Andy Pettitte to attempt 2012 comeback in the Bronx

ST Game Thread: Three For The Price of One
2012 Season Preview: Control Freaks

It came out of nowhere, which makes it all the better. Minutes ago Jack Curry reported that the Yankees have signed Andy Pettitte to a one-year, $2.5 million minor league deal that does not include any incentives. Joel Sherman has since confirmed the report. At 1 p.m. the YES Network will have more details. Chances are Pettitte won’t be ready for Opening Day — he does need to get into the swing of things — but he’ll be around for the 2012 season. Forget Michael Pineda. Forget Hiroki Kuroda. This is the most exciting news of the off-season.

Update by Ben (1:03 p.m.): According to multiple reports, Pettitte got the itch to rejoin the club when he visited Spring Training a few weeks ago. After considering a return throughout the off-season, he reached out to the club recently, and the team responded in kind. As Sherman reported, Yankee sources said, “It’s Andy Pettitte; if he wants to come back, we say yes.”

For now, Pettitte’s comeback attempt — and that’s what this is — will have little impact on the starting rotation. Pettitte, who turns 40 in June, will have to work his way back into game-ready condition, and the Yanks plan to give him as much time as he needs. He should probably be viewed as an option come mid-May or even early June. Much depends upon the current condition and the shape of his left arm and legs.

When or if Pettitte is ready to return to the Majors, the Yanks will have the luxury of seven viable starters. He could slot in behind CC Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda while taking pressure off of the young Ivan Nova and Michael Pineda with Freddy Garcia and Phil Hughes in the wings. Pettitte’s return would also make Garcia, signed to just a $4 million deal, a potential trade chip.

It’s something to think about how, just over two months ago, the Yanks were facing a shortage of starting pitchers but now find themselves awash in arms.

Update by Mike (2:01 p.m.): In an appearance on YES, Brian Cashman said the team offered Pettitte a substantial contract back in December, around $10-12MM. He decided to work out on his own to see how he felt before accepting, but basically told the team to plan on now having him. Following the Pineda and Kuroda moves, Cashman told Pettitte to stop working out because they didn’t have room for him. Andy kept going and here we are.

ST Game Thread: Three For The Price of One
2012 Season Preview: Control Freaks
  • Cy Pettitte


    can’t even put into words how happy I am.

    oh my fucking god yes.

    • dalelama

      It won’t help our lack of clutch post season hitting one iota.

      • Len S

        Do you mainline heroin?

      • Evan3457

        It won’t hurt it any, either.

      • Havok9120

        Well….he did tie Game Two of the 2009 WS with a run scoring single.

        Just saying.

  • JobaWockeeZ

    He’ll be a great 5th starter.

  • pat


  • Joe R

    We found our second LOOGY!

  • Adam

    Wow, totally shocking. What does it mean for the rotation long term? Who gets bounced?

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Why would anyone get bounced? He signed a minor league deal. He won’t be ready opening day and I dare you to find a rotation that only used 5 starters.

      • Adam

        Absolutely, so even if it takes him a few months to get into game shape, if everyone holds up (a large assumption, of course) there are still more starters than spots. Should be interesting.

      • Cuso

        Tampa Bay

  • PhillyMatt

    Expectations at 39?

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Less of a mystery than Hughes. I think he’ll be better.

    • Knoxvillain

      21-7, 2.28, 234ks.

      If he doesn’t post something similar he better go home!

      I’m glad he’s back though. Nearly shit my pants after I checked to see if it was April Fool’s Day and it wasn’t.

      • AWESOME Mike

        lol thats the first thing i checked also, looked at the calender, then decided it must be real

  • Joe R

    But really tho, im kinda nervous as to why its happening. Has to mean something went wrong no?

    • Cuso

      No. It means what he didn’t want to admit all along.

      The family was a convenient excuse. The potential Clemens trial was too much of a burden to bear to think he could continue to pitch last year.

      • Nathan


        He probably felt it wouldn’t be fair to the team to commit to pitch while having to worry about possibly getting called into court.

        I felt all along that Andy wasn’t done but wasn’t sure he would be able to leave the family life after getting a taste of it.

        Regardless of his reasons or what not, welcome back #46!

  • Johnny O

    Someone get suzyn waldman’s reaction

    • TinoBambino24

      Jesus Christmas, John!

    • pjbaseball

      Oh my goodness gracious, he’s in George Steinbrenner’s box!!!

    • CJ

      Yes. This is really all that matters.

  • Damix

    Funny, I just mentioned him in yesterdays chat.

  • Ray Fuego

    Will there be a trade? Freddy or Hughes leaving town?

    • Cuso

      If they get to mid-May and everyone is healthy and Pettitte is ready to go pitch, then Sweaty Freddy will be a trade chip.

      But that’s a big “if” on several levels.

  •!/czm26 Craig

    So, Hughes is expendable then? Garcia is obviously going to be moved toward the deadline.

  • Rich in NJ

    This thing about never having too much pitching? It may be wrong.

    But YAY!

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Hughes is a question mark, Garcia is replacement level, Pettitte is 39 and Phelps and Warren are prospects. The depth is sufficient but yeah it’s not too much at all…

      • Rich in NJ

        It’s far more than most teams. Meanwhile, they have virtually no high level depth behind A-Rod/Jeter except Nunez.

      • Needed Pitching

        Garcia is replacement level???? By what standard????

