Update: Yanks to make decision after Pineda’s next bullpen session

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Game 11: Restoring Order

Tuesday, 5:30pm: Via Carig, the Yankees will decide whether or not Pineda is ready for a game after his next bullpen session in a few days. If all goes well, I suppose there’s a chance we could see him in a minor league game before the end of the weekend.

Monday, 10:32pm: Via Carig, Joe Girardi said after tonight’s game that Pineda will throw another bullpen session in two or three days. I wonder if they’ll let him get in a minor league game after that. I suppose it depends on how things go in a few days.

Monday, 8:30pm: Via Mark Carig, Brian Cashman confirmed that Michael Pineda threw a 26-pitch bullpen session earlier today and that everything was “all good.” I can only assume that means he didn’t have any sort of issue with the right shoulder tendinitis that currently has him on the DL. It was originally reported that Pineda would throw the bullpen session tomorrow, but I guess he felt good enough that they bumped him up a day. Either day or someone got their days confused. Either way … I’m rambling.

Derek Jeter Facts
Game 11: Restoring Order
  • mbovasso

    How hard or what MPH was he clocked at???

  • Another Bronx Dynasty


  • jon

    hurry back

    • Monterowasdinero

      No- don’t hurry back. Take your time-no excuses that you came back too soon. Be good enough to stay and pitch like the first half of 2011.

      Fingers crossed.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    At this point, I’d be happy getting either Pineda or Pettitte back so they can replace Freddy and that weak ass crap he throws because he’s not fooling anyone this year.

    • Johnny

      Where have all the good junkballers gone?

      • JohnnyC

        You’re talking about the Mets’ rotation, eh?

  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    Mike, feel free to ramble on about Michael.

  • YanksFanInBeantown

    WHAT ABOUT THE V-LO!!!!!1!!!!1one!one!1!?

  • costanzanumba0

    chain him to a treadmill and don’t let him leave florida until he loses 15 pound

    • Havok9120

      He’s already lost 20-25.

  • cranky

    Until we see that Pineda is firing 97mph heaters, we have reason to be concerned.

  • Brad G.

    Cant wait til this guy is ready and pushes Garcia out of the rotation.

  • Random

    So how many starts would he need? 4? 5? 6?

  • Voice of Reason

    Finally. Maybe. If he’s healthy and back in shape let’s get this show on the road.

  • Duh Innings

    The Yanks should give Garcia three more starts: 4/21 @ Fenway, 4/27 vs. the Tigers, and 5/2 vs. the Os, and if he su cks, they should give Phelps the ball against the Rays 5/7 and see what he can do. If he does well, give him another start and so on. I know it would be quite a first test for Phelps, but the Yanks can’t afford to fall 0-4 to the Rays when they already have to play 10-5 / 2 wins out of every 3 games / .667 ball to win the season series over the Rays and be guaranteed to win the division title even if they finish with the same record as the Rays. I’m not saying Phelps is the answer but he might be at least on 5/7, one day. If he got hammered none of us could say with a straight face or no shred of doubt that Garcia would’ve fared better.

    • the other Steve S.


      • Duh Innings


    • CS Yankee

      Problem is, I have Pettitte penciled in for that start.

      Phelp is 2012 version of Noesi 2011. If Pettitte or Pineda fails (due to health), Phelps will take their spot which seems to be kept currently by “St Phil of high flat fastballs” & “Sweaty extra bases Freddy”

      • Duh Innings

        I should’ve clarified myself:

        I’d want Phelps to get that 5/7 start only if Garcia su cks vs. Boston, Detroit, and Baltimore, and neither Pettitte nor Pineda can pitch 5/7.

        Pettitte or Pineda vs. the Rays? Definitely over Garcia or Phelps, of course, but who knows? I just can’t see Garcia matching Shields, Price, or Hellickson. He couldn’t even match Pavano who caught the Yanks on a bad night last night, that’s it.

  • Betty Lizard

    I cannot wait to see Pineda pitch again. I’m so excited about his potential.


  • Duh Innings

    Also, I think five starts for Garcia is fair. Pettitte and Pineda are coming back and one if not both of them are going into the rotation – that one is Pettitte barring a setback or some highly unlikely retirement. Even if Pettitte comes back and Garcia keeps his job (Hughes goes to the pen, Phelps is sent down to make room for Pettitte), that doesn’t mean Garcia is out of the woods. If he keeps pitching like he has so far, he will be out of the rotation.

    If Phelps replaces Garcia and outpitches Hughes, and Pineda or Pettitte come back, Phelps stays or should stay in the rotation which means adios to Hughes in it and perhaps with the big club as the Yanks have one more option to send him down they need to exercise by the date he can veto it which is June 1.