Report: Yanks, Pirates have framework for Burnett trade in place


12:59pm ET: Via Ken Rosenthal, the Yankees would pay $19-23M of the $33M left on Burnett’s deal and receive multiple non-40-man roster minor leaguers from the Pirates. The two sides are still talking and it doesn’t appear that a trade is imminent.

12:00pm ET: Via Buster Olney, the Yankees and Pirates have a framework in place for an A.J. Burnett trade. The deal is not done because they still have to agree on the final players and dollar amount, but the two sides are now on common ground. Jon Heyman and Joel Sherman say the Yankees don’t love the two (!) minor leaguers Pittsburgh is offering and will shop around a bit just to make sure there’s not a better deal to be made. All indications are that A.J. will be moved in the coming days. The money they save may then go to Eric Chavez and a left-handed DH.

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  • vin

    Fingers crossed…

    • Jimmy Page

      Burnett will bounce back big time with the Pirates. I can see him being the hottest trade commodity come the trading deadline.

      What if he out pitches Kuroda?

      What a disaster that would be.

      • Sam

        he would be a good pitcher in the pujols and fielder-less NL central. plus no braun for 50 games. Not saying its a cake-walk, but the absence of those guys + the fact that he doesn’t have to face a DH, means he will almost certainly pitch better than he did in the AL east.

      • Soriano Is A Liar

        Not really, him having a better year for the Pirates doesn’t mean he would have done that in the AL East. If Burnett pitches to 4 ERA/FIP and Kuroda pitches to a 4.5, I’ll still be happy with Kuroda.

      • RetroRob

        We already know how AJ pitched in the AL East the last two years. You’ll be able to tell pretty easily if Kuroda is pitching better. Whatever AJ does in the other league won’t have direct relevance since we know he can no longer pitch in the AL.

      • http://RAB Rob

        If he out pitches Kouroda, it’s not a disaster. AJ should regain some form in a weak division while Kouroda pitches in the hardest division. Hey, if he can pitch better than the way Burnett pitched the last two years, it’s a win in our book.

  • sevrox

    Oh say it ain’t so! He was going to win 20 games with a sub 3.00 ERA this year!


  • JerryNYG

    So long and thanks for all the fish….

  • Jesse

    Pittsburgh is offering TWO minor leaguers?!?!?!!?!?!?!

    • Joe R

      I think 2 are available, but choose one.

      • Plank

        I can’t imagine it would be anyone of much worth.

        • Genghis

          I’m hoping for an interesting prospect with question marks, along the lines of Robbie Grossman.

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      Two minor leaguers doesn’t mean two prospects. They got two minor leaguers for Tony Womack too.

      • Jesse


      • Plank

        The Bucs will sign Mark Prior and Sergio Mitre to minor league deals and use them in the trade.

        /fearless prediction’d

        • SamVa

          Prior is too valuable for a trade like this.

  • https://twitter.com/Mattpat11 Matt DiBari


  • fin

    I wonder if this is a bad day for AJ or a good one? Reading that he is going to be traded to baseball purgatory, on the other hand it might very well be a relief getting away from the pressures of underperforming in NY, and a new start.

    • yoo-boo

      AJ has a part trade clause as he is allowed to reject half of MLB or something like that. I assume Yanks let Burnett know and get approval from him before the framework is drawed up. Why else do they have to waste their time if Burnett plans to stay with Yanks?

      Pittsburgh and Maryland distance is shorter than Bronx to Maryland? I am not sure about driving across the mountain but baseball is during the summer.

      • fin

        He has a limited no trade, and used those on west coast teams becasue his wife doesnt like to fly. Pit is not on the no trade list.

      • Ted Nelson

        The rumors are that Pittsburgh is not on the 10 team no-trade list, only West Coast teams. The Pirates are pretty bad, but I like Pittsburgh as a city.

      • D-Mo

        Pittsburgh isn’t on his no trade list, guess he figured they’d never be a player for his services given his ludicrous contract. His short sighted ness is our gain! AJ don’t the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

        • Ted Nelson

          I don’t think it’s beyond his agent’s intellectual ability to realize the Yankees could eat part of his contract in a trade… so I think the rumors he only has west coast teams on the list so his wife doesn’t have to fly cross-country make more sense than not realizing that a team can eat money in a trade… which, you know, happens quite frequently.

    • Mike HC

      I would be happy if I were AJ. Pirates have some young talent, good management, and he should have an easier time pitching in the NL. He has a WS ring with his time here too. All things considered, while nothing is done yet, this is good news for everyone involved.

      • Stephen

        …good management? You clearly do not follow the Pirates.

        Regardless, I feel bad for A.J., and don’t like this trade for the Yankees. Fans can’t stand him, I get that. Though I think it is irrational, I get it. But since when do you trade away a useful starting pitcher because fans don’t like him? A.J. is easily worth $10 million over two years, even as bad as he has been. So unless the Yankees save significantly more than that, I really do not understand this.

        • Ro

          In a way, I’m kinda starting to feel the same way if the Pirates are only paying $8mm-$10mm total.

        • KL

          Because he isn’t “useful”.

          • http://www.nesn.com/2011/01/2011-red-sox-will-challenge-1927-yankees-for-title-of-greatest-team-in-major-league-history.html Denver fighting tebows

            also, he isn’t a “starting pitcher” anymore. he’s not going to make the rotation if he stays

    • Rey22

      I think he legitimately liked NY and wanted to succeed big time here (which he did his first year). Don’t think he’ll be happy to go to Pitt to lose the next 2 years.

      However, with the last 2 years he’s given the Yankees I’d give him a handshake, thanks for 2009, but gtfo.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    This is a divorce. The Yanks will have to pay some money to get relief from AJ’s negative pitching performances. As much as his personality has not been an issue in the clubhouse. His pitching can be caustic to the team’ karma. AJ will accept the trade as its a better place to be maybe not in the standings but in his head.

    • AndyB

      AJ doesn’t have a choice. His no-trade doesn’t include the Pirates.

    • Sam

      I know! AJ’s KARP (karma above replacement player) was an atrocious -.8 last year!

  • voIII

    Sherman says that the Indians are one of the other teams interested and that they’d trade Hafner to offset cost…Why not Hafner for Burnett?

    • Kevin G.

      I’m pretty sure that was speculation on his part.

    • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

      2012: Who gets injured first, Chavez or Hafner?

      • Plank

        I’m assuming Chavez is already preemptively injured.

        • Soriano Is A Liar

          He’s just waiting to announce it until he can go on the 60 day DL.

        • MannyGeee

          hurt his hand signing the contract, had to be pushed back.

  • Reggie C.

    Common ground agreed to but not dollar amount or minor leaguers to be involved … Doesnt sound like its particularly close to be done. If Cashman can save $13-14 million over the remainder of AJ’s contract then the trade is looking like a “win” regardless of the prospect PIT is giving up.

  • SamVa

    Would we prefer Hafner over a free agent? (Assuming we can still grab Chavez)

    I thought that was interesting speculation as it would make sense from the Indians point of view.
    (If we made the trade with someone other than the Bucs)

    • Dropped Third

      I would love to see pronk in pinstripes!