        • Slugger27

          if youre still responding to jobawockeez’s comments, you havent been at RAB long enough

          • JobaWockeeZ

            Oh please it’s bad but not half as worse as the daily stuff.

            Or did I need to post a comment with doomed1111zz1a1a1one to be legit?

            • Slugger27

              your argument against the yankees depth is “garcia is replacement level” and “phelps and warren are prospects” …. it doesnt even deserve a response

      • CJ

        DJ Mitchell is the best #10 starter in baseball.

  •!/cfrs15 Robert


  • Grit for Brains

    ::::HEAD EXPLODES:::::

    • CJ

      Most bizarre move ever.

      • Havok9120

        BUT FUN!

        Seriously, its not so much a move, they promised him a spot if he wanted one. He did.

  • Mister D

    “How do you say no?” – Yankees front office

    “WTF???” – Bernie Williams

    • boogie down

      Bernie wouldn’t accept a minor league deal.

  • Slu

    Wow. I don’t see where he fits, but there will be an injury or two eventually. Happy to see him back though.

  • DM

    I hate the move. I checked fangraphs — he did absolutely NOTHING last year.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      Yeah, due to his 2011 season, gotta be concerned.

    • All Praise Be To Mo

      lol, great comment

    • MannyGeee


      well played. I laughed

    • kenthadley

      you made my day, DM

  • PhillyMatt

    I believe he wants to start game 7 of the world series and have mo close it for #28 and the both of them ride off into the sunset…

    • David N

      Sounds like a plan.

    • CUYanks

      It won’t go to game 7. Game 4 sweep!

      • All Praise Be To Mo


  • Matt DiBari

    • PhillyMatt

      When placed at the beginning or end of a sentence, the ellipsis can also inspire a feeling of melancholy.

  • Garcia

    I can’t see him transitioning to the bullpen at this point. That starter mentality would be too tough for a competitor like Andy to shake. Maybe he gets in shape by April and we feel comfortable shopping Hughes if some contender suffers a big injury. Keep Freddy in the pen and spot-start him so Andy gets his rest. This is mostly just me convincing myself that this will work out amazingly.

    At the very least we should keep him in shape for the entire season and then add him to the roster just in time to have him playoff-eligible. I’ll take him at 39 over most other guys in a must-win game.

    • Havok9120

      No kidding. I’d line him up ahead of anyone else as #4 unless he’s just totally lost it in the last 16 months or so.

  • BronxBombers98

    YES!!! Best news of the offseason!!!

  • jsbrendog

    wtf. so we needed him last yr he says f u and now he is singlehandedly fucking hughes? dont the yanks ened to see if hughes can be a starter for their austerity budget? or at least for trade value? i love andy butcome on. selfish.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Hughes won’t get the shaft unless he gets hurt which is very possible, or if he sucks which is also very possible. And he hasn’t earned shit that his spot is a definite. Not compared to everyone else on the rotation.

      • jsbrendog

        so then who does pettitte replace?

        • JobaWockeeZ

          No one until someone gets hurt because someone always does. Or if someone sucks too much.

        • CP

          Maybe he agreed to pitch out of the pen?

        • CJ

          AJ as 7th starter.

      • Needed Pitching

        Hughes will be a free agent by the time of the 2014 austerity budget. If he’s worth having as a starter then, he won’t be cheap, and really won’t help with the austerity budget.

    • DM

      He never got to take a curtain call and wave good-bye. I think Mo and he hammered this out in the clubhouse — or in the pew.

    • Ted Nelson

      Hughes is a FA before 2014, so unless they extend him before that he’s going to be at market value when the $189 budget kicks in.

    • Havok9120

      Yes, DAMN HIS EYES for wanting to experience family life for a bit after a couple decades in baseball and before kids start growing up too fast.

      Selfish schmuck.

  • Brandon

    I am one of the happiest people alive right now. So fucking amped!!!!!!

    This, IMO, means that Freddy is likely hurt for alittle longer and will be the long man/spot starter and the battle for 5 is between Hughes and Pineda, which Hughes, IMO, will likely win. I would not be the least bit surprised if Pineda starts out in the minors. Its quite obvious the Yankees are not pleased with him what so ever. Once Andy is ready, there will be some wheeling and dealing, and in all honesty, I am thinking it might be Pineda to be on that chopping block which makes the Montero deal look even worse. Damnt, Andy, why couldnt you make this decision in say, January?

    • Joe R

      Pineda 5th spot? Minors? What is your rotation then?

      • Brandon

        Once Andy is ready?

        CC, Andy, Kuroda, Nova, Hughes

        • Joe R

          But you said you’re starting Pineda in the minors and theres no way Andy will be ready for opening day. (Not to mention I dont agree that Pineda will be in the minors). But that still leaves another spot open. Meaning Warren or Phelps will be in the starting rotation.

        • jsbrendog


        • chas131

          You have a 40 yr old who hasn’t pitched in 18 months as our #2?

        • nsalem

          Do you honestly think that Pineda will start the year in the minors? Seriously

          • Joe R

            Well he wants to trade him as well so…

      • CJ

        Yeah let’s put a 2011 all star in the minors. Save him for later.

        • Havok9120

          Nah, his stuff plays up better in the ‘pen now that he’s got such reduced velocity.

  • Pinade is greata

    Word is he threw a very impresive BP. He seems to still have major league stuff.

  • Stratman9652

    Perhaps why they cleared Dickerson’s 40 man spot before ST?

