Improving the Yankee Stadium experience

Yankees in a "holding pattern" with regards to pitching
Sorting out the Triple-A Scranton roster

When Opening Day rolls around in a few months, it will be the fourth at the new Yankee Stadium. Christened with a World Series in its first year, the new Stadium has simply become a comfortable home. I haven’t forgotten the old park; considering how much time I spent there during my teenage years, I never will. But the new place is where I got to see a lot of games every summer and will be for most of the rest of my life.

That said, the new stadium is far from perfect. I miss the intimacy and vastness of the Tier level, and I miss the view into Monument Park. The current home is a temple to the gaudiness of the Yankees, and it’s easy for a guy who doesn’t want to go broke attending baseball to feel a bit marginalized from the field.

As the seasons have marched on, the Yankees haven’t really done much to the new Yankee Stadium. They painted the overbearing concrete in the bleachers a darker shade of blue and made some minor upgrades, but as the Mets lower the fences and try to bring some semblance of their own history to their new stadium, the Yankees are content with what they’ve built. They could make some changes though, and as Opening Day inches closer, I have my own wishlist for the new house.

1. Mystique and Aura in the Stands
Once upon a time at the old park, it used to be possible to roam the stadium before the game with, by and large, free reign of the place. At a certain time, ushers would gently ask fans to head to their seats, but autograph hounds could stake out batting practice. At the new park, the general atmosphere in the lower seating bowls is one somewhere between antipathy and hostility. Guards will promptly sweep out people who aren’t where they should be a good 90 minutes before first pitch, and forget about ever crossing the moat that separates most fans from the field.

The Yankees needn’t compromise on their high-ticket packages to make the place a bit more welcoming for those who just want a close-up of the field. Calling off the hounds earlier on and making the fans more welcome would go a long way toward instilling the stadium with its own set of mystique and aura. We’re fans. We want to be there, and we’re not out to cause trouble.

2. Better Food
For all the promise of better food the new stadium brought with it, the non-exclusive dining options are your run-of-the-mill stadium stands. The hot dog buns aren’t much, and the specialty stands feature bland and overpriced items with ever-shrinking portions. The debut of Parm in the Great Hall was a fantastic start last season, but with Shake Shack and Blue Smoke headlining Citi Field, our ballpark in the Bronx has a long way to go. The crab legs I had that one time in the Legends Suites were pretty damn good though.

3. Monument Cave
At the old stadium, Monument Park and the retired numbers were a point of pride for the Yankees. They were visible throughout the stadium and during the game. At the new park, the monuments are buried beneath a sports bar and are covered for first pitch. The Yanks’ rich history has been rendered an afterthought, and we espy only glimpses of the retired numbers. I have to think the club could flip the visitors’ bullpen with Monument Park to make it a more open-air attraction as it used to be.

4. Between-Inning Entertainment
We’ve had the same between-inning entertainment options for eons now. Yankee trivia, Who’s That Baby?, Match Game NY — the list goes on and on and on. Between that and the staid selection of stadium songs that filter over the PA system, the in-game production could use a refresh.

Yankees in a "holding pattern" with regards to pitching
Sorting out the Triple-A Scranton roster
  • mark

    The food in the new ballpark is, indeed, brutal. Citi really has much better food. Why don’t the Yankees understand that people will actually pay for good food? I won’t pay for Yankee Stadium food but I spend a lot at Citi. I bring my own grub to Yankee Stadium.

    • Flying Choppers

      I just eat at either NYY Steak – just don’t order steak – or up the road at Court Deli. If I’m particularly hunger, I just order a sandwich to go and bring it in. The Yankees are really screwing themselves without decent food options. But I kinda understand. We had this debate at YFSF and it’s very difficult to do great food at a big scale. The lines at Shake Shack are loooooooooooooong.

      • Neil

        Court Deli is the way to go.

  • A.D.

