The Obligatory Yoenis Cespedes Post


Warning: The music in the video is totally NSFW.

If you were sleeping, you missed it. Cuban-defector Yoenis Cespedes became an overnight sensation last night, after Kevin Goldstein linked to the above video and provided a massive breakdown of the outfielder’s talent. It’s a Baseball Prospectus column, but you do not need a subscription to read it. Shortly thereafter, Jeff Passan reported that MLB and the Office of Foreign Assets Control is expected to declare Cespedes eligible for free agency in the next few weeks, adding that the Yankees are “particularly hot” for him. It’s like high school all over again.

The video is over 20 minutes long but between the opening monologue and closing credits, it’s about 15 minutes of Cespedes actually strutting his stuff. It’s more of a promo for a Michael Bay flick than a traditional scouting video, highlighting the purported 26-year-old’s insane athletic ability and the opposite field power that allowed him to hit 33 homeruns last season, a new single-season record in Cuba. We get to see him catch fly balls behind his back, run through a series of vertical jumps that put Cody Ransom to shame, roast a pig, and showcase an 80 hot dog tool as he admires his majestic homers.

Cespedes has a little bit of Sidd Finch in him at this point, that “shiny new toy” and “too good to be true” syndrome. Goldstein calls him “arguably the best all-around player to come out of Cuba in a generation … a legitimate center fielder with plus power and speed and is in his prime.” I have no reason to doubt him, but we don’t have the whole picture from where we sit. We don’t know if he can handle high-end velocity, sit back on offspeed stuff, actually take a ball (something many Cuban hitters refuse to do), so on and so forth. I don’t mean to rain on the parade, the kid is exciting, but a little dose of reality is needed here.

Passan says Cespedes is looking for a contract in line with Aroldis Chapman’s, which means six years and about $30M. His agent, Andy Katz of the Wasserman Media Group (who also represents several other Cuban defectors, including Yunel Escobar and former Yankee Juan Miranda), has him working out for teams in the Dominican Republic. Adam Kilgore says the Nationals watched him recently while Juan C. Rodriguez reports that the Marlins are the early favorite to sign him. I suspect pretty much every team in the league will have interest in Cespedes at some point, just like the Chapman sweepstakes.

The Yankees are no stranger to the Cuban talent pool, paying millions of dollars to sign Miranda ($2M), Adrian Hernandez ($4M), Orlando Hernandez ($6.6M), and Jose Contreras ($32M) in the last 15 years alone. That doesn’t include the $54M they reportedly offered Chapman, though Brian Cashman shot that report down rather quickly. We’re going to hear a lot more of Cespedes in the coming weeks, I’m sure of it, and that’s a good thing because we really don’t know all that much about him. Money talks, and the offers he gets will tell us what teams think of him.

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  1. Granderslam says:

    I mean, it would make sense to put him in CF, move Granderson to LF, and possibly trade Gardner…but he’s not a proven MLB caliber player, so that would be an enormous risk.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      No need to do that until he proves he can play in MLB. Bring him to spring training along with the 3 starting OF and see how things play out… Worst case you’ve made a bad investment but still have your OF in place for 2012, best case you have a replacement for Swisher to trade him or let him walk next off-season.

    • Urban says:

      If they sign him, his first stop will be the minor leagues. If he performs, he’ll move quickly. No need to give him a spot on the MLB team. We’re talking about the F-ing NY Yankees. He’ll simply be a prospect, although a much higher-end one and one who should be more MLB ready than most.

      • YARXIMA says:


  2. pat says:

    Wily Mo v2.0

  3. Jesse says:

    I’d give him a shot. But if he signed with the Yankees, would he start the season in AAA or be the fourth outfielder?

  4. Easy solutio: Trade Swisher. Sign Cespedes. Done and done.

    • Largely agree. And even if you don’t trade Swisher because Cespedes needs some AAA time, it means they don’t have to lock him up long term.

      • Johnny O says:

        I’m fairly confident Ben was kidding in light of his feelings about Swisher.

        • Bingo.

          I wouldn’t be opposed to Cespedes, but the reaction I’ve seen so far has basically proclaimed this guy the next top-flight outfielder. I’m sure he’s pretty good, but no team should be basing MLB-level decisions on his ability yet. He’ll get a deal, and he’ll likely have to prove himself in the minors first. My money’s on Florida Miami going hard after him.