      • Preston

        I like Hafner, but I doubt the Indians would be willing to kick in any extra money. So we’d be paying 33 million for one season of Hafner and giving a useful pitcher to a team that could compete for their division for the next two years. With Hafner’s injury history that doesn’t seem like a great trade off. With the Bucs we never have to see Burnett again, so he won’t haunt us when he does well in his new locale (as he inevitably will, see Vazquez, Javy and Pavano, Carl) and we have the flexibility to use the money on a variety of things. Assuming the Pirates are willing to eat 15 million, just like Hafner’s contract, we could sign both Chavez and Damon and still have a couple million in flexibility to add a piece at the deadline. Plus we’ll have the same amount of salary relief next year. Given the fact that none of the options whether it’s Hafner, Damon, Chavez, Ibanez or Matsui are anything close to a sure thing, I choose flexibility.

  • 42isNotMortal

    I hope the Yanks are able to grab 6/mil a year off the contract. Offsetting the majority of the probable Chavez and Damon/Ibanez deals would be a small victory.

    Even when the occasional 7 inning gem popped up, AJ didn’t seem like he was having much fun pitching in NY. Arguably helped the club in 09′ and considering the alternative FA that season, Derek Lowe, didn’t exactly reach expectation or produce relative value, I can’t put this failure into the Pavano/Brown/Wright-o-sphere.

    • http://twitter.com/clintholzner Clint Holzner

      I don’t think its really “arguable” that he helped the club in 09′.

      • Ted Nelson

        I think it’s arguable because you don’t know who else the Yankees would have had with that $16.5 million and roster spot. There are arguably 50+ SPs who were better or similar to Burnett in 2009. With $16.5 million it’s hard to imagine the Yankees couldn’t have gotten someone comparable. Burnett had 3 very good post-season starts in 2009… and two absolutely AWFUL ones. He had a 5.27 ERA overall in that post-season. The Yankees were 3-2 in games he started. http://espn.go.com/mlb/player/.....aj-burnett

        • http://twitter.com/clintholzner Clint Holzner

          Saying they could have had someone else doesn’t take away from the fact he still was the one making the starts.

          • Ted Nelson

            He had a 5.27 ERA in the post-season. That he made the starts doesn’t change the fact that any number of other pitchers could have made them.

            • Matt

              In 3 of his 5 starts, he went 6+ IP and allowed 2 or fewer ER. Which of the other starting pitchers out there could have had starts like that against the Angels and Phillies that year?

              Here is the list of 2008/2009 Free Agent SP if you scroll down:


              Derek Lowe? Paul Byrd? Jon Garland? Livan Hernandez? 45 year old Randy Johnson? Pavano?

              Only two legitimate options were Ben Sheets and Oliver Perez, but both of them had serious injury or inconsistency problems- FAR worse than AJ Burnett. Burnett had pitched a full season the previous year, and had been more than solid in the AL East against the Yankees and Red Sox.

              Stop diminishing his accomplishments in 2009. He was outstanding when they needed him most (Game 2 of the WS), and had some great starts in other games. His only real clunker (Game 5 of the WS) came when the series was pretty much already over.

              • Ted Nelson

                There are these crazy “trade” things that they came up with recently. A lot of pitchers can throw QSs 3 games in a 5 game sample. There were also Hughes and Joba in the pen who might have done just as well starting.

                What are you talking about? The Yankees needed Burnett in Game 2 of the WS, but not in Game 5 when he went 2 IP 6 ERs? How does that work? Did Game 2 count for more than Game 5?

                6 IP 6 ERs against the Angels wasn’t a clunker?

                That things turned out a certain way says absolutely nothing about how they would have turned out under a different set of circumstances or done over again. If AJ was lights-out I’d agree with you. He had a 5+ ERA that post-season, though.

                You seem to be ignoring reality to construct a fairy-tale narrative of what happened.

                • The Timken Case

                  There’s this thing called the “regular season” that teams actually have to play to get to the post-season. I’m not sure if you heard of it.

                  • Ted Nelson

                    I’m not sure if you actually read my comments… but I addressed that. I’ve just narrowed down my focus in response to other comments.

                    Burnett had a 4.0 ERA and 3.6 fWAR in the regular season. The Yankees won their division by 8 games and went 21-12 in games started by AJ. His replacement(s) they could have used up to $16.5 million to acquire would have had to go about 13-20 in his/their starts for the Yankees to miss out on the playoffs.

                    I don’t hate Burnett or anything. I just don’t think it’s correct to act like the Yankees wouldn’t have won the 2009 WS without him. I think it’s a false narrative people have bought into. I also think there’s a good chance they could have won one or two rings in 2010-11 without Burnett eating $16.5 million and a rotation spot.

                    • The Timken Case

                      I’m not sure if you actually read my comments… but I addressed that. I’ve just narrowed down my focus in response to other comments.

                      Sabathia had a 3.37 ERA and 6.4 fWAR in the regular season. The Yankees won their division by 8 games and went in (I can’t bring up these stats you are bringing up, I just can’t. *giggles*) games started by CC. His replacement(s) they could have used up to $23 million to acquire would have had to go about (again, I cant’s with the win loss numbers. *chuckles*) in his/their starts for the Yankees to miss out on the playoffs.

                      I don’t hate CC or anything. I just don’t think it’s correct to act like the Yankees wouldn’t have won the 2009 WS without him. I think it’s a false narrative people have bought into. I also think there’s a good chance they could have won one or two rings in 2010-11 without Burnett eating $16.5 million and a rotation spot.

                      Dear lord you are bringing up 2010 and 2011 in a discussion of 2009. You must be desperate.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      You really think CC’s contribution is comparable to AJ’s? Really? You must be desperate. Read my comments. It is not crazy to think the Yankees would have won the 2009 WS without Burnett. You are being ridiculous. Have fun trolling.

                    • The Timken Case

                      I don’t certainly don’t think CC’s contributions are on the same level as AJ’s. CC “helped” win one game and lost in another game. Didn’t you actually cite W-L outcome as a measuring stick in this same thread!

                      It’s also not ridiculous to think the Yankees would have won the WS without insert player name here? That was the point of the post above, but you obviously missed the point.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      Thanks for interpreting other people’s posts for me total stranger.

                    • The Timken Case

                      You’re welcome person who really misses the point.

                    • gc

                      So let’s see…

                      ALDS vs Minnesota, AJ goes 6 innings, allows 3 hits and 1 run, Yankees win. It’s far to say, even given Ted’s math, that there is no argument AJ helped the Yankees win the ALDS that year and advance to the LCS.

                      ALCS vs Angles, game 2 – AJ goes 6.1 innings, 3 hits and 2 runs. He leaves the game with the score tied at 2. Yanks win in extras. Again, very good start, he did about as much as anyone could have asked.

                      ALCS vs Angels, game 5 – AJ gives up 4 runs in the first inning, then shuts the Angles down until the 7th, by which time the Yanks have reclaimed the lead. He gives up a hit and a walk to lead off the seventh and is taken out of the game with a 2 run lead. A bunt and a groundout produces a run off of Marte. Then Phil Hughes comes in and gives up a walk and two singles, two runs score and the Yanks trail again. They wind up losing the game.

