    Not trying to start a flame war, but why does everyone assume CC is declining? The only time he looks below average for multiple starts in a row was during the whole 6-man rotation thing, and there’s good evidence that CC does tend to pitch worse when you add extra rest days to his routine. Then in the postseason, he only pitched 8 innings. If you want to count 2011 postseason appearances so far as a sign of decline, then Verlander, Lee, and Shields are apparently declining too. I think Cashman can look past that and see that CC had an excellent year, and just happened to have some weak starts at the wrong time of the seasons. (If Cash stays, which I certainly hope he will. For all the free agent ‘busts’, he’s hit a ton of low profile jackpots.)

    • jay h says:

      the only people assuming that are the people who claim the sky is falling after an April loss.

    • Paul Avery says:

      I don’t think he’s declining, I just don’t think he has it in him to win big ballgames in the postseason. Back when we had guys like Cone, Wells, El Duque, Andy, and Clemens you felt pretty confident giving the ball to any of them to win a big playoff game. Since those guys left we’ve been given aces like CC, Wang, and Mussina and none of those guys have given me any confidence in the playoffs.

      • JohnnyC says:

        Strange, but all traces of 2009 have been erased from your memory. Should look into that.

      • FIPster Doofus says:

        Mike Mussina’s postseason ERA was 3.42. If you weren’t confident in him, that was your problem.

      • gc says:

        Andy Pettitte is one of my all-time favorite Yankee pitchers. I always felt confident when he had the ball in the post-season. Even after he did stuff like this:

        1996 WS Game 1: 2.1 IP, 6H, 7R
        1997 ALDS Game 2: 5 IP, 9H, 7R
        1998 ALCS Game 3: 4.2 IP, 8H 6R
        1999 WS Game 3: 3.2 IP, 10H 5R
        2001 WS Game 6: 2 IP, 7H, 6R
        2002 ALDS Game 2: 3 IP, 8H, 4R

        My point: take off the rose-colored glasses and understand the reality of baseball. Sometimes, great players fail. All those games Andy stunk in during his post-season Yankee career don’t take away the other times he was absolutely MONEY and pitched brilliantly.

  12. Pants Lendelton says:

    Honest Question :: Why would the Yankees let Robbie Thompson go ? Have there been any indications if at all this could be possible?

    • Tom O says:

      There were rumors last year that he was in the running for the Blue Jays manager job, but idk if they’d just let him go for no reason. He seems to do a good job, from what little a fan can tell.

    • Plank says:

      Baseball teams generally let staff move to another team if it is a promotion for them. There are exceptions like last year with Oppenheimer.

  13. Jorge (needs a new name) says:

    I wonder if he’ll hold out for the “ninja” title to me formally added.

    At the end of the day, any Yankee GM or, hell, half the GMs out there, are going to deal with some owner meddling and a guy on the team they didn’t really want there.

    It’s going to be hard for the team to avoid a couple of albatross contracts that make that payroll number a bit lopsided. At least they’re going to be a bit staggered.

  14. nsalem says:

    People who want us to take a pass on Darvish because he is Japanese should realize we have to slow down on these caucasian pitcher signings. Burnett, , ,Pagano. Wright, Brown and Johnson. the list is endless. These white guys (due too their genes and upbringing) don’t have what it takes to play in New York. Their physical skills are on par with players of other colors and nationalities, but I think it has become pretty obvious that the white players lack the mental toughness to succeed on the big stage.

    • Jesse says:

      Cone, Wells, Clemens?

      • nsalem says:

        Sorry I meant white pitchers from this century like Karsay, Jeff Weaver, resigning Clemens in 2007. There may have been a few good Yankee white pitcher signings in this century (like the Moose) but I really cant think of any. I think the whiter these guys are like Weaver and Burnett the worse they perform. CJ Wilson is very white and we should definitely stay away from him. Cliff Lee was probably advised that his whiteness would probably keep him from performing well in New York which is why he chose not to sign here. Even the guys who come through the system don’t seem to have the mentality to perform here. Hughes who most agree has more physical talent then a say a Nova can’t put up the numbers Nova did, Fans should not be scared off by Japanese pitchers.

    • Januz says:

      That is the kind of stupidity I would expect from a racist like Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn), or from the Ku Klux Klan. I guess guys like Paul O’Neill were not mentally tough? On the present day Yankees, I guess David Robertson who strikes out half the batters when the bases are loaded is not mentally tough? I guess Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers & Ben Roethlisberger are not mentally tough? I guess Eli Manning is afraid of the two minute warning, and expects to fail? I love this quote from “The Repacements.” Shane Falco: Keanu Reeves) “I want the ball.” Jimmy McGinity: (Gene Hackman)”Winners always do.” Winners come in all shapes, sizes, genders, and yes, colors.

    • David says:

      I laughed. At least I would have if, being white, I hadn’t choked on my coffee – it had cream and suger, if only it had been black…

      seriously though, good point

    • JAG says:

      This is possibly the best post ever.

