Yankees will follow-up on preliminary talks with Freddy Garcia

The Cole Hamels trade possibility
Open Thread: Darrell Rasner

Via Marc Carig, the Yankees intend to have follow-up discussions with Freddy Garcia and his agent about a contract for next season. The two sides expressed mutual interest in a reunion earlier this month, and it’s a pretty safe bet that Garcia’s side did not ask for anything unreasonable if the team is willing to continue talks so early in the offseason. I like Freddy as a back-end starter, but really nothing more. I don’t think masquerading him as a number three guy will work all that well again.

The Cole Hamels trade possibility
Open Thread: Darrell Rasner
  • Damix

    If we sign/trade for a ‘#2’ (Danks, Wilson, Yu, whatever). Is it more valuable to sign Garcia to fill that #4 spot considering we know what we are getting, or take a chance on someone with higher upside, but could be inconsistent/injured (Bedard, Harden, Oswalt) type.

    If the money fits, I’d prefer Oswalt on a one year deal, ~140 innings of Roy + the filler of Noesi, Warren, Hughes, etc I believe is more valuable then 200 innings of Garcia.

    What it comes down to, I just don’t think Garcia will repeat the year he just had.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      Except someone will probably offer Oswalt at least a 2-year deal.

      • Damix

        Obviously the names don’t always work out, but the point stands. I’d rather the upside/risk then the likely mediocrity.

        I appreciate what Freddy did this year, but would not be upset to see him leave.

  • UYF1950

    I guess I don’t see the need to sign another “back end” of the rotation guy. Three and possibly 4 of the rotation spots are already pretty much taken with CC, Nova, AJ (unfortunately) and Hughes. They have several pitchers in house that can fill out that “5th” spot (Noesi, and a host of 2 or 3 other prospects if necessary) that have been mentioned previously on these very sites. What the Yankees really need is a #2 somebody to fill the slot between CC and Nova. At lease that’s my opinion.

    • kenthadley

      unless the plan is to trade one or two of those names for a front end starter

  • Brian S.

    No thanks, I would rather see us sign two ~4 win pitchers like Jackson and Darvish (Dice K was a 4 win pitcher in 2007 and Yu could probably match that his first year).

  • IB6 UB9

    Do you know what it takes to pitch in New York, gentlemen?

    Brass balls.

    And Garcia has them.

    • Monteroisdinero

      This. He kept us in ALMOST every game he pitched and his stuff will age well. He is a crafty veteran starter and a good mentor to our younger pitchers who could learn alot from him about getting hitters out without a 90 mph fb.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    At this point in the off season I do not believe the Yankees have to secure Freddie or be in such in depth discussions. Unless Cashman has a trade for a number 2 and one or more of the guys behind CC will be gone. Freddie IMHO will not pitch to 2011 standards and to me is blocking a younger pitcher from advancing such as Noesi or Phelps etc.

  • RetroRob

    Bring him back, and continue the hunt for a #2. If the Yankees improve their rotation and/or one or more of the AAA guys really step it up, Garcia will have trade value.

    Depth is critical.

  • Grover

    I know he wore out in the second half but there was a run in Colon where I preferred he start over CC. He didn’t really pitch for how many years? I have to believe he could easily be had on a one year incentive laden deal and just might be a steal. Looking at the alternatives on the market does not excite. I’m still in awe at how bad this free agent class is with the exception of a couple of first basemen and Reyes. This may wind up being a wait for what is left over and cheap offseason as the difference between the bottom and the top is not terribly far.

  • MannyB ace2be

    As much as it pains me to say this because I’m a big philthy Phil supporter. Everyone is writing him into the rotation next year when its not definite that he will be given a spot. I would love for him to come back rly strong next season but if he stinks or is traded or even if other young arms from our farm are packaged in a deal we will be happy to have depth in the form of a veteran we alrdy know can do the job quite well in the back end