Freddy down with bullpen duty

Nunez leaves game with right hand contusion
Open Thread: 3/5 Camp Notes

Via George King, Freddy Garcia is cool with pitching out of the bullpen if that’s what the team asks him to do. “I have never pitched in the bullpen, but I feel fine [with] whatever happens,” said Freddy yesterday. “I will be ready for anything. It’s the manager’s decision and I have to do my job and go from there.”

Garcia did say that he would prefer to remain in the rotation, but that’s to be expected. He really doesn’t have a choice though, since he’s under contract and signed up for whatever the team wants him to do. The competition for the fifth starter’s job is apparently rigged in favor of Phil Hughes, but I’m sure Freddy will make some starts this year. It’s inevitable. Glad to see he’s okay with bullpen duty though, veterans accepting new roles isn’t always a given.

Nunez leaves game with right hand contusion
Open Thread: 3/5 Camp Notes
  • GardnergoesYardner

    I don’t believe that he actually would have signed there if he knew he would have to fight for a rotation spot. Just a case of players saying the scripted PR lines.

    Of course, if he had said that he wouldn’t have signed with the team and that he wants to be a starter, we’d probably see “Players Turning on Joe” in the paper tommorrow, so it’s better that he just sticks to the scripted stuff.

    • Havok9120

      That isn’t what the article said. It said he was fine with going to the bullpen if he had to and that he loved playing for the Yanks/being in contention.

      Two totally different things.

      • Steve (different one)

        Stop going by what Garcia actually said. It is obvious the team is on the brink of mutiny.

      • GardnergoesYardner

        No he was asked if his desicion would have been different about signing with New York if he knew Pineda and Kuroda were coming, and he said, “Not really.” Thus he said he would have signed there anyway. The question was directly related to the Pineda and Kuroda moves.

        • Havok9120

          You’re completely right. I’m sorry, I was looking at a totally different article.

          My bad. However, I stand by the notion that we’ve yet to see anything out of him that indicates that he’s lying through his teeth and secretly resentful of the Yankees for doing this to him. We’ve gone way overboard on the conjecture and conspiracy theory.

  • will

    Man almonte just keeps raking

  • CJ

    Bull. Freddy is not down. Expect him to say “sure as long as I get paid my $4 million, I’ll try it but before I blow out my arm I’ll take a break on DL for a stiff back”

    • Fin

      Eh, no decisions have been, there is a month of ST to go, lot of things can happen. There is no reason for Freddy to say anything but what he did at this point. I wouldnt be suprised to see him ask to be traded if hes not in the rotation. I couldnt blame him either. I doubt he wants to spend the little time he has left as a quality major league pitcher as the mob up guy out of the pen. I doubt the Yankees would trade him though, as he probably has more value to the Yankees than he would bring back .

    • Havok9120

      So, basically, nothing he or anyone else says or does could convince you that you’re opinion, an opinion you’ve held since last season, is incorrect.


    • gc

      You really do like to talk out of your ass a lot.

  • JU

    Well seeing how the competition last year was rigged in favor of Freddie, I’d say this makes it even…

  • cranky

    I like Garcia in the bullpen over Hughes.
    With a healthy, effective Hughes in the rotation, the Yanks will have five starters who throw hard.
    After facing 5-6 innings of any one of those hard throwers, a junkballer like Garcia in middle relief would provide a real contrast. And you’d trust Garcia in a spot start, as well.

    • Havok9120

      But….but….he’ll never be effective out of the pen.

      Think of the narrative man!

  • jsbrendog

    freddy, the consummate pro. maybe he sees this as his last chance for a ring and is like fuck it bro. whatevs, i want to win.

    • J6takish

      Freddy has a ring

      • jsbrendog

        ididnt say he didnt. i said he looked at it as his last chance to win. that has nothing to do with prior success, you just read into it what you wanted despite it not saying anything close ot it

  • Rainbow connection

    Awesome. A real team player.