  15. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Cash needs a clause in his contract that says he can tell Randy Levine to fuck off.

  16. CMP says:

    I hope they keep Cashman unless they could get Friedman from the Rays.

    As for getting the front office to stay out of Cashmans business, he should be more concerned about his own screw ups like Igawa, Burnett, his collection of overpriced injured LOOGYs and the piss poor job they’ve done with Joba and Hughes just to name a few.

    • Bubba says:

      All gm’s have bad trades/signings. Aside from AJ none of the signings you mentioned are crushing. Arod is a crushing contract that will only get worse as time goes on. The Soriano contract is the poster child for a no win contract.

    • Jamey says:

      A big part of Friedman’s success in Tampa though is related directly to drafting in the top 5 every year for a long time. Don’t get me wrong, that’s still an admirable skill because looking over the last 15 or so years of the draft there’s plenty of teams that can’t even draft in the Top 5 well. I just think with the draft position the Yankees would be competing for & also the picks that would be surrendered via free agency Friedman would basically just be doing the same job Cashman does with maybe a deeper scouting team, but again even that comes down to the organization’s mantra because I’m sure Cashman would love to invest more into scouting but that just doesn’t seem to be where the organization places enough value to be as deep as Tampa, Toronto etc.

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        What? Crawford, Hellickson, Moore, Shields, Jennings, and Davis are all outside the first round. Only Price, Longoria, Upton and Niemann are from the first round that provides a decent amount of value…

        Whereas a lot of their other value comes from trades like Joyce, Garza and Zobrist…

  17. Jamey says:

    I’d also guess this is ideal timing for The Yankees since a divorce is likely looming & Cashman’s small market dreams are no longer feasible. I think previously he might have taken less money for a smaller market team or The Orioles job.

  18. Bronx Byte says:

    The Yankees don’t have a coach named Thompson. Thomson.

  19. JT says:

    Time for a change. 13 years in the job is enough. Time for new leadership and fresh thinking.

  20. Monteroisdinero says:

    We crush lefties and we know CC. Let him go if he opts out and plays us for fool$. We will be happier 4,5,6,and 7 years from now.

    he will blow out a knee or back pretty soon as he moves through his 30′s.

  21. yoo-boo says:

    Let Cashman go. I don’t see any much free agency action this year and next year. GM job is not that important right now. In 2 years, GM importance will return, that is when finding GM is primary. Why waste money on Cashman this year and next year.

    If CC opts out then let him go and sign Wilson. This move would save Yankees about 5-8m annually.

    And finding a left handed hitter that shares the same role as Nunez.

    Thats it.

    • The Big City of Dreams says:

      Let Cashman go. I don’t see any much free agency action this year and next year. GM job is not that important right now. In 2 years, GM importance will return, that is when finding GM is primary. Why waste money on Cashman this year and next year.


      What is that based on?

      • Dave says:

        He believes we don’t need a GM and the Yankees will just magically run themselves.

        And this is suppose to be where the “smart” Yankee fans hang out?

        • The Big City of Dreams says:

          It’s scary what losing does to some ppl

        • JT says:

          Of course the team needs a GM. But it is certainly not out-of-bounds to suggest change of direction after 13 years, with only one title in the last eleven.

          • Plank says:

            Arbitrary endpoints are fun.

            • JT says:

              Yes, because the consensus in the baseball world is that the construction of the 1998-2000 dynasty teams was the product of Cashman’s singluar genius.

              • Plank says:

                Looking at Cashman’s tenure and concluding that he should be removed since he has only won one championship in 11 years is misleading. I never claimed 98-00 was the result of his singular genius. Nice Straw Man. You are attempting to muddle and distort things to bolster your point.

                If you want to look at his tenure as GM, you need to look at everything. You can discount his 98-00 wins if you like, but ignoring them and saying he’s won 1/11 championships is intellectually dishonest.

              • Plank says:

                I apologize, they aren’t arbitrary endpoints. They are intentionally misleading.

  22. JT says:

    I’m not distorting anything. They have won one championship in the last 11 years. It is what it is.

    If you want them to give Cashman a new contract, fine–its a perfectly acceptable position. I just think that for the resources at his disposal, and the record he has compiled, 13 years is enough and it is time for a change.

    • Evan3457 says:

      He’s also won one title in the last 3 years. That’s a fact, too.

      That’s a pretty good ratio, 1 title every 3 years. It is what it is.

  23. crawdaddie says:

    Just convince ownership of your thought process and let the change happen.

  24. sandy g says:

    let sabethia walk.yanks save 92 mil.do not resign swiher or marte.yankees save 14 mil.do not resign colon,garcia,mitre,ayala,proctor,chavez,jones,posada igawa. yanks save 25 mil. by doing just these three things the yankees chop off 130 mil.now they can sign cj wilson and yu darvish for what they would be paying fat toad sabathia.sign michael cuddyer to replace swisher.sign javier lopez and mike gonzalez to build up the bullpen more. this is a start

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