  • Don W

    Checks calendar to see if it’s actually April 1st. Nope…WTF!?!!?

    • skye

      haha — I did the same thing. ;)

    • DM

      You might have other issues if you’re not sure of the date by more than a day or two.

      • BigDavey88

        … or in college.

        • Peter North

          I laughed.

  • ND Mike

    I see no confirmation from other sources. Sounds like someone is jerking someone around to me…

    • BigDavey88

      So the YES Network making a special TV announcement at 1pm today is “jerking someone around” to you?

    • pat

      Yanks just sent out a press release.

    • Boomer’s Boy

      Confirmation on MLB.

  • Esteban

    bex just died

    • MannyGeee


      Signed, Bexy

  • CC


  • Pinade is greata

    Andy will have to earn a rotation spot.

    • Ed M

      Are you kidding? Andy more than earned a rotation spot. I would much rather have Andy than Sweaty Freddie or Hughes any day. Are you serious going to say that you wouldn’t want Andy on the mound instead of Garcia in a playoff or WS game?

      • Needed Pitching

        how about we wait and see if Andy has anything left in the tank first

        • Ed M

          I agree. However, he wouldn’t come back unless he had something in the tank. He has nothing to prove. He walked away form 10 million in December. Today, he is still a better pitcher than Hughes, Garcia, or Kuruda. When push comes to shove, I would want him on the mound over them any day.

          • Needed Pitching

            ” Today, he is still a better pitcher than Hughes, Garcia, or Kuruda”

            Maybe, maybe not. He does have something to prove. He has to prove he can still get major league hitters out and stay healthy enough to do it after a year away.

            I think he likely can, but it is far from certain.

  • Bartolo


    Also does he only make the 2.5M if he pitches in the majors?

    • Havok9120

      Yeah. They would’ve paid him more before Kuroda signed. Now just a MiLB deal. I like it a lot.

  • E from NY

    Makes sense to me. Hughes would probably be on some sort of innings limit coming back from a shortened 2011 season. It gives the Yankees another in-house option if fatigue or a change needs to be made. It’s like mashing two part time starters into one. I like it.

    • jsbrendog

      eh hes a grown ass man, no innings limits

  • Ross the Albatross

    My guess is they are looking at AP as another Garcia. Freddie won’t stay healthy all year, and we know that the most we can expect out of him is something similar or slightly less than last year. Hughes is still young enough that he has more upside potential. I don’t think they are looking at this as a way to eliminate the need for Hughes as a starter.

    I’m not saying I think Phil will become a solid starter….he might, and he might not. It’s possible Phil will fail this year and end up a permanent bullpen pitcher. But I don’t think they would be thinking of Andy as a contingency for Phil this year.

  • Chris G.

    He will be a player coach and teach Manny Banuelos to be a True Yankee. Did anyone tell him that Scranton doesn’t have a home field?

  • Steve (different one)

    Is it April Fools? I mean, I LOVE Andy Pettitte, but this can’t be true, can it?

  • Gerald Williams

    It’s also reported here…

  • Holy Ghost

    Love and Hate this move. I was hoping to see Manny B get called up in the event that Garcia or Hughes get hurt.

    • Havok9120

      Good Lord, what’s the rush guy?

    • Delaware – Ralph

      Seriously… I mean I want to see him also but one last look and Andy! Come on!

      • Havok9120

        Not only that, but his control has been flukey, and not just in Spring. It went from his calling card to a bit of a ?. I’m not worried, but can we at least get him a full season of AAA before we throw him to the wolves? Or are we just itching to try and screw up a pitcher so that we can restart the “the Yank33s sux0rz w1th p1tch3rz” narrative?

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    this is awesome, I can’t wait until 5 or 6 years from now when mo comes back to pitch. it will be like this, only much cooler

    • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

      Mo won’t come back to pitch, Mo will come back to play centerfield.

  • Esteban

    Can’t believe what just happened.

  • bexarama

    I haven’t commented in months but HOLY HOLY SHIT A:LJGDLKA:GJLKSJG:LSDGLLDJGK:SGrpot0

    • Accent Shallow

      Is it bad that one of my first thoughts was “I hope Bex has smelling salts”?

    • Erica


      If Andy is back – BEXY IS BACK

    • Monterowasdinero

      Bex is as stunned as I was a few months ago. She is much happier though.


      • Erica

        I miss your handle of “Monteroisdinero” – in order to reinstate this, let’s petition to undo the Montero-Pineda deal! Yeah! FOOLPROOF!

    • Genghis

      How is that last word pronounced?

  • IBN Goon Squad

    #IBN had this first.

  • DM

    I’m glad everyone is being objective about this. Andy will be 40 in June, didn’t pitch last year, no ST — but he’s already bumping someone.

    I like the move b/c you can never have enough — but no one shows a hint of doubt about him being effective or healthy? Amazing.

    • RkyMtnYank

      You would probably be hunted down and killed for such a thing here, but, I am in that category. AP is not going to give you anything better than Hughes/Phelps/Warren/Mitchel etc.. hasn’t for years, unless it’s maybe in the post season. I like Andy but I don’t see a need or reason for this at all.

      • bill

        132 ERA+ in 2010. I think that’s better than any of the pitchers that you’ve listed have ever done.

        • Needed Pitching

          Saying he hasn’t done anything better in years than a bunch of guys who haven’t done anything yet (except Hughes) is flat out ridiculous. Pettitte certainly shouldn’t be guaranteed anything until he shows he has enough left in the tank though.