          • Agree with the Miami part, makes plenty of sense. I didn’t mean at all to suggest that the Yankees should all of a sudden shop Swisher. Still a very, very valuable part of this team (despite how much people love to crucify him over the October stuff).

            The real benefit I see from signing him is that they don’t necessarily have to lock him up from ages 32-35. Its good to have options.

  5. Gonzo says:

    There’s a rumor going around that he’s trying to find a time machine so he can…

  6. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    I just want to see Cespedes and Mustellier run around Spring Training threatening to kick everyone’s ass.

  7. JonS says:

    Hey i think it would be a nice addition. When ever it comes to the yanks i really can care less about money issues. I think the idea of having him would be nice tho because it would allow us to have that depth in the OF which we don’t have. I would give him the contract he’s looking for and put him in AAA for a year. It will allow the yanks to get a real good look at his skills and wonder what to do with gardner if adding him in a trade or if Kemp does sign an extension.

  8. JoeBucksHair says:

    Yes please.

  9. CP says:

    Goldstein calls him “arguably the best all-around player to come out of Cuba in a generation

    Who is the best outside of Cespedes? There have been a number of good pitchers, but I can’t think of many good position players out of Cuba.

  10. Jim says:

    Anyone who has the balls to use Christopher Cross’s “Sailing” in their promo video is OK in my book. Sign him immediately.

  11. If he was 21 sure, but I think he’s too old now to deserve that kind of contract. You can’t think he can step right into the MLB right now, he’d have to start at AAA. He’s gonna be 27 by the time he’s actually with the team to contribute, assuming he does well. It’s not like he’s going to be cheap. You can’t really consider him a prospect.

    • DB says:

      Another potential problem is Cuban players have a habit of making themselves younger, so how do we know he is actually 26? He might be closer to 30, so it might be risky.

      • Exactly. I was going to mention that but I was giving the benefit of the doubt.

      • Holy Ghost says:

        The MLB uses a DNA test now to determine age;c_id=mlb

        • Jose M. Vazquez.. says:

          DNA cannot be used to determine age. They can use it as an ethnic or race classification which to some may come across as a racist operation.

        • Ed says:

          The DNA test is for paternity. One way that players fake their age is by using someone else’s name and birth certificate. The DNA test would prevent against that.

          Bone scans can help a little for players in their mid to late teens. Your bones look a little different while you’re still growing. As you reach the end of your teenage years, the growth plates close off. If someone is 19 and claiming to be 16, the bone scans can detect that. For someone in their 20s, the scans won’t help.

      • BK2ATL says:

        Very easy problem to solve. His mother was a pitcher on the Cuban National team. Go back and research her age and career, and you’ll come pretty close to his stated age of 26, being born in 1985.

        No need for an “age” witch hunt here. This one’s easy to confirm.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      If you haven’t scouted him extensively, how do you have any idea if he needs to start in AAA or not?

  12. Jerome S. says:

    How do you say that name…

  13. Monteroisdinero says:

    Runs like Gardner, hits like Grandy, throws like Golson.

    Put him in RF.

  14. dean says:

    Hits Cuban league pitching like Granderson maybe….hitting big league pitching like Granderson isn’t a certainty

  15. Chris says:

    One more year of Swisher and stash Cespedes in AAA until next year.

  16. Very intersting…why not sign him, and play him a year (or at least start him) at AAA? This was he can work on stuff and at the end of the year, with Swish being a FA, you can make a more educated decision.

    A lot of money for a AAA player? Sure, but I think it’s worth the risk.

    (this is also inpart because I think Kemp is going to stay in LA)

    • Ted Nelson says:

      That’s a whole lot of money if he needs to spend a whole season in AAA at 26, 27. Off the top of my head I’d say that if you can put his floor at 4th OF he might be worth the risk (obviously no one can say for sure… but the FO’s best educated guess). If you think he needs that much AAA seasoning… probably not worth the risk.

  17. TomH says:

    Warning: The music in the video is totally NSFW.

    Not true: it’s not even
    music, just randomized sound.

  18. Jose M. Vazquez.. says:

    His athleticism in this video is very impressive, good enough to compete in the pentathlon. At 26 he still is young and is already a very good baseball player. If the Yankees can get him at a convenient price, I say sign him up. You can always make space for a good player.

    • Urban says:

      True, although the best athlete doesn’t always make for the best baseball player. An inability to hit a breaking pitch will make the greatest athlete look foolish. Rueben Rivera and Gerald Williams might be as athletic as any position players to come throug the Yankee farm in years, and neither set the world on fire. Greg Golson is an excellent athlete who is not a good baseball player, with flaws in his swing and in between his ears.

