Update: Yanks, Pirates continue to talk about Burnett

Odd transactions abounded in the 80s
Open Thread: Denzel vs. Robbie

Friday: Via Jon Heyman, the two sides continue to discuss a Burnett trade, and the Pirates are said to be willing to eat $10M of his contract. The Yankees are pushing for a 50-50 split, however. Heyman says there is hope for a deal. Joel Sherman adds that the ten clubs on A.J.’s no-trade list are all West Coast teams simply because his wife doesn’t like to fly. I get the sense that this is just a stare-down; each side is waiting for the other one to blink and take on more money. If the Yanks manage to unload half of A.J.’s deal and get something more than a non-prospect in return, it’ll be a minor miracle.

Thursday: Via Buster Olney, the Yankees want Garrett Jones from the Pirates in any deal involving A.J. Burnett. They know they’ll have to eat most of the $33M left on Burnett’s contract, but the problem is that Pittsburgh has no interest in dealing Jones and talks haven’t progressed at all. Jones, 30, is a late-blooming left-handed DH candidate who’s tagged righties for a .360 wOBA and a .208 ISO in his three seasons. He’s spent most of his defensive time at first and right field. Larry looked at him more in-depth a few weeks ago.

Odd transactions abounded in the 80s
Open Thread: Denzel vs. Robbie
  • jsbrendog

    jsbrendog approves this post.

    • radnom

      I will never tire of reading AJ Burnett trade rumors.

  • Nick

    If Pittsburgh doesn’t want to send Jones, the Yankees should send over Cervelli to grease the wheels a bit. Didn’t they want him a few years ago?


    (kind of)

    • MannyGeee


  • http://twitter.com/#!/KChinmaster KenC

    Or just give AJ away for anyone. Anything to get him off the roster. Too bad this isn’t the NBA where we can use an amnesty clause, although i would expect the yankees to use that on A-Rod rather than AJ

  • CJ

    I dont think Pitt minds dealing Jones at all. I bet Pitt wants $25 m with AJ for Jones. That is a zero savings for Cashman. Cash is probably offering 16-17m suggesting Pitt should have to pay AJ 8/2, suggesting taking jones is salary relief.

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      suggesting Pitt should have to pay AJ 8/2

      If AJ were a FA this year, do you think he could get that contract? If not, why should Pitt pay him that?

      • Tom

        Aaron Harang got 2/12, Bedard 1/4.5, Bruce Chen 2/10, Tsuyoshi Wada 2/8.

        I could see AJ getting somewhere between 2/8 to 2/12… he’s been durable and his peripherals are better than his ERA would suggest.

      • RetroRob

        Yes, if AJ was a free agent this year he would have no problem getting a contract. None.

      • Ed

        Because if he was a free agent, he probably would never sign with the Pirates.

    • Ted Nelson

      I’m sure they don’t have a problem trading Jones… just trading Jones for one of the worst SPs in baseball.

  • CJ

    Garrett jones is not cheap anymore he’s in his final 2 years of arbitration. Jones will probably make $9-10 m this year and next.

    • 1stbase

      “Garrett Jones requested $2.5 million and was offered $2.25 million from the Pirates when arbitration figures were exchanged Tuesday.
      Jones, who is arbitration-eligible for the first time, batted .243/.321/.433 with 16 home runs, 58 RBI and a .753 OPS last season. With only a very small gap between the filings, we expect a deal will get done eventually. Jan 17 – 11:27 PM”

      per roto world, jones isn’t going to touch anywhere near 9-10 million this year

      • CJ

        I said 9-10 this year and next. I thought he was going for $4 in arb this year, my bad.

        • 1stbase

          oh i see, yea i misread though you meant this year year

        • Thomas Cassidy

          He still won’t get it. 6 max. He isn’t good enough.

    • Thomas Cassidy

      No way. 6 max.

  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    I have no idea who this guy is but if he bats lefty and enables the Yanks to unload AJ…uh, yes.