        • ThatstheMelkyMesaWaysa

          0.00 ERA in 2011. That’s a Cy Young number right there.

      • DM

        I don’t know if the $ is guaranteed (hope not) — but no one knows what he can do at this point. That’s my issue; but here he’s been instantly vaulted up the ladder. I could see him looking fine and filling in here or there this season — or pitching to a 5.00 era and wallowing — or shutting it down with a sore elbow.

        • Havok9120

          Its a MiLB deal, so not guaranteed.

          Aside from the collective Fangasm going on, the reason this kind of talk is happening is because, as stated above, his 2010 was better than Hughes has ever pitched and than Garcia has pitched in a decade (if even then). Nothing should be (or will be, methinks)handed over to him by default, but the guy is a very, very, very good pitcher.

          Heck, he’d have a good shot at being Boston’s #4. There’s something we can brag about.

          • DM

            “but the guy is a very, very, very good pitcher.”

            I don’t disagree much — but I’d alter your statement above — change “is” to “was” and add “the last time we saw him over a year ago.” It’s not about Hughes or Garcia. It’s about Andy of old vs what he is now. Do you remember when Clemens came back to the Yankees mid-season on his white horse? Not the same pitcher.

            Hmmm… I wonder what the reaction would be if Ibanez had retired after 2010, then came back and signed in 2012 after a year off. The time off at that age has to be a consideration. And those who speak of “whose spot is Andy taking??” at this point are slightly off the reservation.

            • Havok9120

              Oh, no doubt they are. My stance is that nothing has changed until and unless Andy shows he can get ready and be effective.

              However, I fully expect both of those things to happen. I really don’t think he’d come back if he didn’t think he could do it, and unlike a lot of pitchers who depend on pure (and ever diminishing) stuff, I trust him to know his limits fairly well. I did not, and never did, trust Clemens the same way. Perhaps that’s just me.

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    so its only a matter of time before they dfa ibanez and bring posada back to hit lefties for a core 4 reunion tour

    • Monterowasdinero

      I would for 2.5M for sure.

    • Havok9120

      Be a better platoon bat than Ibanez will, and I don’t mind Ibs.

      If he’d take Andy’s contract, sign me up.

  • A.D.

    I really don’t understand this, at all.

    • ROBTEN

      Neither do I.

      It’s fine if he’s willing to stay in the minors as depth, but I would imagine that they indicated that there’s more than a small chance he’ll be called up when he’s ready. Otherwise, why would be come back at 40?

      It seems to me that it is some indication that someone (Hughes?) is going to be traded and they don’t feel like any of the young starters are ready to take on a significant portion of the season if necessary.

      Rotation (after May/June?):


      • Havok9120

        Breathe. Cashman made it pretty clear that the seat was open primarily because of Andy’s True Yankee ™ status, and because Cash had offered him a spot previously.

  • Chris

    There goes Hughes and Garcia. Someone is getting traded.

  • Gerald Williams

    I will be soooooooooo pissed in Pineda goes to the minors. They’d just be babying him like Joba and Hughes… look where that philosophy got us. Let the kid go out there and work it out. He’s got the stuff, and the Yanks are good enough to let him figure it out in the PROS. We didn’t trade Montero for a minor league player who can’t throw over 92!

    • Landry

      Easy, chicken little.

    • Ted Nelson

      Joba was never once sent back down to the minors… which a lot of people think is a big part of the problem…

      And how does pitching in the minors or majors change whether he throws over 92 MPH exactly?

  • Granderslam

    What about potential Bullpen role as well?

  • boomer

    sabathia nova kuroda pineda hughes garcia pettitte. trade one, other to the bullpen. eventually

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I think the biggest news of the day is that JobaWockeez and I agree on this.

    Way too early to think about role or how it affects anything. The team will have its five starters at the start of the season, he’ll get into baseball shape, and we’ll go from there. Where it leads is something none of us know yet.

    All I know is that this is ANDY F’ING PETTITTE and when he says, “I want an opportunity to come back,” you say, “yes, Andy” and root for him to be the best pitcher he can be.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Meh you have good points. That’s not what I dislike.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Just give me a fucking hug, pal.

  • UncleArgyle

    Huh. Glad to have him back, but pretty flabergasted by this. Nice to have another lefty. Wonder if he can still bring it at 40 after a year off.

    • Havok9120

      Your namesake was a badass even a decade or more older AND with only one eye.

      Andy’s got this.


  • rek4gehrig

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMg. I’m so happy I could cry. I cant wait to see the STARE

    • Erica

      ME TOO!!!!!!

  • Matthaggs

    Multiple unnamed sources report Suzyn Waldman just had a mild stroke while masturbating. Attempting to confirm.

    • Jesse

      I laughed.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Can you update us on Sterling’s condition after witnessing that?

      • DM

        He didn’t witness it. At the time he and Suzyn were back-to-back not belly-to-belly.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Well played.

    • CJ

      Funny. Much easier to believe than the signing itself.

    • Jeff

      A+++ would read again

  • CJ

    This is crazy Ninja. Or does this go down as Stein-Ninja?

    • Steve (different one)

      Neither, it’s Pett-ninja.

      He called them. There is no way you say no at that price. Too much upside.

  • paul a

    Can Jorge Posada be far behind ?