    Food options are a bit sad. Love carls cheesesteaks (and not that marked up compared to 3rd ave spot) but johnny rockets burgers are frequently overcooked, and beer has only gone up in price and down in size

  • Flying Choppers

    Couldn’t agree more on The Cave. Been saying that since it opened. The added benefit would be putting visting pitchers in a weird throwing environment (half indoors/half outdoors). The one worry being down there is that there isn’t enough clearance. But it would seem easy enough to dig down a few feet. It would make the environment even weird. Why not force opposing pitchers to be uncomfortable?

    As for the fan experience, they seem to have really killed that pre-game experience. I used to hang out at the bullpen all the time in the early 80s and autographs were easy pickings. Now, the moat and the setup (all you can eat) means the closest they would be able to get is down the lines. Security getting people into and out of the moat would be a hassle. Maybe if they added a stair or two down, like with NBA arenas, but they still seems logistically difficult to keep the peons away from the 1%.

    • Flying Choppers

      D’oh, meant hang out at the dugout.

      The amazing part of all this nonsense? How easy it is at almost every other park to get close to the field and outside the stadium. I’ve talked to players behind home plate at Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Toronto, and Tampa. I’ve met players coming out of the stadiums at Baltimore and Minnesota. The Yankees, with the moat and with the indoor garage, take themselves way too seriously. It’s baseball, not national security.

    • bobmac

      1% this.

  • Carl

    1. Visiting the new stadium on Labor Day, it would have been good to have seen the bleachers, and maybe meet Vinny, all without having security asking me if I have a ticket for a seat in there and telling me I can’t stay there. Of course I can’t, I’d just like to check the bleachers out. At least there weren’t any guards stopping me from walking through a portion of the Terrace level before taking my seat in the Grandstands.

    2. Nathan’s is probably the only bright spot of the food they have there. 5 of the 6 food purchases I’ve made have been from a Nathan’s stand, the other for Garlic Fries. Other than that, the food stands do need to be better. Maybe replace Famiglia Pizzeria with either Sbarro’s, which was a staple for Pizza at the old house, Spumoni’s from Brooklyn or another good pizza place not named Pizza Hut, Domino’s or Papa John’s. And I’d love to put Red Robin in there because their gourmet burgers, especially the Royal Burger, are pretty damn good (I visit my location in Carle Place monthly), but they take too long to cook, as in 15 minutes. As for BBQ, steak, cheesesteaks, I haven’t done any of those yet, so I won’t get into that.

    3. Monument Park, I have yet to see that, and it is better off if it’s placed back below the left field bleachers and allowed to be visited during the game, since from what I’ve seen on Twitter, that Monument Park in Center Field sounds hard to walk through. Of course, they’ll have to address not putting the visiting bullpen too close to the home bullpen, how we’ll see a visiting reliever comes out to the mound in center field, and the view of the visiting bullpen, since they’d be seen by any fans in the sports bar and the batter’s eye seats.

    4. Between innings, yeah, that’s a need-to-improve on. Cotton Eye Joe, that’s gotta go. The Fan Marquee guy, he too’s gotta go (and that would make Erik Boland very happy.) Tara, we’ve heard enough of her, and YCMA at the top of the 7th, well… Also, if we’re gonna continue to have the singing of God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch, that should be limited to Opening Day, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day, 9/11, if not then before the Yankees head out on the road for Memorial Day/July 4th/Labor Day/ 9/11, and the first home game of all postseason series. And they shouldn’t involve Kate Smith’s rendition. The Kate Smith recording has got to go and it’s about time to get rid of it, especially after the blaring of it at the Winter Classic in Philly. Unless it’s a baseball holiday, I’d rather be singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Besides, the singing of Take Me Out to the Ballgame is what made the 7th Inning Stretch in the first place.

    5. Maybe it’s just me, but I kinda had the thought of bringing back the Royal Blue color on the outfield walls and seats, as well as the roofs of the dugouts. That same royal blue color that was recognized in the old stadium. But then again, that Royal Blue color was all over the other old stadiums before they went down, didn’t they?