                      It’s easy to look back and say Burnett dug himself a whole in that game, and that’s true. He also held the Angles down, kept the game manageable and within reach, and gave the Yankees time to come back, which they did to take the lead. Putting two runners on base didn’t help to start the 7th, but Marte came in and got two outs giving up only one run. Still in good shape. Hughes came in and needed only one out, he imploded, and that was that. AJ, it seems to me, did far more good in that game than the other way around. He is not without fault in the game, but to lay it entirely at his feet or just call his start “a clunker” would be unfair to say the least. Context is important.

                      World Series, game 2, nothing more needs to be said. He was magnificent, period. All the games are important, but to win when your team is down one game at home, the stakes are insanely high. He came through. Game 5 was an absolute stinker, really the only one he threw that post-season. Fortunately, the Yankees had some wriggle room.

                      I look at all of those starts, in the context with which they took place, and it is very clear to me that one of the keys to that post-season was the Yankees going with a three-man rotation throughout. All three starters helped contribute to the team’s success in the playoffs, Burnett included. There is no argument. Only for those wishing to create one out of ridiculous hypotheticals of players who “could have” done better.

                • Evan3457

                  What are you talking about? The Yankees needed Burnett in Game 2 of the WS, but not in Game 5 when he went 2 IP 6 ERs? How does that work? Did Game 2 count for more than Game 5?

                  From an analysts’ standpoint, no. From a reality standpoint, absolutely no question about it; yes.

                  You’ve heard this before and rejected it, but I’ll say it, anyway…

                  Yanks are down 1-0 after Lee shuts them down in game 1. If AJ doesn’t pitch a great game in game 2 and outduels Pedro, Yanks go to Philly down 2-0, with the Phils waiting to oppose AJ with Lee in game 5, meaning the Yanks almost certainly have to sweep the other 4 games to win the Series. Not impossible, but not terribly likely, either.

                  In the actual event, the Yanks are up 3-1 heading into game 5, so when AJ does his foldo, the Yanks still head back to New York in much better shape, up 3-2, instead of, at best, down 3-2.

                  So, hell, yes; AJ definitely helped them win the Series in 2009.

            • The Timken Case

              Kirk Gibson only had one at-bat in the ’88 WS. It’s arguable that he helped the Dodgers win the World Series.

              /Ted Nelson math

              • Ted Nelson

                Gibson’s was a walk off shot. Burnett won them Game 2 and lost them Game 5.

                I also don’t know if you’re aware of reality, but the Dodgers won that WS 4-1. It’s not like Gibson’s HR decided the series. It gave them a 1-0 lead, but they went on to win 3 of the next 4 without Gibson.

                • The Timken Case

                  Exactly, he arguably didn’t help them win the World Series according to your math.

                  • Ted Nelson

                    No. My “math” is that he did in reality help them win. He had one PA and the best possible outcome occurred. My “math” is just that they probably would have won the WS without him, too. Do you care to disagree? Or just point out what my “math” is?

                    Burnett did not have the best possible outcome occur in one PA. He had one good start and one truly awful start.

                    • The Timken Case

                      So you agree, Burnett did help the Yankees win in 2009. It’s settled. That was easy.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      Yes. I never disagreed that he in reality was a part of a team that won the WS. Please let me know where I did.

                      My points were:
                      A. He hurt their efforts to win the WS with two huge clunkers in the post-season.
                      B. His regular season numbers could have been matched or bettered by about 50 MLB SPs.
                      C. That he was a part of winning the WS does not mean their team was better off with him that season than without him.

                    • The Timken Case

                      Oh, so any pitcher that could have had their efforts bettered by 50 pitchers is pretty much fungible in any teams efforts that season. Is that what you are saying? Is that the right number, 50? What’s the right number for position players since everyone has a 5-man rotation and one one starting CFer?

                    • Ted Nelson

                      Yes… baseball players are generally fungible. Is that really something we have to discuss?

                    • The Timken Case

                      Outcomes are not. Is that something we have to discuss?

                • The Timken Case

                  Come to think of it. CC only “helped” the Yankees win one World Series game. So according to your math, CC arguably didn’t help the Yankees win the World Series either. Especially since they won the WS 4-2.

                  /Ted Nelson math

                  • Ted Nelson

                    Baseball is a team game. Individual contribution tends to be fairly marginal. A-Rod was arguably the best player in MLB for a stretch where he played on the worst team in baseball. Yes, most teams could still win around the same number of games without most of their players. Doesn’t mean they would have, but arguably they could have… especially when that player gave them mixed results all season, in the post-season, and ate a huge chunk of salary cap space. Burnett is not some 5-12 win player even at his very best. He’s a good starter at his best, but fungible.

                    • The Timken Case

                      Yeah, it’s arguable that they Yankees would have won the WS in 2009 without any one player. It’s very arguable that they would have lost the WS without Damaso Marte or Aceves. Instead of using revisionist history why don’t you weigh what actually happened?

                      The Yankees would have won all those WS rings without Mariano Rivera. Prove that wrong.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      “Yeah, it’s arguable that they Yankees would have won the WS in 2009 without any one player.”

                      Ok… so why are you disagreeing with me so fervently? That’s my point, and you agree with it.

                      “Instead of using revisionist history why don’t you weigh what actually happened?”

                      I am not using revisionist history. I know what actually happened and I weigh it 100% in terms of what actually happened. However, what actually happened has nothing to do with what would have happened under a different set of circumstances. That’s not revisionist history. It’s basic logic.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      I also know that Burnett threw two total clunkers in the WS which a lot of people seem to ignore. You can win the WS in spite of a player on your roster rather than because of them. Burnett falls somewhere in between. He helped them a bit, and he hurt them a bit.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      Sorry… two in the post-season and one in the WS… not two in the WS.

                    • The Timken Case

                      “Yeah, it’s arguable that they Yankees would have won the WS in 2009 without any one player.”

                      Yeah, I actually don’t agree with this. You need to get your sarcasm meter checked.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      Then you’re not really worth discussing this with. That a guy was on a team that won does not mean he even helped that team won. It’s possible to win in spite of a weak link.

                    • The Timken Case

                      So you are saying AJ is like 98% (probably more) of the rest of the Yankees’ roster in 2009? You are saying the Yankees would have won in ’09 without any one of Tex, Jeter, Mo, Andy, Joba, Marte, etc…?

                      I guess I could go into chaos theory and such, but I am getting bored of your tired rhetoric.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      Where are you coming from? I said without any one player. Not without all of their players. But, sure… they could win a title without any of their players. You know… like the Cardinals won last season without a single guy on the Yankees at the time. Or the Giants the year before. Or Texas winning the AL without any Yankees. Yes. Players are fungible.

  • Ted Nelson

    Seems like the right thing to do. I think AJ will be a bit better than 2011 by getting the HR-rate down, but I don’t like him any better than Garcia/Hughes/AAA guys to keep him.

    I don’t know that Damon or Ibanez or Matsui are any better bets for 2012 than Branyan to give them a guaranteed contract. I would take Branyan over either Ibanez or Matsui, and probably neck and neck with Damon. I sort of think rolling with Branyan or another MiLB deal guy out of ST and then trading for someone if that fails is ideal.