  • Fernando

    I don’t like this move at all. They needed him last year, but do they really need him this year. They have a lot of guys knocking on the door in AAA. I love Pettitte, but he’s been gone for a year and people are talking like he’s already the #2.

    As for the silly comment above that said that this pushes Pineda to a 5th starter or minors, that’s just silly. Heck, let’s get Guidry and we can move Sabathia to the loogy role.

    • Landry

      Go whine at Over the Monster.

  • Erica

    I’m excited. I’m very excited. I’m curious to see where this goes, how he factors into the rotation, what becomes of our excess starters. I wonder how much gas he has left in the tank but having seen the way Andy has played over the years – I don’t think he’d do it unless he knew he could.

    Welcome back! This news certainly made a gloomy Friday in New York City that much more enjoyable.

  • CUYanks

    We needed an extra starter for the potential one-game playoff.

  • Mike

    What sort of return could we expect for Garcia? I am hoping for more than just salary relief.

    • CJ

      Garcia and phelps for parra.

      • Fernando

        I’d totally love to have Parra. Solid glove, great arm, decent speed, young and hits for a decent average. Plus, nice insurance against having to use Ibanez or Jones in the OF. And even more insurance should they decide to not sign Swisher.

      • Havok9120

        I’d love to see it, but what little I’ve read says that that doesn’t come close to getting it done.

        That DOES sound about right for Dom Brown if the Phillies wanted more pitchers for their collection though. I’m not a Dom Brown fan, however.

  • matthaggs

    “If Posada and/or Bernie Williams calls, I am NOT here and you don’t know when I’ll be back.” – Brian Cashman

    • Havok9120

      I laughed. Quite loudly.

      Of course, I’m a tad giddy at the moment.

  • RetroRob

    Memo to Mariano Rivera:

    Mo, spending time with family not all it’s cracked up to be. Don’t retire.

    See you soon,


    • rek4gehrig

      LOL. True dat :-)

  • john

    Andy Pettitte for prospect watch!

    • Lime

      + 1

    • Havok9120

      I still want it to be Campos….bad.

      But this was funny to think about.

  • Mike HC

    Love it. Maybe he doesn’t plan on this being only one year if it goes relatively well.

    Ease him into it this year, use him in a couple different roles maybe depending on injury, and then have him as a legitimate rotation option next year.

    We lost one legend (Jorge) and we gained back another (Pettitte). Odd.

    • Havok9120

      The Key Three is still going strong. =P

  • Dicka24

    Awesome news, but a couple of points.

    1) Pettitte is 39 and over a year removed from competitive ball. There’s no guarantee that he’ll even pitch for the Yankees. Should he struggle in his minor league tune up starts, which I presume there will be, he might hang em up for good.

    2) If he does make it back to the Yankees it won’t be until May or June. So there’s no need to alter the plan that’s already in place.


    LM: Garcia

    3) The guys in place are no locks to perform, nevermind stay healthy. CC & Kuroda are the most likely to produce. After that Pineda is a second year starter moving to the AL East. Nova is pitch to contact, middle of the rotation youngster who could very well struggle. Then there’s Hughes who no one has true confidence in, and Garcia who most of us think over achieved last year. While I hope all 6 are pitching awesome come June, the likelyhood of that being the case, as well as healthy, is slim imo.

    Last) Should Pettitte make it back, I’d guess Hughes to the pen, Garcia moved. That or one of the younger guys (pineda/Nova) being sent down if they struggle. Hope it’s not Pineda cuz the fans will go ape shit after trading Montero for him.

  • paul a

    I wonder how Red Sox nation is taking this news. They’re crying for starting pitching and we are now knee deep.

    • CJ

      Boston is deciding between Pedro and schilling.

  • Mike HC

    I also think Andy smells a WS title with this team and wants in, ha.

    • Havok9120

      Nothing would make me happier then to give one more to Mo and Andy as they leave.

      Well, almost nothing.

  • Virgil Earp

    Why didn’t he come back last year when we needed him? Now he’s going to have a fight on his hands just to make the rotation. This means Phil and Freddy in the pen because Andy Pettitte is a starting pitcher.

    • Steve (different one)

      He didn’t even want to come back 3 months ago. He changed his mind. And it cost him $8M, so he’s not BSing.

  • Anthony

    this is one the best things i have heard in a while…my cuz posted it on fb and i didnt believe till i checked it out…awesome…the rotation will be like this barring any major injuries come oct:
    1 cc
    2 nova (think he is our number 2 till proven otherwise)
    3 pineda
    4 kuroda
    5 hughes
    spot starter garcia
    now thats what i call a rotation! go yanks!

  • Gonzo

    Andy with some of the youngsters in the farm system for a couple months is always great no matter the MLB goal outcome.

    • Havok9120


      I love that he got a ring with Trenton because of his rehab schedule in 2010.

  • anthony

    shit forgot to put pettite in thier lol andy and hughes splitting time as the 5th starter garcia spelling everyone or injury replacement

  • Monterowasdinero

    Thank you Mrs. Pettitte. You have just made a fairly boring ST much more exciting.

    The Empire State Yankees and Andy Pettitte. A collector’s jersey!

  • forensic

    Maybe they could also sign Ford, Guidry, and Wells to ensure no pitching prospect ever has an opportunity in this organization. Oh, and Brian Gordon too, since that was so important last season.

