Derek Jeter Facts

Robinson Cano's Slow Start
Update: Yanks to make decision after Pineda's next bullpen session
Touch em all, Derek, it's your time to shine. (Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Father Time caught up with Derek Jeter years ago, but didn’t have the heart to tell him.

We could spend all day coming up with Derek Jeter facts, and I’m sure we’d have a ball doing so. You know what’s more fun, though? Ticking off actual Derek Jeter facts — things he’s done in the first 10 games of the season and how they stack up to his personal history and the league. For instance:

Derek Jeter hit his third home run of the season last night. It took him 29 games to hit his first home run last year (and his second), and he had played in 67 games before hitting his third.

Only 10 players this season have hit more home runs than Derek Jeter. Last year 235 players hit more home runs than Derek Jeter, including Brett Gardner.

Derek Jeter has more hits than any other player in the American League.

It took Derek Jeter 18 games to reach 17 hits last year. This year he’s done it in just 10.

Of the 42 balls Jeter has put in play this year, 17 have been in the air, or 41 percent. He hasn’t put more than 40 percent of his balls in play in the air since 2009.

Jeter’s 33.3% HR/FB ratio won’t regress.*

*Not an actual fact.

Derek Jeter has not popped up a pitch to an infielder this year.

A newfound spring in his step has enabled Jeter to beat out two infield singles so far.

Think this is wholly unsustainable? Derek Jeter’s current BABIP of .359 is just four points more than his career BABIP, and is nine points lower than his 2009 BABIP.

While he’s swinging at the same percentage of pitches as he did last year and in 2010, he’s missing far less often: just 5.3 percent, compared to 6.9 percent in 2011 and 6.7 percent in 2010.

Derek Jeter has already produced 5.2 runs above average at the plate. He produce d7.6 runs above average last year. After park adjustments, Jeter has produced 5.0 runs above average this year, after producing 5.5 last year.

In an up-and-down start to the season, Jeter has provided quite the bright spot for the Yankees. What makes his hot start even better is that it continues the surge that started when he returned from the DL last year. Since then he has 357 PA and has hit .337/.387/.477. While there’s a good chance he’ll slow down at some point this year — he will turn 38 in June, after all — his hot start has renewed faith in his continued ability to remain effective at a time when most shortstops have packed it up and called it a career. We might not see these Derek Jeter facts all season, so let’s enjoy them while they’re fresh.

Robinson Cano's Slow Start
Update: Yanks to make decision after Pineda's next bullpen session
  • I Live In My Mom’s Basement

    Jeter’s RHP/LHP splits this year:

    .267 .313 .467
    .600 .600 1.067

    I don’t think he is going to keep hitting this well against lefties…

    • CS Yankee

      Those LHP numbers look like Rapada versus RHP. Imagine what Jeet could put up against Rap…



    • RetroRob

      So what you’re saying is we shouldn’t expect Jeter to triple slash along at:

      .378/.404/.667 with a 190 OPS+?


  • CS Yankee

    Things that’ll likely change;
    1) Mason & Dante going yard, Jeet much less so.
    2) Less LHP for Jeet, thinking like 5/6 of the SP against the Yankees have been LHP.
    3) Our 2-5 hole hitters will heat up.

    Really cool to see that he has not Tex-up yet and his BABIP is at career norm. 3,300 hits by October one.

  • Mike HC

    Who is drinking the f*cking reality potion now, Cashman!

    • Gonzo

      I nominate this post. I laughed good.

  • Esteban

    I’m happy that I was wrong thinking that Jeter was absolutely cooked last year.

  • steve s

    The man may actually be underpaid. Cashman, extend the deal for another 2 years while he’s still cheap!

  • jjyank

    Hey, you never know. Some guys just buck the historical trends with regard to Father Time. Rivera is one of them, and Jeter could be too. Maybe age caught up to him in 2010 and part of 2011 and he made a real adjustment to compensate for a loss of bat speed during that DL stint. It’s Derek Freaking Jeter, a guy my kids will someday wish they could have watched play. Maybe he can outperform his age.


    • Knoxvillain

      I honestly think Jeter just had a shitty year in 2010 and was hurt the first part of 2011.

      • gc

        It’s always difficult to tell with Jeter when it comes to injuries. The guy has gone out there and played when he’s hurt so often in the past, perhaps he did have some lingering physical issue during that time.

  • Steve

    Jeter batting .353 lifetime vs Liriano. Bodes well as long as he doesn’t get the night off. JOE!!

    • Havok9120

      He’s at the top. Lineup is already posted.