  • Plank

    If Cashman can turn AJ Burnett into Garrett Jones, he is a genius. There is nothing in Garrett Jones that I would want on the Yankees however. I would rather have Russell Branyan DHing against RHP.

    • Needed Pitching

      Branyan vs. rhp last 3 years 250/346/507, .364 wOBA
      Jones: 278/358/490, .364 wOBA

      last season vs. RHP
      Branyan: 198/293/388, .301 wOBA
      Jones: 262/346/462, .351 wOBA

      and Jones is in his prime years while Branyan is in his decline years

      • Plank

        Players that come up as late as Jones did tend to have very short careers. Jones had his first real season at age 28. Branyan had his first real season at age 24/25. Going by just last year, Jones is the better player and by extension the last three years they are similar (because Branyan had such a bad 2011) but I think Branyan will have the better 2012 even though he is 6 years older. I feel like Garrett Jones is just a flash in the pan who will be out of the league at 32.

        Having said all that, if the Yankees get him, he would be an ideal backup (wish he could fake it at 3B.)

    • Avi

      “If Cashman can turn AJ Burnett into Garrett Jones, he is a genius.”
      He’s such a genius he even signed Burnett in the first place! Wait wat?

      • http://twitter.com/andrewjcalagna Drew

        When he signed Burnett he lead MLB in K’s that year and won 18 games for a 4th place team. That’s why Cashman signed him. It’s easy to kill the signing now but at the time of the signing I bet 99.9% of everyone on the site was for it.

        • radnom

          Are we allowed to complain if we killed it at the time too? Feel free look, I still post under the same name.

          • Plank

            I’d say you’re within your rights to complain in that situation.

          • Avi

            I hated the move too.

            • Plank

              You hate every Yankee move though.

              • JMK

                Ha, true.

        • Rookie

          I don’t think I knew about RAB at that time, but I was for it. And looking at those stats again, I’d probably make the same mistake again.

          I’m so gullible that I actually think it’s more likely than not that he eventually gets straightened out and turns into a pitcher whose WAR is around his current contract’s AAV — whether it happens with the Yankees or someone else — before he fades away for age-related reasons.

          He did manage 11.0 SO/9 in September/October and gave up 2 runs in three of his last five starts (not including his 5-pitch September 28th start against the Rays).

          If they did work on him and he did impress by the trade deadline, who know? They might have to eat less of his remaining contract or get something more than a bag of balls for him. And if not, they haven’t lost a whole lot.

          On the other hand, the Yankees obviously have at least two pitchers (not including Banuelos or Phelps or anyone else on the farm) who they can put in the #5 slot and not have to deal with as such a project. And if they trade him sooner, they pay less than 100% of his final two years rather than his last 1-1/2 years.

          In any case, I trust Cash to do what’s best.

      • RetroRob

        Well AJ did help the Yankees win a flag. And, yes, he did.

        • Ted Nelson

          I don’t buy this argument at all. Any number of other pitchers could have replaced AJ on that team and they still could have won the WS. That your team won a WS does not make individual moves good moves.

          • LaserVortex

            A number of pitchers could have, but didn’t, AJ did.

            And because they won a WS with him, it doesn’t not make it a good move.

            • Ted Nelson

              It is a bad move. WS is a team accomplishment. AJ had a marginal hand in that, which pitchers being paid more reasonable contracts also could have had. That they won a WS with Burnett says nothing about whether they would have won a WS without Burnett. In fact… maybe they would have won each of the last three WS had they managed to get a pitcher who is actually worth $16.5 million per instead of Burnett.

              • LaserVortex

                We can play the if/maybe game all day Ted

  • Nick

    The Problem is that Jones is one of the pirates only decent bats

    • Plank

      Yeah, it doesn’t make sense. They trade one of their best bats for AJ Burnett? Seems like wishful thinking on the part of a Yankees fan. Why not McCutchen and Roberto Clemente for AJ and Pedro Feliciano?

      • JMK

        I think Clemente and Feliciano are both dead though…

  • William

    I heard they need a reliever. Rafael Soriano………….JK.