    I also doubt that they’ll bring in Chavez to compete with Hall. My guess is Branyan and Hall break camp with the Yankees. But what do I know?

    • DM


      • Ted Nelson

        I thought the Yankees weren’t going to sign any DHs because they loathe DHs… they must not have gotten your memo when they invited Branyan to camp…

        • Ted Nelson

          Oh, and where’s your buddy Campos on all the top 100 rankings? I thought he was SOOO much better than Noesi, who got a top 100 BA vote or two last year.

          For someone who is consistently wrong about everything he posts you sure are a cocky P.O.S.

          • Fred Nelson

            I like Teddy in a “special” way!

          • The Timken Case

            Where’s Edwin Jackson’s $65 million contract? Teams must not have gotten your memo on how to really value pitchers.

            • Ted Nelson

              I said that I was shocked at the $ Boston was reportedly offering, which was like $6-7 million. He got 43-66% more than that from the Nationals. He also reportedly turned down 3 year deals to take the one year deal with Washington and try again next off-season.

              When you try to be a smart-ass, it helps to know what the hell you’re talking about.

              I also didn’t say I am right all the time. Or that anyone else is. What I don’t like is that DM goes on and on for days about how stupid I am for disagreeing with him. Especially when I specifically said I think there’s a situation where they’d go with a rotating DH, I just doubt Nunez (or Hall now) steps up enough to make that situation the best case for the team compared to just having big bats who can’t field primarily at DH. I never said that A-Rod wouldn’t DH some games. It was a matter of a few games we disagreed on.

              • The Timken Case

                Oh geez, you are using “reportedly” in response? That’s low for the same guy who would excoriate someone for using hearsay in a response.

                But to entertain your hearsay, the 3 year deal was “reportedly” in the $30 million range. Less than half of your memo stated.

                Maybe you should keep this response and other responses like this in mind when you try to demean or belittle someone with an opposing view to yours. Maybe you should have a little empathy when you respond to people. That way, people wouldn’t call you out this way.

                • Ted Nelson

                  I was responding to your comment. What else did I say about Jackson? Most recently I responded to reports of what the Red Sox were offering. What else am I supposed to include there besides what was reported?????? Please include a link if you’d like to discuss something specific I said about EJax. Am I surprised EJax had to settle for a one year deal? Yes. Is it my pitcher valuation that leads to that surprise? No. It’s fangraphs’ and b-r’s…

                  “the 3 year deal was “reportedly” in the $30 million range. Less than half of your memo stated.”

                  What memo are you referring to? Do I think EJax is a $10 million + AAV guy? Yes. Did I think he was young enough to get a 5 year deal or so? Yes. Was I wrong about the length? Yes. Was I wrong about the AAV? No.

                  That is exactly what I am saying about DM in regard to the way he “belittled” me when I suggested the Yankees might consider a DH or platoon DH. So I don’t really follow. Who did I disagree with on EJax? Who was right about EJax? I wasn’t totally right, but I wasn’t totally wrong. He did pull in a 3 year $30 million offer according to you, not me. 3 year 30 million and 5 years 50-60 million aren’t totally incomparable. The total $ is far different, but the AAV is similar or the same. He can ink another $10 mill per deal at the end of the first, and then what would he have made over that 6 year period? “Ted’s math” says $60 million. So what the hell are you making this big deal about? I was wrong on how many years EJax would get in FA. Who cares? What quote are you talking about where I went on and on and on at someone for days the way DM has to me about the DH position and the Montero trade? What commenter have I called out randomly in threads he wasn’t even commenting in to call an idiot?

                  • The Timken Case

                    “How is Edwin Jackson not a pitcher who could get 5 years $65 million?”

                    65 divided by 5 is 13. 13 is 30% more than 10. I hope you don’t design rockets.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      I still think he’s a pitcher who could get that. Obviously he didn’t.I believe the reason he settled for one year rather than three is specifically because he and Boras believe he will do better next off-season. I did not make up sabermetrics. http://www.fangraphs.com/stats.....position=P

                      I do not see listing a guy’s fWAR compared to other guys and speculating on what he might get in FA as at all comparable to what DM has done. DM… like yourself ironically… never, ever comments here except to fuck with me. He has insisted that the Yankees will only go with a rotating DH and I am an idiot for entertaining the idea that they might look for a platoon DH or even full-time DH if good value presents itself. When they do sign a platoon DH to a MiLB deal DM does exactly what he accuses me of doing my back-tracking.

                      My points are not nearly as one-sided or ignorant as you seem to think they are. It’s not easy to communicate everything over a blog. That I disagree with someone does not mean I am belittling them, lack empathy, or whatever else you accuse me of. Sometimes it’s true… but speculating about a FA contract has nothing to do with it.

                    • The Timken Case

                      You keep missing the point. I am only bringing up EJax and such because you are sometimes mean or belittling. Do you think you are the only one at RAB that get’s something wrong. I don’t go around calling anyone else out because they are not mean or belittling.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      Yeah, I think I am missing the point. I’ve never seen you comment once before in the, I don’t know, two years I’ve come to the site.

                      You are using an irrelevant example to prove what?

                      And I am the one who has no manners relative to DM?

                    • The Timken Case

                      In instances like this, I always remember…
                      “The secret of dealing successfully with a child is not to be its parent.”

                    • The Timken Case

                      Oh dear, look what you made me do. I gotta go now.

                      “Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

          • DM

            After you lose all these points to me, you always go back and try to modify what I said — and what you said — to paint things in a different way. The record stands in the archives here. So, support your claims above by quoting me if you can.
            But we both know you won’t — b/c you can’t.

            Lack of baseball knowledge is one thing – but to compound it with dishonesty is really sad. I’m sorry you’ve been wrong about everything but your emotions cloud your objectivity. That’s how a 36 yr old .197 Branyan minor league deal became a Cashman “ninja” move in your eyes. You don’t need to be a ninja to call up a jobless p/t player who wasn’t getting a sniff of major league offer from anyone else. Like Hall, it’s Cashman’s typical stockpiling of low/no cost depth with non-guaranteed minor league deals. He does this every year. They’re not trying to dump AJ’s money b/c they’re content with Branyan and Hall. They’re low-risk spare parts — “just in case” hedges againsts injury and other things unforeseen. I can tell that you LOVE Branyan, Ted. That’s how he’s leaping ahead of Damon and others in your jaded brain. You idiot.

            • Ted Nelson


              • DM

                Don’t do that too loud, Ted. The guys in the white might have to chase you down and bring you back to your padded room again.

                • Ted Nelson

                  Pot calling the kettle black, huh?

                  • DM

                    Still waiting for quotes that support your claims, Ted. Got any? Or just more strawmen spinning in your hot air?

                    • Ted Nelson

                      You say I “love” Branyan and I’m the one making strawmen… interesting.

                    • DM

                      Like I said before — you won’t provide quotes backing your assertions regarding things I said. The reason? You can’t — b/c there are none. Classic Straw Man. You can’t win the actual argument in reality so you misrepresent it.

                      Russell Branyan fits the mold I specified — LH, part-timer, to take some DH ABs, and plays a position in the field.

