Shocker: Yankees have talked to Edwin Jackson already

Scouting The Trade Market: Gio Gonzalez
Open Thread: Offseason Reminder

Via George King, the Yankees have been in contact with the agent for right-hander Edwin Jackson, a reasonable fellow named Scott Boras. Brian Cashman said his priority this winter will be pitching, which is why he’s been in contact with Jackson, Roy Oswalt, and C.J. Wilson already.

This is still the time of the offseason when teams and free agents are just feeling each other out, gauging interest and whatnot. It’s not a surprise that the Yankees have already gotten in touch with basically the three best free agent starting pitchers, but we’re a long way from offers and bidding wars and all that fun stuff. It’s an underwhelming class of starters, but I think Jackson is the best bet to be worth his contract going forward. Doesn’t make him a bargain or a must-have, though.

Scouting The Trade Market: Gio Gonzalez
Open Thread: Offseason Reminder
  • Jesse
  • Gonzo

    I am interested in seeing what EJax gets more than anoy other FA pitcher. I wouldn’t be surprised if he signed low or high.

    • BK2ATL

      Boras will get him some security from being traded every year. I don’t think we should sign him, nor will we, but Cashman is just doing his due diligence and kicking the tires on every pitcher. I can’t knock it.

      E-Jax is not a bad pitcher at all. Just one that does nothing for me, outside of eating innings, to sign him to a multi-year deal. We already have one that’s supposed to be doing that and more, yet…..

      Any way, no thanks. Best of luck to him in the FA market.

  • jeremy

    i think some team will give him a gil meche type deal

    • Slugger27

      i think he gets more annually than meche, but less than 5 years.

  • Captain Renault

    Brian Cashman: I’m shocked, shocked to find out there are reports I’ve been talking to free-agent pitchers.

    Agent: Your winnings, sir.

    Brian Cashman: Oh, thank you very much.

  • Urban

    I don’t think I can handle Edwin Jackson and AJ Burnett in the same rotation. If Jackson comes in, then AJ has to be sent out.

    • Dave M

      I agree, AJ and Jackson in the same rotation would be scary!

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    The best approach in buying a car is to have a few models in mind. This way you can walk away if you don’t get the best deal or at least a fair one.

    Cashman is checking out the models in the trade market and the FA market. I think Jackson has the talent but has been tossed around from team to team and has lacked the security of a long term contract which would allow for him to settle down and grow. He would not be my first choice but he’s not that far from the best. He has pitched for a WS winner which means something about experience and his has a .500 record. We have a guy making 16 million a year with a .500 record who is penciled in for 2012.

    • BK2ATL

      “Penciled in for 2012” being the operative phrase. Can’t have 2 of them in the rotation….again.

    • bexarama

      AJ’s a World Series winner too, what’s your point

    • Sarah

      A .500 pitcher is better than a .250 pitcher!

  • tino is cool

    I hope that the Cashmister stays away from the following FA’s:

    1. CJ
    2. EJAX
    3. YU
    4. OSWALT

    I would consider having buerhle and would deffintely bring back Garcia. The direction the Yankees are going into is a fine one at that. Building from within. The minor leagues are stacked with future studs. I’m perfectly content with a rotation of CC,AJ,Nova,Garcia and either Warren, Noesi, Buerhle or Phelps. The 2012 FA class is far superior. Lets not waste money on ifs and spend money wisely on a deeper class of superior pitching.

  • TogaSean

    Meh, this gets another pass for me. Cash doing his due diligence is good to hear, but in the end no thanks.

  • OXXbow

    Jackson is just an average pitcher who walks far too many batters. Stay away Cash.

    The Yanks need two stud starters and may have to hit the trade market for at least one of them.

  • James

    I must say, I was kind of stunned when I looked at his WAR: at least 3.5 each of the past three years, 11.2 total. Better than Billinglsey, Beckett, Buehrle, Danks, among others in that span. 40-50 million over four years for a durable, middle-of-the-rotation guy in his prime doesn’t sound terribly unreasonable.

    And yet, for some reason, I just don’t trust him.