  • Avi

    I volunteer to drive Burnett to Pittsburgh.

    • Avi

      I’m thinking rent a coach bus, stink up the bathroom and keep him locked in it the whole way from NY. Any other idea?

      • Rich in NJ

        Burnett can problem buy a bus company, coach or otherwise, of his own. Therein lies the problem.

      • radnom

        Why? I want AJ off the team as much as anyone, but he seems like a decent enough guy.

        • Avi

          I have an irrational hate for anyone who burns through the Yankees resources without providing a return. Although Burnett is a bit different from the Pavanos, Vazquezes, Jaret Wrights etc, cuz he contributed to a championship.

          • Landry

            AJ didn’t force the Yankees to sign him.

          • Rainbow Connection

            So he did provide a return. Great post.

          • RetroRob

            Okay, at least you admitted the irrational part.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    A match made in RAB geekdom.

  • Parth

    I hope this happens, unloading Burnett will lift a burden off of the Yanks, plus if the Pirates give in to including Garrett Jones, this deal seems EXCELLENT for me. Sign me up I wanna see this happen as soon as possible. Anyone have Cashman’s number?

  • Dave

    What if we sweeten the deal with Jorge Vazquez?

    • Joe B.

      I’d imagine that would have to be part of the deal. Upgrade for NY, give Pittsburgh a pitcher they can use and someone who can fake it at 1B and will launch some bombs to soften the blow of losing one of their only good hitters.

      I don’t think he adds any real value to the package, though. And if I missed sarcasm, my apologies.

  • CJ

    Garret Hines hit .359 against top right handed pitchers in league.
    128 AB vs Hudson Beckett harem Halladay halladay Cain Lincecum carpenter wainwright Ubaldo Greinke marcum

    • Levi

      Bonus points for being the only player to get ABs vs. Wainwright last year.

      • Plank

        Garrett Hines is magic.

        Garrett Jones is mediocre.

        • Boomer’s Boy

          Your logic is fallible. Garrett Jones is a solid borderline good player. Getting him for AJ is a NO BRAINER. His numbers would improve in a line-up with protection. Which the Pirates certainly had 0 of.

          • Plank

            I think the difference between mediocre and “solid borderline good” isn’t as great as you think. I also disagree that he could in any way be described as good. What gives you the impression he would have better numbers in the AL East (the toughest division in baseball) than the NL Central (maybe the easiest division in baseball)?

            I also didn’t provide any logic, just an observation, so how could my logic be fallible?

            • Boomer’s Boy

              Ok your opinion is fallible. Point in case, Ramirez leaves Boston, Ortiz numbers went down. Gonzalez shows up in Boston, Ortiz numbers improve. Was Scott Brosius as good as his numbers on the Yankees while he was on Oakland? No. Did Swisher’s numbers improve when he came to the Yankees? YES. Jones’, offensive numbers would certainly improve if he was on the Yankees.

              • Plank

                I disagree.

                You can find 3 examples of anecdotal evidence in the 135 years of baseball to support any viewpoint.

                • Boomer’s Boy

                  I can continue to provide evidence, but three recent reminders should of sufficed. It’s ok, for whatever reason you have a disdain for Jones that you actually said you prefer Branyan. Really?

                  • Plank

                    Those are terrible examples.

                    • Boomer’s Boy

                      Granted that they may be terrible examples. Thank Ted for doing your homework. But in retrospect protection may be the wrong word. You play against Pittsburgh, you say I dont want McCutcheon or Jones to beat me. You add Jones to the Yankees and you have to think how deep that line-up is. You can’t pitch around Jones like you can when he was on the Pirates.

                    • Plank

                      If we’re going with anecdotal examples, Carl Crawford says hi.

                  • Ted Nelson

                    Three examples is not sufficient at all. A. Those are not good examples. B. Even if they were perfect examples… it’s a microscopic sample. C. Correlation is not causation… even if it were true that these guys improved as you describe (and it’s not really) that doesn’t mean it was the protection and not other factors that caused their abnormal performance.