    • nedro

      Famous Famiglia >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sbarros.

      • Carl

        Is is that good? I haven’t tried it yet.

        • Yankees Fan 1

          I’m going to guess you aren’t from NYC if you classify Famous Famiglia or Sbarros as decent pizza.

          • Carl

            Lombardi’s Pizza to replace Famous Famiglia at the Stadium then, right?

            • Carl

              But really, somebody in the pizza department needs to replace Famous Famiglia. It can’t be Lombardi’s because they don’t do single slices, so who? The L&B Spumoni Gardens?

  • Plank

    I’d like to see some form of fire/lava pit in the outfield. Perhaps lions and hippos roaming the outfield would add some charm and make the park unique.

  • Johnny

    The list ended abruptly, but I agree with all that was said.

    Actually, I would like the Yankees to hire parachuters to come down randomly during the game with signs like “Let’s go Yankees.” We all remember Michael Sergio at the start of Game 6, and I would like to see it happen again.

  • Darren

    you can’t polish a turd

    • Wayne’s World

      perfectly said, darren. you nailed it.

      • Darren

        Thank you!

        The old Stadium was just so much cleaner, aesthetically, than the new piece of garbage. One ubroken upperdeck, one small loge, and the lower deck. That’s it.

        MUCH less advertising. The amazing blue of the seats. The BLACK SEATS (which were very scary and imposing as a kid. Why were they black? Why couldn’t people sit ther? Booby trapped?)

        The experience of walkiong through a tunnel towards the light (at night) or the sun (day)….reminded me every time of that time I was born.

        The black scoreboard that was about ten times easier to see and follow then the new ones. it’s awesome that I know the score of the Colorado-Pittsburgh game, but it would be nice to easily find out how many outs there in the game I’m watching.

        And of course, the Yankee experience is just as fan friendly as ever (compared to the Gestapo).

        • Godwin


        • Steve (different one)

          The black seats were the batter’s eye….

    • Heisenberg
  • descender

    1. Tell the ushers to shut up. These Securitas dorks need to go.

    They are constantly hounding people standing behind the main level and field level seats, or for having the nerve to put their drink down on a ledge that is specifically there to hold food and drinks. Stop telling me to back away from standing room seats that are not sold for every game, and no one is even standing there. Citifield and CBP are littered with cupholders and tables to put your stuff down on and stand in view of the field almost anywhere in the stadium. Why build the stadium open air and then yell at people for trying to watch the game from the open areas?

    2. More garlic fries.

    3. More stuff to do in the stadium. It’s very blah. There is Monument park which is obviously closed during the game, and the museum up stairs… and that’s it. Nothing else to do but wander around in gift shops spending money. Again, Citi and CBP offer other activities to entertain yourself or your kids during the long summer afternoons.

    4. Tear down the moat and open the stadium up fully during BP. It’s embarrassing what they have done to the fans trying to access the players during BP.

    • Jim

      “3. More stuff to do in the stadium….”

      Maybe you should try to watch a baseball game! The stadium needs better food and a nicer fan experience, but there is plenty to do there.

      • descender

        You have obviously never brought children to a baseball game, or gone to so many games that sometimes you just don’t care what’s going on. :)

  • monkeypants

    Sometimes I feel like a dinosaur. I need absolutely no additional entertainment during the game…I didn’t as a little kid and I don’t now. How about get rid of all the stupid stuff? And while they are at it, eliminate the between innings entertainment, and maybe replace it with some nice ballpark organ music or…nothing at all…so we can just enjoy the sights and sounds of the game.

    Yeah, I know. I’m crazy and it will never happen.

    • Monteroisdinero

      This. Organ music was great in the old days. Can’t we just take out some tapes of Bob Shepherd and replay/modify them?

      “Now batting for the Yankees, The catcher, Numbah 63, Jesus Montero…..

