Yanks close to signing Adam Miller to minor league deal

Report: Yankees have been talking to Manny Corpas' agent
Open Thread: Winter Meetings Day Four

Via Joel Sherman, the Yankees are close to signing right-hander Adam Miller to a minor league contract. The 27-year-old was the 31st overall pick in the 2003 draft, but he’s thrown just 138 IP since 2006 (zero in 2009 and 2010) due to career-threatening ligament damage in his right middle finger.

Before the injuries, the 6-foot-4, 200 pounder from Texas regularly sat in the high-90’s with a wipeout high-80’s slider and a changeup. It was a true front-of-the-rotation package, which is why Baseball America ranked him as the Indians number one prospect every year from 2005-2008. Miller has had four surgeries on the finger, which is now held together by replacement ligaments from his wrist and calf. He returned to the mound for 44 relief innings this year, reportedly hitting 96 on the gun while working on his feel for the slider. This Terry Pluto article gives you a great idea of what he’s been through, kid sure sounds resilient.

As far as the Yankees as concerned, they’re doing nothing more than rolling the dice. Miller is still pretty young and showed at least some semblance of his former self this summer, so why not take a chance? If he comes up and helps out of the bullpen at some point, great. If not, no big loss. It’s a zero risk move.

Report: Yankees have been talking to Manny Corpas' agent
Open Thread: Winter Meetings Day Four
  • Billy

    I remember watching a video on Minor League Baseball.Com with with Miller, Phil Hughes, and Matt Garza. Talking about Miller and Hughes being can’t miss stars, etc. We’ll see how that plays out.

  • William

    It’s funny really. You see these big name pitching prospects like Hughes, Miller, Prior, etc, but they hardly ever turn out the way they are supposed too. Not too many pitchers reach their prospect potential, although guys like Jon Lester, Clayton Kershaw, and Felix Hernandez have certainly done so. Too many times, injuries and control issues derail careers. That’s why keep an eye out on guys like Betaces and Banuelos. Most likely, one will turn out to be a bust, or maybe even both.

    • http://www.nesn.com/2011/01/2011-red-sox-will-challenge-1927-yankees-for-title-of-greatest-team-in-major-league-history.html Denver fighting tebows

      that’s baseball prospects for you.

      most of them fail.

  • J.R.

    I wish they had included a picture of his finger.

  • Jumpin Jack Swisher

    Cue comment as to Cashman being asleep at the wheel below.

  • Tipsie

    What’s up with Prior? Anyone know? Bringing him back?

    • Plank

      Every time he tries to sign a contract, he breaks every bone in his signing hand.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    My idiot friend Matt is a huge Indians fan, I’d love to see Miller turn have a 2007 Joba-type season for the Yankees so I can make fun of him.

  • MannyGeee

    Corpas? miller? 2 rule 5 arms? and the inevitable Mike Gonzalez signing???

    cashmans gone bullpen crazy! I wonder if this is some sort of deep seeded remorse over how shit went down with Aceves, or rather retaliation for the Soriano fiasco, ‘sticking it to the man’ style…

    • http://www.nesn.com/2011/01/2011-red-sox-will-challenge-1927-yankees-for-title-of-greatest-team-in-major-league-history.html Denver fighting tebows

      if you throw enough shit at the wall

      something will stick

  • Dicka24

    I like signings like these. Luis Ayala, the Viz, etc. are the types of flyers that make sense for teams looking to augment the establishes pieces already in place. When you have Mo, Robertson, Soriano, joba, etc. already in place, minor league singings like these, with high upside, are sound moves. While other teams are out there overpaying for set up men, or 7th inning arms, teams like the Yanks are paying short money for players that can potentially provide high end performance, in high leverage situations. Rafael Soriano’s deal not withstanding of course. That one wasn’t on Cashman though. We all know how he felt about that deal.

    I like the idea of signing Mike Gonzalez.

  • T & A

    F U. Miller is such a Nice guy.. I play basketball with him all the time. I wish nothing but the best for him.