                    I think Branyan and Jones are pretty close for 2012, so I think it’s totally reasonable to prefer Branyan (and I rarely ever find Plank to be reasonable). Perhaps last season points to an irreversible physical decline for Branyan, but perhaps it was a glitch. I don’t think it’s clear Jones will be better in 2012. Of course, I also don’t think it’s clear Branyan will be better. I think there’s an argument for both.

              • Ted Nelson

                I think everyone’s opinion is “fallible.” Might want to look that word up: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/fallible

                Your examples in no way prove anything about protection in a line-up. They are a few random examples, and not even good ones.

                Swisher’s numbers didn’t really improve compared to Oakland… and there are a number of reasons for the slight improvement which might include protection but probably more so have to do with going from a pitchers park to a hitter’s park. http://www.fangraphs.com/statss.aspx?playerid=4599&position=OF

                Brosius’ career year was in Oakland. He had one good year in NY, and three bad years. http://www.fangraphs.com/statss.aspx?playerid=1001477&position=3B

                Ortiz had a big bounce back in 2010… before Gonzalez was on the Red Sox. http://www.fangraphs.com/statss.aspx?playerid=745&position=DH

            • Ted Nelson

              Agree on Jones: useful role player but not particularly good overall. Career .260 wOBA against LHP.

              Not sure that division has more than a marginal impact on overall performance, though.

              • Boomer’s Boy

                I like you Ted. You balance me out. I am more old school. You like the new school approach with the numbers. I do believe that line-ups have a lot to do with production of certain players. I may have chose bad examples to attempt to prove my point. But let’s face it we are talking about trading AJ, anything above a 220 ba would be a steal.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/czm26 Craig

    I say if AJ Burnett does in fact get moved, RAB Shop creates a shirt commemorating it. It’s like less than 1 percent though.

  • infernoscurse

    trade him to the O’s for ryan flaherty

    AJ is from maryland and they need veteran pitching

    Flaherty replaces Chavez

    its win win

  • Johnny

    This would be amazing if it happens. I like Jones. Don’t know if he’s a good guy or anything, but I like his bat.

  • Jamey

    I think it at least sends a message that The Yankees want SOMETHING of value in return for a guy who could probably do really well in the NL Central. I think it had come across like AJ was available for basically free, which despite his struggles the last 2 seasons The Yankees have no interest in paying him to pitch somewhere else. If they could add a DH candidate or legit bat by getting rid of a growing, expensive problem that’s a good move. If The Pirates aren’t willing to part with a 30-year-old bat that definitely seems to have plateaued , no way Yankees are just paying AJ to start in Pittsburgh.

    Having said that though, I do have genuine concerns that AJ will win a rotation spot for no other reason than he’s being paid like a #2 starter so I’d like to be rid of that potential problem before it has a chance.

  • CMP

    If the Pirates won’t trade Garrett Jones to the Yankees for Burnett and $25 million, Cashman should ask for a bag of sunflower seeds or maybe a few pouches of Big League Chew instead.

  • Will

    Umm. Why are the Pirates holding Jones to the same esteem we held Montero to? They’re going nowhere fast. All of their pitching is at least 4-5 years away. Their young core is McCutchen, Walker, Tabata and Alvarez. They could use a veteran pitcher like Burnett. I think AJ would translate into an okay pitcher in a weak division like the NL Central. Whatevs. I guess I just want Jones. Give us Jones!

  • MattG

    Cashman: Neal?

    Huntington: Brian! How’s things? Wait, sorry…I am sure things will get bet…

    Cashman: Yeah, yeah, listen, I want to talk baseball. We could put Garret Jones to some real use over here, and I don’t see what you need with a platoon DH anyway. He’s got to be available, right? I mean, you’re a smart guy, aren’t you?

    Huntington: Stop buttering me up, Cash.