                      But you made this absurd claim about him and me.
                      “I thought the Yankees weren’t going to sign any DHs because they loathe DHs… they must not have gotten your memo when they invited Branyan to camp…”

                      Branyan started 18 games at 1st last year — 10 at DH. He appeared in 25 games at 1st, 2 at 3rd, 13 DH. He HASN’T BEEN AN EVERY DAY DH ONLY TYPE — EVER.

                      Only you could mention a player that perfectly supports my assertion while attempting to defeat that same assertion. Brain Dead Ted loses yet again.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      So Branyan is going to be the Yankees’ 1B? That’s your assertion? They signed him to play 1B, not to DH?

                      Every DH can at least fake another position.

                    • DM

                      No, he would play 1st base to give Tex time off, DH other times, and be a LH power bat off the bench late in games he didn’t start. Flexibility, Ted. The ability to do more than one thing — so you’re not locked in.

                      And if Montero could’ve “faked” his way through any position on the field the way Branyan does, he’d still be here.

                      So, tell me Ted. Why was this DH signed to play for AZ last year? (he had to sign a minor league for them too — I guess there were other “ninjas” out there clamoring for this 2nd tier player last year — LOL)

                      Did they forget what league they were in? No, THEY SIGNED HIM TO PLAY 1ST YOU MORON.

                      You’re sooo stupid to defend Branyan as though he were some full-time DH. He’s never been that. He has a glove. Do you think they’d dare to put Montero at 3rd for even an inning?

                      As usual, you knee-jerked and blew it. Your example of a “DH” plays more in the field than he DHs. LOL. You should try a different sport. You know nothing of baseball.

          • DM

            “Oh, and where’s your buddy Campos on all the top 100 rankings? I thought he was SOOO much better than Noesi, who got a top 100 BA vote or two last year.”

            So, you’re comparing Campos — a guy who pitched at 16,17 in the summer leagues — had his first tour of duty in Low-A last year as an 18 yr old with where Noesi ranked after pitching into AAA as a 23 yr old. Noesi wasn’t even in organized ball when he was Campos’s age. Maybe you should give Campos as much time as you give Noesi to see on what lists he pops up. As for now, he’s waaaay ahead of Noesi at the same age. You’re attempt to diminish Campos using this angle is comical. Do you think more than 2 seconds about any of this? Or are you really that dumb?

            • Ted Nelson

              Because low-minors prospects don’t appear all over those prospect lists? What are you on?

              I’m not trying to diminish Campos. He’s a good prospect. He’s no better a prospect than Noesi, though.

              • DM

                Yeah, you did. He didn’t exist — then he did — but it didn’t matter b/c he was only in A ball — according to you — then you dodged my question about how you would’ve reacted if an A-baller like Mason Williams was included (you sure as hell wouldn’t act like he didn’t matter — and you surely would’ve mentioned his name — instead of acting like it was a 2 for 1.)

                And you describing him as “no better a prospect than Noesi” is a far cry from your initial analysis that made Noesi seem like a potential front-line starter with Campos merely an after thought. As usual you slowly changed your stance to make him a “very exciting prospect”. You ignored, then diminished Campos, pushed Noesi as suddenly top-flight — all b/c you were mad about Montero leaving.

    • http://www.bronxbombersreport.com Craig Maduro

      I hope you’re right about Chavez. I’m thinking the same thing. Chavez sucks anyway. He’s got a nice glove, but damn the dude is ALWAYS hurt and offers very little with the bat. We need to get over this Chavez love.

  • http://www.twitter.com/tbraga22 22′Yankees

    Thinking I’m the only one sad to see him go… Of course he was bad. He was terrible! But I always hoped that the next start would be a good one… I bet he does well in the NL, and you know what? I’ll be happy for him!

    • MannyGeee

      its like rooting for a meth addict who is house-sitting to NOT steal your TV when you go out of town. always a possibility, and somedays you see glimmers of hope….

      then BOOM, your TV is gone and there is a giant dump taken in your closet.

  • monkeypants

    If one prospect is named $3 Million and the other is named $7 MIllion, I think the deal is a steal for the Yankees.

  • http://twitter.com/clintholzner Clint Holzner

    I’m going to miss AJ. He was a guy you could always hope the next start was a gem. I understand why they’re making the move though. I hope nothing but the best for him wherever he finishes his career.

  • Jonathan

    Damn…If we free up like $7MM this year it’ll be a shame Pena is already signed. Thome/Pena…absolute perfect lefty platoon DHs. Just bad timing. Oh, and Johnny…wtf are you waiting for? The Yankees are the only contending team that needs a DH and you have a great history together. Rays/Red Sox/Angels/Tigers/Rangers all are set at DH. Would you really rather play for the O’s/A’s/and maybe the Jays? Chavez/Damon would cap an amazing offseason. Would you all rather have Ibanez or Jorge as the lefty DH next year?

    • fin

      First, Pena would have still gone to the Rays. Which would you rather do, be a starting first basemen or a platoon DH? Second, Damon very well may want to play for the O’s or A’s over the Yankees. They may give him full time at bats, giving him the chance to get 3k hits and make the hall of fame. Damon has his rings and time in the spotlight, it may very well be about the HoF for him at this point.

      • Ted Nelson

        I agree about Damon… just wonder if those teams care to have him over what they already have. With Betemit, Endy Chavez, and Nick Johnson… not sure I’d sign Damon to a guaranteed deal. A’s might prefer to give PAs to young guys who might still be around when they’re good.

        Agree about Pena. Perhaps YS would spike his stats, but looking at his splits he actually hit well in the Trop.

      • Jonathan

        You have no idea what Pena would have done. Maybe he’d rather play in a park suited perfectly for him with a great lineup that would help his #’s and hit the FA market next year without having to deal with Prince/Pujols. I think it’s all about the HOF for Johnny but he’d likely have to split AB’s wherever he goes out of those 3 teams since the A’s have several young 1B/DH types that they should look at over a veteran like Damon (plus the lineup and ballpark are miserable). The Jays are most likely going to play Encarnacion at least against LHP and the O’s are a possibility. I’m not sure what they’re going to do with Chris Davis/Mark Reynolds/Reimold/Betemit or how big of a look they want to give Bell/Flaherty.

    • Ted Nelson

      I don’t know that Pena would have signed with the Yankees instead of the Rays at even money. He should get more PAs and a chance to play the field in Tampa. He would probably put up better numbers in YS… so maybe.

      I don’t know if the Yankees want Damon. Branyan is about as good of a bet in 2012 as Damon. On a MiLB deal maybe Damon and Branyan compete in ST… but I don’t know that I’d handcuff myself with Damon in front of Branyan on a guaranteed deal. Branyan hit RHP a lot better up until 2011, when they both struggled. One can argue that Damon was crushed by the Trop, but there’s also an argument for Branyan to bounce back.

      I doubt the O’s want Damon with Betemit at DH. Doubt the Jays want him with Encarnacion and a bunch of young corner guys. Even the A’s have Gomes and a couple of corner-prospects. I think Damon is going to have to earn PAs anywhere he goes, and will be lucky to get a guaranteed deal.

      • G

        There is no evidence that Branyan is as safe a bet as Damon. He’s an oft-injured journeyman with a lot of power and a crappy 2011. Johnny is remarkably consistent, stays healthy, and outplayed Branyan in every way in 2011.

