’s Top 100 Prospects List

Open Thread: Bartolo
Scouting The Waiver Market: Adrian Cardenas

Jonathan Mayo of published his list of baseball’s top 100 prospects yesterday, with Matt Moore, Bryce Harper, and Mike Trout unsurprisingly occupying the top three spots. Manny Banuelos ranks 13th, one spot behind Jesus Montero. I coulda sworn those positions were reversed last night and Banuelos was in front of Montero, but I guess I’m just going crazy. Dellin Betances is #41, Gary Sanchez is #53, and Mason Williams is #73. Mayo’s rankings always seem to buck the consensus a bit, which I like. Prospect ranking isn’t a perfect science.

Open Thread: Bartolo
Scouting The Waiver Market: Adrian Cardenas
  • dean

    That’s the most aggressive ranking on Banuelos I think I’ve seen…..pretty cool

  • Bryan G

    You’re not crazy. Manny and Jesus were definitely in reverse order last night.

    • Willy

      I saw it too.

      • Gonzo

        Me three.

        • LaserVortex

          I concur

    • CJ

      Not crazy. I saw it too after Plank posted link last night. Strange.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Why is Casey kelly not in the top 10?

    • Bo Knows

      because he’s no longer a red sox prospect…duh

      • Mike Tomohawkxia

        ding ding ding, we have a winner!

    • RetroRob

      Yeah, really. He’s sinking like the Titanic, down to #50.

  • ameer

    For your prospect watch this year, I’d love to see Gary Sanchez or Mason Williams. I know they are both pretty far from the big show, but its easier to keep up with AAA players, than it is to keep up with A players.

  • Mike

    And they talk about Yankee prospects getting overhyped. All that changed overnight was Montero went from being listed as a Yankee to a Mariner and he jumped up a spot in the ranking :P.

    Guess all I can assume from that is Yankee prospects are underrated.

    • ryan

      Well it could be that in NY he’d only have the chance to DH, whereas in Seattle he might have a better chance of playing C or 1B so with a few more positional options, he moves up the rankings.

  • Steve S.

    Harper’s debut is gonna be crazy. He’s the most hyped player since Strasburg.

    • Gonzo

      I was at Strasburg’s debut. It was nuts. I doubt Harper’s debut could live up to Strasmas.

      • vin

        I would think a starting pitcher’s debut would have more hype since they only play every 5th day.

    • Thomas Cassidy

      He has the potential to be the best player in baseball.

  • Avi

    You’re not crazy Mike. I saw Banuelos ahead of Montero too.

    • Monterowasdinero

      Hard to compare the two but I’ve seen Manny and Jesus in person several times and there is no way Manny is ahead of Montero. If you could see the ball jump off Montero’s bat in person and could see Banuelos’s stuff in person well…….


      • STONE COLD Austin Romine

        I would surmise that the extra (>>>>>>>) is purely based on emotional perspective and not logical I assume right?

        In reality it’s more like Montero>>Banuelos.

        • Chip

          I still like to remember watching Youkilis corkscrew into the ground during spring training against Banuelos. If he can get his control in order, he’s definitely a top of the rotation arm. I would agree with your assessment of Montero being better but not by a mile.

          • Monterowasdinero

            A 3-2 changeup to strike out Youk with the bases loaded in ST was nice.

            Montero was catching. That was nice too.

        • JobaWockeeZ

          I would surmise that you surmised that he is basing it off sentimental value because of his username. I surmise that you don’t like Montero because you are a Romine fan thus also being illogical.

          • Robert

            I would rather have a future LHP ace over a bat.

          • Monterowasdinero

            Romine has Cervellian power.

            • Steve (different one)

              If Cervelli was good defensively, he could probably be a starting catcher for some team. His bat is not that bad for a catcher.

              • Monterowasdinero

                And he runs well too! Funny he was thought to be a good defensive catcher with a weak bat a few years ago. Things change. Montero might someday be a catcher and not a DH. It could happen.

      • La Pelota

        Si, si, I jump off the bat of Jesus.

      • Father Flanagan

        Jesus, Manny, CoJo.

