Open Thread: Offseason Reminder

Shocker: Yankees have talked to Edwin Jackson already
Spending the Yankees' dollars

I probably should have done this last Monday, when the offseason officially started, but I guess a one week delay won’t hurt anyone. If you’re new to RAB, first let me say welcome, and second, let’s talk about all the different ways you can use this site.

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Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we can move on to the open thread. The Monday Night Football game is the Bears at the Eagles (8:30pm ET on ESPN), plus the Islanders are playing as well. You guys know what to do by now, so have at it.

Shocker: Yankees have talked to Edwin Jackson already
Spending the Yankees' dollars
  • RichYF

    Is anyone from RAB going to the Winter Meetings this year?

    • YankeesJunkie

      I would assume Mike and maybe Joe and Ben.

    • Mike Axisa

      Just me.

  • Tom Zig

    what if I wanted to contact you via the pony express?

    • John

      then your message ain’t getting delivered for a while, haha.

  • Jesse

    What’s the discussion question Mike?

    • Mike Axisa

      No question tonight.

      • Tom Zig

        discussion question: Why didn’t Mike give us a question tonight?

        • Rainbow Connection

          Because it usually ends up with two people shouting back and forth at each other for 75 responses.

          • vin

            No it doesn’t.

            /starting it

          • Jesse

            That happens in the majority of the posts everyday.

            • Mike HC

              Ted Nelson vs. the guy who is bored enough that day to engage him.

              • Jesse

                I laughed. So true.
                But I’ve been that guy a couple of times though.

                • Mike HC


                  We have all been there.

      • Jesse


  • Shuffle Cards for fun

    Michael vick is gonna be a dick right after he throws a pick while Eli and cruz have really clicked this combination is very sick i hope this chemistry continues to stick The New York Giants are my Super Bowl pick!!!!!!!!

  • kenthadley

    How does Melky deliver a Sanchez plus package?

    • Steve S.

      Melky had a terrific year, and he’s still just 27. You could say Melky is flawed given his up and down career, and I’d agree. But Sanchez is as well and was a borderline non-tender candidate. Sabean had to make payroll room just to bring back their 25 man with arb raises at last years number, and they still need to add at least 2 bats. They had to unload someone, and they may not be done yet.

      • radnom

        Its amazing how underrated Melky is in some circles. Just because one group overrates him doesn’t make it ok to go overboard in the opposite extreme.

    • vin

      Good move by the Royals.

      Let’s not forget that Melky is one year removed from being arguably the worst everyday player in the big leagues. Obviously he has the talent to be at least an average big leaguer, but the fact that he could have stunk so bad in ATL has got to be frightening for SF fans.

      At least the Royals know what they’re getting from Sanchez… a lefty who misses bats and strike zones.

      Also looks like the Royals are prepared to give Cain the job next season (which makes sense).

      • Steve S.

        Yeah, they sold high no doubt. But I think ATL was a wake up call for the Melkman, and he’ll be fine in San Fran. They were so inept offensively last year that it doesn’t take muck to upgrade that team, and they had to move Sanchez for payroll reasons I discussed above. Solid deal for both sides, with a little more certainty for the Royals.

    • Steve H.

      Since WAR is all telling/all knowing: 2011 Melky 4.2/Sanchez 0.6 2009-2011 Melky 4.8/Sanchez 4.9

    • FIPster Doofus

      Probably because jonathan Sanchez isn’t very good.

    • steve (different one)

      The part I don’t get is the “plus” part, but Melky for Sanchez actually seems like a pretty fair, logical trade. Both players are a lot more “famous” than actually “good”. The money washes, I think both are FA’s to be, and each team traded from their surplus.

      • Steve H.

        I wish there was a levelheaded answer like this on twitter this morning when the trade broke, instead of 95% of the people I follow calling for Sabean’s head.

    • Mike HC

      Both guys are one year wonders. Melky last year and Sanchez the year before. Anyone’s guess if either can do it again.

    • Urban

      I’m not a huge Sanchez fan, although I recognize his potential, which is more than I can say about Melky, who remains a 4th OFer type despite his career year. I would have taken Sanchez on the Yankees as he is a lefty, he’s still only 26 and he did put up one good year and has shown he can miss bats. Yet I wouldn’t have guaranteed him any spot, putting him in competition with Hughes, Noesi or whomever for the fifth spot in the rotation.

      This is not a trade of great significance, but kudos to the Royals, who were knocked for picking up Melky, then got a career year out of him, and then flipped him for a young lefty starter with some potential.

      • Mike HC

        Sanchez was born Nov. 19th, 1982. Melky born August 11th, 1984.