      Numbah 63

      • Erica

        This makes me happy.

        • Monteroisdinero

          Nice. I like it too but I DO want a better number for Jesus.

  • Dave203

    5. Allow core season ticket holders to ban fans who leave in the 6th inning because the Yanks are losing from returning to their section.

    Nothing is more annoying that fair-weather fans who can only bother to watch when we are winning.

    • dr mrs the yankee

      Just because people get up and walk around doesn’t mean they’re not watching the game.

  • Moonimus

    I rarely buy food at the stadium. The only vendor I will go to is that sliced steak place on the 3b side in the lower level. While you wait you can see the butchers slicing up he meat. That is the best thing they offer and the portion can hold you over for 9 innings. As far as in game experiences go, it’s clear that you don’t go to a ballpark just to watch te game anymore. At the old stadium that was the main attraction. Definitely still miss the old ballpark though I appreciate certain amenities of the new one.

  • Mike HC

    I would describe the new stadium as better for the non fan or the casual fan than the old Yankee Stadium, but worse for the real, emotionally invested fan. I’m more of a no frills kind of guy, so personally the old stadium was my favorite. Intimate atmosphere, the only thing to catch your eye was the field, etc …

    The new one definitely has some great features though, like the Hard Rock Cafe to hang out in if you get there early (with High Pitch Eric as a greeter, for any Howard Stern Fans out there), and the Mohegan Sun (?) bar overlooking the stadium is cool as well. Walking around the different levels and being able to see the field from the concourse also has some positives. And the entire feel of the place definitely feels very grande, museum and mall like. Also cleaner.

    Still prefer the more old school feel though. Just personally.

    • Mike HC

      And, what goes without saying really, is that the lower ticket prices are still ridiculous and the security is too tight. I have found ways to get by security and mingle with the folk (which I will not divulge me/my friends strategies so they don’t start catching on and cracking down) but it requires more planning now.

      Like most ballparks today, after the 3rd inning or so, you can relax security and if there are some open seats lower down, let some fans in the nose bleeds move down. Come on. Opening day at Camden Yards against the Yanks a couple of years ago, my friend and I snuck down to second row behind the Yankee dugout and was able to interact with the players all game. It was great.

      • Mike HC

        “mingle with the rich folk”

        • Andrew 518

          Honestly if your aren’t there by the third inning you lose, your seat should go to someone who deserves it.

          I had to sit behind a couple this year who spent the better half of the game reviewing baby pictures on their idiot phones.

          I’m not saying I don’t want the Yankees to have there money and all but can’t we have a section for people who aren’t there to watch the game. I just don’t understand why I have to sit far away when no one between the field and I is watching the game.

  • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

    The food is atrocious. Citifield got it right. I only went to one game last year due to my son’s being born, which means I’ve missed the Torrisi-owned Parm stand but, other than that, I’ve learned to just default to a Brother Jimmy’s Pulled Pork or Hebrew National foot long. $16 for a glorified roast beef sandwich is just wrong. The garlic fries pale in comparison to the SF ones they’re trying to be.

    The upper level seating experience has to improve. I don’t feel like I’m watching a home game unless I’m in section 202 or 203. Splurging for 100 level seats is nice, but you can’t do that every time.

    I love the stadium. I really do. There is so much to love about it. The experience is far from perfect, though.

  • Monteroisdinero

    Folks need to go to other parks. Much friendlier/cheaper/easier to see players. ST and Scranton (AAA parks in general) are awesome.

    The Yanks could borrow some promos from minor league venues and even charge for them! Kids run the bases after the game for $10 a pop!

  • Dave

    Four years old already? Time to start planning the New New Yankee Stadium on the site of the old one.