  • RetroRob

    I’m really surprised that Montero was as “low” as #12. He’s been ranked higher in the past, in the top ten reguarly, and even then the knock was it wasn’t clear if he had a spot on the Yankees rosters or a position. He now is clearly going to play every day in the majors, and the Mariners will certainly give him a shot at catching since, well, they suck enough to let him.

    It is interesting that Banuelos is thought almost as highly as Montero. The thoughts of CC, Pineda, Banuelos and Nova in 2013 is exciting, no matter who is holding down #5. Hoping it’s Hughes or Bentances.

    • RetroRob

      …and to be clear, the knock on him not being rated even higher was he didn’t have a clear path to the majors, or if he would catch. Both of those have been removed, so his ranking should be much higher based on his likely impact in 2012. He’s been rated higher when he was further away from having an impact.

    • Monterowasdinero

      When you go to the Mariners website, Montero is ranked as the #1 catching prospect on all of their lists/rankings. They may let him try to PLAY CATCHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      As for exciting pitching staffs, for me it would be 2012 and it would be:

      CC/Pineda/Kuroda/Nova/Banuelos. Won’t happen but would be exciting.

      • RetroRob

        Oh, I definately think they’re going to let him catch. There is little reason not to. I don’t mean 130 games, but I can see them letting him catch 90-100. They have the luxury of letting him learn on the MLB level and also assessing him on the MLB level. Even if the Yankees hadn’t traded him I expected he’d catch at least 30, so for the Mariners why not 100? They’re not going anywhere, so if I’m part of the Mariners front office, I’m going to do everything I can to maximize his value, especially since his other likely position is first and they certainly don’t want to give up on Smoak yet. I wouldn’t. I still think he’ll get it together.

        As for Banuelos, they’re going to give him a full year at AAA, maybe bring him up to 155-160 innings so he’s ready to go for a full-time slot in 2013. The loss of command last year was a bit surprising, but hardly a shock at his age.

        • All Praise Be To Mo

          IIRC Manny always had great command until this past year. Didn’t he gain some mph on his pitches this past year? Maybe the lapse in command is just him learning to harness the better stuff?

  • jay destro

    they def changed some stuff around.

  • Gonzo

    I think this could be the highest Manny will be ranked by all the other mainstream top 100’s. What does everyone else think?

  • STONE COLD Austin Romine

    I wonder… Why darvish isn’t on this top 100 list when Matsuzaka was on prospect list when he transferred over from NPB

    • RetroRob

      Hmmmm, good point. He certainly should be treated as a prospect, and a rookie, as he is now entering MLB. Oversight on their part, or perhaps they made some rule decision on how players from the Japan leagues are treated?

    • Ed

      Don’t remember where I saw it, but there was a story that went along with the list. It talked a little more about it. Mentioned that they went by the same rules as the new CBA – if you’re not required to fit into the new amateur signing limits, you’re not considered a prospect.

    • JohnnyC

      He wasn’t signed by the Red Sox, duh.

  • Frank

    I looked through the list, but didnt see campos. did he not make the cut?

    • Chip

      Campos isn’t anywhere near a top 100 list yet. If he develops an above-average to plus curveball, then we can start talking top 100 lists.

      • ryan

        but he’s a Yankee now!

        • Chip


      • Steve (different one)

        He will there next year, book it.

      • bpdelia

        Well to be fair baseball instinct has loved him and had him around 50 before the trade. Basically they had him in the same area as banuelos and bettances. Some of the reports are more than exciting. Bb instinct has a nice video on him. Rlexplisive power, kid repeats his delivery at 19 has a super high leg kick that creates deception. Elite fb command, elite control, elite projectable size elite fb velocity and heaviness, and the beginnings of a plus slider with a throwable though well below average change. And his results were silly off the charts good as one of the youngest players at his level.

  • Reggie C.

    Since Montero is no longer in the system, i won’t bother to get worked up by his #12 placement. Honestly, we shouldn’t care at this point. Instead, we should all start dreaming of the kind of power numbers Gary Sanchez can put up in 500 at-bats.

    Watch out for the Orioles … two in the top ten.

    • Chip

      How about the Mariners and/or Braves? They’re both absolutely loaded with pitching. Add to that the fact that the Mariners could have a heck of an infield with Smoak, Montero and Ackley

    • DERP

      Good chance to be three after next year’s draft. Then again, they haven’t had much success with top prospects lately and the rest of the system is meh.