    He’s 40 and hasn’t pitched in over a year. What a waste of time, roster spot, and money.

    • BigDavey88

      Minor league deal.

      • forensic

        Which they still have to pay. Which still gives him starts over guys who could actually have a future.

        • Needed Pitching

          they pay if he makes the team, most likely the 2.5M is non-guaranteed

          “Which still gives him starts over guys who could actually have a future.”

          There are plenty of starters in the Yankee system that have 0 future as major league starters, hell even Kei Igawa still got some starts for the Yankees last year. It’s entirely possible Pettitte contributes more to the Yankees this season than 80% of the starters in the Yankee system ever will.

          • forensic

            It’s not a spring training invite. It’s a full contract that they have to pay even while in the minors. And I’m not even going to get into the prospects. They only have no future because of the organization they were unlucky enough to be stuck in. Theyball must wake up every day hoping for a call they’ve been traded.

            • Havok9120

              No, no they don’t. Non-guaranteed means he gets paid if he makes the team other than (I assume) the MiLB minimum.

              As for the rest of your ragepost….I get where you’re coming from. I do. But you’re acting like these guys have been ready and blocked for years. It was one season for God’s sake, really only, what, a half dozen starts? None of them were really ready during most of 2010 from what I recall.

              Andy Pettitte’s last season, 16 months or so ago, was better than probably 2 of the three blocked guys will ever manage. And that has nothing to do with the organization, that has to do with the talent and skill of AP. If he sucks, we pay him a hundred grand and he never sees YS3’s mound again. If he’s anywhere near 2010 form, he’ll get the starts. Know why?

              Because he’ll do better than Phelps and Co. would in the same situation. And probably better than Freddy, too. Breathe.

            • Needed Pitching

              Most of the starters (over 50%) in the Yankee system have no future as a starter with ANY ORGANIZATION. Are you really that concerned that Andy might take a few of their minor league starts???

            • Needed Pitching

              ” If he is added to the major league roster, he gets a $2.5 million deal.”


            • David

              Ivan Nova and Phil Hughes called. They respectfully disagree.

              • Havok9120

                And Joba (not a well done introduction, but he got one).

                Oh, and Robertston, Cano, Nunez, and Gardner also sent their regards. Chien-Ming Wang also poked his head into the clubhouse after the game to object.

                Heck, it was this same leadership that thought putting the duo Kennedy and Hughes together in the 2008 rotation was a recipe for success.

    • Steve (different one)

      Stupid Yankees adding possibly excellent players at very low costs!

      • forensic

        With their budget constraints nothing is very low costs, especially several million. And I fail to see how a 40 year old pitcher who hasn’t pitched in over a year will be so excellent. And everyone seems to enjoy forgetting the several mediocre/barely above average years he had before that last fluke and injury shortened year.

        • Needed Pitching

          It’s entirely possible he won’t be excellent. It’s a minor league contract. He has a chance to show if he has enough left. If he does, this is a great signing. If he doesn’t, they lose virtually nothing.

          And even league average for 2.5M is a tremendous value.
          And Pettitte managed at least 3.5 fWAR if 5 straight seasons (including 3 of at least 4.4) before his “fluke” year, hardly barely average.

        • Steve (different one)

          Lol. When were these “mediocre” years? 2009? Give me a break.

          • forensic

            2008 was mediocre and the three around it were barely above average, as were two of the three before that.

            If not for the name Nobody would want anything to do with signing someone like this for $2.5 million to take roster spots from potential prospects and better MLB pitchers.

            • Havok9120

              I’d love to get another ~4.4 fWAR pitcher. Even 3-3.5. Sign me up. That’s hardly something Joe Schmoo of the Orioles (or the BoSox for that matter) will throw out there this year.

              If he does well, he gets paid and makes the team better for very little money. If he stinks, he makes dirt and losses a couple months of his time. You’re acting like we signed him for the next half decade.

              • DM

                Well, I’m not so sure about that. I heard Schmoo learned the split finger in winter ball, so don’t be surprised if he emerges this year.

                • Havok9120

                  You got me, that was funny.

            • Needed Pitching

              who is he potentially taking a spot from that would definitely better. If Andy isn’t pitching well, he won’t make the team. If he is pitching well, it’s entirely possible he would be better (or at least as good as) than Hughes, Garcia, and/or Nova

              As for prospects, Banuelos and Bettances both could still use a full year in Triple A, and Mitchell/Phelps/Warren aren’t high ceiling guys. Delaying someone who MAY one day be good enough to be a decent 4/5 starter is really no big deal.

            • Steve (different one)

              You have a warped definition of “average”. Which probably explains why you are so angry about this: you don’t realize how good Pettitte is.

    • Landry

      Of all the BS to get upset about….

  • Dick

    A possible scenario. Hughes has one more option left. If Hughes spends a few months of the 2012 season in the minors it would delay his free agency from after 2013 to 2014. In that way they could have Hughes as a starter in the austerity year without having to pay free agent wages.

    • Landry

      If he isn’t sent down due to injury, he will file a grievance with the union and win.

  • RetroRob

    I’ve always said that Pettitte strikes me as the type of pitcher who could remain effective into his early 40s. So now looking forward to his push for 300 wins in 2015!

    Just kidding. Hoping he can help the team in 2012. I think he can.

  • velocitee

    Cash said no, but Andy came back? lols.

    • RetroRob

      …and cost himself $7.5-$9.5 in the process.