        • Ted Nelson

          Interesting. The Yankees aren’t signing these guys for 2011, though, they’re signing them for 2012. How they did in 2011 is very relevant, but it’s not the deciding factor on who is better suited for a platoon DH role in 2012. Branyan consistently crushed RHP before 2011. If the Yankees believe he is over whatever plagued him in 2011, he projects to be a RHP killer again. And Damon is a “journeyman” at this point in his career too… so I’m not sure why you’d lob that “insult” at Branyan when it applies equally to Damon. How many teams has Damon played for in the last 4 years?

          • Jonathan

            They may both be journeymen but Damon is the one who has actually PLAYED for a bunch of teams instead of wearing a bunch of different DL uniforms. Branyan has never been able to stay healthy and wasn’t healthy or decent last year. Damon was both.

            • Ted Nelson

              Branyan was healthy both seasons before 2011. He’s a platoon guy who got 500 and 430 PAs those seasons.

              I didn’t say Branyan is obviously a better choice than Damon. I said I think he’s about as good a choice. I don’t think Branyan is some incredible DH… I just don’t think Damon is that great himself anymore. For a role of LH platoon DH, a guy who actually hits RHP better than LHP has a case. Branyan actually does that. Damon has a case himself, but so does Branyan.

              Johnny Damon is 38 years old. There’s a pretty good chance he’s in decline at this point. He might not hit any better than last season. I like his chances of improving coming out of the Trop… but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen in any significant way. It doesn’t mean I would hand-cuff myself for a $4 million deal or something rather than just playing the trade market mid-season if my MiLB deal guy doesn’t work out.

              I actually assumed that the Yankees would sign Damon before they signed Branyan. I still think it’s very possible… I just think the chances have declined to a hair less than 50%. I was more at like 75% before the Branyan signing. Now I like the chances that they enter ST and the season with Branyan and Hall on the bench better than the chances of any other scenario. Obviously I understand that other scenarios are possible.

      • Jonathan

        I agree with G. A guy that isn’t likely to even stay healthy, none the less productive when healthy isn’t a better bet than one of the most durable players in the game. The guy has had more than 400 AB’s ONCE in his entire career. There’s a reason he was available for a MiLB deal.

        • Ted Nelson

          Damon is probably going to be available for a MiLB deal too, and there’s a reason for that too.

          Branyan is a platoon DH. He’s got health questions, but when he was healthy 2 of the past 3 years acting like he’s never healthy is odd. The Yankees are probably not looking for more than 400 PAs from him… and every indication is that he will produce against RHP if healthy. Probably produce more than Damon.

          You don’t have to lie about Branyan to make your case that Damon is better. Reasonable people can disagree between Damon and Branyan for 2012. That you like Damon better doesn’t mean you have to paint people who disagree based on empirical evidence as unreasonable. It doesn’t mean you have to cherry pick stats from Branyan’s career rather than look at the whole picture. It doesn’t mean you have to make durability out to be the only consideration. Damon is a fine candidate. You don’t have to exaggerate reality to make a case for him.

          • Jonathan

            So let me get this straight….you accused me of cherry picking stats and not considering the entire picture when my point was he’s only been healthy for a small amount in his entire career….then you refute that claim by cherry picking the only 2 years he was “healthy”. There’s a reason Oswalt is still not picked up. Back problems don’t go away. And there is major torque put on someone’s back while swinging a bat or throwing a pitch. To act like because Branyan was healthy in 2009 is also completely false. He got hurt and missed the end of the season because of a herniated disc. Even in his “healthy” year he suffered a major injury. Durability is extremely underrated.

        • MannyGeee

          but but but being a part time plattoon DH should help keep Branyon healthy, right??? no wear and tear on the knees and joints from playing the field and such…


          • Ted Nelson

            Is Russell Branyan the new legal name of Nick Johnson?

  • Jeter Meter

    Is it bad that I want to keep AJ?

    • Sam


    • infernoscurse

      no its not, the yankees will feel sorry when we have our backs against the wall in the playoffs with a deciding game in hand and have to give the ball to CC or kuroda to fail

      • pat

        Lol what?

    • Jesse

      Of course not!!1!!11! Look at what he did in teh postseason last year!!!11!!!1!!!1!!!1

      • MannyGeee

        Nick Swisher takes offense

    • Sayid J.

      No. Shedding money means nothing to me (the ol’ “it’s not my money”), unless they are going to use that money to sign Ibanez/Damon/Chavez. If they were planning on signing 2 of those guys even if they kept Burnett, then there is no reason to want him gone.

      • Mike HC

        And lets not act like the Yanks have to save money on the AJ deal to afford Ibanez/Damon/Chavez.

        To me at least, trading AJ is just more about letting others guys have a shot who have more of a possible future with the team or as building trade value.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

          Trading Burnett isn’t just a 2012 move. It trickles over into 2013. This might be their best (only?) chance to shed some of that contract before he completely collapses at 35-36.

          • Mike HC

            Good point.

          • Rookie

            It MIGHT be their only chance to trade Burnett. On the other hand, isn’t demand for pitchers usually highest right before the trade deadline?

  • johnfish


  • infernoscurse

    done deal! Aj and adam warren and ramiro peña go to the pirates for gerrit cole and pedro alvarez, just read it on twitter so it must be true

    • Chrisis

      How much blackmail material Cashman needed for that wasn’t specified though.

    • Ro

      You would probably improve your credibility stock if you pasted a link to this “twitter news.” Until then, I can’t interpret this as anything more than Zima hangover.

      • infernoscurse

        they replaces pedro alvarez with some young OF something Marte, its all over the Fan and the ac

  • AMSkollar

    Let’s stick to the most important issue here…

    Will the Pie “tradition” continue without AJ?

    • Rainbow Connection

      Were there even any pies in 2011?

  • http://secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

    This strikes me as the barest use of “framework” possible. The framework is that the Yanks will send AJ to the Pirates in exchange for something, but no one knows who they’d get back in return or how much money is involved. I’m still not going to get too excited about this until AJ’s in another uniform.

    • Ro

      Agreed. Hopefully this is just Cashman convoluting the discussion to the point where the Pirates just say, forget it, just pay half, we’ll pay half and you get nothing else. Best case scenario in my opinion. I don’t see how “multiple non-40-man roster minor leaguers” improves either teams situation and the real goal here. I’d rather a 50/50 split and the Yanks just take some scrub (who can be immediately released) just to have the deal pass through the MLB office.

    • Jonathan

      Agreed. My dad checked MLBTR and told me the framework for AJ going to Pittsburgh was done. When I asked how much money Pittsburgh took on and if we got any players he said they haven’t decided either. I then asked how that’s more news than the 8 other MLBTR updates saying the Pirates and Yankees are talking. I really hope it’s 8 figures and we use the $ to sign Chavez/Damon.

    • Rookie


  • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com Eric

    I’m so excited for the “should of kept AJ” crowd that will come out every time Hughes/Garcia has a bad start.