    • RetroRob

      The Orioles do have a couple of high-end prospects, but they lack critical depth, including cheap, back-end arms that are needed over the course of the season. A strong system needs a combination of high-end, impact prospects, of which they have a couple, but equally important or the more middling prospects. They are very weak in that area, where the Yankees are very strong in that area.

  • pat

    Tallion’s pitching face looks almost exactly like Lackey. Ugh.

  • DERP

    Some of the ETAs are really odd. Anthony Rendon ETA of 2015? Lavarnway ETA of 2014? WTF

  • Women’s Lib is Ms.Guided

    Also, we have Nunez and Andruw Jones, who are both pretty good hitters.

    • jjyank


      I have heard this also. This Nunez character, and some guy named Jones. We have them. And they are decent hitters.

  • Alfredo

    Remember this name when the draft comes Carlos Correa. He is a shortstop that will stick at the position and and can do damage with the bat he is the rankes #2 in shortstop and #16 overall but what might drive away some teams is his commitment to Vanderbilt.

    • G

      Would be great to overpay and get him, but do the CBA draft spending rules go into effect this upcoming draft? If they do that screws us up a bit.

      • Alfredo

        i think this kid might be worth it because we need a shortstop that can come through the system quickly.

        • Monterowasdinero

          Haven’t you heard of Jeets quest for 4K? We won’t need a SS for 5 years. We will, however, need a 3Bman who can cover the ENTIRE left side of the infield.

  • Alfredo


  • CJ

    Nice to know Matt Moore and Mike Trout will cause problems for the Yankees for years to come.

  • Plank

    Mason Williams wasn’t in the top 100 when the list went up, either.

  • pacman

    still pissed about arodys vizcaino for javier…

    • Plank

      Not a good trade in retrospect. I was all for it at the time, though.

      • bpdelia

        I don’t know. Vizcaino still has some control command issues to overcome and there is a real possibility he ends up a closer so no need to get upset yet. If we had gotten the 2011 Vazquez the viz for vaz trade looks much better and we probably make the Alva.

        • Plank

          Are you still defending the trade with the benefit of hindsight?

          What’s Alva?

          • bpdelia

            Damn autocorrect. Alva is alcs. Yeah i still defend it.

  • bpdelia

    Whoa. I have a SERIOUS PROBLEM with rating a prospect in the top 20 when the only comment you can give me is how many touchdown nlns he threw. Yeah starling has big tools but he is u.iversally considered extremely raw and is a boom bust possibility. That is absurdly high. Him and hultzen are WAY too high. If you are gonna put guys who haven’t played in the top 20 they better be strausburg, Harper type cant miss guys. Ive seen hiltzen called more of a #3 without super elite stuff and he is the mariners second best sp prospecr. Walker is the top prospect. And starling is way too high. That just killed this list for me. The only person i. The last draft who should be top ten is Cole. Only top 30 tendon only top 50 bell and then you can put hultzen and starling starling. In there.

    I mean starling especially is a long long long way off. At least hultzen figures to be a fast mover. Inexplicable to me.

  • bpdelia

    Seriously how the hell is hultzen ahead of walker???? Walker has the exact same pedigree, better stuff and has ….you know…..played proffessional baseball….and dominated in proffeassional baseball. Shiny new toyism at its worst.

  • bpdelia

    Last comment. With lee suddenly regaining shine after a strong year you gotta figure this is bechams last chance to shed the monster gargantuan bust label and become the rays starting ss. Anyone heard whether the rays plan on letting him get shot to win the job in spring? He is still young and had a better year. First overall picks shouldn’t be late bloomer’s but he has improved.

    • All Praise Be To Mo

      I’m just glad they picked him instead of Posey back when they needed a catcher.

  • LiterallyFigurative

    That Vazquez trade looks better by the day doesn’t it?

    Vizcaino, Melky, Mike Dunn. Melky plays RF, Swisher DH (problem solved). Viz or Dunn in the pen.

    Just for the record, I hated the deal WHEN it happened too.

  • LiterallyFigurative

    Here’s hoping the One Man Ban can get his BB rate in check.