  • JLevs

    I’ve been a ticket holder since the old stadium and recently dropped my ticket plan. I like going to the stadium less and less. Here are my feelings:

    1) Get rid of Kate Smith and God Bless America like previously mentioned
    2) Get rid of YMCA and replace it with something a little more up to date or just remove it completely. It’s played out.
    3) Bring in better food options. This is NEW YORK people. How about bringing in more local food? Famiglia Pizza?? Seriously?? This what we want representing what our city can offer? And while we’re at it, don’t make food hours before and let it sit around forever. I’ve bought food right before first pitch that was either cold or hard from sitting around all day.
    4) Better maps showing where food is (I know this sounds really picky.) I went to the game last year with my daughter who is 3 and she wanted those Turkey Hill Italian Ice/Sorbet cups. It took me 2 innings and walking completely around the grandstand and main level to find it. And no “How May I Help You” people knew where the cart was.
    5) Remove Tara from pre-game stuff. I don’t care what commemorative t-shirt is being sold in the Yankee Store. If I want to buy something that’s insanely overpriced I’ll go down and check it out myself.
    6) Don’t have such hostile security. Why are they blocking people from going up and down the aisles during the innings? Do that many people complain about the traffic?
    7) Parking! I know the Yankees don’t control this but they should have cut some sort of deal with season ticket holders. Present your ticket holder ID card and receive a $5 discount or something similar.

  • Steve (different one)

    I wonder if the infamous “austerity budget” will bring some capital improvements to the stadium in a few years. It’s hard to argue that Yankee ownership is shy about reinvesting money in their product. But i understand the reluctance to give extra $$ away because of the rules in the CBA. Investing a bit in the fan experience could increase revenue in a way the other owners can’t get to. Also, the stadium will have been around for 5 seasons at that point, seems a good time to re-evaluate.

  • Troll Hunter

    I have always been taken aback by the rudeness of the security and ushers at Yankee Stadium. I guess they get away with it because people expect that kind of attitude in NY which is no excuse. Its hard even to get a good picture with the field in the background without being told to move. The food sucks, monument park location sucks and the Staduim promotions besided the classic Bat day and Cap day really suck compared to other MLB ball parks around the country. Love the Yankees but they could definately make the experience more enjoyable.

  • TogaSean

    Prices are the big thing for me. It’s cost prohibitive for a family of 4 to come to many games anymore. I live upstate, so to make the 2+ hour drive, deal with parking, pay the money, then deal with the headache of getting out…forget it, it’s too much of a pain, I end up choosing to stay home and watch on my plasma.

  • Chris

    The very last food stand in left field upper deck has a bucket of fries and 5 sliders for 20 bucks. If you use a master card you even get a free liter of pepsi. Its by far the best deal in the stadium. The food is great too.

    Im glad monument park is still getting the brunt of the discussion when it comes to “fixing” the stadium. Its a total waste to have it in center field. I agree 100 percent that it should be in left. The old park was so organic and original. The Yankees missed an oportunity to enhance and create an even more memorable place. Now its an afterthought.

  • Matt :: Sec110

    I don’t have a problem with the in between inning stuff…I like the match game and the subway race and the top hat hiding the ball.

    Monument Park, much like the obstructed view seats, was a major oversight. It was just the Yankees whoring out every inch of the place. Instead of those seats in front of the left field bleachers, you could have put monument park there like it was in the old stadium, but that’ll never happen.

    The stands’ mystique and aurora…that’s more on the fans. It just seems less lively, perhaps because of the ‘super seats’ (as I call them) and prices of other seats…perhaps they are pricing out the average fan that’s going to get rowdy.

    Also, embrace technology….allow iPads and have free wifi in the stadium. I mean, I wouldn’t bring an iPad to the game, but I understand it…it’s 2012…get with it.

    • Matt :: Sec110

      also, I’m lucky enough to sit down in section 110 because my Dad and Uncle have had seats since 1987 (used to be sec 81, bastards moving us)…but when I’ve sat in the bleacher/upper levels it seems like they have less stands.

      I realize it might be less space that the 1st level, but considering my seats have the waiter service (that I refuse to use) you think they’d have more options.