      No issue with the Yankees offering him a minor league deal that could result in a $2.5 million salary if he makes it. I would have been much more concerned if they guaranteed him $10-$12 million and a lock on one of the rotation spots.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    He’s going to fit in where he fits in. Coming back at this age is more “love of the game” than anything else. If that means five strong starters force him into a bullpen role, it wouldn’t surprise me if he gladly takes it. Things, as we say every day, though, have a habit of working themselves out.

    Feel free to offer the “Andy Pettite’s not coming back for no bullpen role” argument below.

    • mustang

      I don’t only think your right about the bullpen I think that’s the idea from go.

    • forensic

      No way he pitches in the bullpen. These old tenured guys run the organization. Much like jeter will never move defensively or in the lineup, like posada sits for one day and gets what he wants, pettitte will get whatever role he wants, wellbeing of the current and future of the organization be damned.

      • Needed Pitching

        and why Bernie is still the starting DH …

        Oh wait

        • forensic

          Are you actually trying to assert that Bernie wasn’t around long past his usable time, especially in cf? Please…

          • Havok9120


            And Mo should retire to make room for Joba and Betances. And Kuroda and Garcia are old, dump them. WE NEED TO GET THE PROSPECTS UP.

            Except, wait, no we don’t. Because they probably wouldn’t be as good. If Andy has nothing, he goes home, if he’s good, he comes up. Either way it isn’t the end of the world. The B’s aren’t ready (or even close) and Mitchel, Warren, and Phelps, while probably all ready, aren’t exactly top-notch prospects.

            You’re completely right about Posada, but you’re acting as if that’s the average. It isn’t. If anything, we rushed the last crop of pitchers and wrecked a season in the process. A crappy reason to slow the next crop down to a crawl, but we haven’t done that too badly.

          • Needed Pitching

            “These old tenured guys run the organization” – your statement

            I’m asserting that the old guys don’t always get what they want.

            If they did, Bernie would have worn the pinstripes longer.

            If they did, Posada would have caught last season, instead of being relegated to platoon DH status.

  • Chip Off the Ol’ Knoblauch

    Listening to Cashman on YES. Apparently he and Andy were talking way back in December about him coming back. I wonder if Andy had said yes then if Montero would still be around…

    • RetroRob

      More likely Kuroda. They offered him the $10 million that went to Kuroda. The Montero/Pineda move is about a long-term arm.

      • Chip Off the Ol’ Knoblauch

        I thought about that too. Though if they thought Manny and Betances were ready for 2013, they could’ve sucked up the extra money this year and had Montero, Manny, and Betances for 2013 and beyond. Fun stuff either. I’m happy he’s back and hope he’s got some left in the tank.

        • Havok9120

          Nah, I don’t see it. Kuroda took over AP’s role and money after the 2011 guys weren’t quite up to snuff. Pineda was more about skipping out on spending 20+ million for one of the pitchers that may or may not be available this offseason.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    wow, April 1st already? This is ridiculous tbh. I LOVE Andy Pettitte but I think this is a mistake. Is Brett Favre his new agent?

  • JFH

    i love the news. but, wtf? this is out of nowhere!

    2nd half rotation?

  • Jorell Rivera

    I cannot fucking believe this! When I saw the email from the Yankees regarding this news, I thought I was getting an old message from two years ago. This is crazy, but I’m really glad he’s coming back as an insurance policy for the rotation. The crazier part of the story is that Cashman wanted him back for $10-12 mil in December. How desperate was that?

  • Harris

    Andy Pettitte is like Nanny McPhee. When he is wanted, he does not show up. But when he is not needed, he shows up.

    • Randi


  • FIPster Doofus

    This is insanity. I can’t even process it.

  • Monterowasdinero

    I will be pleasantly surprised if Andy stays healthy enough to compete for us. Let’s see how the back and arm do. I am 30/70 against him being an effective starter in 2012 but it is still exciting and intriguing.

    I would feel more confident in Jorge being a 2.5M lefty DH instead of Ibanez.

  • j

    Pettite replaces Hughes in May. Hughes takes Joba’s old spot in the pen. Joba goes back to being a starter.

    • CJ

      Awesome. Then aardsma takes Hughes spot in pen. Hughes moves back to rotation. Then something something austerity.

      • Havok9120

        I laughed.

      • Evan3457

        Then Pineda moves to 3rd, Alex moves to DH, and they release Ibanez. Then Garcia goes to #5, Nova goes to backup catcher, and they trade both Cervelli, Romine, Betances and Banuelos for Miguel Montero, and those who want Montero back will appeased.

        • Evan3457

          Russell Martin then moves to right field, and Swisher throws pies around./

        • Havok9120

          #9: Trade for Montero for all the B’s and catchers
          #10: ???
          #11: PROFIT!

  • MikeO

    Andy will get the ball if the Yankees find themselves in a one-game wild card playoff. There’s no one I’ve trusted more in a big game than Andy.

    • Jimmy

      Whitey Ford was a big game pitcher too. And he had the same stats Andy did last season. Just saying.

  • flamingo


  • forensic

    I’m not even really in favor of $10 million for Kuroda. I can’t imagine if they had thrown that money away on Pettitte instead.

  • LiterallyFigurative

    The Yankees might as well trade Warren and Phelps and Mitchell. They will NEVER get a chance to pitch on the big-league team.