    Cashman: It’s not like that Neal. I’m just sayin’ I don’t think Jones’s gonna be part of the solution…

    Huntington: I know what you’re saying. Alright, let’s say you’re right. You might have some pieces we could use. I mean, who wouldn’t want a nice cost controlled arm for a platoon bat, right? What do you have in mind?

    Cashman: Well, get this…

    Huntington: …

    Cashman: …you’ve got some young guys in that rotation, right?

    Huntington: …

    Cashman: (nervously) …and they could use a little mentoring…right?

    Huntington: …uh, Cash…

    Cashman: …you know, from a guy who’s been there. You know what I’m saying? A guy who’s been around the block once or twice. A guy that’s been through the wars man, you know?

    Huntington: …I don’t think you should…

    Cashman: I mean, you need a guy…you need a veteran…to help those kids learn…um, learn how to win, so, I, or we…we were thinking…ah fuck it…

    Huntington: This is embarrassing…

    • JMK

      Matt Morris approves this message.

    • JohnnyC

      You’re seriously overestimating Huntington.

  • MikeV

    But, if they trade AJ who will give out the pies? I say keep him!

    • Rainbow Connection

      Kuroda’s nickname is ‘The Creampie Kid’.
      Not sure what that means.

      • greg c89

        Matsui DEFINITELY knows.

  • TheOneWhoKnocks

    Yanks get Garrett Jones
    Pirates get AJ Burnett, $$$ (Whatever amount means the Yanks get about $4-5m saved this year and next year) , and Phelps

    Pirates get a young cost controlled arm to make the trade worthwhile for them and the Yanks get the savings and DH they need.

    I don’t want to part with Phelps, but I don’t see anyway the Yanks get someone to take on Burnett and a decent amount of salary unless they throw something in to sweeten the pot. Hopefully the Yanks can get away with a lesser prospect in his place

    • Ted Nelson

      Yeah, I was also thinking about Phelps/Warren to sweeten the deal from the Pirates side. I’d probably support it but don’t consider it a HR on the Yankees side with Branyan already on the team and Phelps having 6 cost controlled years and likely a spot in the bullpen if not starting.

  • Boomer’s Boy

    I’ve been posting this for 2 weeks now. I suggested Hughes for Jones. I would CERTAINLY give up Burnett for Jones and throw in Pena and Cervelli as well, as long as we get some prospects back.Everybody wins….

    • Plank

      You want to give up Burnett (nothing), Pena (nothing), and Cervelli (almost nothing) and get back Garrett Jones (a bit better than nothing) and get prospects back too?

      Try defending that from the Pirates perspective.

    • Joe R

      They wont do Jones for Burnett. They surely wont give you prospects for throwing in Pena and Cervelli. At least no one of value anyways.

    • Ted Nelson

      I think something more in the Phelps/Warren or Corban Joseph range from the Pirates’ perspective, with no prospects coming back to NYY. I think the Yankees have to seriously consider that, but with Branyan on board I don’t think it’s a no-brainer. Those guys might have limited value to the Yankees compared to the Pirates, but still have value. CoJo can be a good LH 2B/3B/OF off the bench as A-Rod declines… also might give them an option if Cano declines defensively or happens to leave as a FA. Phelps/Warren can always move to the pen or be traded elsewhere if things go as expected with the Yankees’ rotation… if things don’t go as expected they’re nice depth.

      • Jerkface

        I don’t think the Yankees should cash Phelps or Warren in for a platoon DH that plays the field poorly and has no other tools. They got Austin Kearns for a 5 ERA Z-mac. Phelps and Warren have like 400 IP of sub 3 ERA ball in the minors with very healthy walk and K rates.

        It would be a coup for the pirates to get pitchers of their quality for Garret Jones.

        • Ted Nelson

          Austin Kearns was an impending FA with 1/2 a year left the Indians were actively looking to trade. Jones is, sadly, one of the Pirates better players with two years of team control left. The Pirates didn’t call the Yankees looking to shop Jones. They called inquiring about AJ.