      Perhaps team up with 5 Guys for bugers and stuff?

      • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

        Oh god, no. Those burgers are zero improvement over Johnny Rockets.

        Honestly, this is Yankee Stadium. Get Pat Lafrieda to open up a damn burger stand. There has to be a random DeMarco son or daughter that can make some pizza (and, if not, there’s opening DiFara’s in Jersey AND Vegas….they can do the Bronx.) Get X’Ian’s Famous Foods to do some authentic Chinatown stuff. That requires being less corporate, though, and more imaginative.

        It all reminds me of Trump taking Palin for “real NY pizza” at Famiglia and eating it with a fork. It’s not knowing what’s actually great and cool about New York City.

        At least the Mets apparantly had Danny Meyer on their Rolodex.

        • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

          Also, Sixpoint Sixpoint Sixpoint, or just get Garrett Oliver on the phone and get Brooklyn Brewery to design some custom Yankee brews. This isn’t difficult.

          I work for cheap.

  • Wayne’s World

    1. I agree with Darren who says that “you can’t polish a turd.” Perfect.

    2. I love the guy who votes for organ music or no music between innings.

    3. As to between-inning entertainment, aside from my feelings in number 2, the only such thing I’d like to see is a contest in which pitchers attempt to throw balls through closed windows of cars driving around the periphery of the infield.

    4. The best way to improve the experience would be to tear the place down and rebuild the old place or, failing that, just starting over. Yankee Stadium is the Shea Stadium for the 21st Century.

    • Andrew 518

      I’m naturaly adverse to giving the Red Sox credit for much but they’ve nailed it with the no “canned noise” policy. Give me some organ, Sure I won’t pay much attention to it but I try like hell not to pay attention to the crap that they blast at me inbetween innings. If I wanted commercials I’d be watching TV. The stadium cost $1.5 billion for pete’s sake, let me take it in instead of trying to get me to watch a giant screen.

      I hate that big video screen. I try not to watch it but it’s so damn big and bright that I just can’t keep my attention from being drawn to it.

  • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

    I actually have no issue with the between-inning stuff. It’s always going to be hokey, and you just deal with it. I think ol’ Kate Smith has worn out her welcome a bit, but that’s about it. I actually do still get a kick as to the grounds crew doing “YMCA” for some odd reason.

  • SamWalt

    For the love of god, the blaring of music after every out has got to stop. I came to watch a ballgame, not get ear-raped by the loudest music that the Yanks could find.

  • Dan Moir

    While I haven’t been to the new stadium yet (I am in Winnipeg), I tend to agree with most people’s suggestions.

    However, we should be appreciative of one aspect….at least the stadium is still called Yankee Stadium. It doesn’t have a corporate name to it which would fetch several million dollars a year for the owners with no effort.

    • Troll Hunter

      Very good point!!!!!

  • SamWalt

    For the love of god, the blaring of music after every out has got to stop. I came to watch a ballgame, not get blasted by the loudest music that the Yanks could find.

  • JLevs

    Forgot to mention. STOP showing Tommy Lasorda being hit with a bat during the bloopers. That things is 4 years old. I love bloopers but they recycle the same bit every game. How about using ESPN’s Not Top 10 to make it a bit more current?

    • Marsha

      4 years old? Not a chance. It’s way older than that. That blooper reel is pathetic as is all the extremely tired screen material at Yankee Stadium. Did anyone suggest to them to just start over with everything when they moved across the street? Aside from the actual game, everything they do is sooooo boring.

      • Victoria

        It happened in 2001.

        • JLevs

          My bad… and only makes my point stronger. All they care about is promoting Steiner sports and the Yankee Store.

  • tommydee2000

    It’s actually gone downhill since the opening. The Mike’s Deli stand was great, one of the few real NY foods in the Stadium.

    I like the Loebel’s sandwich, but way too far from my seat. I usually opt for Brother Jimmy’s or a Premio.