        • Urban

          Two years older than I had imprinted in my brain, although it doesn’t change it for me since I’m not huge fans of either. I’d rather have the soon-to-be 29-year-old lefty pitcher than the 27-year-old Melky.

          • bexarama

            I think the Giants bought high but I don’t think this is some big win for the Royals, either. He’s way better than the guys that were at the back of the Royals’ rotation last year, so it is an upgrade, but… the guy walked almost six batters per nine innings last year, and that was in the NL. His walk rate has always been scary high. No, the ALC isn’t the strongest division, but it’s still the AL. Have fun with the extremely patient and potent lineups of the Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, etc etc etc.

  • Matt Imbrogno

    A chickpea is neither a chick nor a pea…discuss.

    • Steve S.


    • Xstar7

      Chickpeas are terrible. Discussion over.

  • mustang

    Hey Mike

    Is RAB sending someone down to the Dominican to evaluate Cespedes?

    Seem like everyone else is I would be happy to volunteer.

    • Steve S.

      Scouts have to view his workouts through a mirror with their backs turned. If you look at Cespedes directly, you turn to stone.

      • mustang



  • Monteroisdinero

    With all the trade rumors with Montero in the off season I may temporarily change my handle to MonteroisMiggy. I look at him as that type of bat. Gio for Miguel Cabrera? I think not.

    Once I know he isn’t going anywhere I can change back.

    • Steve S.

      This is where you lose me. How can you seriously compare him to one of the 3 best hitters in baseball? Don’t year realize how overwhelmingly unlikely it is he will ever become that good? There will many “Next Miguel Cabrera”s before another one actually comes along. Miguel was in the bigs at 19. He got better as he climbed the ladder in the minors, whereas Montero’s numbers declined after peaking in High-A. How are they the same?

      • pat

        They’re both Venezuelan. It’s as good as done.

      • Monteroisdinero

        But 19 on the Marlins=21 on the Yanks with their payroll and millionaire HoF’ers blocking the way for our rookie stars.

    • Urban

      That’s one of the issues I have regarding the perception some Yankee fans have with Montero, because it clouds their perspective on if he should be traded. Because some scouts have noted he is a righty hitter with opposite field power like Miggy, or he’s a front-foot hitter like Frank Thomas, fans have assumed the scouts are saying he’s a HOF-caliber hitter like Cabrera an Thomas. That’s not what they’re saying at all.

      • mustang

        “Montero, because it clouds their perspective on if he should be traded.”


        Your talking about the “one-who’s-name-should-not-be-spoken-trade”.

        • mustang

          Your talking about the “one-who’s-name-should-not-be-spoken-in-trade”.

  • mustang

    Peter Gammons on Cespedes:
    “But he is a center fielder with five tools, and it isn’t unreasonable to expect that teams will offer a $60 million, five-year contract similar to the one Aaron Rowand signed with the Giants in December 2007.”

    And of course the Red Sox are “sending everyone” to the Dominican to evaluate Cespedes.

    This is going to be fun.

    • mustang

      “An employee for one of the smaller-market clubs watching Cespedes said that if the Yankees want him, the Yankees will get him. We still live in that world. …”

      I love being a Yankees fan.

      • Steve S.

        “An employee for one of the smaller-market clubs watching Cespedes said that if the Yankees want him, the Yankees will get him. We still live in that world. …”

        That’s the spirit! You go get em!!!


  • Monteroisdinero

    An awful lot of money is paid for guys with 2 tools. Why not 5?

    • Urban

      I know two-tool players who are better than five-tool players.

  • Steve S.
    • Pat D

      This will not end well for anyone.

      I was 50-50 on JoePa leaving after this year anyway. Now I don’t see how he stays.

    • Plank

      Legally, anyone who didn’t report him to child services or the police after hearing the allegations is guilty. Reporting findings to the school administration doesn’t count, especially since they covered it up or ignored it.

  • bexarama

    I wrote some stuff where I cry over the state of the utility IF market and say “mediocre fly ball pitcher noooo” fifty times. Feel free to tell me how bad I suck.

    • mbonzo

      Wow that must have taken you a long time. Nice list though and pretty much summed up what I was thinking. A few guys on there I wouldn’t mind taking a flier on. I’d like to see what Kevin Long would do with Brandon Wood.

  • James

    Will the losing bids on Darvish be made public? I know it’s a blind system, but will they be revealed after the fact? And were the losing bids ever posted on Dice-K?

    • bexarama

      No but a few of the high-profile teams’ will probably get leaked.

  • AMT

    New Google Reader is really ugly.