  • Knoxvillain

    I really hope he just finishes at about .315 with 15 home runs and 200 hits. Not only because he’s Jeter, but so the ESPN crew and everyone else talking about how Jeter is done has to shut up.

  • gordonm

    I read an article recently that stated Derek Jeter would only get another 360 hits over the rest of his career. This article was from July last year. I personally think he’ll finish his career with 3500+ hits.

    • Gonzo

      If he could finish 5th all-time, that would be something amazing.

  • Tex, the real Big Poppi

    Great, now Jeter is juicing…

    • Gonzo

      /Bill Simmons’d

      • Cris Pengiucci

        His testoerone levels are off the chart …

        (could from not banging Minka anymore …)

        • Gonzo

          I would warn Wilmer but could his career get any worse?

  • mike

    Its nice to see him driving the ball with authority again, and it hasnt hurt that the weather has been warm and a bunch of lefties have been throwing….but the same holds true for the rest of the lineup.

    lets hope that by the time he slows down the rest of the lineup will be pounding the ball as designed, and his logical regression will not be the top story

  • Monterowasdinero


    • DCBX

      I cannot wait.

  • RetroRob

    It’s not the numbers, but how Jeter looks when hitting, meaning how he’s driving the ball on a line to right. Since his return from the DL, he is more similar to Jeter pre-2010. I don’t think he will maintain that pace for an entire year, but if he can still put up a .290/.350/.400 season in his age-38 season, then no complaining here.

    He has been helped by crushing lefties early, but that’s not a negative. It just affirms how well he’s been swinging the bat. It’s not hard to see. Just lift your head up from the spreadsheet. (Note: I’m a spreadsheet guy.)

  • Monterowasdinero

    5 more hits to reach Winfield. Most of the guys ahead of him in hits played 22,23, or 24 seasons (Rose and Cobb). DJ in his 18th. 4K is feasible.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      He should easily take over 14th place this year.

  • mustang

    ‘We might not see these Derek Jeter facts all season, so let’s enjoy them while they’re fresh.’

    Oh! Mo forgive them because they do not believe,
    Even after proving wrong all those negative threads and comments of early last year,
    They do not believe,
    Even when after hitting a HR for 3000 and going 5 for 5
    They do not believe,
    Forgive them might Mo because they are lost somewhere between predictions and projections.
    To quote Brother jjyank “Some guys just buck the historical trends with regard to Father Time”
    May Brother jiyank wise words echo in their ears and bring them back to believe.

    In the name of Mo, Jeter and the holy core.


    • Dummies Playing With Balls (formerly Rainbow Connection)


    • Steve (different one)

      Jeter, Mo and the Holy Nose (coming to a ballpark near you in a few weeks)

  • Duh Innings

    Here’s my theory on why Jeter had an off-year in 2010 and struggled in 2011 before he got injured then returned to 1996-2010 form after the injury:

    He had the wear and tear both physically and mentally of playing everyday 1996-2009 plus every postseason in that time save 2008, and him being out with injury last year recharged his batteries.

    If Jeter produces a .295-.310 BA / .360-.385 OBP season this year and next then has a bad 2014 and he retires after that, I think we can look back and say Jeter’s only really bad year was his last one (which is the one you expect him to be bad in if he has to be) cuz most great players including Hall Of Fame players have at least one off-year they get passes on for their entire body of work. Look at Dave Winfield’s 1989-90: he didn’t even play in ’89, he had a lost year in ’90, he was old and you could seriouly argue was done then yet he still came back to play and be not only good enough be an integral part of a World Champion team (’92 Blue Jays for whom he drove in the winnng run/s in the Series clincher with a double), but be good enough to rack up 3100+ hits.

    Jeter, to me, is a miniature version of Winfield’s late decline and ascent. Bad 2010 and first part of 2011, comes back hitting like he did 1996-2009. I never thought he was done – I half-jokingly called him Captain Can’t Hit Anymore in another comments section – but he sure scared me enough for me to call him that so I could laugh to keep from being bummed. Honestly, even if Jeter hits .27X the rest of the way I’ve no problem with him as long as he’s not batting higher than seventh for all he’s done for the Yanks and really the game on and off the field. Minka Kelly is a fool to alienate him to the point where he dumped her cuz no way she dumped him. That’s her acting out in classic “saving face” mode which happens with so many breakups and dumpings.

  • CP

    Who would have thought that Jeter might decline his option. And get a bigger deal…

  • Will (the other one)

    Derek Jeter makes Chuck Norris look like a bitch.