  19. DI says:

    Unless someone wants to overpay for Gardner or Swisher, stay away. Our outfield is good enough for now.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      The Yankees will be the ones overpaying Swisher after next season… would be a play to replace Swisher after 2012. Don’t need to trade any of the current OF until the guy has proven he’s a better option.

  20. Sam says:

    If the yankees spend money on him and don’t go hard after Yu, I would be mightily pissed.

    • Jose M. Vazquez.. says:

      I would be also, but I think the Yankees could do both and still have money left over to sign Buehrle.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Have you scouted these guys extensively? If not, why do you have an opinion on the matter.

      • Sam says:

        Because if there are two unknown entities (granted they’re not unknown to the yankees who HAVE scouted them and like them both) all things being equal the yankees need more help in their starting rotation than their outfield. Also this is America, baby.

        • Ted Nelson says:

          Yeah, my point is that the Yankees have scouted Yu extensively and hopefully Yoenis too.

          To be pissed if they sign Yoenis and not Yu, you have to know the value of each: how much are they actually worth and how much do they get? Let’s say the Yankees offer a $50 mill posting fee on Yu thinking he’s not even worth that, and some other team offers $75 mill. Let’s say the Yankees think Yoenis is worth 6 years, $30 million and are able to sign him for 6 years, $15 million. They might get Yoenis and not Yu.

  21. Granderslam says:

    Re: Yoenis Cespedes…Are we talking Gardner speed here?

  22. IB6 UB9 says:

    How fun would this season be with Darvish and Cespedes to follow?

  23. Joe says:

    Quite frankly players like this guy and Darvish are what the Yankees should be using their competitive advantage on. Selig is making it a point to change the draft so the overslot players slipping to the Yankees and Red Sox won’t happen anymore. It’s going to get tougher to get hands on top young talent. I’d rather see the Yankees blow 130 million on Darvish and this guy together than give CJ Wilson 90 million.

    The Yankees have nothing in the upper levels when it comes to OF’ers. This would be a good signing if the scouts liked him simply because if he arrives quickly, they can deal Swisher or Gardner (preferably Swisher) for a pitcher. If he takes a year of seasoning at AA/AAA so be it. We have a hole in the OF next season. I’m not banking on Kemp making it to free agency as the new Dodger owner will want to build around him.

    There was no good reason the Yankees whiffed on Chapman. With him, Darvish and this guy we’re talking players that would be in the top picks if they were involved in a draft. The Yankees should spend money to get top tier talent they can’t get through the normal process.

    That said, it should come down to how scouts feel about these guys. Not the dollar amount. The Yankees should never be pinching pennies when it comes to available talent. I don’t see them lowering parking, ticket and concession prices in the future.

    If the scouts believe this guy is the real deal I hope they go in hard after him. Same with Darvish if the scouts are sold on him.

    • crawdaddie says:

      What has Chapman accomplished on the major league level to justified the amount of money the Reds are spending on him?

      • Congratulations on completely missing the point.

        • steve (different one) says:

          How does it miss the point? If chapman is a bust, the yankees didn’t “whiff” on him. They may have correctly decided he wasn’t worth the money. How is this controversial?

          • steve (different one) says:

            Just to clarify I am not saying Chapman IS a bust already. I am saying maybe the yankees’ scouts did not believe chapman could be an effective starter in mlb. The original poster said there was “no reason” the yankees didn’t sign him. I am saying there may be a very valid reason and chapman has yet to disprove that. If he tops out as a reliever, I don’t think passing was the wrong decision.

            • Joe says:

              steve – You don’t think a LH reliever who could throw a fastball 100mph would be worth 35 million to the Yankees? Even if he only was a reliever he would be a serious weapon they would never have a chance to draft. And we don’t know if the Yankees could have developed him differently than the Reds. If that guy ever turns out to be a starter with his stuff he’s worth 5x his contract. That said if Yankees scouts didn’t love him I’m cool with that. I just don’t want to hear the Yankees are pinching pennies in the International market since that is their biggest advantage over their competitors. They’re money and brand recognition are major strengths and they should embrace that and grab these kind of guys if they scout well. I just don’t like when scouting decisions are made based on money requirements. If they believe Darvish is major league starter they should grab him. Same with this OF. If they don’t, they should pass.

