Austin Romine and D.J. Mitchell win 2011 Kevin Lawn Awards

The Yankees and their young pitchers
Open Thread: 3/23 Camp Notes

Via Mike Ashmore, Austin Romine and D.J. Mitchell have named the 2011 Kevin Lawn Award winners. That’s a fancy way of saying they were named the Yankees’ minor league hitter and pitcher of the year for last season. Romine produced a .332 wOBA in 85 Double-A games last year before brief promotions to Triple-A and the big leagues. He also won the award in 2009. Mitchell pitched to a 3.18 ERA (3.96 FIP) in a farm system-leading 161.1 IP for Triple-A Scranton last summer. Congrats to both.

The Yankees and their young pitchers
Open Thread: 3/23 Camp Notes
  • Craig Maduro

    Not to be Pessimistic Percy, but I have to take these awards with a few grains of salt if Austin Romine is being considered the “best hitter”. You can’t give it to Jesus at this point, I realize that. I also realize he may not have earned it either. For strict on-field production, my vote would have to be for Gary.

    Of course it’s not like this stuff really matters.

    • STONE COLD Austin Romine

      I guess I’ll play the role of ‘Positive Peter’.

      DJ Mitchell deserved that award & that’s something the rest of you’s can argue from now till the swallows came back from Capastrano. The results are there even though most might not be enamored with his ‘ceiling’.

      Romine while I don’t love him as a prospect since his hitting has been less than desirable he his making adjustments on the fly so is it fair to give him mulligan? Trenton is not a easy place to hit as we’ve seen from the past 6 years many of top hitters #’s have suffered at home.

      *harlem shakes out of thread*

  • Neil

    I’m not aware of who Kevin Lawn is and why the award is named after him?

  • All Praise Be To Mo

    Romine over Mason Williams or Bichette?

  • Plank

    A second straight year at AA with identical performance doesn’t really scream award worthy to me.