    • Ro

      This is why cost is more important to me as a fan. I’m an AJ supporter, but if Cashman can get a 50/50 split, I will never, ever question this move. It would essentially justify/cover Kuroda’s contract cost for 2012 and open up a nice chunk of change for 2013. If the Yanks send $20mm or more, only costing the Pirates $6mm per for 2 years, then I may feel differently later on. Considering that’s close to what Freddy will be paid. It’s a crap shoot at that point and at that cost. Perhaps the Yanks get a really good player in return and then again, that would change my perception of the deal.

      • Bavarian Yankee


    • Jesse

      I can see it now… When A.J pitches 7.2 innings of shutout ball in San Diego on a Tuesday evening after Freddy Garcia gets shelled against the Red Sox the same day those people will come out. I’m already bracing myself for that night.

  • http://theevilsquare.com handtius

    As much as aj sucked the past 2 years, I’ll be sad to see him go. Not his pitching mind you, just the person. Always seemed to try his hardest. Too bad that didn’t lead to anything.

    • Bavarian Yankee

      that’s exactly how I feel. I really like him but he just didn’t pitch well enough. Most numbers suggest that a rebound is likely, so I hope he turns it around and has some good seasons before he retires.

      • Bob Stone

        I completely agree on the last two comments. I like AJ a lot but I can’t stand the idea of him ever taking the mound again in Pinstripes (or Yankee road grays for that matter).

  • IBelieveInAJ

    No more pie :(

    • Jesse

      I’m sure Swisher is up to the pieing duties.

      • Mike HC

        ha, Swisher has been patiently waiting for his opportunity to take over that roll, ha. He was born for it.

  • Mike HC

    If we end up trading AJ for around a market value type of deal, I would hope the Yanks get at least one legitimate player or prospect back. If Pitt wants AJ for basically nothing, then they are going to have to overpay dollars wise.

    • Ro

      Exactly. If the Yanks do this to only save $8mm total, then at that point I just jam Hughes back into the bullpen and have Garcia and Burnett as 5 and 6 in the rotation. I’m bullish on Hughes having a nice bounce back season, so this is not the ideal situation in my eyes, but to if they are just dumping $8mm, they better be getting back something really good at that point.

      • Mike HC

        I guess from Pitt’s perspective though, AJ on a 2 year 14 million dollar deal is really not worth any prospect that you might think can actually produce. Its not like the Pirates are one mid rotation starter away from contending. I guess it is no surprise that trading AJ won’t be that easy.

    • MannyGeee

      the percieved ‘market’ for AJ is what chaps me a bit. the only comp worth mentioning is Derek Lowe, and 1/2 the money with no prospects in return is pretty close to what Cleveland paid, if memory serves

      • CJ

        They will be non prospect minor leaguers and if the Yankees have to find money to sign Damon or Ibanez and Chavez then this is a mess. Dump AJ get a real bat and stop pinching pennies. This does not look like it will improve the team.

      • Mike HC

        Didn’t mean to chap you. I agree. I don’t see why any team would want to give away a legit player or prospect for AJ at anything less than getting him for free or for only a couple million per.

      • steve (different one)

        Cleveland paid 1/3 the money and no “prospects”.

        IOW, it was 1 year, $5M for Lowe.

        2 years, $12-14M for AJ is really pushing it. The Yanks can’t expect talent on top of that.

  • JoeyManz

    AJ, Cervelli, and DJ Mitchell(they need major league ready pitching), with the yanks pickin up 32MM of AJ for Alvarez, Tallion, and a PTBNL (which turns out to be Gerrit Cole late summer)

    Seems fair, especially since we gotta wait all summer for Cole now, but im not complaining.

  • JobaWockeeZ

    Oh please, please, please let this happen.

  • Joseph Cecala

    AJ did not pitch that bad last year, I think this is a mistake because he is a pretty good 5th starter. He is being overpaid but I would rather have the pitching depth than 5m/yr in salary relief and two minor leaguers.

    • Ted Nelson

      I agree that Burnett has a decent shot at bouncing back to some degree, though I wouldn’t go so far as to say he didn’t pitch that badly. He did. The HRs might not happen again at that rate, but they did happen. I have a really hard time calling meat-balls in 0-2 counts “luck.” He made a lot of mistake pitches that I remember from last season.

      The thing is that Garcia, Hughes, Phelps, Warren, etc. can all be decent 5th starts too… but this way the Yankees can save ~$5 million a year for the next two years. All things considered I think that dealing Burnett to save that money is a better move than dealing Hughes when his value is at an all-time (to date) low or trying to deal Garcia when you have to run the deal by him or trying Burnett in the BP if he loses the 5th starter race.

      • Joseph Cecala

        I would try him out in the BP before trading him away for a little salary relief. It is the Yankees after all, 5 mil is really not a lot.

    • CMP

      Are you trying to be funny or are you a troll?

      The last 2 years, AJ hasn’t been bad, he’s been historically bad. Out of 85 starters the last 2 years with at least 300 IP, Burnett ranked 75 in WAR and 84 in ERA.

      To make matters worse, the guy has absolutely no accountability and several times last year showed up Girardi when he took him out of a game. I only wish the Yankees could trade him to an AL east team so they could kick the crap out of him a few times this year.

      • Ted Nelson

        I think it’s a legitimate point. The point is that he wasn’t bad outside of the HR-rate. His other numbers were solid enough and he would have been respectable without the HRs. Of course, he did give up all those HRs. The real point, though, is that he probably won’t give up that many HRs in 2012 so if he keeps the rest of his performance the same he should be respectable. Since I think the best of Garcia, Hughes, Phelps, and Warren will be respectable as well I have no problem dealing Burnett to save some $. I can see the other viewpoint, though.

        • CMP

          AJ was “would have been respectable without the HRs.”

          …and if my uncle had tits he’d be my aunt.

          AJ Burnett has been an abomination for the last 2 years comprising 60+ starts and 400+ innings and anyone who doesn’t think it’s going to get worse as he reaches his mid 30′s is delusional.

      • http://twitter.com/clintholzner Clint Holzner

        No accountability? I don’t believe there have ever been reports that he doesn’t stand by his locker and take questions and what not after starts, both good and bad. I would say AJ is very accountable.

        • CMP

          I guess you must have missed the mini tantrums AJ threw coming off the mound a couple of times late last year when he felt Girardi pulled him too soon when he was getting his brains beat no less.

        • CMP

          Here’s a direct quote from an MLB exec courtesy of Andrew Marchand if you don’t believe me

          “I spoke to an MLB GM who explained the problem in trying to trade A.J. Burnett at the present time.

          1. He is viewed as an erratic, back of the rotation type guy, who has a reputation for accountability-issues “

          • http://twitter.com/clintholzner Clint Holzner

            Heaven forbid a pitcher be mad when being taken out of a game after under performing. I just view that as being hard on himself, something I have no problem with. It’s better when you have a player who cares and, to me at least, it was always clear AJ cared.

            • CMP

              Being mad is fine but when you’re getting the shit kicked out of you, hand the ball to your manager and get the fuck off the field quietly, don’t curse at him as you walk off the mound.

              The guys is a classic example of a million dollar arm and a 10 cent head. Unfortunately now, he doesn’t have a million dollar arm anymore.

              All I have to say to AJ is goodbye, Good riddance, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out and nobody is going to miss you.