    Heck, the Yanks would have rather traded for Brian Gordon (really?!) to start two gameslast year than let one of these young guys pitch. Now, half the rotation has to be kidnapped and held for ransom for them to even get considered.

    I love Andy, and I’m happy for him, but from an organizational standpoint, this has to be disheartening for some of the young arms.

    “They would rather pay $2.5 mil to a guy who didn’t even pitch last year than give me a shot.”

    • Needed Pitching

      ““They would rather pay $2.5 mil to a guy who didn’t even pitch last year than give me a shot.”

      -a guy who was also very good the year before and is a Yankee legend, it’s not like they are being blocked by someone like Dontrelle Willis

    • Ted Nelson

      I guess you must subscribe to the Mayan 2012 prophecy?

      And that whole bullpen thing, who needs it?

    • CJ

      Phelps Warren Mitchell are #8,9,10 starters. Never have too much pitching. These guys have to be pissed.

      • FIn

        The last organization I would want to be a prospect for is the Yankees. Its just too hard to get a shot at the big league team. The stars need to align for you. Even if you do get a shot, you better not struggle for long. Unless you are Phil Hughes, he has received more chances than any other prospect I can remember. Lets hope the Yankees faith in him pays off.

    • Al

      He is going to be a mentor to the young kids. How much can ManBan learn from Andy? I think a ton. This is not burning up the Yankee pocket. Phelps is not blocked because Andy aint pitching for more than this year. Its a minor league deal for a Yankee legend. What do you have for 2013? Freddy, Kuroda and Pettitte will not be in 2013 rotation

      • Havok9120

        You’re breaking the narrative.

  • A.D.

    Hopefully this can lead to a trade to bring in a young hitter

    • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

      what would it take to get that Montero kid from Seattle? They’re not going anywhere anytime soon…

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    If Hughes is pitching well come June when Pettitte is ready, the Yankees are going to have an interesting dilemma.

    • RetroRob

      It’s not going to take Pettitte until June. He’s about a month behind the other pitchers. May 1.

      • Manny’s BanWagon

        The guy hasn’t pitched competitively in about a year and a half.
        No way will he be ready in 6 weeks.

        I’d guess early June is more like it.

        • Havok9120

          It’ll all depend on what kinda shape his legs are in. No way for us to know yet. I think mid-late May at the latest. I’m with Rob, I very much doubt it takes till June.

          • Manny’s BanWagon

            I’m still not giving out hope on Phil Hughes.

            I hope he can at least get 8-10 starts to hopefully prove himself a viable starter or once and for all show he can’t get the job done before he gets forever banished to the bullpen without being given a real chance.

            • Havok9120

              Oh, so am I. I’d love for both of them to make it an extraordinarily tough decision.

  • Randi

    Great to hear Andy coming back, but lets see exactly what he has first before we get overconfident about this guy.

  • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

    Way too lazy to find the link I predicted this months ago when Andy do that radio spot.

  • mustang

    Andy Pettitte lefty reliever out of the pen:

    1- The Money. The guy got offer 10-12 to start in December he is now going to settle for 2.5? 2.5 is reliever money not starter money.

    2-He can walk away. It’s a lot easier for him and the team if he wants to walk away from a reliever role rather than a starter.

    3- Farewell tour with Mo.

    4- Feeds ego. Andy being called into hard situation to save the day feeds that larger ego very well.

    5- Fits into the team needs.

    If there a role for him as starter so be it, but I think Cashman made this move eyeing the pen and Andy knows it and is more than welling.

    • mustang

      willing not welling

      • Evan3457

        Walling, not willing. Denny Walling.

  • NRW Yankee

    In Germany, when something that exciting yet surprising happens we have that saying “I werd narrisch!” which means I go nuts due to joy!!!!!!

    My first Yankee Jersey was the one with the 46! I guess I get it out of the closet for tomorrow! I´m super-excitied and I´m looking forward to my next to NYC in September (the last long home-strech!). With any luck, look who might be a starter then ;-)

  • statboy yankopherson

    anyone else think this was a joke when they saw it? talk about too good to be true

  • jack knife


    • STONE COLD Austin Romine

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    • rek4gehrig

      No need to shout. We can hear you

    • Landry

      Please take a midol, drink a beer, and calm the crazy down a bit. It’s not stunting anything but you’re thought process.

    • Havok9120

      Obvious troll is obvious.

      I mean, that’s way too long a post to not notice your caps lock is on. Though, it is closing in on St. Patty’s Day….

  • ThatstheMelkyMesaWaysa

    Okay guys, I’ll come back to Melky in time, but I believe a handle change is in order. From now on I will comment as AndyisDandy.

    • Havok9120

      I approve.

  • bonestock94

    WTF WOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael

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  • FIn

    Cant say I’m overly excited. A 40yr old that hasnt pitched in 2yrs. I love Petite, but I dont expect much out of him. If it was a major league deal I would actually be upset, but on a minor league deal, it cant hurt to have him as insurance against injuries/bad performances. What do they do with him if hes ready to play MLB and there is no place for him in the rotation?

    • Evan3457

      Backup SS and C.

    • Havok9120

      We’ll know when we get there. If Hughes or Nova is effective but not overpowering, I can certainly see one of them replacing Freddy as the longman. But only if AP earns it. I don’t think he (or Cash) would approve of an Andy Pettitte Sympathy Game.

      Hal would though. It’d be freaking HUGE. AP never got a proper send off anymore than Moose did.

  • jack knife

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