          You’re also factually wrong. Why don’t people take two seconds to use fangraphs? McAllister was under 3 ERA in AA and A. It was one year of a 5 ERA. He bounced back to put up a 3.3 ERA in 2011 in AAA. Acting like these guys are worlds better than McAllister is ridiculous.

          • Plank

            Zach McAllister had a 5 ERA when he was traded. How is that factually inaccurate?

            Excellent job at sounding like a condescending dick while being wrong though.

    • Boomer’s Boy

      The Pirates already inquired about Cervelli, last year and earlier in the off-season. You have to remember, the Yankees are going to eat a good chunk of AJ’s salary in any deal. I guess sarcasm is not allowed on the site. I don’t think anybody would ever trade for Ramiro Pena. Cervelli oddly enough has been asked about many times. The Dodgers asked for him straight up for Martin. The Yankees declined, only to sign Martin anyway when the Dodgers cut him. Ted, you are right, it will take a little bit more of a prospect to get some back. CoJo in my mind has to be kept. Heathcott,Warren or Phelps. So You got AJ, Frankie and the Bucs choice of Heathcott, Warren or Phelps + Cash, for Jones and Brock Holt 2b-SS prospect.

  • Al

    AJ Burnett for Erin Burnett straight up. Erin replaces Kim Jones and AJ frees up the roster spot. Yanks sign Johnny for $1million and 100 win season is ready to begin.

  • TogaSean

    MLB trade rumors posted an update that there’s still optimism on a deal getting done here. Hope this gets done. I don’t care what the yanks get in return, unloading AJ and saving a few mil is a win in my book if it allows them to pick up a cheap DH.

    • CJ

      Save $10m by eating $23m to sign Ibanez and Chavez. That will suck.

  • http://twitter.com/thewhite_dragon Drew

    If from what I’m reading is true that the Yankees are turning down $10 million being paid I will go insane. For the Pirates to pay $10 million I would drive AJ Burnett to Pittsburgh and I haven’t have a drives license since 2010

  • Kevin G.

    Wow, Cash is seriously playing hardball.

  • craig

    This deal is going to happen and happen soon. They wouldn’t have gone down the road with this conversation unless they were both fairly certain it would go through. They are basically just negotiating the cost the Pirates will take on….which, at this point is the Yankees realizing they have moved from $8 million to $10 million. That may be as good as it gets. Then the return…won’t be much. Call it a day.

  • Ro

    Yankees shouldn’t and will not pay more than half the contract. Frankly, I though they could get it done by picking up $12-$13mm only. I mean they were willing to offer Edwin freaking Jackson $30mm for 3 years and the Pirates still don’t have an actual pitcher, that can actually pitch in their rotation. This is a perfect match and frankly, the Pirates need to make this deal. That all said, a 50/50 split is rock bottom in my opinion. That’s $8mm per year. How many shitty other pitchers are getting more? I mean Joe Blanton makes more than that. Oswalt is seeking $8mm-$10mm and he’s lucky to get 10 starts under his belt before his back caves in again. This will get done 50/50 split and the Yanks take a fringe prospect.

  • Ro

    Another thing too..If there is a vegas betting line for this..I’m putting $300 that AJ helps lead the team to a wild card finish in the next two years. I don’t comment often on here, but you can go back and check and I’ve always been an AJ supporter. He has great great stuff, it just doesn’t work well at Yankee stadium and much of the AL. $300 saying AJ goes 16-6 with a 3.92 (or there about) ERA in 2012 if on the Pirates.

    • Guns of Navarone

      What “great great stuff” are you referring to? His curveball over the last two years can best be described as inconsistent. His fastball is one of the worst in the league. AJ’s not magically going to turn into a better pitcher in his age 35 season no matter how bad you want it to happen.

      You need to get this into your head. AJ hasn’t just been bad… he’s been HISTORICALLY bad. The 3rd WORST ERA and 2nd WORST FIP in the league bad.

  • bonestock94

    Oh man, I come back from work and this thing seems to have some steam! Pretty exciting.