              • http://twitter.com/clintholzner Clint Holzner

                I believe both Joe and AJ both said the incident you are referring to was AJ cursing regarding the umpire. Why does someone have to get off quietly? I didn’t know that was in the rule book. Regardless, that has ZERO to do with his accountability.

  • viridiana

    Do the Pirates have any decent OF prospects who could be ready by 2013-14? That’s what we need. Would be disappointed if this is just a deal to pay for Chavez/Damon. Seems to be real interest in AJ. Exploit it to get one of the every day (or even platoon) position players we’re gonna need.

    • Fernando

      Pirates have a few OF prospects in their higher levels (Sterling Marte & Robbie Grossman). It’s extremely doubtful the Pirates would consider including either in this trade.

  • zymsbc1246

    Is Aaron Harang better than AJ? He also got 12m/2yrs

    • RetroRob

      Factoring in the league and the Petco-effect, it’s possible that AJ is better than Harang.

  • Thomas Cassidy

    It looks like Burnett will end up getting moved. I like him, but he needs to go. He always tried his hardest, that’s all you can ask from a guy. Thanks for 2009!

    • Mike HC

      The inevitable book/s that end up getting written about this era should be interesting (Cashman should be good for a good book or two at some point, ARod’s tell all). The AJ black eye will be a good subject.

  • STONE COLD Austin Romine

    Is a Thank you A.J Burnett blog post in the works ? Complete with a handful of walk-off “pie in the face” wins ?

    That would be a awesome way to say thanks instead of boston bashing him on the way out.

    Truth is his stuff just didn’t translate in the A.L anymore.

    • Mike HC

      I think the majority of fans like AJ and like cheering for him, but like you say, just objectively realize he is not made out for the AL East anymore.

      • Thomas Cassidy

        I don’t think it’s the AL East as much as it is New York. I think he’d be fine in Tampa, Baltimore, or Toronto.

        • Mike HC

          I don’t see that personally, but you never know. You could be right.

  • Granderslam

    I wonder if the Yankees are willing to “sweeten” the deal (to include players) that nets us something of value for the MLB team. I would love Alvarez to take the Chavez role, but I don’t see the Pirates dealing him.

  • Stryker

    for as bad as AJ has been as a pitcher, i’ll be a little bummed to see him go as a personality in the clubhouse.

    • Ted Nelson loves Russel Branyan

      I’m not. Fuck that guy.

  • Ted Nelson loves Russel Branyan


  • ryan

    I always hoped AJ would come out and be Good AJ, I guess it wont hurt too much to see him go

    on an unrelated note.. if it turns out that the RAB trip to DC (or was it Baltimore?) happens, I would like to share a room with Ted Nelson, Plank, and Avi.. if that could be arranged, thank you!

    • Plank

      If you fly me to DC, I’ll do it!

  • Virgil Earp

    If the Pirates offer to pay even one penny of that overpriced contract you do the trade. Doesn’t matter what players they throw in and it doesn’t matter that you get less than 50/50. Dump the clown, cut our losses and move on with our much improved rotation.

    • Rookie

      Spoken like a true Red Sox fan.

      Burnett isn’t Halladay, but he definitely has value well above what you suggest — as the Pirates and three other teams apparently know.

    • Bob Stone

      I agree completely. I hoope this deal gets done. This is potentially really GOOD news.

  • AJavierkei Pavagawnett

    Very sad to see AJ go! It was very entertaining watching him start every 5 days. Now what do Yankees fans have to complain about? ARod’s contract and Pedro Feliciano?

    The Yankees absolutely need an overpriced, overrated disaster of a starting pitcher signed to a long term contract. They’re just not the Yankees without one.

    Thankfully, Edwin Jackson will be available next year. I look for Jackson to perform well in a weak offensive division, the Yankees to lose out on Hamels and Greinke, and for Jackson to be subsequently signed for 4/56.

  • PhilipW

    If Cashman is able to pull this off, is it possible to trade Soriano? Does he have a no trade clause in his contract? That would also free up some money if they can.

    • KL

      With Joba still out, we need Soriano. I actually expect him to have a great year and leave to sign as a closer.

      • Ed in SF

        Plus at some point Mariano will realize he’s getting well past 40. I think there will be a point over the next year or 2 that we will be very happy we have Soriano.

  • KL

    The main problem with AJ is that he still pitches likes he throws 94-95mph every fastball. He still thinks he is a power pitcher who can get away with mistakes. He hasn’t adjusted to his diminished velocity and learned how to work off his other pitches and spot his fastball. So no matter what league or team he goes to, he will have problems. You either evolve or die.

    • Monterowasdinero

      This. Unless he has a big lead, you are getting a fb in a hitter’s count.

  • dc1874

    Who is in charge of the pies if AJ goes????

  • Rookie

    I think Jimmy Page nailed it in the second post in this thread — that Burnett may be a very hot commodity sometime before the trading deadline. That’s why I don’t think they should give him away in a salary dump (unless it’s for half or more of his remaining salary) and instead hold onto him and get more value at that time.

    • knucklehead

      or he could be dead

  • Rookie

    “The two teams haven’t agreed on the dollar figure the Yankees will eat to facilitate the trade, and they haven’t agreed on the players that the Pirates will send to the Yankees.”

    But other than that, they’re in total agreement.


    • RetroRob

      I took it to mean they’ve agreed that it won’t be anyone on the MLB roster (like Jones) or the 40-man roster, and they’ve agreed on the range of dollars(between 19-23M), with the final amount determined by the quality of the B prospects, or how many. So, yeah, that’s the framework, now all they have to is actually agree on the specifics. Good luck on that! Yet it does give them a clearer target and seems likely something will get done.

      • Rookie

        Probably so. But don’t the stories also suggest that the Yankees aren’t satisfied with the caliber of player that the Pirates are willing to include — and that they’re not willing to make it a simple salary dump (at least not at the level of $ the Pirates seem willing to assume)?

        So if all of those stories are true, what they’ve agreed to is the idea of trading with each other if they could come to a meeting of the minds on $ and players, but they sound like they can’t come together on $ and players.

        Maybe they’ll be able to make it work with the Yankees including one or more other players — similar to Noesi and Campos in the Montero/Pineda deal. As in that deal, I could imagine Cash throwing in one or more more MLB-ready or near-MLB-ready prospects in return for either a DH candidate or one or more higher upside/lower level prospects from the Pirates.

  • Grover

    I would not be surprised or disappointed with an eleventh hour deal for Hafner with the Indians picking up a much larger chunk of Burnett’s salary. Hafner might surprise to the upside by having some lineup protection for the first time since Martinez was traded.

  • Dan in Atlanta

    If Pittsburgh picks up 5 million this year and 10 million next year, the prospects can be a bag and a dozen rubber dicks and you make the deal.

    AJ can be a two or three win pitcher (200 innings of sub 4 ERA ball in the NL Central) for the Pirates, but that doesn’t mean he would have had any value since he was unlikely to pitch in many leverage situations or starts for the Yanks. Moving the cash gets other players who can fill needs. It is effectively like trading AJ for whatever players are signed.

    Thus, the value in the deal depends on what they use the freed up cash to acquire.