              • Ted Nelson says:

                Not signing one guy is not necessarily pinching pennies. That you can sign a guy doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

                The Yankees have the same relative advantage with MLB FAs. Doesn’t mean they should or will sign Pujols, Fielder, CJ, Papelbon, Buehrle, and EJax all this off-season. Or Crawford, Werth, Dunn, etc. last off-season.

                Chapman can justify a $30 million deal as a reliever, but he hasn’t so far. He walked almost a guy per inning last season (not one intentionally).

                “If they believe Darvish is major league starter they should grab him.”

                Roy Halladay is a MLB starter, Kyle Lohse is an MLB starter, and Kevin Correia is an MLB starter… Doesn’t mean their values are all the same. Doesn’t mean all are worth $100 million.

    • Rookie says:

      I agree with 90% of what you said, Joe. But why not sign this guy and trade Granderson and Swisher?

      Again, in Cashman I trust. Hopefully the Steinbrenners will, too.

      • Ted Nelson says:

        “But why not sign this guy and trade Granderson and Swisher?”

        Because “this guy” has proven nothing at the MLB level.

        “Again, in Cashman I trust.”

        I will bet you anything you’d like that Cashman will not trade Granderson AND Swisher to replace with Yoenis. How does it even begin to make sense to replace two players that play different positions with one player?

    • Bryan says:

      Darvish, Chapman, Cepedes might be top picks talent wise, but they want to, and will get paid like free agents. At some point, the cost (financial & risk) to benefit relationship should price even the Yankees out.

  24. jake says:

    Why sign this guy when you can stand pat and get kemp next year who is probably younger at 28 than this supposedly 26 year old. Not to mention more proven

  25. Chris says:

    This just might be the smoke screen that teams need if they really covet Darvish. Interesting how it plays out. If and when Darvish is posted, he might wait until Cespedes signs first and vice versa.

  26. JoeyA says:

    If a player’s age is found to be falsified, are ML contracts automatically voided?

    Reason I ask: This kid looks closer to 30 than 26, though he still has obvious signs of power, athleticism, and skills.

  27. Chad Gaudin the Friendly Ghost says:

    Few things:

    First, you can start the video @ 2:21 and stop watching @ 15:58 if you want to skip all the garbage.

    Second, someone is going to find out what it would be like to have Ray Lewis play in the outfield for them this year. That dude was freaky.

    Third, I hope, whether he’s a Yankee or not, the first time he stops to watch a home run like he did early in the video the first pitch of the next at bat goes right between his shoulder blades (and then the pitcher runs for his life to the clubhouse). That was lame.

  28. Holy Ghost says:

    Cespedes will likely cost a lot less than Darvish because there won’t be a posting fee of 30 to 40 million…

  29. Yu aint Matsuzaka says:

    If & when talent like this is available you gotta roll the dice every time.

  30. I loved watching Cespedes during the WBC a few years back. Pure talent. Sadly I am not optimistic about the Yankees being very in on him given recent history. It’s a shame because this is exactly the type of situation where they should be leveraging their money.

  31. gc says:

    Yes I would agree that “Sailing” by Christopher Cross is definitely Not Safe For Work. Or anywhere for that matter. Seriously, wtf were they thinking?? LOL

  32. BK2ATL says:

    If all it would cost to sign him would be 6 years @ $30 million total for a potential corner outfield, possibly CF, why not take the chance?

    It wouldn’t cost us the $150 million that it will to sign Kemp, IF he gets to free agency. Nor would we lose a draft pick. We just easily ate Igawa’s $30 million deal. We have no true upper-level OF in the farm system. Swisher’s deal ends after 2012. I want no part of Beltran at this stage.

    I mean, the video is certain impressive. However, I’d like to see him against MLB-level talent before taking the dive. Maybe the DR winter league. Maybe Venezuela, although I doubt he’d go there, with Chavez and Castro being close. Maybe even the Arizona winter league.

    Do extensive research, call El Duque and Contreras in for some background. It all checks out, take a shot and sign him with a AAA clause, to get him into the system and see what he really can do. Might be a bust, might be a steal.

  33. Pete Law says:

    Wanted: Upper Level Outfield Depth
    Have: The Ability to Print Money

    Sign him and see what you can get. Same with Darvish. If all it takes is money to gamble on a top talent than why not. Yanks can afford to make a mistake here and there (see: Igawa, Kei).

    “El Talento” doesn’t have to play in the Bronx right away.

  34. DM says:

    The Yanks are thin when it comes to OF prospects. Heathcott seems like an injury prone punk — and Williams is too far off to tell. And Zolio Almonte seems like a 2nd tier guy to me. So, pursuit of this guy makes sense.