    • bonestock94

      And Jones is a perfect platoon partner. Make it happen, please.

  • vin

    I’m willing to chip in $50 bucks (no pun intended) to make this happen.

  • GardnergoesYardner

    Yanks have to accept that no one’s gonna pay more than 10 million or so to take him off out hands. Don’t know what Cash is going for by holding out for more, it’s better at this point to just cut your losses.

  • CJ

    Mlbtraderumors posts Yanks have been pushing for an even split. Cashman got this deal confused with his divorce negotiations.

  • OldYanksFan

    If AJ goes to Pittsburg, he will pitch better then a 4.5 ERA. He is a head case. He will prosper in small market, bottom feeding Pittsburg.

    • CJ

      Yeah but that’s why Pitt has $10m worth of interest in him.

  • Just Nod If You Can Hear Me

    Dear God, if you’re there, please, please, please make this happen!

    I’ll be a better person, and I’ll even start going back to church again (Sundays only, of course).

  • CMP

    This couldn’t work out any better.

    The Yanks get rid of that worthless piece of shit Burnett, free up $10 million , acquire a solid lefty platoon DH AND send Burnett to baseball Siberia for the rest of his miserable career to a team that hasn’t made the playoffs or even finished .500 in 20 years. At least now, Burnetts implosions will happen essentially off the radar.

    • STONE COLD Austin Romine

      “The Yanks get rid of that worthless piece of shit”

      That’s pretty harsh.

      Burnett >>> Pavano
      Burnett >>> Vasquez
      Burnett = Johnson … Let’s be real. Other than beating the RedSox numerous times in 2005 and 2006 Randy Johnson was terrible.

      All three + Burnett were supposed to be front of rotation starters.

      I wouldn’t call Burnett a worthless piece of shit … Those innings even if he was terribly inconsistent had value.

  • Mike from Jersey

    With the acquisition on Pineda, and after a full season in the minors for Betances and ManBan – this is a no brainer. Include Phelps in the deal, since he will NEVER pitch in the Yankees rotation or bullpen and take the 10 mil. Win-win for both teams. Pittsburgh has already had success with one of our AAAA pitchers.

    • RetroRob

      Under no circumstance include Phelps in the deal unless the Yankees are getting something back of value for Phelps.

  • RetroRob

    I expect this deal to happen, then again, I’ve always believed the Yankees will find a buyer.

    Don’t, however, expect Garret Jones to come back in the deal. It’ll be a B-level prospect. This will be a move to clear some salary for the Yankees on a player who no longer has a spot.

  • d.

    Cash thinks Pittsburgh kicking in 10 mill isn’t enough for AJ? Really?
    Dude needs to smoke the objective pipe.

    • G

      He thinks it’s enough and if he can’t get them to take anymore he’ll accept it. However, there’s no reason not to keep trying for more.

  • Doug

    Prefer 10-12m + decent prospect or 16m + non- prospect?

    • Steve (different one)

      I would take the $16M and run

    • http://twitter.com/tjamato TJ

      I’m always taking the more money option.

  • Dicka24

    Aaron Harang got $12 million and he’s worse than Burnett imo. Chen got 2/$10 too. I think AJ is a bargain at 2/$10. The peripherals suggest better than his ERA, and he’s pitched in the toughest division in baseball, in a homerun park. I don’t blame Cash for wanting more than $10 million of relief and/or Jones thrown in, as the basis of any deal. It’s either Cash takes $10 million and Jones, or seeks a split without Jones included.

    I liked the AJ signing when it happened, but I hated the years and dollars. I think teams have to learn to put a limit on what a players value is, and walk away when the bidding goes above and beyond that number. I love Pujols and Fielder too, but don’t tell me those deals won’t look bad down the road.

    Last, I wouldn’t include Phelps or Warren in any deal for Jones. Why when someone like Branyan, Ibanez, or Matsui, etc. can give you comparable numbers without costing anything? Phelps is an intriguing arm imo, and I like Warren’s ability to pitch.