    And really, they need a real NY pizza.

    • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

      One of the best things about the stadium is how easy it is to get from one seemingly-far end of the stadium to the other. It took me an hour, my first game there, to figure out my way around. To me, it makes it so that nothing is ever too far away.

      I miss Mike’s, but am confident that Parm could even provide a better sandwich. Those Torrisi guys are the real deal as well.

  • Bobby two knives

    I’m a yankee fan my whole life – 65 years – and I loved going to the Stadium. Now I watch YES. Too much time/traffic to get to the stadium; too expensive (I’m not poor); and really don’t want the hassle of food/security etc that everyone is citing. I took the “tour” one day in 2009, and wasn’t really impressed. No aura; no sense of history; Instead, I’m planning to visit KC, Twins, Orioles and maybe even (shudder) Boston. All sound so much better than the new stadium. Will always bleed Yankee blue, but paying for YES is the most I’ll pay for the joy and privilege. Sad to say.

    • Monteroisdinero

      Camden Yards is great.

    • Darren

      Fenway is also a great place to go. It feels like a minor league park with about 10,000 times more personality than the new Stadium. And the Legal Seafood clam chowder (new england style, of course!) is the best chowdah I’ve ever had.

      For the record, yes, I hate the Sox. But their Stadium blows our monument to greed out of the water. Thanks, classless Randy Levine, Lonn Trost and the Steinbrenner vulgarians!

  • rufuswashere

    I hate hate hate the moat. And the embarrassing empty seats behind the plate. I’ve been around 5 times, and each time the place was packed — except for those seats, with LOTS of empty blue.

    That’s what the rest of the country sees, the view from center field (behind the pitcher), and it makes it look like no one goes to the games. Did they take that into consideration?

    Other than that, I don’t mind the new place that much. Seems not to have the intensity of the old place, but maybe if they put some more bodies in the seats around the field, that would help.

  • Kevin

    I hate to give Boston kudos on anything but they have kept Fenway Park and not felt the need to “upgrade” or give into greed. OYS was about the it’s simply about greed.

    • bobby two knives

      another way of saying “it’s all about fannies, not fans.”

  • Spencer K

    Speaking of hounds, it’s not even at the field level. My friend and I were at a game that ended up to be a laugher. So we decided to roam the stadium for the last 1.5 innings, since it was already emptying out. A few pitches before the end of the game (top of the 9th), we stopped and leaned against one of the many empty standing room only tables on the main level concourse.

    A woman immediately came over scolding us, saying those “seats” belong to fans with specific tickets, and shooed us back a full foot away from the table. There was literally no one at that table, or any of the other tables on either side of us, and yet it was “reserved”.


  • Pounder

    Their is no sense of excitement from the crowd lucky enough(or rich and/or connected enough)to have seats in the front rows.No energy like the old place,nothing but a glorified mall.Shame on them.

  • Peter North

    Get rid of YMCA and bring back Cotton-Eye Joey. That Kate Smith recording of God Bless America is embarrassing. I honestly don’t feel we need to sing it other than on Memorial Day, July 4, and September 11. But if we’re going to do it, can’t we have something better than that old recording?

  • dan gen

    too expensive,too sterile,canceled my season plan I had forever…if they are not willing to spend to have a great team….I will watch on t.v.

  • Neil

    New York Yankees IS a corporate name!!!

  • Mike

    I wish they would utilize the giant HD screen for things other than advertising/gimmicks. Meaning replays. Obviously there is some agreement between the teams and MLB in terms of “close calls.” It makes sense, not showing up the umpires. However several times there will be a great play, but rather than showing the replay, they go straight to a “fan cam.” That always annoys me.

    Also can they have actual people sing the National Anthem? The recording is really low budget.

  • seeking28

    The best food option is Lobel’s on the lower level just above third base. Portions are huge, steak is delicious and if they would bring back the olive spread this year that would be excellent.