    But help me out here. When I watch this guy’s ABs in the video his swing reminds me a lot of someone playing today — but I can’t think of who it is.

  35. Hall and Nokes says:

    If nothing else, this guy is an anagramist’s dream.

  36. BK2ATL says:

    FWIW, and not sure where to put this, but since we’re talking about OF, Melky Cabrera just brought back Jonathan Sanchez of the Giants.

    The end.

  37. Holy Ghost says:

    The Yanks could spend 30 million on this guy and still be able to sign Kemp(if he becomes a free agent).

  38. UncleArgyle says:

    If this guy is legitimate, the Washington Nationals should be doing any and everything in their power to nab this kid. They desperately need a CFer, and the best option on the FA market is CoCo freaking Crisp….

    • Sam says:

      I kind of figured the Nats would go after Sizemore. Though this guy seems like the perfect fit for them if he’s for real.

  39. Ted Nelson says:

    I don’t see the Yankees going as high as a team that really needs offense/CF help, but maybe if they really love him they’ll just go for it.

    • Rookie says:

      In Cashman I trust. (In Levine, not so much…)

    • Holy Ghost says:

      They’ll certainly need outfield help after next season(or during the next season if someone gets hurt).

      He’s cheap enough for them to roll the dice…

      • Ted Nelson says:

        That he’s an attractive guy to scout and make an offer for doesn’t mean they HAVE TO outbid every team for him. They might, but they aren’t nearly as desperate for offense as all but one or two other teams. Just like they let Chapman pass them by despite needing pitching, it’s more likely Yoenis signs with any of the 29 other MLB clubs than the Yankees.

        • Ted Nelson says:

          Any of them meaning whichever of them, not each one individually. More likely he doesn’t sign with the Yankees than that he does.

        • Holy Ghost says:

          They certainly aren’t desperate for offense ‘now’ but they will likely have to make some decisions regarding the outfield after the 2012 season because of Granderson and Swisher’s contracts ending and Kemp possibly becoming a free agent.

          Sign the kid and put him in Scranton to start next season. If he mashes, call him up or start him in the outfield in 2013. It definitely seems like a low risk/high reward type of scenario.

          • Ted Nelson says:

            Again… that they would like to have the kid (assuming that they do) doesn’t mean they should go out and offer whatever it takes to outbid every other team. There are RF out there not named Yoenis Cespedes. They can’t just sign every available player, and have to make tough choices on which ones to sign for how much.

            “Sign the kid and put him in Scranton to start next season.”

            How can you say this without mentioning the contract? Sign him! For $10 mill? For $30 mill? For $50 mill?

            “It definitely seems like a low risk/high reward type of scenario.”

            In what world is $30 mill low risk? If you haven’t scouted the guy extensively, it’s pretty hard to argue with someone who has. At the end of the day you might turn out right, but the odds are against you since their opinion is actually based on something. They also actually know something about their own budget and how signing him will impact their ability to do other things: the opportunity cost of signing him. Perhaps he’s worth it to them, perhaps he’s not.

            • Holy Ghost says:

              “In what world is $30 mill low risk?”

              6 yrs for $30 million is a low risk even for teams not named the Yankees.

              Much lower in contrast to spending 17 million a season for Darvish

              • Ted Nelson says:

                It’s low risk if they’re getting something good. Based on a youtube video and an article I’m not ready to say Yoenis is good. If you’ve scouted him extensively, I’d be interested to hear your take. Otherwise, I’ll let the Yankees’ FO make the call on what he’s worth.

                $5 mill per is a big risk if you only think you’re getting a replacement level CF. If you buy the hype it’s not a big risk.

  40. thj777 says:

    Any alternate links? Video was removed

  41. Jumpin' Jack Swisher says:

    Cespedes: Cuban
    Darvish: Not Cuban
    Me: Cuban

    Cespedes wins.

    In all seriousness, though, if the team thinks he’s worth it, they’ll make an appropriate offer. 90% of the commenters had never heard of this guy before this post, and now it’s a “must” the team sign him. :)

    • BK2ATL says:

      By no means do I do think he’s a “must” sign. However, doing due diligence might suggest future action on him, esp. at that price.

      As I stated above and we all know at this time, Swisher’s contract is up after 2012. Kemp might or might not hit FA, and if he does, it will be for a lot of money. We have no high-end OF prospects at our top farm levels. A decision will have to be made on OF very soon.