  • http://Riveraveblues.com Okyankee24

    I’m looking at Jones numbers alone and not seeing the big prize. I would rather keep AJ and hope for something good to happen then pay him to revive somewhere else with nothing back. Even if he doesn’t he can beat most 5’s he will be matched up against with the Yanks offense. Even if he is payed as a 2 a W is a W whether you beat 2 or 5. Playoffs he is 3 maybe 4 anyway.

    • G

      Or we could dump him and save $5M a year, then use it to sign Damon who is guaranteed to provide better value than Burnett. If there was still a reason to keep Burnett I’d agree, but the fact is there are six better options than him right now.

  • Kosmo

    if it´s true NY wants Pittsburgh to absorb 16.5 million then I´d bet they´d settle for 12 million and a C prospect. Brad Lincoln ? Someone like that. If Pittsburgh is willing to gamble on an AJ resurgence then come the trade deadline they might be holding a valuable commodity , a servicable SP could yield a decent prospect or 2 from a contending team desperate to add a veteran SP. In any event 12 million over 2 years is chicken feed, even for a small market team.
    Yanks don´t need Garrett Jones when they can easily sign Ibanez or Damon.

  • Bronx Byte

    Pittsburgh is as close as Cashman will get to dumping Burnett. Do the deal while one can still get done. Burnett’s wife doesn’t like travel and Pittsburgh is close enough to Baltimore. Asking for Garrett Jones is greed and will cause a deal to go dead.

    • Steve (different one)

      Well, the new “rumor”‘ is that Jones is not involved and Pitt is willing to take on more money and give up less. We’ll see where they land, but maybe we shouldn’t react to every tweet like we’re in the room with Cashman and Huntington

  • http://hotmail Yanksfan00

    Trade Barnett and get jones than trade romine to get Erik bedard

    • TinoBambino24

      Really? Romine for Bedard? I hope you’re just yanking our chains.

    • TinoBambino24

      If the Yankees are going to get Jones, they will not trade romine just to create a roster space for Bedard! Right now, Romine is the future catcher of the Yankees (Until Sanchez comes up). If the Yankees acquire Jones, which I can see happening, they will forget the idea of signing Chavez or Ibanez. Bedard’s best days are behind him, don’t believe me, go ask the Marniers or Red Sox. He’s done as far as I’m concerned.

      What I can see happening, is Burnett gets traded, acquire Jones. Then the Yankees will only have to choose between Garcia and Hughes for the 5th spot. Garcia has proven that he can be more durable than Burnett and Hughes. So, I would have them 2 duke it out, if Hughes proves he can’t be a starter, than either trade him or send him to the pen. Also, if Jones becomes our LH DH, he comes with pop. But, in 2011, in 423 at bats, he struck out 104 times and only walked 48 times. That is a red flag. He’s a hit or miss hitter. The Yankees can’t afford another hitter like Jones, especially with the Yankees annual meetings in the playoffs. Last year, our offense was a big problem. I really wish we had talks with Kansas City for Billy Butler. Now there’s a hitter.

  • http://hotmail Yanksfan00

    Please trade Barnett

  • http://hotmail Yanksfan00

    Go. Yanks

  • TinoBambino24

    Come on, Cash! Get this done.

  • MrG

    In the case that Jones is out on this deal, any speculation as to who might be involved?

  • Bronx Byte

    Jorge Vazquez has no future with the Yankees nor does Kevin Whelan or George Kontos. Use them as throw ins to a Burnett deal.
    Burnett by himself is addition by subtraction. Don’t push Pittsburgh any futher. Take their $10 million offer and run with it.

    • Rainbow Connection


    • Plank

      Every team in baseball could have claimed Kevin Whelan. No one did. He literally has no trade value. Zero. Jorge Vazquez isn’t far ahead of him. Lots of teams have a Jorge Vazquez in AAA.

      I agree though, I hope they make the deal soon. If it falls through over something trivial, I won’t be happy.