      This kid is just that intriguing. Who knows?

      • Jumpin' Jack Swisher says:

        I’m sure he’s intriguing. We’ll see where it goes.

        Remember how the Yankees got to their current outfield, though. What will be the right fix once Swisher leaves (if he does) is more likely to fall somewhere in between Matt Kemp and someone immediately identifiable in their minor league system.

        • BK2ATL says:


          I’d love to see where Mason Williams is in 2 years. If he lives up to his potential and Grandy’s still raking, Gardner might be expendable in the very near future.

          While I like Kemp, as does other everyone else, if he hits FA, it’s gonna be Crawford-like numbers. Not sure I want to do that on an OF.

          To me, that’s why this Cespedes kid is intriguing.

          Worse comes to worst, we re-sign Swisher???

  42. Rookie says:

    Trade Granderson and Swisher (maybe picking up a bit of his contract) and pick up AJ (picking up $8 million of his contract) — or a couple of minor league pitchers not named Banuelos or Betances, if that’s what the SF prefers — to SF for Lincecum. I think SF would be much more likely to make the postseason after that trade than before and, if the Yankees pick up Cespedes (and someone else to replace Swisher — which I don’t think should exactly be a Herculean task) I think the Yankees would be a much more fearsome team in the postseason. One thing you would know is that Swisher’s replacement in the postseason couldn’t do worse. Even if they just left that spot in the batting order vacant…

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Why the hell would the Yankees trade two of their four best hitters and think this guy could replace them?

      • tomaconda says:

        Arod Teix Cano, Swisher may be top 5 and there is more to winning than offense.

          • tomaconda says:

            Wow? Who is Swisher better than, Arod? Teixeira? or Cano?

            • Mike Axisa says:

              Cano, Granderson, Teixeira, that’s all the guys ahead of Swisher. Swisher’s out-hit A-Rod going on three years now, mostly because he can actually stay on the field.

              • tomaconda says:

                Mike, the two years prior to last Swisher had 100 more plate appearances. Swish 6.2 owar and Arod 8.2 Now Im not saying I advocate the ps3 trade above but to call Swisher one of the 4 best hitters on the team was nuts.

                • Mike Axisa says:

                  wRC+ last two years…

                  Cano – 137
                  Granderson – 131
                  Swisher – 127
                  Teixeira – 125
                  A-Rod – 124
                  Gardner – 111
                  Jeter – 98

                  • tomaconda says:

                    Because Arod was hurt last year does not make Swisher a better hitter. By that logic Lackey is a better pitcher than Strasburg. Safe to say Swisher had 1 better season than Arod.

                    • Ted Nelson says:

                      Top 4 vs. top 5 is really splitting hairs…

                    • Bryan says:

                      Comparing 2 years of production is a lot better than 1 year. I doubt Mike was comparing talent levels either, just production over that time span, and likely production moving forward.

                    • JAG says:

                      If A-Rod can’t play due to injury, Swisher’s A- level production is automatically better than A-Rod’s A level production.

                      I don’t think Mike was saying Swisher is a more talented or a better career player, but right now A-Rod’s health and consistency can’t be counted on and Swisher’s can.

    • Ted Nelson says:


    • Soriano Is A Liar says:

      Don’t say nothing could be worse. Would yo prefer a batter that goes 0 for 25 with 24 GIDP and a triple play?

    • Sarah says:

      Wait, let me see if I have this…

      The Giants will get Granderson, Swisher AND AJ? And replace Lincecum in the rotation with AJ?

      Even Brian Sabean hangs up the phone on that deal.

    • BK2ATL says:

      Damn the farm system, you want to blow up the Yankees’ strong outfield, in exchange for Lincecum and this kid who’s completely unproven in MLB?

      Since you’ve given away our MVP candidate CF and our RF, who’s gonna to play RF in your scenario, if presumably Cespedes would play CF? Or based on his “video,” you have him playing both CF and RF, since he’s Superman?????

      Also, why would the Giants take on an additional approx. $20 million in salary in 2012 for letting Lincecum go?

    • Jumpin' Jack Swisher says:

      Your trade proposal….you know.

  43. Matt Bertelli says:

    If someone has a link to the video that will work please post it, otherwise I will assume that the video is much like this video:

  44. BK2ATL says:

    FYI, the Yanks supposedly held a private workout with Yoenis Cespedes today, claims Baseball America’s Ben Badler.

    Make of it what you will.

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